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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vaikunta Ekaadasi 2017

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Dear Members:

The most glorious and important of all Ekaadaasis - the Vaikunta Ekaadasi falls on December 28, December 29, 2017 this year.

Those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of South and North American continents and observing smaartha traditions may observe this on December 28, 2017.  But, even for these persons the Gouna Ekaadasi (the recommended observance for spiritual benefit) is on December 29, 2017 only.

Those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of South and North American continents and observing Vaishnava traditions must observe this on December 29, 2017.

Those living in all other countries - including India - must observe this Vaikunta Ekaadasi on December 29, 2017.

This is one of the Putradaa ekaadasis of this year - and so recommended for those who aspire to conceive spiritually oriented children.

This is one of the most highly recommended fasts for a devout spiritual aspirant because it has the potential of opening the "Gates of Divine Abode of Lord Vishnu" for you if this is observed correctly. Even those who have medical conditions which prevent them from observing a full fast should abstain from rice-items and sustain themselves with alternative ritually pure foods (avoiding garlic, onions, beverages like coffee, tea, etc.). Those who are desirous of cutting off the endless cycle of births and deaths for the soul must contemplate on upanishads like Gopaala Taapini Upanishad, recite Holy Bhagavat Gita, Bhaagavatam, etc.

In Vaishnava temples "swarga Dwaar" - a sort of archway leading around the Inner Sanctum Sanctorum is erected, and crossing that is symbolic of crossing the threshold of Vaikunta and getting glimpse of our Lord. Spending time in meditation/ japam while waiting in the serpentine ques, and ultimately having the glimpse of Our Lord after crossing the threshold will definitely be gainful for your souls. Please note that you should not get angry with other devotees in the que or pick up fights, you should not "jump" ques trying to overtake the other waiting devotees with your "street smartness, pushing abilities", etc. in the que. Such activities definitely invoke bad karma, and it is not for that, that you go to a temple on a Holy Day (I am commenting on this because such activities are too common in long ques; a person who jumps ques thinking he is outsmarting others is actually fooling himself/ herself, and damning himself/ herself with that karma; on the other hand, those who wait patiently, and do what they can to help other devotees who might be finding it uncomfortable - like ladies with infants, elderly, etc. while standing in ques are invoking good karma and actually helping their own souls to progress. Selfishness and self-comfort should take a back-seat at least during these occasions - and that too for your own good! If you are entitled to temple honours in some way, and hence receive special darshan - that is different; you need not feel guilty about that; probably, you deserve such Honours and maybe, that was Divine Gift to you! But even such people - if you can, it will be real good merit to stand patiently in a que, do japams till your turn at darshan comes, and then have a darshan of the Lord along with the other common devotees because, God Himself may be in disguise among the masses during these occasions. I have felt it many times - and I request my fellow aspirants to feel such miracles of brushing shoulders with Divine in crowded temples for themselves!).

Generally, chanting of Raama naama, and recital of Shri Vishnu Sahasranaamam can be done by everyone today for obtaining religious merit, and for perfection/ progress of our Soul.

It is also recommended that you should remain awake at night and spend it in Divine Contemplation, bhajans (Divine Songs), discussing Theological matters, etc. It is traditional to play a dice game called "Paramapadham" on this night. You should not merely play it as a the traditional Indian version of this game (the western version is Snake and Ladders!, and I am not referring to that when I write this article....), you will find "ladders" corresponding to various virtues, and "snakes" corresponding to certain shortcomings of attitude/ can see where each ladder leads you, and where each snake drops you....look at the character/ attitude depicted in the box, see how progress/ downfall happens based on the ladder/ snake you encounter. This is verily a spiritual lesson of how a soul can progress or regress into various states of existence. It is analogous to the journey of your souls through the Cycle of Existence till the soul attains Liberation or Merging with Divine experience. You will also see how difficult it is to progress at the end of the game, and that is how difficult it is for a soul to reach ultimate liberation. If you play it consciously, reading all the attributes described in the chart carefully, this game can be a meditative exercise in itself, and can be a valuable tool for imparting spiritual values for children.

Of course, playing the paramapadam is not just helps you to keep awake and at the same time induce philosophical musings if played properly. Those of you who feel sufficiently spiritually awakened already may just spend the night in quiet Divine Contemplation which is best.

May our members observe this Holy day Fast diligently as per their circumstances and practical limitations to the best of their abilities and win salvation for their souls.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hanumath Jayanthi 2017

Dear Members:

Hanuman Jayanthi falls on December 18, 2017 this year per Tamil traditions. (Amavasya of Margazhi  month - Dhanur month, when Moola nakshatram also operates simultaneously).  Though some people seem to have observed the Jayanthi on December 17th itself (since it is Amaavasya day), since Moola nakshatram begins only on December 18th, it will be more appropriate to observe the austerities on December 18th this year. 

There are other various versions for this observance also - some follow it on Chaitra Pournami (this is followed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and some parts of North India. In North Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Hanumat Jayanthi is celebrated on Vaisakh Krishna dasami thithi. According to Tamil traditions, Hanumat Jayanthi is celebrated on the Amavasya thithi of the Tamil Month Maargazhi when Moola constellation rules. (for those of you who are from Siddha lineage of Sage Agasthya - there is another version which is not so popular as the other jayanthis! Agasthya Samhita gives Lord Hanuman's Birth details as Mesha lagna, Krishna chaturdasi thithi, Swaathi nakshatra, in the solar month of Karthigai)

The differences may pertain to different incarnations of Lord Hanumaan in different kalpas (the same Divine Events have occured in different kalpas with slight modifications and that is why you will find slight differences in version of some Divine Legends in various Puranas as they may refer to the events in different kalpas!). So, probably they are all correct in that they refer to His Jayanthi in different kalpas.

Another reason for the difference could be that each "Jayanthi" could refer to some significant "life-changing or rebirth sort of event" in Lord Hanuman's the first conception through Lord Vaayu's agency as a Rudraavataraa, His being revived by Divine Boons as a child (after He was struck by Vajraayudha when He tried to gobble the sun! thus it was a sort of second life for Him), His realizing His Divine Powers after Jaambhavaan alerts Him of the powers that He had forgotten due to the curse of rishis, His Incarnating as Panchamukha Hanumaan to tackle the challenges of Demons of the Netherworld, etc.

Generally for a devotee every day is of spiritual significance and so, these "special days" are just convenient Divine Excuses for showering additional devotion and for Divine Celebration with extra fervour! So, maybe, you can follow all those Jayanthis of the most Humble but Mighty Messenger of Lord Raam and celebrate His Incarnation thrice/ Four times a year!

In that spirit, even our brethen from North India, and other southern states may offer special worship to Lord Hanumaan on this day when their brother devotees from Tamil Nadu will be offering their respects and veneration to the Glorious Son of Vaayu.

Recital of Shri Hanumaan Chaalisaa, Sundara Kaandam chapters, AanjanEya sahasranaamam (reputed to be composed by Lord Raama Himself!), etc. are considered to be auspicious on this day.

I am not inviting any offering for this performance, preferring to do it with my own resources this time for Universal Welfare from the excess of funds from earlier homam performances and from the resources gathered by my astrological services which I am saving as corpus fund for funding austerities like this from time to time.  I plan to include "everyone" in these prayers and by God's Grace since I am able to manage it, I am not requesting any sponsorships for this homam this time.

May God's Grace be with us all. May the spirit of Service and Selfless Love and devotion to God embodied by Lord Hanuman pervade our psyches too!

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Saphala Ekaadasi - 2017

Dear Members:

The auspicious Saphala Ekaadashi falls on December 13/ December 14, 2017 this year.

 The observance of this fast for different places on the globe is as follows:

Those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continents, all countries of African and Europe continents - December 13, 2017.

Those living in India, Bangaladesh, Pakistan, Gulf Countries, etc.  must observe this fast on December 13, 2017.

Countries to the east of the Indian sub-continent including South-East Asian Countries, Eastern parts of China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, etc. - December 14, 2017.

Glory of Saphala Ekaadashi
This is mentioned in Brahmaanda Purana. Fasting on Saphala Ekaadashi will help in cleansing all sins committed earlier, and also helps in attaining fame in this life.

Lumbaka - the son of a king was always questioning the authority of Lord Vishnu, and due to this irreverent attitude, he was exiled from the kingdom. He continued with his irreverential attitude, and added to that began plundering the wealth of poor villagers. He took his abode beneath a banyan tree, started killing animals, and began eating raw meat. (The legend purports to describe that the king's son had fallen into sinful ways that will add severely to karmic account).

Once, he fell ill on a particular day and hence could not partake his usual meals (of raw meat!); he also remained awake all night due to his sickness. As the day was Saphala Ekaadashi fast day, he had unknowingly followed the vrat! The next day he felt better and intuitively realized that this was all due to Grace of Lord Vishnu. He realized his mistake, returned to his father with a repentant attitude, and lived happily thereafter.

Such is the glory of the Saphala Ekaadashi - even a person who unknowingly kept that fast could gain Grace of Shri Vishnu. So, what to speak of the Holy and Pious persons who undertake this fast with full faith and with Divine Contemplation? Is it not obvious that Heavenly glory is open to those who undertake this auspicious Saphala Ekaadashi Fast?

Special austerities recommended in connection with this ekaadasi:
1) Offer Pomegranate, guava, variety of nuts, coconut, betel leaves, areca nuts, mangoes, and aromatic spices (like cloves, cardamom, etc.) in Honour of Lord Aadhi Naaraayana (The Original Viraat Roopa of Shriman Naaraayana - with His Consort Lakshmi on His Breast and mounted on Shri  Garuda, and carrying His Divine Conch and Disc with Full Glory) on this day. You can partake these items as prasad on dwaadasi day if you are keeping a full fast; those who are only observing partial fast (just abstaining from whole-grains and beans) may partake these in lieu of regular diet.

2) Light a ghee lamp in Honour of Lord Naraayana and Goddess Lakshmi in your pooja place and recite the Holy Ashtaakshari (Om NamO Naaraayanaaya) as many times as possible. Recital of Naaraayana Sooktham and Purushasooktham can also be done by those who are intiated into these vedic hymns.

A full-night vigil is also recommended. Those who cannot maintain a full-night vigil may at least recite Shriman Naaraayana naama as many times as possible and sleep with Divine Thought.

May our members undertake this fast and feel Blessed by Divine Grace.

Blessed be.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dattatreya Jayanthi on December 3, 2017

Dear Members:

Dattatreya Jayanthi is observed on December 3, 2017 this year.

Shri Guru DattaatrEya is an incarnation possessing the Divine attributes of the Trimurthis (Brahma, vishnu, and Shiva) with Sage Atri and the sage's Wife Anusuyaa Devi as His parents. He is an Aadi Guru of the avadhoota sampradaaya. He is a Divine Form who can be easily pleased by mere remembrance of Him ("smarana maatra santushtaaya!")

