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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kaamadaa ekaadasi March 30/ March 31, 2015

Dear Members:

Kaamadaa Ekaadashi falls on March 30/ March 31st this year. It is to be observed on March 30, 2015 by those living in the U.S., Canada, and other countries of the American continents.

Ekaadasi for those living in India and other countries to the East of India is on March 31, 2015.

Kaamada Ekaadashi is the ekaadashi that falls in the bright half of the month Chaitra (immediately after the Vasantha Navarathri). Kaamadaa - as the Sanskrit name implies is the fast that has the potential to grant us all our legitimate desires:)

The glory of this Ekaadashi was explained by Lord Krishna to King Yudhishtra.

Lord Krishna references a legend narrated by Sage Vasishta to King Dileepa (the great-grandfather of Shri Raama!) about the glory of this kaamadaa ekaadashi.

Once in a city-state called Ratnapura ruled by the Gandharva King Pundariika, there lived a court-musician couple - Lalit and Lalitha. They loved each other intimately and always had each other in thoughts.

Once it so happened that when Lalit had court duty his mind was dwelling upon his dear wife and so he made some mistakes in the tune of the melody he was singing with other Gandharvas for the king. A jealous naaga (entity of the snake clan) who was jealous of Lalit brought it to the notice of the king Pundariik who cursed him to become a canibalistic demon as he had been lustfully thinking of a woman instead of concentrating on his duty towards his king.

Due to the effect of the curse, Lalit - the beautiful Gandharva became a dreaded cannibalistic monster. His faithful wife - besotten by grief continued to follow him with a heavy heart wherever he went; poor Lalit had taken after the attitude of a man-eater and was no longer the gentle Gandharva that he once was!

Once during such wanderings Lalita came across a sage called Shringi. She requested the learned sage to suggest a remedy for redeeming her husband from his terrible form. The learned sage suggested that she should observe the Holy Kaamada Ekaadashi and willingly donate that merit to her husband, and by the efficacy of that fast, her husband will recover his Gandharva life. Lalita duly observed this kaamada Ekaadashi and donated it in honour of her husband, which restored his status as a Gandharva; they returned back to their realms in a Divine Chariot that manifested due to this merit.

Such is the glory of the kaamadaa Ekaadashi; it can bless one with realization of all desires, and effect removal of curses and sins that are as severe as having the potential to cause demoniac incarnations for the soul.

May our members observe this holy fast and enjoy realization of all their legitimate desires in life.

Blessed be.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hall of Shame - websites that plagiarized my articles

Regular readers of this blog know that many of my articles have been republished by various websites with my express permission.  But, now a days, I find that some sites have started publishing my articles without attributing that to me as if it is the work of their own editorial is a pity that such plagiarism attempts are the reason why reputed researchers have stopped discussing/ publishing their original ideas in internet fora.  Plagiarism of anything is unethical - it is thieving though those who plagiarize don't realize this. It is all the more shameful when sites that claim to propagate Divine Sciences/ subjects and act as if they are doing so with altruistic motives do this!  If the error was unintentional, it is logical that they would have acknowledged note sent to them in this regard with the proof that the article was originally written by me and published in reputed vedic monthly magazine or in some other famous websites.  When they don't acknowledge the note, and also fail to attribute the article correctly to my name even after bringing this to their notice, it is clear that they wish to shine in reflected glory - as they don't have the same caliber but want to enjoy the reputation without having the caliber! That is what thieves do - not willing to work but take away what others have earned with their sweat and blood!

I could initiate legal proceedings against them possibly - BUT, I thought it may not be worth the time and effort, and anyway I am not seeking any material damages (It is more a sentimental thing for me; if they had asked my permission and attributed the article to me and shared it with a wider audience, I would have felt even more happy!), I thought that to invoke justice, it is simpler for me to just put those sites in Hall of Shame - and I am sure many of them do read my blog also - still hunting for ideas/ original articles to lift for their sites, and if so, let them be shamed to know that they have found themselves in a notorious list and this list will be read by thousands if not lakhs of this blog's readers!  Those who respond appropriately at least after this will be taken off this Hall of Shame, and others - they may find that internet is an infinite Akaashic record, and some random check by someone in google or any search engine will throw up this and shame their site, a just enough punishment for them....


1) Plagiarizing Site name: ; Article they have plagiarized:  Method to select Lucky name using K.P. Astrology (This article was originally published by me in website in the year 2005 itself, and was later republished in Express Star Teller and also some other websites with my permission).

