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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yogini ekaadasi - June 22/ June 23, 2014

Dear members:

Yogini Ekaadasi falls on June 22/ June 23, 2014 this year.

It is to be observed throughout the world on June 22, 2014 throughout the world except those living in U.S., Canada, and other nations in North and South American continents.

Note: Yogini Ekaadasi is the krishna paksha ekaadashi falling in the lunar month of Aashaada (Pournimaadhi lunar month and not the amaavasyaadhi month pattern) . I am using the term Aashaada krishna ekaadashi based on the Pournimaadhi month reckoning because that is the system that has been used in the Brahma Vaivarta Puraana legend that I am going to give to explain the significance of this ekaadashi.

Significance of the Yogini Ekaadashi

Yogini Ekaadashi has the potential to nullify the effects of sinful karmas of the previous incarnations that might be manifesting as diseases or curses in our present incarnation.

In Brahma Vaivarta Puraana, there is the legend of a yaksha Hemamaali that was narrated by Lord Krishna to the King Yudhishtra to explain the glory of Yogini Ekaadashi. (I am giving a liberal translation of the original legend from the purana just to bring out the significance of the yoginii ekaadashi; those who are interested may refer the original text in Brahma Vaivarta Puraana).

Hemamaali was an attendant of the Yaksha-Raaja Kubera who failed to bring flowers to Shiva Pooja of the king at the right moment and instead was frolicking with his beautiful wife. Due to the curse of the Yaksha King Kuberaa for this sin, Hemamaali took birth as a human being and was afflicted with leprosy and suffered innumerable difficulties. But, he was constantly meditating or chanting Lord Shiva's names and due to that effect, he got memories of his previous birth and the sin he had committed then.

Once, he came across the ashram of Sage Maarkandeya in the course of his wanderings. On seeing the radiant and Meritorious sage, Hemamaali prostrated to him from a distance. The sage enquired kindly about his condition; Hemamaali explained the reason for his disease without hiding anything. Sage Maarkandeya appreciated the frankness of Hemamaali and suggested this wonderful fast. Hemamaali observed this fast with all devotion and got relief from his leprosy and also was reinstated back in to the Yaksha world. He went on to live happily as before with his beautiful wife again!

Apart from the above benefit,strict observance of Yogini Ekaadasi (I think strict observance must mean that the fast should be in the nirjalaa form - without drinking even water) will give merit that is equivalent to that accruing out of feeding eighty-eight thousand pious Brahmins!!!! -( end of the version from Brahma vaivarta puraanaa).

It must be noted that Ekaadashi can be even observed as Kaamya vrattam (fast with the aim of getting some punya or achievement) though it is a mandatory vrattam. So, those who wish to have the punya equivalent of feeding 88,000 brahmins can fast fully in the Nirjalaa form. Those who are observing it only as a pure religious duty in Honour of Our Lord have the option of fasting in a relaxed manner (it is another matter that most devotees observe all ekaadashis in the nirjalaa form). Those opting for the relaxed form of the fast can take milk, and fruits. Avoid grains and beans alone apart from the other prohibited food like onions, garlic, etc.

Observance of the Yogini Ekaadasi(even in its relaxed forms) can be a powerful remedy for overcoming all karmic ailments (if astrologers had suggested that your ailments are karmic in nature and if physicians have been unable to cure your ailments, observance of this ekaadasi fast religiously can help).

As always, please let me reiterate that this fast is not mandatory for those who are ailing and cannot fast due to medical complications, lactating mothers, pregnant women, and those in the ages below 7 or above 70 years. So, those falling in these categories, please avoid straining your physical body - which is the Temple of God who resides in his amsa as your own soul - unnecessarily.  The real meaning of "Upa Vaasa" is to "live near God" - which is an allegorical way of saying "be in remembrance of God."  So, if your physical situation does not permit you to fast on ekaadasi day, just spend the day in Lord Hari's Remembrance and the Ocean of Mercy will credit you with punya phala due for an upavaasaa.

