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Monday, April 14, 2008


Rahu (mean node which is used in vedic astrology as opposed to True node) transits into Makara rashi (vedic Capricorn sign) on April 30 , 2008. As Ketu always moves 180 degrees apart from Rahu in the anticlockwise direction, Ketu enters Kataka rashi (vedic sign of Cancer) on the same day. The nodes are stated to be the constituents of karmic axis of horoscopes and their transit will have a major impact on us – individually based on our horoscopes and collectively as a society.


we are entering a sensitive and volatile phase of planetary energies that will extend till September 2008. We have crucial planetary transits of Mars in Cancer from April 28 till June 21, 2008. The transit of nodes also occurs on April 30, 2008 with the result that there will be conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Cancer till June 21, 2008. After June 21, 2008, Mars enters Leo where it is conjunct malefic Saturn (with exact conjunction on 10th of July 2008).

This is a very sensitive period that can cause wide-spread social unrest/ insecurity, sectarian violence, increased intolerance/ caste-based animosity amongst various sections of the society, increase of thefts/ violent robberies, and possibility of disasters - both man-made and natural on a big scale. Let us pray to Divine Mother to spare us from the fury of Fates. Let us all pray for Universal Welfare.

It is better not to take unnecessary risks in any matter during this period (unless you are sure that your individual planetary cycles are strong and too auspicious to be afflicted by this general pattern!). Those looking to implement long-term strategies like opening new businesses, changing jobs, or relocating should wait till this sensitive period is over, because no one can be sure as to how things would have transformed in the next few months.

There may be important policy decisions that might be implemented or sudden political developments that could cause unpredictable swing in market conditions and unforeseen new conditions for others (like admission policies, equal opportunity legislations being enforced on private sector, sudden elections in middle of 2008, demise of some important political functionary, social unrest that might make it unsafe for business persons of a particular community/ language group to start business in another region, etc.). Markets will be highly volatile in the next few months and one should not be carried away by periodic bursts or upswings of the market. Wild speculation driven by greed and “herd mentality” is a sure recipe for disaster during this period. The markets will stabilize this year and begin a solid movement upward, but not before many have paid the price for greed and unqualified optimism. It is up to you to avoid becoming one of those who pay such a price by being careful with your investments.


The transit of nodes is auspicious only to Rishbha and Vrischika rashis (vedic Moon signs of Taurus and Scorpio covering the following nakshatras: Krittika (2, 3, 4), Rohini, Mrigasira (1, 2), Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta).

Those born in Mesha rashi (vedic Moon sign of Aries), Mithuna (Vedic Moon sign of Gemini), Kataka (vedic Moon sign of Cancer), Tula (vedic Moon sign of Libra), and Dhanus (vedic Moon sign of Sagittarius) are under very tough transit of nodes as both Rahu and Ketu are transiting inauspicious houses for these signs.

For the other rashis not mentioned before, i.e. Meena, Simha, Kanya, and Kumbha, the transit of one node will be auspicious but the other will be inauspicious. So, the results will be medium – the good effect of one node balancing the inauspicious effect of the other node. For example, for Meena rashi, Rahu transiting 11th house from natal Moon is highly auspicious, but Ketu transiting the 5th house from natal Moon will be sensitive and inauspicious. Similarly, for Simha Rashi, Rahu transiting the 6th house from natal Moon will be auspicious; however, Ketu transiting the 12th house from natal Moon will be inauspicious. For kanya rashi (vedic Moon sign of Virgo), the transit of Ketu is auspicious, but transit if Rahu in the 5th house from natal Moon is inauspicious. For Kumbha rashi, the transit of Ketu in the 6th house from natal Moon is auspicious; however, transit of Rahu in the 12th house from natal Moon will be highly inauspicious.

Those born in rashis of Mesha, Mithuna, Kataka, Tula and Dhanus should perform remedies to overcome the tough transit of nodes that have adverse impact on their rashis over the next 18 months. For the others, remedies are optional though it is generally highly auspicious to propitiate Deities on special occasions like planetary transits.


As propitiating Lord Ganesha will cover the bad effects of Ketu and propitiating Goddess Durga will nullify the bad effects of Rahu, we are planning to perform a special homam to Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy, Goddess Durga Devi (using Pratiyangira and soolini Durga mantras) and also using Rahu/ Ketu beejaakshara mantras on the occasion of Rahu-Ketu transit on April 30, 2008 to offer some protection against these sensitive transits.
Blessed be.

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