Anusuyaa Devi - the wife of Sage Atri was known for Her Piety and virtues. Sage Naarada was extolling Her virtues to Goddesses Saraswathy, Lakshmi, and Paarvathy. The Goddesses requested the Trimurthies to test her virtues. The trimurthis took the form of mendicants and went as athithis to the hermitage of Sage Atri when He was not there. Sagess Anusuya offered them the traditional respects due to athithis, and requested them to partake meals in the hermitage. The mendicants imposed the condition that they will partake meals only on one condition that Anusuyaa should serve them stark naked!

Anusuyaa Devi was in a moral fix....According to customs of those times in hermitages (even normal households for that matter!), an athithi was never to be turned away without feeding him. But, at the same time, as a pious and modest wife of a sage, she cannot even think of being nude in front of grown up strangers. She meditated on her husband, and sprinkled Holy Water from his kamandal (a sort of water container kept by sages) on the three mendicants. They got transformed into three infants by the power of her pious devotion to her husband. Obviously, there can be no reservation in being nude in front of infants! She fed them in that condition and thus satisfied the conditions of modesty as well as athithi bhojana (feeding guests). When Sage Atri returned to the hermitage, Anusuyaa Devi showed the three Divine Infants and explained the course of events. Sage Atri of course could Divine the events by His clairvoyance powers.

The three Devis visited the hermitage and beseeched the couple to return their husbands in their original Divine Forms. The couple agreed, but requested that they should have a Divine Child with the potency of the three murthis. Thus was born Shri DattatrEyaa - "Datta AatrEyaa - One who was given as Gift to Shri Atri maharishi and His wife."

Though Anusuyaa Devi wanted Dattatreya to live the life of a householder, He rejected those pleas and instead chose to live in the ways of a Avadhootaa (a complete renunciate - who transcends all sorts of differences and restrictions, and living in the High State of Spontaneous Living called "SwEchaachaaryaa"; saints who live that do what they feel like doing at that moment naturally...they do not follow any rigid rules or regulations in life - allowing Divinity to guide them each and every moment in the form of random thoughts that arise in their conscious!). Datta Gitaa is a philosophical work of wonderful metaphysical depth and beauty.

Many are the miracles of Shri DattatrEyaa right from His times to the current periods. The most famous devotees of Shri DattarEyaa are Sage Parasuraama (Shri DattatrEyaa helped Sage Parasuraamaa in performing the last rites of his father and ensured that the deceased sages attained PUnya Lokhaas), and Shri Kaartaveeryaarjunaa (The Mighty King with One thousand shoulders! who was an Incarnation of Sudarshana - the Holy Disc of Lord Vishnu). In fact, Shri Kaartaveeryaarjuna was born without limbs as an infant, and it was by the power of tapasya focussed on Shri DattatrEyaa that he got 1000 pairs of hands and a mighty physique. Additionally, Shri Datta blessed him with a treasury that will never become empty, and also a boon that whosoever remembers the King Kaartaveeryaarjunaa will be able to retrieve lost property and realise rightful properties snatched away from them by force. Kaartaveeryaarjuna also had a boon that he can be defeated and killed only by a disciple/ devotee of Shri DattatrEyaa. When King Kaartaveeryaarjuna started behaving in arrogant manner, and had a clash with Jamadagni rishi, he met his end in the hands of Sage Parasuraama - the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and a devotee of Shri DatttrEyaa as per the boon. The Most Highly Venerated Shridi Sai Baba is one example of a modern day avadhootaa of the Datta sampradaaya. There are other saints also of that tradition who have a wide following today.


Lord Dattatreya is often meditated upon with a Cow (KaamadhEnu) at His back, and 4 dogs at His feet. The Cow - KaamadhEnu represents the truth that whatever legitimate wish you have will be bestowed upon you when you pray to Him. The 4 dogs represent the 4 vedaas. Lord DattatrEyaa - the  Trimutrhi swaroopi has the characteristic Divine Weapons of the Trimurthis - in His hands and three heads representing the Trimurthis (also representing Satwaa, Rajas and Tamas gunaas!)

Yet another popular Divine Form that is usually venerated by followers of siddha/ Naath traditions is His Form with the 9 famous Nath saints.

Shri DattatrEya is easily pleased by mere Remembrance of Him. He may manifest in the form of an uninvited guest at noon, a mad beggar, a young child, or even ghostly forms (that is what His Moola mantra says ......." Baala Unmatta Pisaacha vEshaaya!"). Annadhaan (donation of food) to poor and needy is the charity that is closest to His Heart. Many devotees of Lord Datta have had Him visit their houses in the form of unknown guests at Noon. So, if possible, try to donate to charities specializing in feeding the poor on this day. As Dattatreya helped Sage Parasuraama in performance of rituals to ensure salvation of pitrus, He will help us also to get relieved from pitru doshas of all kinds. Also, yati saapaa (curse of saints/ sages/ mendicants) that might have arisen due to insult meted out to renunciates can be remedied by worship of Lord DattatrEyaa. Recital of DattatrEya Vajra Kavacham will help in nullifying even most terrible planetary afflictions. So, if you have people who are sick and whose conditions elude proper management by health professionals may benefit by recital of DattatrEya Vajra Kavacham recital.


 We are planning to conduct special chants and homams on Datta Jayanthi day this year also. Shri DattatrEya Moola mantra homam, Dattatreya vajra kavacham, sthothras, and Shri Kaartaveeryaarjuna homam will be conducted at my temporary residence at  Bangalore on December 13, 2016 (We Honour Kaartaveeryaarjuna also on that day because He is a proof to the fact that Faith on Datta can transform lives even overcoming Fate; the limbless child - who was considered inauspicious by his own parents - became the mighty 1000 armed warrior whose name and mantras have proved auspicious to countless generations - all due to Guru Datta's Grace) .

Worship of Karthaveeryaarjuna is a recommended procedure in mantra shastraic classics for overcoming the activities of rivals, to get back lost positions, to reunite with estranged relatives/ friends, to get Divine Assistance in tracing missing objects/ persons,  to counter black-magic done against us by enemies, to get success in all ventures and gain favour of those in authority, and for overcoming tough planetary aspects in general. It can be a highly auspicious worship for business persons who have begun new ventures,those who are tormented by powerful foes,  and for politicians  aspiring for powerful positions of authority especially.

Those sponsors who are in a position to attend the Japam/ austerities might do so on this date. For the  others, please note that the pooja parasadam will not be sent by post due to ritual purity concerns and logistic difficulties. Inclusion of your name, gothra, and star in the sankalpam will be deemed "in-absentia" participation. Those who are interested may avail the pooja service by mailing me at:

The offering options are as below (to give an idea about the cost of participation in the austerities):

a) Dattatreya and Karthaveerya homam part-sponsorship - Rs.2000 (rupees two thousand only).
b) Dattatreya Moola mantra japam and archana in the evening with chanting of sthothras in His Honour - Rs.350 (rupees three hundred and fifty only)

c) Kaarthveeryaarjuna archana and Japam- Rs.350 (rupees three hundred and fifty only).
d) DattatrEya Vajra Kavacham recital and special pooja in that connection - Rs.500 (rupees five hundred only).

Please note:  Part-sponsors of the main homam will be automatically included in Dattatreya Moola mantra japam, Vajra Kavacham and Karthaveerya Arjuna japam recitals.  So, those who are availing that sponsorship scheme - scheme a) above,  need not remit additionally for the other japams.

As paypal does not work for me any more, you have make the remittance only directly via my bank account, or send money via money2india site of icici bank. I will share the details of my account when you get in touch with me via email if you are interested in the participation.  Regular sponsors - who have made remittance to my bank account for earlier austerities may use the same account for this remittance too; once you make the remittance, please keep me informed via email about the remittance particulars for me to follow up with the bank regarding that.

Apart from prayers for the benefit of the sponsors, prayers will also be raised for Universal Welfare. You may also attend poojas/ homams conducted by other pious persons near your place on this holy day.

Those who are not in a position to attend special on Datta jayanthi may still become recipients of His Grace by just repeating the mantra "Om Jai Guru Dattaa" or "Om Jai Satguru Shri DattatrEyaaya namah" as many times as possible on His Jayanthi day - whenever time permits - even in between your normal activities in life. This is a siddha mantra and needs no initiation; anyone without any distinction of class, creed, religion, and gender can recite this at ANYTIME. He is easily pleased and His worship is without unnecessary frills and procedures such that even a child can perform the pooja (because you may do it in any way you wish to do!)
Try to feed at least one poor person or sponsor annadhaan at any holy place as per your capacity - because Guru Dattatreya might come in any form and accept annadhaan, and performing annadhaan to needy persons is one of the easiest ways to become recipients of His Grace.

May our members become recipients of Lord DattatrEyaa's Grace by observing simple austerities in His Honour on His Jayanthi day as per their convenience and enjoy blissful lives.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Karthikai deepam 2017

Dear All:
Tiruvannamalai Deepam is observed on December 2, 2017 this year.  Vaikhanasa Deepam/ Pancharaatra deepam are marked on December 3, 2017 - so those who follow those traditions may light the deepam on December 3, 2017.

Those doing monthly Pournami pooja per Shri Vidhya kramam must observe the pooja austerities on the evening/ night of December 3, 2017.

I thought of sharing what His Holiness of Revered Memory - Shri Shri Chandrasekara Saraswathy swamigal said about this Karthikai deepam's significance.....(given below is the translation of Mahaswami's views - courtesy Shri. C.V. Sathya Narayanan)....