Blessed be.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Transit of Jupiter into Kataka rashi (Sidereal Cancer) - June 19, 2014

Dear All:
 Jupiter enters sidereal Cancer sign (Kataka rashi) on June 19, 2014 [by vaakya panchanga traditions, many temples have already observed Jupiter transit already, BUT, astronomically, Jupiter's transit into sidereal Cancer is only on June 19, 2014; Drik Ganitha panchangams also give the same date]. I will restrict myself to commenting on the Elemental status, and general auspiciousness/ challenging nature of Jupiter transit for various rashis so that those born in rashis that are under challenging Jupiter transit influences may perform appropriate remedies and brace themselves up, and these indications are applicable to everyone. 
As these results are moderated by other influences to some extent, it is best that you should consult your family astrologer or other expert astrologers to know how exactly the actual results may manifest for you specific to your birth chart.
For Mesha rashi natives (those born under Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittka 1st padam stars), Jupiter transits the 4th house from natal Moon sign. This is not an auspicious transit. Since 4th house indicates homeland/ residence basically, the inauspicious effects may manifest as unsettled situations at home, possible relocation or confusion regarding one's prospects (like dilemma regarding one's roles at work place), or simply lack of domestic peace at home. But, since Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy (Golden elemental status) for your sign, there is relief seen by remedial prayers, and by performance of remedies good results regarding academic matters, blessings of mother or elderly maternal relatives, and even positive developments regarding property settlements might be expected.

Remedies: Visiting Tiruchendur and having sea bath there will be a good remedy for you; alternatively, you may offer abhishekam to Lord Skanda (Muruga) in any temple on a Thursday praying for protection of your prospects during this transit.

For Rishabha rashi natives (those born under Krittika 2, 3,4 padams, Rohini, Mrigasira 1, and 2 padams), Jupiter transits the 3rd house from natal Moon sign. This is an inauspicious transit - but where danger lurks ONLY if you take wrong decisions or make unethical moves. You must remember that Universe will give you chance to redeem yourself and correct your errors, but if you stick on to egoistic ways and continue with wrong choices, you may manifest your own doom. Those who are patient, and ethical by nature have nothing to fear from this transit influence except that there could be varying degrees of anxiety due to situational factors. Since Jupiter attains Thaamra Moorthy lakshana (Copper elemental status). This indicates that you need to be careful and patient in your activities, and lack of patience/ discretion could be your nemesis during this transit (the elemental status only reinforces the actual transit indications and does not water it down for your sign this year). 

Remedies: Avoid harassing anyone unjustly; be patient and take considered decisions in all matters. Recite the mantra "Om Shanmukhaaya namah" 12 times daily, and on Thursdays try to visit a Skanda temple and get theertha prasadam from the temple.

For Mithuna rashi natives (those born in Mrigasira 3 and 4 padams, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, and 3 padams), Jupiter transits the 2nd house from natal Moon sign. This is considered a good transit which is auspicious for new acquisitions, resolving family issues, enjoying respect for one's words, benefits arising out of recital of auspicious mantras, and generally a positive trend in life. Jupiter during this transit attains Rajata Moorthy lakshana (Silver Elemental status) for your sign. This is an auspicious elemental status and is productive of about 80% of positive results (80% probability of good effects in all good efforts). 

As the transit is generally auspicious, no remedies are suggested for you; BUT, remember that this transit makes it auspicious for you to gain through your words, and hence this is a good period for learning new slokhas/ mantras, and for spending money on auspicious charitable activities to earn karmic reward points too:)

For Kataka rashi natives (those born in Punarvasu 4th padam, Pushya, Aslesha), Jupiter transits the rashi itself which goes by the technical name of "Janma Guru." This is reputed to give stressful situations in life, and situations where you need to take objective decisions to march ahead in life. Often allusion is made to "Janma Guru caused exile of Shri Raama" - and it is observed that many people do relocate to distant lands or experience some sort of adverse transfers or challenging situations under this transit influence. To add to the toughness of this transit influence, Jupiter attains Loha Moorthy lakshana (Iron elemental status) during this transit for your sign. Iron elemental status indicates that there is great risk of good deeds going unrewarded/ unappraised while shortcomings attract adverse attention and repercussions. So, you should be careful in all activities this year.