2) Plagiarizing Site Name:; Article they have plagiarized - "Control your breathing control your mind" (This article was originally published by in the year 2008 itself under the title "Yogic Breathing that promotes control over senses", and this site's editor claims authorship after lifting the article word by word, changing the title, and publishing it in 2014!)  I have written to them and must see if they respond.  If they do, they will taken off this list of shame. has actually published excerpts of many of my forum interactions - without my express permission , but attributing the views to me - and since those discussions were already in public forums in a yahoogroup, I had no objection to it - especially as the attribution was there. BUT, in the case of this article, they have lifted the article from another website and are using it without attributing the authorship to me - but the "Editor" claims authorship!

As I don't have much time, I may not be on the lookout for such plagiarism events too actively, BUT, whenever such instances come to my attention, I will keep adding them to the Hall of Shame!

For people of Honour, losing Name is worse than losing life.......let me see if these people are honourable and correct their mistakes (I am almost sure that this will be read by them as they need to hunt for articles worthy of being "lifted!").

On a general note, I wish people understand that plagiarism is a sin against Goddess Saraswathy Herself - BECAUSE - every author who publishes "original" ideas is "Inspired" by Her and it is Her Grace that helps a person to digest principles and eloquently express it in a way that captivates minds of people and etches the concept in their mind.  So, when you don't attribute the authorship to the right person - whose brainchild the article is by Grace of Goddess of Muse, it is insulting Maa Saraswathy's Grace itself!  I sincerely wish that people who peddle in spirituality (I say "peddle" because it has become BIG BIG BIG business now a days! Very few seem to follow spirituality - but we can see almost everyone peddling it....) should stop with "commercializing spiritual beliefs" and not take the karma further to the extent of "thieving!"


Monday, March 16, 2015

Paapa mochani ekaadasi- March 2015

Dear members:

The auspicious Paapa mOchini ekaadashi  falls on March 16, 2015 for those living in India and countries to the West of India (Gulf Countries, European countries, African countries, and countries of the American continents).

Vaishnava Ekaadasi (observed by those subscribing to Vaishnava sampradaayams) in India is to be observed on March 17, 2015.

It should be observed on March 17, 2015 by those living in countries to the west of India (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Eastern parts of China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Fiji, Japan, and Australian continent).

This ekaadashi - as the name implies helps in removing all sins and the sinful vaasanaas (subtle karmic traces that can impel us to behave in the same way again!).

The importnace of this Paapa MOchini ekaadashi was explained to King Yudhistra by Lord Krishna, and this is found in the Bhavishyottara Purana (Lord Krishna actually refers the legend that was originally.conveyed to the King Maandaata by the sage Romasha).

According to this legend, the apsara (apsaras are Divine Damsels) by name Manju Gosha lured a great tapasvi by name Medhaavi (the son of the Great Sage Chyavana) into conjugal life thereby breaking his tapasvic life. After many years of sensual life with him, she wanted to return back to her celestial plane. The sage prevented her from going requesting her to wait at least for one more night, she playfully said just think of the time you have spent with me already. When the sage thought of it he was astonished that he had already spent 57 years 09 months and 3 days with her. He got annoyed that he had been lured into spending such a long period as if in a trance in the company of a seductive demi-goddess, and that he had lost a lot of his yogic power as a result of this life. So, he cursed her to turn into a goblin. When the apsara requested for relief from the curse, the sage suggested observance of Paapa MOchini Ekaadasi.

When the Sage Medhaavi tried to enter into the hermitage of his father Chyavana Maharishi, his father said "Oh Son! By acting unethically due to lust, you have lost your wealth of austeries and penance." When the son requested his father about the remedy for this, Maharishi Chyavana also suggested the Paapa MOchini ekaadashi observance. Thus by observing this, the apsara Manju KOsha got freed from the curse of becoming a goblin, and sage Medhavi regained his lost yogic merit.

Lomasha Maharishi said to the great king Maandhaata that whosoever observes this will get freed from all sins.

Lord Krishna Himself further adds that the power of this ekaadashi has the potency to remove such sins as sin caused by killing of a pious vedic person, that incurred in voluntary abortion (voluntary abortion due to non-medical reasons is a great sin as per shastras; birth-control is okay - but abortion is not!), sin incurred by pious people when they consume intoxicants, and that incurred by immoral activity with respectable ladies.

If this ekaadasi is performed with Full Faith, it will give the merit that can be obtained by donating one thousand cows!