We light up a series of earthen lamps on the day of the star of Kruttika in the month of Kaartigai. At that time we are to sing this sloka as given in the saastraa-s:- 

keedaa: patangaa: masagaascha vrukchaa: jale stale ye nivasanti jeevaa: I drushtvaa pradeepam na cha janma baajaa bavanti nityam svabasaa hi vipraa: II

This means, "We pray that, whosoever sees this lamp that we are lighting, they be worms, birds or mosquitoes or trees and such plants; all life forms which live in water or on earth; or may be human beings of whatever caste or creed; seeing this light may have the effect on them that all their sins are washed away and they may transcend the cycle of life and death and reach ever lasting happiness"!
Not only life forms in land and water. By saying 'patangaa:' (birds) and 'masakaa:' (mosquitoes) all flying birds and insects have been included. Though they fly in the air, the mosquitoes lay the eggs in water only. Birds similarly have to come down to a nest to rest and lay eggs. There are fishes which can live only in water while some animals like frogs and crocodiles which are equally adept in land and water. Having identified each such variety, the prayer is for cancellation of all their sins and crossing over the ocean of life.
This Kaartigai Deepam seen by any of these life forms may give them ever lasting merit, it is prayed! The word 'drushtvaa' in the slokam means, 'having been seen'. 'Vruksham' the tree is also mentioned. The tree cannot see. As per science, the plants do have some senses. But, we do not know if they have any capacity to see. They do differentiate between sunlight and shadow and grow towards the sunlight! I feel that the interpretation is that, it does not matter even if they cannot see or do not see this light. The prayer is that, still the effect of cancellation of all sins should be there!
As light does not differentiate between Tom, Dick and Harry; between all castes, creeds and sects; between birds, animals, plants and insects; between mobile (jangama) and static (staavara) life forms; the Love from our hearts should be universally applicable and effective! With such inner intension, the outer earthen lamp should be lighted, with the prayer as quoted above to make the Kaartigai Deepam effective.
In the past during festivals, it was the custom to light up what is known as ‘chokkap paanai’, which was a massive earthen lamp. In Thiruvannamalai, it is a practice even in modern times, on Kartigai evening as the Sun goes down, to light up a huge Deepam in which several Kilo Grams of Ghee is poured in a wide hole in the rock face on top of the hill. The wick is several feet thick. It is a sight to be seen and heard some ten lac people shouting, ‘Arohara’ as the light comes on to be seen miles away.
107. Similarly as the pilgrimage season ends in Sabari Hills in Kerala, the light comes up on ‘Kaanta Malai Hill’ known to Ayyappa devotees as ‘Makara Jyoti’ on Makara Sankranti evening! The idea is to instill universal unconditional Love in the minds of all onlookers!
Normally there are more animals with two and or four legs. The fly, roach and beetle have six, spider has eight and some of the creepers like the centipede have many legs. There are prayers in the Veda-s seeking the welfare of two, four, six, eight and many legged animals and those without legs, such as the snake and the fish!
The fully realized soul does not differentiate between Brahmin and Non-brahmin, says Bhagawat Gita (5.18.). Though we may differ in our occupations and Karma Anushtaana, when it comes to compassion and love, there should not be any differentiation whatsoever! That is how, Rantideva did daanam to a brahmin and finally gave his last bit of water to a sudra. In this Kaartigai Deepam slokam too, all human beings are included as ‘svabasaa hi vipraa:’, meaning ‘the whole range of people from non-brahmin to the brahmin’! Our saastraa-s do not differentiate even between the good and bad, when wishing well. Our saastraa-s go even beyond and conveys its best wishes to all those residents of the Naraka (Hell) too.
Courtesy: C.V.Sathya Narayanan.

==============END QUOTE====================

I could not have added anything to that Mahatma's views and hence am humbly just quoting His Holiness' views here for the benefit of our blog readers.

May many blessings be to everyone.

om Namah shivaya.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mokshada ekaadasi 2017

Dear members:

The auspicious Mokshadaa ekaadashi falls in the bright half of the month Margasira.

It is also known as Kaisika ekaadasi . This ekaadasi is observed in a grand manner in the Guruvaayur Shri Krishna temple and hence named as Guruvaayur ekaadasi day also:)

It is to be observed per the following schedule:

a) Those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continent, and all countries of Europe and African continents should observe this on November 29, 2017.

b) Those living in middle-East (Gulf Countries) and observing Smaartha traditions should observe this fast on November 29, 2017.

c) Those living in middle-East (Gulf countries) and observing Vaishnava traditions must observe this fast on November 30, 2017.

d) Those living in India and countries to the east of India must observe this fast on November 30, 2017 (some almanacs suggest that Smaartha ekaadasi is on November 29th - but since dasami thithi operates for quite a long time after sunrise in India on November 29th, it is best to observe the ekaadasi fast on November 30, 2017 only even for smaarthaas. Those who observe ekaadasi on November 30th must break the fast around sunrise itself on December 1, 2017 since dwaadasi thithi exists only for a short time on December 1, 2017 - and it is important to break the fast while dwaadasi thithi still operates.  In case of doubts and you are unable to decide between the two versions, please go ahead with the views of your family preceptors in this regard). 

Glory of Mokshadaa ekaadashi

Mokshadaa ekaadashi - as the name implies has the potential to give Liberation from cycle of endless births and deaths for our soul. Its main goal is to help us in attaining Ever Lasting Bliss in the Lotus Feet of our Lord.

Lord Vishnu in His form of DAMODARA ( kindly refer shrimad Bhaagavatam to know more about these Divine Forms of Lord Vishnu, and how He manifests in His different Forms; generally you may  meditate on Four handed form of Lord Vishnu) should be venerated on this Holy Day. A ghee lamp, incense, and tulsi buds should be offered respectfully along with prayers to Lord DamOdharaa on this most auspicious of days.

Legend of Mokshadaa ekaadashi

There is a legend explained in the Brahma vaivarta Puranaa extolling the glory of Mokshadaa ekaadashi as narrated by Lord Krishna to Yudhishtra. Listening to this legend is said to confer the merit equivalent to that obtained by AswamEdha yagna (Horse Sacrifice!). Lord Krishna further adds that the glory of this ekaadasi can give heavenly bliss to the souls of all deceased relatives of the person who observes this fast religiously.

There was a saintly King of yore by name Vaikhaanasa (it is not clear whether it is the same person who gave genesis to the Hallowed Vaikhaanasa aagama - one of the major aagamaas for Vaishnavites) who ruled over a kingdom called Champakanagaram. His kingdom was glorious in every way blessed as it was with a saintly and able king who treated his subjects as his own children, and also with knowledgeable and pious priestly class who were well learnt in all vedic sacrifices and rituals. One night, the king had a terrible dream in which he saw his father suffering torments in hellish regions. When he enquired about this to the Brahmins of his court, they directed him to Parvata Maharishi - a great tapasvi. When the king approached Parvata Maharishi, after formal exchange of pleasantaries, the king broached the topic of a recent torment that he has experiened. The sage, by His Divine Vision, understood the reason for the king's anxiety and also the cause for the torment of his father's soul in hell - the king's father, in his earlier life, had enjoyed his wife forcibly against her wishes during her monthly periods. That grievous sin against a righteous woman had given him the present hellish sufferings.

The king wanted a remedy to absolve the sins of his father and to get him liberated to Higher Planes. The Sage Parvata recommended performance of this Mokshadaa ekaadasi and to donate the merit acquired by this performance to his father's soul upon which the soul will get liberated from Hell. The king did accordingly along with his wife and all relatives, and by the power of this performance, the king's father was liberated from Hell and was taken by messengers of demi-gods to Celestial Planes.

On a different note, it was on this day that Bhagavat Gitaa was initiated to Shri Arjuna by Lord Krishna at Kurukshetra. So, this day is also observed as Gitaa Jayanthi. It is auspicious to gift copy of Bhagavat Gitaa to aspirants of vedantaa or do what you can to propogate the Shrimad Bhagavat Gita on this day. Recite at least one chapter, or at least one slokha from Shrimad Bhagavat Gita today understanding its meaning and applicability even in today's life. Those who can, may even perform the Bhagavat Gitaa Homam if it is feasible for them. The merits of this performance cannot be elaborated by normal human beings like me since Bhagavat Gitaa is the Essence of all the Upanishads (Vedanta), initiated to Paarthaa - the Disciple-Supreme by none other than Lord Krishna - Godhead Supreme in the Punya Bhoomi of Kurukshetra where a Dharma Yuddha was scheduled!

May our readers observe this ekaadashi with devotion and be recipients of God's Grace that will liberate them from endless cycles of transmigration of soul.

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant

Monday, November 13, 2017

Utthpanna Ekaadasi 2017

Dear Members:

The auspicious Utpanna Ekaadasi falls on November 13/ November 14, 2017  this year.

The fast schedule for different places on the earth:

Utpanna ekaadashi must be observed in U.S.A, Canada, and other countries of North and south American continents on November 13, 2017.

Those living in U.K., Ireland, Netherlands, and Norway and observing Smartha traditions must observe the ekaadasi on November 13, 2017; people living in these regions and following Vaishnava traditions must observe the fast on November 14, 2017.

Those living in other European countries, all Asian countries - including India, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji must observe the fast on November 14, 2017.

This Utpanna Ekaadasi is special because this was the day when Ekaadasi Devi - the Patron Deity of this Fast manifested from the Power of Lord Mahaa Vishnu.

Mura - a demon brought all the planes of existence under his control and forced the demi-gods like Indra away from their positions of authority. The devas approached Lord Mahaadeva for a solution to their predicament. Lord Shiva instructed them to claim protection by surrendering to Lord Maha Vishnu. The demi-gods accordingly approached the Holy Abode of Shriman Naaraayana, praised Him with devotional fervour extolling His virtues, His Divine Might, and His Glories, and requested His help in the matter of vanquishing the demon Mura.

Lord Vishnu instructed them to advance to the abode of the demon, and Himself went along with them. The demi-gods scattered away from the battle-field on meeting with relentless aggression from the demon army. The attacking demons met their nemesis in Shriman Naaraayana - who vanquished hosts and hosts of demons with His Divine Weaponry.

At last, the chief of the demons - Mura himself came to meet our Lord in the battle field. The Divine Weapons caused no harm to Mura due to his previous boons. At last, Lord Vishnu decided to engage the demon in arm-to-arm combat; this combat went on for one thousand celestial years! Lord Vishnu decided to retire from the battle and retired to a deep cave. (He feigned tiredness and fear! Though the Bhavishya Uttara Purana uses words such as "I went there (to a cave) out of fear and also to sleep,"we should take it as our Lord's Play only. Lord Maha Vishnu - the Ultimate Supreme Being need not be "afraid" of a demon, nor can he ever feel "tired". This was a Divine Play to vanquish the demon in a special way, and He must have feigned tiredness and fear....only this can be the right interpretation of this episode).

The demon Mura followed Lord Vishnu, and on seeing Him asleep, the demon decided to finish Him off. However, from the body of Our Lord, a young Divine Maiden manifested, and She fought tirelessly with the demon, and ultimately vanquished him, putting an end to the saga of his unrighteous domination over the Universe.

The Divine Maiden pleaded a boon from Lord Vishnu upon His Waking up (His sleep and Waking up again are all Divine Plays! It should not be taken too literally).

The maiden said, "O Lord, if You are pleased with me and wish to give me a boon, then give me the power to deliver that person who fasts of this day from even from the greatest of sins . I wish that half the pious credit obtained by one who fasts will accrue to one who eats only in the evening (abstaining from grains and beans), and that half of this pious credit will be earned by one who eats only at midday. Also, may one who strictly observes a complete fast on my appearance day, with controlled senses, go to the abode of Lord Vishnu for one billion kalpas after he has enjoyed all kinds of pleasures in this world. This is the boon I desire to attain by Your mercy, my Lord, O Lord Janardana, whether a person observes complete fasting, eats only in the evening, or eats only at midday, please grant him a religious attitude, wealth, and at last liberation."

"'The Supreme Lord said, "O most auspicious lady, what you have requested is granted. All My devotees in this world will surely fast on your day, and thus they will become famous throughout the three worlds and finally come and stay with me in My abode. As you, My transcendental potency, have appeared on the eleventh day of the waning moon, let your name be Ekaadasi. If a person fasts on Ekaadasi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him My transcendental abode."