Remedies: Offering tender coconuts for abhishekam to any Skanda temple can be auspicious for you.

For Simha rashi natives (those born in Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1st padam), Jupiter transits the 12th house from rashi (Viraya Guru - Jupiter transit productive of expenses/ wastage/ losses). Here again, only if you insist on egoistic persistence with your plans, such destruction will manifest. Otherwise, this will just be a period when expenses might mount - but on auspicious matters. You must spend on essentials but avoid luxurious expenditure, and be ready with reserve cash to face exigencies in life. Health could be somewhat below par. As Jupiter during this transit attains Thaamra Moorthy lakshana (Copper elemental status), the challenging effects will be seen to about 80% (not all negative, but potential for facing challenging situations is high).

Remedies: Recite Chatru samhaara vel pathigam keeping a pot of water in front of you on an auspicious day; use that water to sprinkle on yourself and other family members to remove planetary difficulties. Offer annadhaanam or arrange for dispersal of pure drinking water/ butter milk to devotees and poor during auspicious occasions like Soora Samhaaram, Aadi Krittikai, Thai Krittikai, and Vaikaasi visaakham.

For Kanya rashi natives (those born in Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, and 4 paadams, Hasta, and Chitra 1, 2), Jupiter transits the auspicious 11th house from rashi. This is a very positive transit indicative of gains from various quarters, support of companions/ society for your good activities, ability to relate on a friendly basis with everyone, gains through elder siblings and business activities, and your good luck will shield your children and ensure positive developments in their lives. Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Golden Elemental status) during this transit for you. This adds to the auspiciousness of this transit for your sign. 

Remedies: No remedies needed for your sign as the transit of Jupiter is good for you to the highest degree.

For Thula rashi natives (those born in Chitra 3, 4 padams, Swathi, Visakham 1, 2, and 3), Jupiter transits the sensitive 10th house from rashi. There could be uncertainties in professional matters, possible loss of professional dignity in some way (either loss of face in someway in controversial situations, or adverse transfers from prestigious roles to insignificant operational duties), and karma will catch up with you (some setbacks/ difficult situations arising out of your own activities/ choices). Luckily, Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy Lakashana (Silver Elemental status) for your sign, which reduces the negative impact to some extent. 

Remedies: Visualize Lord Kartikeya being Formed as a Child from the Fire Sparks of Lord Shiva's Third Eye in Lotus flowers in Ganges. Avoid rash professional decisions and impulsive change of jobs. Perform your duties with a matured attitude that we can only do our best, and how others perceive our efforts is individual to them and we can't be bothered about that!

For Vrischika rashi natives (those born in Visakham 4, Anuradha, and Jyeshta), Jupiter transits the auspicious 9th house from your rashi. This is an auspicious transit that favours positive relocation influences (like if you have been planning on relocating to a place for better prospects), initiation into new spiritual routines/ deekshas, long journeys, joining higher education courses, and you may enjoy increased self-confidence in all that you do. However, the positive effects will be watered down to a great extent since Jupiter attains Loha Moorthy lakshana (Iron elemental status) during this transit for your sign. So, it may be that you may find that the good effects will manifest ONLY if you take efforts to manifest them, and carelessness or an off-hand attitude may actually even place you in difficult situations from which you will wriggle out thanks to the basically good transit effect.

Remedies: Though transit is good, the moorthy lakshana attained by Jupiter for your sign is sensitive. So, remedial prayers will ensure that positive effects can manifest in reality. Recite the mantra "Om Kumaara GuravE namah" visualizing on Lord Skanda explaining the meaning of Pranava to Lord Shiva. If possible, try to visit Swaamimalai and offer special worship.

For Dhanus rashi natives (those born in Moola, Poorvaashaada, Uttaraashaada 1st padam), Jupiter transits the sensitive 8th house from your rashi. This is productive of unnecessary issues in life threatening loss of peace, danger of ill-health to self or close relatives, and last-minute reversals that might take success away from you. Jupiter during this transit attains Thaamra Moorthy lakshana (Copper elemental status) which further accentuates the tough transit impact for your sign. Patience and perseverance are needed in all matters. Take care of your health and health of close relatives, and avoid unnecessary litigation/ arguments. 