May our members observe this holy Fast and get freed from all negative karma and the guilt associated with such sins.
Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Karadaiyaan Nonbu (Austerity at the junction of solar months of Kumbha and Meena)

Kaamaakshi amman
(image courtesy:
This is regarding an important austerity - Kaaradayaan nOnbu on March 15, 2015/March 14, 2013. This is to be observed between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. IST on March 15, 2015 by those living in India. Others living around the world must observe the vratam at the time corresponding to the above given time (i.e. at 4 a.m IST on March 15, 2015 what would be your local time at your place; observe the vrata at that time). This is because, this is one vrata that is to be observed at the time when Sun is about to leave sidereal Aquarius and enters sidereal Pisces (the vrata should begin at the time when Sun is still in sidereal Aquarius). So, it is to be observed at the same moment throughout the world (so the times will be different based on the local time zone - still it is at the same instant everywhere unlike other festivals that will be celebrated on different times based on local astronomical variables).

It is an auspicious day for women to pray for the welfare and longevityof their husbands. It is by the power of this observance that the legendary Saavitri got the spiritual power to win back the life of Satyaavaan - her husband who was cursed with a short life. May our women members observe the austerity as per their family traditions for the welfare of their husbands.

It is customary for ladies to offer Mangala Gowri pooja and then tie the Holy Pooja thread on self praying for husband's longevity, and for happy marital life. The offering is "kaara adai" (a special flour delicacy made with rice flour, jaggery, and kaaraamani - a red colour dried bean), and fresh butter; women pray saying "I am offering this kaara adai and unmelted butter to Thee; please ensure that my husband never separates from me," and then tie the Holy thread on their selves.

Unmarried women can also observe this vrata praying for the boon of good marital life and speedy settlement of marriage with a good spouse.

Blessed be.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Vasantha Navarathri 2015

There are 6 Navarathris in Honour of Divine Mother each year - one for each Rithu, and the Saaradha Navaraathri falling in sharad Rithu (October - November) is the most important as this is the festival recommended for householders. The next in importance among the 6 Navarathris is the one falling in Vasantha Rithu (March - April) called Vasantha Navarathri. This Vasantha Navarathri occupies the pride of place in the schedule of Devi upaasakaas, and rituals done during this period are for awakening Wisdom and Spiritual Perfection. Thus, as the saaradha Navarathri is for the "Bhogis" (householders and family), the Vasantha Navarathri is for Yogis (those aspiring Spiritual perfection), sadhus, and spiritual minded upaasakaas (who may still be in family but live life as an offering to Divine Mother - balancing mundane and spiritual lives harmoniously). It is traditional to venerate Divine Mother in Her Gnaana Shakti Form during this period. We don't keep kolus or socialize much in this celebration (whereas the saaradha navarathri is as much a social occasion as it is spiritual!). The emphasis is more on spiritual sadhanas and meditation during this period.
This vasantha Navarathri marks the beginning of the lunar calendar based New year (followed by those following Telugu/ Kannada traditions in South India), and it is also associated with Shri Raama Navami which falls during this period. So, during this vasantha navarathri you can also organize Sundara Kaandam recitals at your places praying for family welfare.

Vasantha Navaraathri begins on March 21, 2015  throughout the world except for those living in U.S.A. Canada, and other nations of the American continents, and those living in Western parts of Europe including U.K. who must begin Vasantha Navarathri austerities from March 20, 2015 itself.  Beginning of the Vasantha Navarathri is the same day as Ugaadhi.

Shri Raama Navami is to be celebrated on March 28, 2015 throughout the world.

I request all our members to do simple prayers that are possible for them in Honour of Divine Mother during the Vasantha Navaraathri and receive Her Grace. Those who are initiated may recite Lalitha Sahasranaamam and Soundarya Lahiri on these days to become recipients of Divine Grace. Others may simply recite names like "Om Shree MaatrE namah" (Salutations to Thee who Art the Mother), "Om Durgaayai namah", "Om Sadaakshyai namah" (Salutations to Thee with 1000 Eyes = this is for prosperity), "Om siddhi dhaatryai namah" (Salutations to Thee who gives accomplishment), etc.

Those who have Tulsi plant in house may light a lamp in that sannidhi and offer 12 prostrations praying for peace and prosperity in the family and for the whole world. You may consider getting initiated into mantras like "Brindaavani Dasaakshari" (the beeja mantra for Tulsi worship that is very powerful), "Surabhi mantra" (for GOmaataa), etc. during this auspicious period.
You may also read Divine legends related to Mother Goddess which have been identified as powerful ones for prosperity based on authentic classical sources and based on teachings of Sri Vidhya Upaasaka traditions. Many such legends abound in the classic Devi Bhaagavatam. One such legend can be read by clicking the following link:

This legend is particularly beneficial to overcome pestilence and natural calamities. Those of you who happen to recite this legend, please dedicate this for the peace of the souls who perished recently in natural calamities and other disasters.

You can also listen to wonderful Devi sthothras that are available for download from various sites in .mp3 format. There are some wonderful Devi sthothrams available in text format in the site You may visit these sites and use the text of sthothras for recital.