Ekaadasi fast is thus the greatest of all fasts as it was sanctioned by the Supreme Lord Himself. Fasting on ekaadasi properly helps a person to vanquish all the dangerous enemies who can threaten one's prospects (the greatest enemies are a person's own undesirable vaasanaas, and obsessions which are internalized in the person's psyche. That is the actual mystic import of this legend though it might have occured in reality also in a distant kalpa!), and thus bless the person with material prosperity while alive, and Eternal Salvation after this incarnation on earth.

The day when Lord Vishnu's Yogic power manifested outwardly as Ekaadashi is Utpanna Ekaadashi. By tradition, a child who attains 7th year of age in this life is initiated into Ekaadashi fast gradually beginning from this Utpanna Ekaadashi of that year(the first fast of a tender child should not be too intense; the child should be taught the basics of ekaadashi fast like abstaining from certain foods - grains, beans, and outside food; chanting Divine Names of Lord Vishnu; the child should not be made to endure a full fast - rather, the child should be trained to survive on fruits/ juices, milk, etc., or just made to skip meals once. Then gradually, the child can graduate to a full fast if it agrees well with the child). This is an auspicious day to begin ekaadasi fast as a life-time discipline for anyone who has not fasted before, but wishes to do so in the future. [More guidelines about ekaadasi fast can be checked in previous write-ups in this blog].
The glory of a fast on this Holiest of Days need not be elaborated any further. May our members enjoy Divine Bliss by observing this Holy Ekaadasi fast to the extent of their abilities. My best wishes to the Faithful parents who are about to initiate their young children who have attained the eligible age for beginning Ekaadashi fast on this Holy Day. Believe me - initiating a child into Ekaadasi fast is one of the best gifts you can give to your child :) 

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kaala Bhairava Ashtami 2017

Dear Members:

Kaala Bhairava Ashtami is to be observed on November 10, 2017 - Friday - this year.

Kaala Bhairava ashtami is observed on the krishna paksha ashtami of Karthika month.  This was the day when Kaala Bhairava Manifested from Lord Shiva's Divine Wrath (a Divine Leela where the Trimurthis seemingly argued who is the Greatest - and Lord Brahma who was 5-headed like Lord Shiva during those times made some impertinent remark.  Lord Shiva Manifested Bhairava to chastise Lord Brahma - who lost one of his heads and became 4-Headed since then).

The Brahma Hatya sin that Lord Bhairava invoked by this act was removed when Lord Bhairava reached Varanasi after wandering throughout the world, and Lord Kaala Bhairava became the kshetrapaala for that Holy City.

Worshipping Lord Kaala Bhairava and His Consort Kaali on Kaala Bhairava Ashtami day helps in removing unintended Shiva aparaadham, removal of planetary ills that afflict a person due to very strong praarabdha, and for ushering in peace, protection, and prosperity to everyone in the family.

Those afflicted by Saturn and Rahu-related doshas can benefit by offering special prayers to Lord Kala Bhairava on this day.  Feeding stray dogs is a good remedy that can be observed by everyone. Since Lord Kaala Bhairava represents the Element of "Time", prayers can be raised on this day to seek forgiveness for all our dharmic transgressions, and for attaining Aatma-Saakshaatkaaram (Self-Realization/ Emancipation of Soul).

Worships on this day bring peace to deceased ancestors too.

May our members do what austerities they can on this auspicious day and bring positive vibes by Grace of God's Amsa manifest as Bhairava-Kaali duo.

Blessed be.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Utthaana ekaadasi - 2017

Dear Members:

Utthaana ekaadashi falls on October 30/ October 31, 2017 this year.

Schedule of observance of this fast for different regions of the world:

a) Those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continents, and living in the East Standard time zone should observe this on October 31, 2017
b) Those living in USA, Canada and other countries of the American continents, and living in time zones other than EST  - and observing Smaartha traditions should observe this on October 30, 2017; people living in the same time-zones (other than EST of USA, Canada, etc.) and observing Vaishnava traditions must observe this on October 31, 2017.
c) Those living in rest of the world - including India - must observe this on October 31, 2017.

This ekaadashi is also known Devouthaani ekaadashi and Hari PrabhOdhini Ekaadashi (capital "O" indicates that this is to pronounced as long vowel sound as per standard transliteration schemes for sanskrit words).

The Kaartika dwaadashi - the day of ending this HariprabhOdhini fast is also the day when chaturmaasya austerities are to be terminated. It is to be noted that Lord Vishnu - who begins His Yoga Nidra on sayani Ekaadashi gets up on Utthaana Ekaadasi and hence this ekaadasi is very special to all devotees. (This is one of the few mandatory fasts that are to be observed at least minimally by EVERYONE).

The glory of HariprabhOdhini ekaadashi has been explained in detail in Skanda Puraana. To summarise those - "Offering yellow colour flowers to Lord Vishnu is very auspicious on that day. One who fasts the whole day extinguishes the sins accumulated over several past births. One who remains awake the whole night and sings/ listens to the glory of Lord Vishnu will enjoy the merit that can be accumulated by donating valuable things like Horses and elephants and performing an elaborate vedic yagna. One who recites at least a portion of a sacred scripture on this day will gain the merit of GOdhaana (gift of cows to a qualified Brahmin). It is said that all places of pilgrimmage come to reside in the house of a devotee who observes this HariprabhOdhini fast properly.

The ekaadashi fast on Hari PrabhOdhini ekaadasi removes sins even if they are in magnitude as the glorious Meru Mountain; all sins of the devotee who remains awake on the night of Hari PrabhOdhini ekaadasi are burnt just as a cart load of cotton gets reduced to ashes before a mighty fire!"

Please note that ekaadashi fast should be undertaken with permission from one's spiritual preceptor (in case of ladies, husband should be informed of the fast). If you don't have a spiritual preceptor, (in case of ladies - if husband is abroad or away from you, or in case of widows/ unmarried women) - you may stand before the Sun and declare you intent of the fast (assuming Lord Sun as your Guru). Similarly, the fast should be broken in front of the Sun (or after permission of Guru or husband as the case may be).

Tulsi Vivaah is associated with this fast and is celebrated as Brindaavana Dwaadashi; it is to be observed on October 31, 2017 itself by those living in USA, Canada, and other nations of the American continents (even those observing Ekaadasi on October 31, 2017 must observe Tulsi Vivaah on October 31, 2017 only; this is common for all living in nations to the West of Atlantic).

Those living in all other countries except USA, Canada, and other nations of the American continents must observe Brindavana Dwaadasi (Tulasi Vivaaham) on November 1, 2017.

On Tulsi Vivaah day , one can celebrate the elaborate ritual of marriage of a Tulsi plant with a Salagram idol or any image of Lord Vishnu. This grants great merit to the devotee and gives upliftment to the devotee's whole dynasty (i.e. generations before and those to come after him also!).

Decorating Tulsi plant with turmeric paste, sandalwood paste, and sindhoor; lighting a ghee lamp under Tulsi plant; offering obeisance to it; offering water to it; showing lit camphor as Aarti to it, etc are simple means of worship that can be done by those who cannot afford to perform the elaborate Tulsi Vivaah as per established procedures.

A simple prayer to Tulsi

"Om Brindaa Brindaavanii viswapoojitaa viswapaavani

Pushpasaara Nandinii cha Tulasii Krishnajeevanii"

Recite this at least thrice before Tulsi plant and offer your salutations to Tulsi Maa. This can be done everyday also - but at least on Tulsi Vivaah day known as Brindaavana Dwaadashi.


Those who cannot maintain the full fast, may eat just once or twice on this day skipping the mid-day meal or eating only supper at night (i.e. even missing one meal time in honour of this PrabhOdhini fast is considered as fasting though the merits are somewhat less). As this is a mandatory fast, such relaxation has been extended. So, everyone should try to fast on this day - at least by skipping one meal on this day. The meal that is eaten on this day should be free of onions, garlic, non-veg items, chillies, whole grains, etc. You may consume chappatis without much salt, or such simple foods on this day if your physical condition requires you to avoid complete fasts.

Skanda Puraana says that mind should be diverted from money-making ventures and instead focussed on charities on this Holy Day. So, you should donate what little you can to vedic experts (genuine experts whom you know to be following rituals and High Spiritual Precepts diligently, and are of noble disposition) on this day. Those who cannot donate anything due to dire financial circumstances should at least have a kind word to speak to an expert vedic practitioner and offer respects to them to get their blessings. Lord Hari Himself will manifest in those Blessings from qualified experts and remove all your sins (a note to spiritual guides who might be reading this: NEVER BLESS ANYONE WITH MATERIAL BOONS ON THIS DAY; JUST SAY "BHAGAVAAN HARI PREETHI SIDDHIRASTHU" - meaning "Let God Hari be satisfied by this!")

May our members enjoy spiritual bliss and removal from karmic burden due to the proper observance of this fast.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Skanda Shashti festival (Soora Samhaaram)

(picture above: courtesy -
Skanda Shashti vrattam - soora samhaaram day is an auspicious day to propitiate Lord Skanda (also known as Subramanya, Murugan, Velavan, etc.). This year it falls on October 25, 2017.

This day marks the annihilation of demonaic forces of Soorapadman by Our Gracious Lord who incarnated from the sparks of the Third Eye of Lord Shiva. Allegorically, the three main demons (Soorapadman and his brothers) signify the three mental devils "Aanavam(pride), evil vibes due to kanmam (negative karma), and Maayai (Illusion/ delusion)". Lord Subramanya denotes Wisdom and Divine Consciousness within each one of us. Thus celebrating this festival is to signify the necessity of overcoming the three main enemies of our Spiritual existence with the power of Wisdom and Divine Grace.

It is traditional for ardent devotees to fast on this day (the more ardent devotees actually fast for six days right from prathama thithi - the day after Deepavali amaavasya and break it only after completing the rituals associated with this day!) and recite various hymns in honour of Lord Skanda, the notable and most powerful among them being:

1) Kanda Shashti kavacham (In tamil composed by Swami BaalaDevaraayar some centuries back) - This is a highly efficacious work that possess immense mantrik power. It can bless you by removing all negativites in life and also grant you all mundane and spiritual bliss. Reciting the Holy Kanda Shashti Kavacham for 36 times keeping Holy Ash in a brass/ copper plate before you is very auspicious. Such an ash has the potency to be a powerful shield against all evils in life. There is no need for seeking costly mantraic remedies/ havans to nullify black-magic if you regularly recite the Kanda shashti Kavacham as a family prayer on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Mighty Spear of Lord Skanda - which has the Potency of Goddess Shakti in Itself will annihilate the envious enemies of such a family automatically.

2) Subramanya Bhujangam (in Honour of Skanda as the Deity ofTiruchendur) - Reciting this gives manifold benefits that are beyond words to explain. Its glory has to be experienced by reciting it! In fact, the recital of this helped Aadi Shankaraacharya (the original composer of this wonderful sthothra) to get rid of aabhichaara-induced ailments that His Holiness was suffering at that time.