Remedies: Recite the mantra "Om Deva sEnapathayE hum" 108 times daily praying for relief from adverse planetary influences. If possible try to pay a visit to Vaideeshwaran koil, take a dip in the Holy Tank, and immerse gur and salt in the temple tank praying for good health and relief from unnecessary issues.

For Makara rashi natives (people born in Uttarashada 2, 3, and 4, Sravana, and Dhanishta 1, 2 padams), Jupiter transits the auspicious 7th house from your rashi. Wedding bells ring for eligible single natives of this sign, and those already in a wedded life will find that dynamics with spouse improves significantly. Others will warm up to you now and there is scope for improving your societal standing. This is an auspicious transit for you. As Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy lakshana (Silver Elemental status), the positive effects of this transit can be experienced to nearly 80% (80% probability of good effects and success in your efforts along good lines).

Remedies: No remedies needed for your sign as this transit is auspicious for you.

For Kumbha rashi natives (people born in Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabisha, Poorvaphadra 1, 2, 3), Jupiter transits the sensitive 6th house from your rashi. Health needs to be tended carefully, and you must avoid unnecessary arguments with anyone. Legal issues must be preferably handled by negotiations rather than with a "gladiatorial fight to the end" attitude. Avoid lending/ borrowing huge sums based on over-optimistic projections and play it safe in money matters. Luckily for you, Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Golden Elemental Status) during this transit for your sign which indicates that with remedial measures, you can tone down the negative effects to a great extent, and you may even enjoy unexpected successes if you keep persisting without losing hope in competitive environments. Just ensure that you are doing things right, and are ethical, and leave the rest to God. 

Remedies: Visualize on Lord Hanumaan crossing the Ocean it a single leap and reaching Lanka before beginning major tasks. Pray before a picture depicting Lord Hanumaan holding Sanjeevani mountain if you or someone in the family becomes sick.

For Meena rashi natives (people born in Poorvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi), Jupiter transits the auspicious 5th house from your rashi. Those of you who have been waiting desperately for conception may find that Heavens open their Benevolent Grace on you this year. This is a great year for planning your long-term investments, for getting initiation into mantra deekshas, for visiting ascetics, Holy Men and gaining their Grace, and for embarking on ambitious ventures. However, since Jupiter attains Loha Moorthy lakshana (Iron elemental status) for your sign, the good effects will manifest in full intensity only if you take concentrated efforts along right channels, or else, this will just be a year when you are generally lucky but no significant advancement may happen. Don't let things drift like that.

Remedies: Regular prayers on Lord Hanumaan will help you to make the best use of the positive transit. Those seeking progenic bliss should take Ocean bath at Tiruchendur and offer special worship to improve chances of conception.                                                              ========================================================================================================================================================================== General note to everyone: This year, Jupiter transit happens to the sign of its exaltation, on a Thursday, and on a day ruled by Poorvabhadra (which is ruled by Jupiter). So, this transit may be expected to be generally auspicious for everyone. There could be an increase in spiritual tendencies among people, law institutions playing a pro-active role to ensure justice, significant corporate reforms from the government that will improve general business clime for everyone, a blasting advance in market levels that will help patient investors to rake much moola, and overall - birth of intelligent and tradition-upholding progeny in families. Temples whose works have been delayed inordinately, may see completion of renovation works and kumbabhishekam is likely this year for many ancient temples and powerful performances at various kshetras will improve general auspiciousness in the society. Though I have given certain negative indications based on classical dicta in this regard for some rashis, Jupiter being in a benevolent attitude in general during this transit is likely to handle everyone with a kid glove, and those who are ethical and God-loving will find that things will be generally favourable to them regardless of the planetary transit indications. Those seeking Spiritual Mentorship can gain suitable mentors this year. ============================================================================================================================================================================ SPECIAL JUPITER TRANSIT HOMAM AT OUR RESIDENCE AT TIRUVANNAMALAI As you might be aware, I am staying at Tiruvannamalai for spiritual reasons from Feb 2014 and am likely to be here until this year end (if not longer!). So, this year, the Guru peyarchi homam will be done at the Punya Kshetra of Tiruvannamalai at my temporary residence here which has a wonderful view of the Holy Mt. Arunachala - the Largest Lingam in the World and that too a Self-Manifest Lingam (The whole Mountain is considered to be a lingam – as Lord Shiva took the Mountain Form for benefit of humans, after showing the Infinite Pillar of Fire Form to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu!)