Worship of 9 Forms of Durga Devi on 9 days

There are 9 forms of Durga Devi - "Shaila Putri, Brahmachaarinii, Chandrakantaa, Kooshmaandaa, Skanda Maata, Kaatyaayinii, Kaala Raatrii, Mahaa Gourii, Siddhidaa." You may meditate on each of these names in order from day 1 till day 9 (like on the first day - keep chanting "Om Hreem Shaila Putryai namah" or simply "Hreem Shaila putri namo namah", etc.).
These 9 names by themselves are powerful words with immense Divinity in them. Details about these 9 forms may be available elsewhere in the net; so I am not going too much into details about these. Those who are interested may do a web search on this and get further information, if desired.

Important thing to note when doing navaraathri worship even in simplified forms in Honour of Mother Goddess

Treat all women with dignity and respect during these 9 days (actually women should be treated with respect at all times - but it is more important during these 9 days). Offer auspicious items like sindhoor, kumkum, turmeric paste/ powder/ tubers, small mirrors, bangles, blouse-bits (avoid black colour), small toys for young children, etc. as per your convenience and economic viability. Even unknown women (irrespective of caste, creed, or religion) who visit your houses accidentally during these periods must be treated with respect and courtesy - Mother may visit you in any form!

Special worship at my place during Vasantha Navaraathri

As usual, special worships will be done at my place during Navarathri. I will pray for the welfare of all our members (and in fact for Universal wellbeing and Harmony). But those who wish to sponsor the poojas are welcome to do so. Especially whoever suspects evil-eye as afflicting their families, or fear black-magic done on their person/ businesses by rivals may benefit by Chandi homams; just as Shri Rudram is celebrated as King of Hymns, Chandi Homam is the Queen of all Fire Worships in removing all doshas. So, those who wish to take part in this are welcome to do so.

The recommended offerings for part-sponsorships during the Vasantha Navarathri days are as follows:

a) Participation in one day's austerities (on any one day of the vasantha Navarathri) - Rs.4800 (rupees four thousand eight hundred only).  This covers the entire day's austerities beginning from morning Ganapathy homam, Chandi paraayanam, sakala devataa homam, and Laghu chandi homam in the morning, and recital of Devi mantras/ sthothras, and Raamaayana chapters in the evening.

b) Participation in the Mahaa chandi homam on March 29th - On Dharma Raaja Dasami day - Rs.24000 (rupees twenty four thousand only) -  (at the end of 9 days' austerities, on the Dasami after Shri Raama Navami - Mahaa chandi homam will be done elaborately).

c) Part sponsorship of paaraayanams done in the evenings and Devi archana - Rs.300 (rupees three hundred only) per day's sponsorship of archana and paaraayanam.

d) Taking part as a sponsor of the austerities for the entire period (9 day's havans, chants, japams, +  Shri Raama Navami austerities + Mahaa chandi homam) - Rs.60000 (rupees sixty thousand only).

e) Part-sponsorship of Shri Raama Navami day austerities including special homam on Shri Raama Navami day, Raamaayana paaraayanam for the day, etc.  - Rs.5000 (rupees five thousand only).

As Paypal has is not working for me any more, you won't be able to remit your payments via paypal as in the previous years.  You may have to do direct money transfer to my ICICI bank account - the details of which are as below:

Account holder's name:  R DAKSHINA MOORTHI
Annanagar West Extension Branch,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

IFSC of my branch:  ICIC0000395

Kindly mention your name during the remittance for my reference and accounting purposes.

Those who are abroad and feel the technicalities of the transfer are somewhat complicated may use sites like of icicibank for the purpose.

After making the remittance, kindly send an email to giving details of the remittance (the amount remitted, purpose of remittance, remittance reference no. given by bank to you), your name, birth star, rashi, and gothra (if gothra is not known indicate preference of either Shiva/ Vishnu gothra) - for inclusion in the prayers and also specify the date on which you would love to offer the homams/ archana.

 Of course, I will pray for Universal Welfare, peace of the souls who perished in various disasters (both man-made and natural) in the previous year, and for the welfare of our group members at the end of the prayers. So, those who are unable to afford the sponsorship fees or are otherwise unable to sponsor the homams need not feel let down. Please note that those who sponsor the homams/ poojas need to come in person to get the prasad or holy ash of the homam.

 In case you are unable to attend the homam on the specified days, the inclusion of your name, birth star, rashi, and gothra details during the homam/ pooja sankalpam is deemed as "in=absentia" participation from your side. The homam prasad/ Holy Ash will not be sent by post due to ritual purity reasons. May Divine Mother bless us all.

Blessed be. 


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