There are also other works like Shanmukha kavacham, Vel Maaral (this is a mantrik composition that eugolizes the Shakti weapon that Skanda has in His hands), and Chatrusamhaara Vel patikam (for annihilation of enemies).

Those who can, may fast (full fast, fasting only with water, fasting with liquid diet, or avoiding rice/ heavy carbohydrates, or whatever as per convenience), and chant any of the above hymns if possible.

Another powerful recital is the recital of chapter pertaining to "Kumara Utpatti" from Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayana (it is in Baala kaandam). This is especially auspicious for those praying for the boon of birth of a child.

Those who are not in a position to recite any of these may simply remember Lord Skanda - the Beautiful and Handsome one, the Epitome of Courage and Piety, by simply calling his name "Om Saravana bhava."

Those who seek progenic bliss may worship Him with the mantra "Om kum kumaaraaya namah"

Those who wish to win cases, remove black-magic, etc. can recite classical works such as "chatru samhaara vEl pathigam", "VEl Maaral", and the verse "Murugan tani vEl muni nam guru enru..." from kandar anubhooti.

Those who wish for Wisdom may worship Him as "Om Skanda Guravenamah" (meditating on the scene where He explains the significance of Om to Lord Shiva Himself! - the unique scene where the Son becomes the Preceptor of the Father!) . This Form of Skanda is celebrated in the tiny hillock where this Event is believed to have occured - Swami Malai - near the Thingalur navagraha kshetra for Moon.

Those who seek to exorcise negativities from their lives might meditate on Lord Skanda with six-faces seated on Peacock bird holding a Flag Staff and Shakti weapon (called "vel" in tamil - thespear-shaped weapon). The mantra is "Om Shanmukhaaya namah." The six faces denote mastery over 5 senses and the faculty of reasoning, and also the six basic chakras that reside within our human body that are the repositories of immense power.

Those who can, might visit Tiruchendur - where the Soora samhaaram Festival is celebrated in all its splendour - as it was the last battlement camp from where Shri Skanda launched His attack on the demonaic forces and ultimately prevailed over them. The highlight of the soorasamhaaram is that Lord Skanda - after defeating Soorapadman, accepted that demon - who tearfully begged pardon to our Lord - as His Permanent vehicle (Peacock), and also as His Flag Insignia (Cock). Thus, the Soorasamhaaram festival enactment clearly shows that our Lord Chastises only to reform, and His Kindness is extendable to all living beings - even those considered to be hopelessly sinful; which better Form than this wonderful Divine Chivalrous Child God can we find to forgive all our shortcomings and to bring Grace in to our lives! Let us meditate on His Divine Adventures, sing His Glory, and rejoice in His victory over the demonaic forces (and thereby invoke the Divinity in us to defeat our own negativities that are worse than any manifest demons!).

May the Divine Power who incarnated as Skanda Bless everyone with His Immense Grace.

Blessed be.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rama Ekaadasi 2017

Dear Members:

The  auspicious Ramaa Ekaadasi  is to  be observed on October 15, 2017 this year throughout the world - except that those following Vaishnava traditions and living in Japan, North and South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.  Vaishnavas in these above mentioned regions need to observe the fast on October 16, 2017. Smarthaa Ekaadasi for people in these regions too is to be observed on October 15, 2017 only.

Glory of Ramaa Ekaadasi

In the Brahma vaivarta Puraanaa, there is an interesting legend that is related by Lord Krishna to King Yudhishtra to explain the glory of Ramaa Ekaadasi.

King Muchukunda - a great friend of Indra (the ruler of the Heavens) had a daughter by name Chandrabhaagaa (named after the Holy River that has the same name). She was given in marriage to Shobhanan - the son of King ChandrasEna.

King Muchukunda and all his subjects were very strict in observance of ekaadasi fast. Even horses, elephants, and other cattle were not fed on the day of ekaadasi fast! Once Shobhanan happened to visit King Muchukunda's palace on the day of the auspicious fast of Ramaa Ekaadasi. His wife cautioned him that as his physical condition was then not in a fit condition to tolerate a severe fast, he must move elsewhere (out of her father's kingdom) immediately as her father's people and the whole kingdom followed the fast rigorously (people who undertake rigorous religious fast on ekaadasi never give food to anyone under any pretext on ekaadasi day; this may seem crude and inhuman to some people now - but such was the adherence to ekaadasi fast in those days! The idea was mainly to avoid tempting those who might be fasting but might lose their resolve if offer of food is extended to them).

But Prince Shobhanan offered to undergo the fast instead of opting to move to some other place. When sun set, all devotees of the kingdom were very happy to invite the long night's vigil with Lord Hari's stories and contemplation - but Prince Shobhanan was miserable as he could not tolerate the rigour of the fast. By next morning, he was found dead. The last rites of the dead prince were conducted duly with all honours; but King Muchukunda stopped his daughter from committing "sati" which was the custom of pious ladies of those times.

The deceased Prince Shobhanan became the ruler of a kingdom in Mandaraachalaa attended by wonderful Divine damsels, and Gandharvaas, due to the merit of the observance of Ramaa Ekaadasi; but, as he had observed the vrat only due to pressure of circumstances and with half-heart, that wonderful kingdom was impermanent (i.e. he will lose Sovereignity of that kingdom once the merit gets exhausted).

One day, a pious Brahmin from the kingdom of Muchukunda chakravarti happened to cross that wonderful kingdom that was being enjoyed by Prince Shobhana, and he recognized his king's son-in-law. Prince Shobhana related the fact about his enjoyment of that wonderful kingdom was not permanent, and that it may vanish any time into thin air once his merit gets exhausted. He also entreated the pious Brahmin to explain this to his wife Chandrabhaagaa.

The pious brahmin returned to his kingdom and related the wonderful matter to Princess Chandrabhaagaa. At first she was bewildered, and wondered if the Brahmin had been dreaming; but, as the Brahmin persisted with his narration, she was convinced about the factual existence of such a kingdom and was overjoyed at the prospect of being able to meet her beloved yet again. She confidently said that by the merit of the ekaadasis that she had been observing from her 8th year of life till date, the kingdom that has come into the possession of her husband could become permanent, and requested the brahmin to take her to that wonderful kingdom. The Brahmin also took her to the Mandaraachala mountain. At the foothills, they met the great sage Vaama DEvaa who chanted vedic mantras and sprinkled water on her - making her body transcendental. Due to the power of the vedic mantras and also due to the merit of her ekaadasi fasts, Chandrabhaaga reached the top of the mountain Mandaraachalaa where her husband was enjoying his kingdom. She transfered the merit that she had accumulated by all her ekaadasi fasts to her husband thus enabling him to enjoy that wonderful kingdom permanently till the next pralayaa.

Lord Krishna concluded this narration saying that by the glory of Ramaa ekaadasi Prince Shobhanan enjoyed a wonderful Divine Kingdom in the mount Mandaraachalaa. The Blessed Lord continues saying "Just as both white and Black cow give the same quality of milk, the ekaadasis in both the dark and bright fortnight are equal in their potency to confer merit, and to liberate one from the endless cycles of transmigration of soul. Anyone who hears this legend about Ramaa ekaadasi will also have freedom from sins and attain the Divine Abode of Lord Vishnu."

The import of the legend of Brahma vaivarta Puraanaa related above is that observing Ramaa Ekaadasi can help one to enjoy good fortune including high status of a permanent nature, happy reunion with relatives, and great glory.

May our members observe this auspicious ekaadasi to the best of their abilities with FULL FAITH (unlike the half-hearted attempt of Prince Shobhanan!), and become worthy recipients of Divine Grace.

Important note: Though the legend says about how the Prince Shobhanan observed the fast in a physically infirm condition and hence met his death, and then ultimately enjoyed a Divine Kingdom, we need not take it that far! As regular readers of this blog might be aware from previous posts, ekaadasi fast is exempted for those who are ailing, for the aged persons, and for ladies who are pregnant. This is in agreement with accepted dharma shastraic doctrines. Those who cannot observe a full fast may observe it to the extent possible - like fasting by drinking milk, fruit juices, etc. Even those who are exempted the full fast due to physical conditions must avoid onion, garlic, and other spicy foods that are ritually impure on ekaadasi days. Ekaadasi is the king among the Fasts, and one should be regulated in food habits (even if physical condition does not permit total abstinence from food and water). Please remember this important point and observe the fast in the way that is possible for you according to your circumstances.

May our members observe this ekaadasi as far as feasible and get the spiritual/ mundane benefits associated with this fast.

Harihi Om

Om Namah shivaya.

Blessed be


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Paasaankusa ekaadasi 2017

Paashaankusha ekaadasi falls on October 1, 2017/ October 2, 2017 this year.

Schedule of observance of this austerity:

This fast is to be observed on October 1, 2017 throughout the world except those living in North and South Korea, Eastern parts of China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji - these people in North and South Korea.

Those living those living in North and South Korea, and observing smaartha traditions must observe the fast on October 1, 2017 while those living in these places and observing Vaishnava traditions must observe the fast on October 2, 2017.

Those living in Eastern parts of China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji must observe this on October 2, 2017 (common to both Smaartha and Vaishnava traditions in these regions).

Form of Shri Vishnu to be worshipped on this day - Lord Ananta Padmanaabha (see the picture above of Trivandrum Ananta Padmanabha swamy).

Importance of Paashaankusha ekaadasi

Paashaankusha ekaadasi will help in removing all sins just like any other ekaadasi. Apart from that, one who observes Paashaankusha ekaadasi will be able to realize all his/ her heart-felt dreams, and enjoy other benefits like freedom from vices (addictive behaviours of any kind that are detrimental to our well-being - both physical and spiritual), freedom from chronic karmic diseases, and finally moksha (liberation from cycle of births at the end of this incarnation). So, irrespective of what your goal in life is - whether it is dharma (great goals that have tinge of duty-consciousness in them!), artha (money), kaama (mundane desires like progenic bliss, good family life, etc.) or Moksha (Final Liberation from cycle of births), this ekaadasi will aid you in realization of that goal.

Brahma Vaivarta Puraanaic accounts attribute the merits of this Paashaankusa ekaadasi observance as equal to that acquired by performing numerous yagnas! Performing social service of some kind, or helping other souls in distress on this day is believed to help in realization of one's own true spiritual self.

Maybe, as a part of Swachcha Bharat mission, you may clean the street in which you live, and gain merit out of it (you can make sweeping the street as a spiritual activity by inwardly visualizing as if you are clearing your mental impurities also while outwardly you are cleaning the impurities on the street; pray to God that just as you are cleaning the street outside with the broom, the merit acquired by this social service should give you the will power to sweep your subconscious off sinful thoughts/ impure vaasanaas of the mind)....Just one idea of what sort of service you can do on this holy day!