 Those born in Mesha, Rishabha, Kataka, Simha, Tula, Dhanus, and Kumbham rashis have tough transit influences due to this transit and may benefit by a remedial prayer on the transit day.

Please note that I won't be sending prasad/ holy ash by post due to ritual purity considerations of the holy articles.  My sankalpam on your behalf during the homam is deemed "in-absentia" participation, and the karmic benefits of the performance will accrue to you. Those who are interested in participation in the Guru transit homams may please write to my email-id: with the subject tag "Jupiter transit 2014" to know the modalities of the participation.
Best regards,
Blessed be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vaikasi visakam today - June 11, 2014

Dear Members:

The auspicious Vaikaasi Visakham festival is celebrated on June 11, 2014. This is the birthday of Shri Subramanya (also known as Skanda, Kaartikeya, Muruga, etc.). He had His Genesis from the Third Eye of Lord Shivaa (as many of you might be aware, the Third Eye is the symbol of Wisdom and Divine Knowledge/ Powers). Thus Skanda is the perfect Gnaana Moorthi - as He had His Genesis from the flames of the Third Eye of Lord Shiva Himself. He manifested to destroy the evil forces headed by Soorapadman and his brothers who had a boon that he can be destroyed only by a son of Lord Shiva. Worshipping Lord Skanda on this auspicious day will help us to destroy the demons of our mind and personality - like anger, lust, and delusion (In fact mystic experts opine that the demons Soorapadman and his brothers signify Aanavam, Kanmam, and Maayai - and Lord Skanda signifies Absolute Knowledge and Wisdom which can vanquish those evils).

Reciting Skanda Sahasranaamam, Subramanya Bhujangam (By Shri Aadi Shankarar), Kandar Anubhooti (By Shri Arunagirinaathar), Tirumurugaarrupadai (by Nakeerar), Tirupugazh (By Arunagirinaathar), Kanda Shashti kavacham (Shri Baala Devaraayar swaamigal), and such other devotional works on Lord Skandaa today will be auspicious.

Those who can't recite the elaborate scriptures mentioned above may benefit by chanting simple names such as
1) Om Skandaaya namah (to improve physical strength).
2) Om Kumaaraya namah (for progenic happiness)
3) Om Valliimanavaalaaya namah (for success in romantic matters and good luck in marital life)
4) Om DevasEnaapatayE namah (for overcoming the evil designs of enemies).
5) Om SkandaGuravE namah (for getting Divine Guidance).
6) Om Shakti hastaaya namah (for getting Divine Protection).
7) Om Shiva Gnaana Desikaaya namah/ Om Gnaana Panditaaya namah (mastery over esoteric knowledge)

This is an auspicious day to get deeksha into beeja mantras related to Shri Kartikeya from suitable Gurus(there are shadakshari mantra, Panchadasaakshari mantra, etc. on Lord Skandaa that should be chanted after initiation).

Worship of Lord Skandaa can be a good remedy for Sarpa Dosha and Mars dosha in horoscopes, and can bless a person with peace and prosperous life materialistically, and Divine Wisdom - spiritually.

Special poojas and havans are being conducted on this occasion at our current residence at Tiruvannamalai.

Members of paaraayanam group and Pradosham abhishekam group please note that you will be automatically included as honorary beneficiaries in the poojas done on Vaikaasi visakham day and so you need not offer me anything for this pooja. It will be a pleasure and Honour for me to pray for you all with the resources that are already there thanks to your offerings in the recent past.