May our members observe this ekaadasi and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Blessed be.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Indira Ekaadasi - September 15/ September 16, 2017

Dear Members:

Indira Ekaashi fall on the waning phase of the Moon in the lunar month of Aswin (September-October by modern calendar). Simply put, it is the Ekaadashi that falls during the Mahaalaya paksha.

It falls on September 16, 2017 this year and is to be observed on the same date throughout the world - except by those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the North and South American continents.

For those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continents,

a) Smaartha Ekaadasi must be observed on Sep 15, 2017 itself (for those following smaartha traditions).

b) Vaishna Ekaadasi in these places is also on Sep 16, 2017 like it is for rest of the world.


The importance of Indira Ekaadasi is explained in the Brahma vaivarta Puraana in a discussion between Lord Krishna and king Yudhishtra. Observance of this Ekaadasi will help in removing the sinful effects of actions done by oneself and also relieve deceased ancestors' souls from the remorse caused by their sinful actions when they lived on this earth. According to legends, King IndrasEnaa performed this fast on the advice of Devarishi Narada and saved his father from the remorse caused by his sins during his earthly life.

On the day before the observance of this ekaadasi fast, i.e. on dasami thithi, just one meal is eaten praying for ancestors' souls; on the Ekaadasi day a full fast is to be undertaken, and in the afternoon rituals for the satisfaction of pitrus are to be done; the fast is broken on dwaadasi day. If such an elaborate scheme is not feasible, you may just fast as usual on Ekaadasi day, and pray for peace of your pitrus' souls after the Ekaadasi pooja to Vishnu. What else can you do for you ancestors than undertaking this fast that can relive their souls of the burden/ remorse caused by sinful activities committed knowingly or unknowingly during their tenure on this earth?

Please note that this fast is not mandatory for those below 7 years/ above 70 years as is the common rule for Ekaadasi fasts. Similarly those who are sick and ladies who are pregnant are also exempt from this observance. Others should preferably undertake a full fast (abstaining even from water, if possible). Those who can't undertake such rigorous fasts due to practical circumstances should at least avoid all full-grains, onion/ garlic items, eating food outside, etc. and try to subsist on milk and fruits. The bottom line is - observe the fast to the best of your abilities and as best as your circumstances will permit the observance.  Remember that this is the best homage you can pay to your deceased ancestors.

May our members observe this wonderful fast and gain liberty from sinful karma not only for themselves but also for their ancestors!

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sharada Navarathri - 2017

There are 6 Navarathris in Honour of Divine Mother of our Universe - one for each Rithu (season), and this navarathri falling in the sharad rithu is the most important one as it is the one recommended for householders.

Navarathri schedule for different parts of the world.

Navaraathri austerities begin from September 21, 2017 for those living in countries of the African continent, Middle-East countries  like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and countries to the East of Indian sub-continent (including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Fiji, Japan, China, Korea, etc.). Those living in countries of the European continent, North and South American continents must begin Navarathri austerities right from Sep 20, 2017.

Durga Pooja should be observed on Sep 28, 2017 throughout the world except those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continents who must observe Durga pooja on September 27, 2017 itself.  Even those countries of the European continent where Navarathri austerities begin from September 20th must also observe Durga pooja only on Sep 27, 2017

Saraswathy pooja is to be observed on September 29, 2017 throughout the world except for countries of the European, North American, and South American continents.  Those living in Europe, North America, and South America must observe Saraswathi pooja on September 28, 2017 (For those living in Europe, both Durga Ashtami and Saraswathi pooja must be observed on Sep 28th). This is applicable for those observing the poojas as "Saraswathy pooja" and place their literary works, books, or academic material for pooja in Honour of Goddess Saraswathy and abstain from any new learning - taking a one-day spiritual break from active learning.

Aayudha pooja - where respect is offered to machines, weapons, and gadgets, must be done on September 29th throughout the world (all countries of the world - including the places where Saraswathy pooja is to be observed on September 28th).  Similarly, those performing Navachandi homam and wishing to end the homam with a Grand Mahaa Chandi homam must perform this on September 29, 2017 - throughout the world.

Vijaya Dasami should be celebrated on September 30, 2017 throughout the world - without any exceptions. This is a good day for new beginnings of all kinds - more especially for initiating learning to infants (aksharaabhyaasam - first ritual writing of alphabets).  As per our traditional adherence, we will be performing the Mahaa Chandi homam on this Vijaya Dasami day at the end of the intense Navarathri period austerities.

Methods of celebrating Navaraathri.

It is traditional to keep "Kolu" - an arrangement of dolls during Navaraathri. This is to signify that Our Divine Mother resides as Inner Soul in all Forms. Some people make the arrangement in such a way that the various steps of the kolu represent the Order of Evolution - like keeping invertebrates and such other forms of lives in the bottom step, keeping dolls representing human life in the middle of the kolu steps, and keeping dolls representing Divine Legends, Dasa Avataars, etc. on the top most step of the kolu arrangement. It is traditional to keep 5 rows (to represent Five Elements of Life), 9 rows (to represent the Nine Forms of Divine Mother), 11 rows (to represent the 11 forms of Lord Rudra), 13 rows (one in Honour of each chapter of Durga Sapta Sati), or 15 Rows (one in Honour of each syllable of Shri Vidhya panchadasaakshari mantra) as per one's convenience; traditionally, people avoid arranging the kolu in 7 rows for sentimental reasons (there is a belief that such an arrangement in 7 rows might affect financial prospects).

I request all our members to perform simple worships as per their convenience during the Navarathri period and become recipients of Divine Grace. This is a period when we Celebrate our Universal Mother - so, that joy should be there in our minds when we observe this austerity (we should not be unnecessarily tensed or make this too complicated with too many taboos! One does not think of protocols when approaching one's mother - but just go with the moment with unbounded joy and affection; such should be our attitude when we worship Our Universal Mother during this period - assuming we are all Her Children and we are invoking Her Presence in our homes - celebrating this with affectionate respect and joy).

Recital of Lalitha Sahasranaamam, Dasa Mahaa vidhya sthothrams, simple Devi sthothrams, Abhiraami Andhaadhi, Lalitha Anubooti, Soundarya Lahiri, Dugra Sthothram, Chandi Path (Durga Saptasathi), etc. can be auspicious during this period.

During this period, we should consider all women as Forms of Divine Mother and treat them with courtesy and respect. One who observes the Navarathri austerities intensely, but insults women knowingly/ unknowingly does not get the benefit of the austerities. Remember this, and treat women (including those in your own family) with affection and respect [Ideally that should be the case always! Because Shastras say that where virtuous women are honoured, Divine Grace visits even in an uninvited manner! This is the reason why women should take special care to safeguard their basic dignity, be affectionate and gentle in dealings with family members, avoid letting corrupting thoughts/ behaviour patterns enter their life styles, etc. in an attempt to maintain their Divine nature that is intrinsic to them; All higher forms of lives spring from the feminine gender of the species, and a virtuous woman is a living Form of the Universal Mother - and can be a source of happiness and Grace to herself and to everyone who is blessed enough to move with her).

Those who have Tulsi plant in their houses, can offer prostrations to that Divine Plant and pray for prosperity and Divine Grace in its vicinity. (All the Holy Rivers are in subtle forms in the roots of the tulsi plant; All Divine Forms are manifest in the middle portion of the Tulsi plant, and All Vedas and Holy Scriptures are manifest in the tips of the Tulsi plant, as said in the Puranas).

Offering Go-Poojaa (prayers to Cow visualized as embodiment of all Divinities) on Fridays and Tuesdays of Navarathri period can give unlimited merit.

It is also auspicious to read a small portion of Divine Legends that depict how the Gracious and Kind Mother Manifested in Angry Forms to annihilate all enemies to peaceful life on Earth every night during this navaraathri period, and invoke such Manifestation of Power in our lives also to annihilate all our enemies (both intrinsic like anger, greed, laziness, and ignorance within us, and our external enemies/ unruly elements who try to disturb peaceful and gentle citizens in the society unnecessarily).

Recital of Chandi Paaraayanam is a powerful remedy not merely for our families but for ensuring peace in the land where we live in. In fact, if austere persons of Faith keep reciting the Chandi Path and Shri Rudram regularly, and if there are many of them in a land, shastras proclaim that the elements of nature's Fury like floods, pestilence, droughts, etc. will never harm that land and prosperity will rein in that land. So, it is partly our duty as Universal Citizens to offer special worship to Divine Mother during this period and pray for relief to all the distressed souls who have been harassed much by natural calamities in various parts of the world, and also pray for peace throughout the world in these troublesome days where you can never read a newspaper without coming across some inauspicious event/ mishap in one corner or other of the earth.


As usual special worships will be done in this regard at my residence (Bangalore).

The part-sponsorship of each day's austerities (beginning from early morning till night.....Ganapathy homam, Laghu chandi homam, Full recital of Devi Mahaatmyam, Lalitha Sahasranaamam, Soundarya Lahiri sthothras, Dasa Mahaa Vidhya japams, Select verses from Devi Bhagavatam, etc.) is Rs.5000 (rupees five thousand only) for one day's part-sponsorship. Those who wish to be part-sponsors for more than one day's rituals are also welcome to do so.

Mahaa chandi homam is planned on September 30, 2017 on Vijaya Dasami day. The part-sponsorship for this Mahaa chandi homam on September 30, 2017 is Rs.25000 (rupees twenty five thousand) - all costs inclusive - including cost of gold coin, silver coin, silk saree, rare herbs, and other pooja articles to be offered in the Mahaa Poornaahuti.

Those who wish to participate in these austerities may write to me through my email-id: with the subject line "Part-sponsorship of Navarathri homams 2017."

Members of our group who have already availed such services in the past and know my bank account details through which they made remittances earlier may directly make the remittance in favour of that icici account as earlier, and keep me informed through email.

Even those who are unable to offer sponsorships for these rituals need not feel let down; prayers are offered for Universal Welfare at the end of each day's austerities, in addition to the prayer for specific special sponsors, and the prayer for Universal Welfare covers everyone - including you!

May Divine Mother Bless us all.
Blessed be.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cauvery Mahaa Pushkaram - 2017

Cauvery Mahaa Pushkaram 2017: This is a once in a 144-year special event from Sep 12, 2017 to Sep 23, 2017 (first 12 days of Jupiter's transit into Tula is called Cauvery Pushkaram; such a pushkaram happening after 12 such rounds of Jupiter is called Mahaa Pushkaram - that happens once in 144 years - none of us alive today will get to see the next one!)....So, those who are living in banks of Cauvery or places near Cauvery please make it a point to do theertha snaanams, tarpanams, dhaanams, etc. after taking the Holy Bath, and offering respects to Mother Cauvery. This year She is bustling with energy and flowing well - and so this can be celebrated happily - all along the course She traverses in our Holy Land. The arrangements are excellent (I visited the ghats at Srirangapatna after the Guru Peyarchi homams yesterday - visited both the Raaja ghat and the Sangam ghat at Srirangapatna- and the bathing ghats are clean, the slippery steps have been cleaned and made safe for pilgrims, and there are ample , trustworthy purohits deputed by the organizers to help pilgrims).The security personnel are very helpful, courteous, and every-ready to assist pilgrims (like old pilgrims who sometimes struggle due to the force of gushing water - yes, Cauvery is Gushing - almost as if She is as eager as the pilgrims to wash away their bad karma!)...
I guess similar arrangements would have been in place in Tamil Nadu also - especially in places like Mayilaaduthurai, Kumbakonam, Srirangam, etc. Kanchi Aachaaryas have issued instructions for special arrangements in this regard
at Mayilaaduthurai (Thula snaanam is special at Mayilaaduthurai - and by that logic - Mayilaaduthurai - Maayavaram as it is affectionately called by Tanjore district natives, is very special for this Pushkara snaanam and tarpanam activities too). May our members observe the Cauvery Mahaa Pushkaram, and add to their karmic merit. Theertha snaanam, tapam, Dhaanam, aatma-vichaaram, and Adhyayanam are 5 fast-track ways for emancipation of our soul - and it is Divine Kindness that even those who cannot indulge in intense tapams and adhyayanams can benefit by theertha snaanam when Pushkara amsa pervades the Holy Rivers of our land (you might remember the Godavari pushkaram we had last year....). Blessed be. Pandit R DAKSHINA MOORTHI.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Guru peyarchi 2017

Dear All:
 Jupiter enters sidereal Libra sign (Tula rashi) on September 12, 2017 (due to different in siddhanta calculations, vaakya panchangams have indicated the transit on earlier date - which even some temples have observed as Guru peyarchi day; BUT, the transit on Sep 12, 2017 is more correct by using siddhanta calculations and per astronomical indications). I will comment on the Elemental status, and general auspiciousness/ challenging nature of Jupiter transit for various rashis so that those born in rashis that are under challenging Jupiter transit influences may perform appropriate remedies and brace themselves up, and these indications are applicable to everyone. 
As these results are moderated by other influences to some extent – like ashtakavarga bindus in Tula rashi in Jupiter’s ashtakavarga in your natal chart, and placement of other planets in your birth chart, it is best that you should consult your family astrologer or other expert astrologers to know how exactly the actual results may manifest for you specific to your birth chart.

For Mesha rashi natives (those born under Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittka 1st padam stars), Jupiter transits the auspicious 7th house from your rashi. Wedding bells ring for eligible single natives of this sign, and those already in a wedded life will find that dynamics with spouse improves significantly. Others will warm up to you now and there is scope for improving your societal standing. This is an auspicious transit for you. As Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy lakshana (Silver Elemental status), the positive effects of this transit can be experienced to nearly 80% (80% probability of good effects and success in your efforts along good lines).

Moderation to the above due to Saturn's transit influence: Since Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 3rd house from your rashi from October 26, 2017, there could be gains to you by taking calculated risks, by networking with others, gains through expression of views in writing (good for creative writers, and those who work in roles that require presentation skills), and some improvement in the life of younger siblings.

Remedies: No remedies needed for your sign as this transit is auspicious for you.  However, you may recite portions of Sundarakaandam on Saturdays, Sundays, or Thursdays praying for auspicious vibes in the family, and as a prayer for the welfare of others in the family who may be having tough planetary cycles impacting their lives.

For Rishabha rashi natives (those born under Krittika 2, 3,4 padams, Rohini, Mrigasira 1, and 2 padams), Jupiter transits the sensitive 6th house from your rashi. Health needs to be tended carefully, and you must avoid unnecessary arguments with anyone. Legal issues must be preferably handled by negotiations rather than with a "gladiatorial fight to the end" attitude. Avoid lending/ borrowing huge sums based on over-optimistic projections and play it safe in money matters. Jupiter has attained Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Golden Elemental status) which waters down the tough aspects of this Jupiter transit to a great extent for you.  Thus, there could be occasional unexpected victories coming your way if you keep working hard and in a planned manner.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: You will be additionally under tough Ashtama sani influences from October 26, 2017.  So, do not test your luck too much on any matter and err on the side of caution in all matters.  The joint trigger of Jupiter and Saturn on the 2nd house from your rashi can manifest as reasonable good luck in financial matters, and minor gains arising out of intelligent communication of ideas.  Support of family members could be crucial for your well-being in many ways.  So, try to resolve pending family issues and try to establish harmonious dynamic with family members to enjoy reasonably stable prospects in life.  Long awaited promotions at work can happen after prolonged efforts.

Remedies: 1) Recital of the 41st chapter of Sundarakaandam of Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayanam on Thursdays will help you in overcoming obstacles and attaining your cherished goals.
2) Pray before a picture depicting Lord Hanumaan holding Sanjeevani mountain if you or someone in the family becomes sick.  Alternatively, you may contemplate performance of Dhanvantari homam for relief if the situation is very critical.
3) If possible, have Saura sooktham and Aruna Prashna recital done on your behalf by reputed vedic scholars on 7 consecutive Sundays to ensure good health for self and family members.

For Mithuna rashi natives (those born in Mrigasira 3 and 4 padams, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, and 3 padams), Jupiter transits the auspicious 5th house from your rashi. Those of you who have been waiting desperately for conception may find that Heavens open their Benevolent Grace on you this year. This is a great year for planning your long-term investments, for getting initiation into mantra deekshas, for visiting ascetics, Holy Men and gaining their Grace, and for embarking on ambitious ventures. However, since Jupiter attains Loha Moorthy Lakshana (Iron Elemental Status) which markedly reduces the good impact of this Jupiter transit.  You may be able to enjoy manifest good outcomes only if you take concentrated efforts along right channels and are patient and thorough in your efforts.  Impatience or carelessness could lead to less than optimum realization of good luck.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: Saturn and Jupiter jointly trigger your Moon sign from October 26, 2017; this can enhance the already positive Jupiter transit influences.  Stick to your own counsel, and be conscientious in your approach to all matters to enjoy good results.


As Jupiter’s transit is generally good for you, no specific remedy is required; BUT, you can enhance the good effects by regular prayers and by practicing meditation/ yogic exercises or by undertaking intense austerities that will help you to tap your inner powers and manifest positive outcomes in your life.  Visit to kshetras (spiritually potent places), getting initiated into new mantras by competent spiritual persons, and signing up for advanced training courses pertaining to your field of activity all could enhance your good luck further.

For Kataka rashi natives (those born in Punarvasu 4th padam, Pushya, Aslesha), Jupiter transits the 4th house from natal Moon sign. This is not an auspicious transit. Since 4th house indicates homeland/ residence basically, the inauspicious effects may manifest as unsettled situations at home, possible relocation or confusion regarding one's prospects (like dilemma regarding one's roles at work place), or simply lack of domestic peace at home. But, since Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy (Golden elemental status) for your sign, there is relief seen by remedial prayers, and by performance of remedies good results regarding academic matters, blessings of mother or elderly maternal relatives, and even positive developments regarding property settlements might be expected after initial confusions/ challenges.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: From October 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 12th house from your Moon sign.  This can prove auspicious for matters pertaining to foreign travel/ settlement, and for resolving hidden issues that have been bothering you in your life.  You must avoid unnecessary spending and impulsive speculative activities since the joint trigger of Jupiter and Saturn on the 12th house can manifest as increased outflows; ensure that money flows out only along desirable channels.

Remedies:  a) If relationship with mother/ maternal relatives is strained, OR, if health of mother/ maternal relatives seems to be impacted, recite the mantra "Om Bhaalachandraaya hum maatru vatsalaaya GanapathayE namah" 32 times till situations improve.

b) Light ghee lamp with a wick made of banana fibres or lotus fibres on Thursday evenings at home and pray for family welfare.

For Simha rashi natives (those born in Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1st padam),

Jupiter transits the 3rd house from natal Moon sign. This is an inauspicious transit - but where danger lurks ONLY if you take wrong decisions or make unethical moves. You must remember that Universe will give you chance to redeem yourself and correct your errors, but if you stick on to egoistic ways and continue with wrong choices, you may manifest your own doom. Those who are patient, and ethical by nature have nothing to fear from this transit influence except that there could be varying degrees of anxiety due to situational factors. Since Jupiter attains Thaamra Moorthy Lakshana (Copper elemental status), patience and good planning are needed to side-step avoidable issues.  Anxiety element could be high - so take conscious efforts to induce calmness in your psyche (by meditation, venting out with stable-minded well-wishers, getting suggestions from spiritually evolved persons, etc.).

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: From October 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 11th house from your Moon sign.  Friends or elder siblings/ cousins could be valuable sources of support for you while you handle critical situations.

Remedies: Light a lamp (either ghee or oil lamp) in a temple praying to Lord Raama could help in handling sensitive situations successfully. Recite the mantra “Raam Raamaaya Dhanush paanayE namah” 18 times daily as a protective talisman, and help you to handle anxieties in your life with equanimity.

If there are minor issues of misunderstanding with siblings, recite the mantra “Om Bhraatru vatsalaaya Lakshmanaagrajaaya Raamaaya namah” 36 times to maintain family unity.

For Kanya rashi natives (those born in Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, and 4 paadams, Hasta, and Chitra 1, 2), Jupiter transits the 2nd house from natal Moon sign. This is considered a good transit which is auspicious for new acquisitions, resolving family issues, enjoying respect for one's words, benefits arising out of recital of auspicious mantras, and generally a positive trend in life.  Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy Lakshana (Silver Elemental Status) - which is 80% auspicious.  So, there is potential to enjoy the good results indicated by the transit to a great extent.  Auspicious events in the family that have been inexplicably delayed may finally happen this year.

Remember that this transit makes it auspicious for you to gain through your words, control of mouth (implying regulation in speech and diet), by learning new slokhas/ mantras, and by spending money on auspicious charitable activities to earn karmic reward points too:)

When you perform austerities, or perform dhaan (charitable offerings) do it with a sense of detachment and with the understanding that you are just paying back some karmic debt with all these, and don’t expect immediate results.  Such matured approach and spiritual attitude will attract the blessings of noble souls that will help you to enjoy the potential good effects of this transit.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: In the period after October 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 10th house from your Moon sign.  This can be helpful for realization of goals, removal of obstacles to auspicious events in the family, and in-general a relatively happy/ stable domestic atmosphere. Though ardha-ashtama sani influence will be there giving you occasional issues, the overall positive impact of this Jupiter transit is not afflicted much.

REMEDIES:  Recite the mantra “Om Achyutaaya namah Anantaaya namah GOvindaaya namah” 36 times daily and consume water placed before your pooja place visualizing positive strength and healing energy entering you through that blessed water. (If possible, you can immerse Tulasi leaves in such water; this can be shared with all close relatives to ensure good health in the family).

Recite the mantra “Om Raama Dhootaaya kaarya saadhakaaya asakaaya sooraaya HanumatE namah” when you face challenges to your progress, or you feel that some mediation is needed to resolve conflict with powerful personages.