Astrological and Remedial consultant

Friday, June 6, 2014

Nirjala Ekadasi June 8/ 9th 2014

This post is regarding Nirjala Ekaadasi on June 8/ June 9th 2014

This Ekaadasi should be observed throughout the world on June 9th, 2014 except those regions in USA and Canada that follow Pacific Standard time and Hawaii Standard time.  Those in regions observing Pacific Standard time and Hawaii standard time should observe this Ekaadasi on June 8, 2014 itself.

Significance of the Nirjala Ekaadasi:
Nirjala Ekaadasi is also known as Paandava Nirjalaa Ekaadasi. Sage Vyaasa was extolling the virtues of the Ekaadasi fast and also the sins associated with not keeping the ekaadasi fast. The other Paandava brothers and Draupadi who were observing Ekaadasi vrattam scrupulously were very happy to listen to the exposition on the glories of Ekaadasi; however, the Great Warrior Bheema who was known for his gluttony and who could not fast on Ekaadasis (fasting twice a month was almost unthinkable for him!!!) was worried on hearing the sins associated with not keeping ekaadasi vrattam. So, he requested Sage Vyaasa to tell an alternative instead of fasting on all ekaadasis.

Sage Vyaasa clarified that if the Nirjalaa Ekaadasi fast is observed scrupulously, it will give the result of having observed ekaadasi fast throughout the year, and so Bheema can observe that ekaadasi alone to get the results of all other ekaadasis thus escaping the sins associated with not observing other ekaadasis. This was at least tolerable to Bheemasena (he just needed to fast once a year which was at least okay rather than at least 24 days per year on each ekaadasi the very thought of which was intimidating to him!). Thus, this Nirjala Ekaadasi is also known as "Bheema Ekaadasi" or "Paandava Ekaadasi"

Procedure for observing Nirjalaa Ekaadasi

One should take bath early in the morning and declare that he/ she is undertaking the Ekaadasi fast for escaping all sins - known and unknown and for the Grace of Lord Hari. Meditation should be done upon Lord Naaraayana reclining on His Bed of Seshaa in the midst of the Milk Ocean (Jala Saayi Perumaal). We should also remember Sage Vyaasa's words that observing this single Ekaadasi will give the merits associated with the other ekaadasis of the year also.

Usually ekaadasi fast can be done as per one's wishes and convenience, like - fruit only fast, milk only fast, water-only fast, abstaining from grains but eating other ritual pure items/ vegetables, etc. However, Nirjala ekaadasi - as the name implies - should be a complete fast where the observer of the fast should abstain from even plain water!

Many scrupulous observers of Ekaadasi fast usually keep a complete fast (including abstaining from water) on all ekaadasis. Even those who are not so strict about abstaining from water on normal ekaadasis should abstain from water during the nirjala ekaadasi. Of course, there is exemption applicable for old-aged, the physically infirm, those who are in sick bed, pregnant women, lactating women with very young infants, etc. Others who are physically fit but fail to observe this ekaadasi are missing a very good karmic opportunity because, just observing this one ekaadasi can exempt you from all other ekaadasis (and also gives you the merit that could accrue from observing all other ekaadasis!!!!).

On dwaadasi day (the next day) while breaking the fast, it is auspicious to make some charitable donation to any deserving cause to get the full results of the observance. It is customary to offer umbrellas, sandals, or water pot to pious brahmins on this day. If you are not able to find suitable pious persons who deserve such dhaanaas, you may just contribute what little you can to any charitable cause of your choice or to any temple.

Merits associated with observing nirjala Ekaadasi:

1) The merit accruing out of performing shraadha during solar eclipse.
2) The merit accruing out of observing all other ekaadasis of the year (it does not mean that we should not maintain the other ekaadasi fasts if we observe this; just think....if you observe this in addition to all other ekaadasis, you will be getting twice the benefit is it not? For those who cannot fast on all ekaadasis due to practical considerations, this ekaadasi is a boon; they can observe just this ekaadasi with full devotion and perfection - without water!)

May our members observe this Holy Fast and gain the Grace of Lord Hari.
Blessed be

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