For Thula rashi natives (those born in Chitra 3, 4 padams, Swathi, Visakham 1, 2, and 3),
Jupiter transits the rashi itself which goes by the technical name of "Janma Guru." This is reputed to give stressful situations in life, and situations where you need to take objective decisions to march ahead in life. Often allusion is made to "Janma Guru caused exile of Shri Raama" - and it is observed that many people do relocate to distant lands or experience some sort of adverse transfers or challenging situations under this transit influence.  Jupiter has attained LOha Moorthy Lakshanaa (Iron elemental status) during this transit for your sign.  This indicates that you must not lose patience under any circumstance and cultivate perseverance even if situations are very trying and people around you seem to do you injustice.  Such acceptance of situations with a calm mind will help you to burn your praarabhda karmas and with time you will be able to neutralize the setbacks effectively and regain much more than what you lose during this period.  But, if you lose patience and act out of vengeance or anger, things could go from bad to worse; please remember this and strategize yourselves.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: In the period after October 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 9th house from your natal Moon sign.  This helps to reduce the impact of Jupiter transit to some extent.  Blessings of father/ elderly paternal relatives, or Grace of spiritual mentors/ Saints will be shields to your prospects.

Remedies: Visiting places where siddhas/ saints have attained Jeeva Samadhi and lighting prayer lamp praying that they should show you the right way will be auspicious for you.

If you are in public life, try indulging in works of public utility like installing street lamps in places where the lighting is not optimum, sponsoring Fire Rituals during auspicious religious occasions, helping poor people to obtain cooking gas connection or electricity connection, etc. can help you. These meritorious deeds will shield your prospects- especially where there is threat to existing positions (like falling out of favour of influential leaders resulting in danger of losing one’s position).

Don’t jump into conclusions in any matter. Be patient with everyone, accept things as they come, and then form your strategies as “reaction” to situations. Don’t exacerbate issues by speaking out of turn, or trying to aggressively push matters as such moves may fire back on you this year.

For Vrischika rashi natives (those born in Visakham 4, Anuradha, and Jyeshta), Jupiter transits the 12th house from rashi (Viraya Guru - Jupiter transit productive of expenses/ wastage/ losses, and possible loss of position).  However, such setbacks will manifest only if you insist on egoistic persistence with your plans. Otherwise, this will just be a period when expenses might mount - but on auspicious matters.  You may not be able to avoid certain wasteful journeys or frustration in efforts, but that won’t affect your prospects too much except being an inconvenience for the smooth flow of life. Do not resign from a current position in haste or on egoistic compulsions voluntarily - because such a move can lead to prolonged anxiety regarding finding an alternative placement under this tough transit influence. You must spend on essentials but avoid luxurious expenditure, and be ready with reserve cash to face exigencies in life. Health could be somewhat below par. As Jupiter during this transit attains Thaamra Moorthy Lakshana (Copper Elemental Status), the negative impact of this transit could be felt in a biting manner for many of you.  So, plan your moves and exercise patience.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:  Since the 8th house from natal Moon sign is  jointly triggered by Jupiter and transit, you should be extra-careful while driving vehicles.  Health of elderly relatives will also cause concern.

Remedies: Recite Chatru samhaara vel pathigam or Skanda Shashti kavacham after lighting a prayer lamp and spreading Holy Ash in a clean brass container or plantain leaf in front of the Deity.  That Holy Ash can be used as lucky talisman to reduce issues in life.

Offer Nakshatra deepam (light 27 ghee lamps) in any temple on birthday praying for auspiciousness.

Organizing a saadhu/ Braahmana (Braahmana here means someone who lives by vedic/ religious precepts; a person who is Brahmin by birth alone can't be considered Brahamana for this purpose!) Bhojana in a Saint's samaadhi or a vedic paatasaala can help reduce potential for losses and unnecessary expenditure (when money is spent on worthy charities, that will be an alibi, and help avoid losses/ wastage).

For Dhanus rashi natives (those born in Moola, Poorvaashaada, Uttaraashaada 1st padam), Jupiter transits the auspicious 11th house from rashi. This is a very positive transit indicative of gains from various quarters, support of companions/ society for your good activities, ability to relate on a friendly basis with everyone, gains through elder siblings and business activities, and your good luck will shield your children and ensure positive developments in their lives. Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Gold Elemental status) during this transit for you. So, there is a good possibility of enjoying a high intensity of positive results due to this transit.

Moderation to the above  due to Saturn’s transit influences:  From October 26, 2017, you will be under Janma Sani influence (Saturn transiting natal Moon sign). However, since the 3rd house from your natal Moon sign is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn during this phase, courageous decisions and networking with capable persons will help you to boost your prospects.  Similarly, since the 7th house from your Moon sign is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn in the period after October 26, 2017, good luck of spouse/ partners can shield you from difficult situations to a great extent.  So, try to maintain harmonious dynamics with life partner/ associates at work/ partners in business to enjoy good prospects.

Remedies: Recital of Vishnu Sahasranaamam on Saturdays, worship of Lord Hanumaan on Thursdays, and special prayers to Lord Ganesha on Chaturthi days will help you to enjoy the full benefit of the auspicious Jupiter transit for your sign (these remedies are mainly to insure against sade-sathi influences spoiling the otherwise good Jupiter transit).

For Makara rashi natives (people born in Uttarashada 2, 3, and 4, Sravana, and Dhanishta 1, 2 padams), Jupiter transits the sensitive 10th house from rashi. There could be uncertainties in professional matters, possible loss of professional dignity in some way (either loss of face in some way in controversial situations, or adverse transfers from prestigious roles to insignificant operational duties), and karma will catch up with you (some setbacks/ difficult situations arising out of your own activities/ choices; positively, if you have been working hard and if the previous 9th house transit of Jupiter failed to reward you, karmic reward can come now and you may be in for pleasant surprises!).  Jupiter has attained Rajata Moorthy Lakshana (Silver Elemental Status) - which markedly reduces the negative impact of the transit and gives potential for positive developments for those who have been working hard and conscientiously.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: From October 26, 2017, Saturn and Jupiter jointly trigger the 2nd house and 6th house from your Moon sign.  This could manifest as financial gains accruing as a cumulative of your past efforts in the recent past, and ability to raise funds to support your ambitious ventures.  On the flip side, if you over-extend yourself or stretch your resources, there is risk of falling into a debt trap.  So, calculate your repaying capacities and risk-reward ration of any venture carefully before raising loans to fund major projects.  Health may also be below par.

Remember that you are under sade-sathi influences, and straight-forward approach and hard work are essential to avoid unnecessary issues during this period.  This prevails – regardless of the positive potential seen due to the joint transit influence.

Remedies: Recite the mantra “OM Krishnam vandE Jagat Gurum, maargam darshaya darshaya swaaha” whenever you feel uncertain about career decisions (i.e. if career matters look confusing and you are asked to make a choice – where every option has its share of pros and cons and your decision could make or mar your future, use this mantra to get clarity and right intuition regarding the best decision under the circumstances).

Recite the mantra “Om Ganaadipaaya namah sarvakaarya saadhakaaya Bhaalachandraaya hum” 36 times daily to side-step the tough impact of Jupiter’s transit, and turn challenges into opportunities.

If possible try to have a recital of Bhagavat Geetha organized at your place (recital of the Moola grandha in original Sanskrit form along with elucidation of the meanings by a good scholar).

For Kumbha rashi natives (people born in Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabisha, Poorvaphadra 1, 2, 3), Jupiter transits the auspicious 9th house from your rashi. This is an auspicious transit that favours positive relocation influences (like if you have been planning on relocating to a place for better prospects), initiation into new spiritual routines/ deekshas, long journeys, joining higher education courses, and you may enjoy increased self-confidence in all that you do. Natives of this sign who have been trying unsuccessfully for on-site assignments may get their lucky break this year.  Relationship with father or other mentor figures will be smooth and their blessings/ words of wisdom will prove invaluable in boosting your prospects.  These positive influences are slightly reduced, and the full potential can be realized only by taking intense efforts since Jupiter during this transit has attained LOha Moorthy lakshana (Iron elemental status).  If you just drift through life without taking intense efforts or if you are careless, the good impact of this positive transit will be around 20% of its positive potential or even less! So, ensure you augment the positive transit influence by prayers, charitable activities, and by enlisting the support/ blessing of elders.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:  After October 26, 2017,  Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger your Moon sign and the 5th house from your Moon sign.  So, you will enjoy enhanced self-confidence and good luck.  This is a good time for starting a family if such an idea is in your mind.  You will prove to be a lucky mascot for everyone in the family during this phase.  Children in the family will enjoy good progress.

Remedies: No specific remedies are needed for you as the transit influence of Jupiter is by-and-large auspicious for you.  Still you must remember that there is potential for spiritual progress indicated during this period, and so, you may – without seeking manifest mundane benefits, try to indulge in spiritual pursuits, visit to kshetras, and service to elders/ preceptors to augment your punya account which will stand by you during other critical periods in life later on.!).

For Meena rashi natives (people born in Poorvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi), Jupiter transits the sensitive 8th house from your rashi. This is productive of unnecessary issues in life that could threaten loss of peace, danger of ill-health to self or close relatives, and last-minute reversals that might take success away from you. Jupiter during this transit attains Thaamra Moorthy Lakshana (Copper elemental status) for your rashi.  This indicates that the challenges influences are likely to be felt to a great extent. Patience, perseverance, and prayers will be effective shields against the tough planetary impact on your life.  Those who lose hope, faith, or patience will expose themselves to the negative planetary influences. Take care of your health and health of close relatives, and avoid unnecessary litigation/ arguments.  Exercise abundant caution while driving vehicles, trekking through treacherous terrain, and while travelling through unknown places.  Do not take any mandatory compliance issue (like submission of IT returns, or whatever compliance document is applicable to you) for granted during this sensitive period.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: After October 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 12th and 4th houses from your natal Moon sign.  This indicates that expenses could mount for some of you (including hospitalization expenses on account of ill-health to elders in the family).  On the positive side, there is possibility of gains through unexpected sources, or by association with people of other nationalities/ cultures.  There could also be gains through landed property and support of maternal relatives/ mother.  Academic pursuits will bring you laurels if you work hard enough.

Remedies: Recite the 36th chapter of Sundara Kaandam of Shrimad Valmiki Ramayanam on Thursdays.

Offer honey to Lord Shiva on Pradosham days (you may give it to the priests doing the abhishekam requesting them to use the honey for temple-worship purposes as they deem fit) praying for Divine Assistance and Protection.

Whenever possible, try to take part in collective homams - especially those in Honour of Lord Dakshinamoorthi, Lord DattatrEya, Lord Hayagreeva, Lord Narasimha, or Lord Sudarshanaa. This can be a powerful shield to your well-being.


Special homams connected with the transit are planned at our place on September 12, 2017.  Those born in Rishabha, Kataka, Tula, Vrischika, Makara, and Meena rashis have tough transit influences due to this Jupiter transit and may benefit by a remedial prayer on the transit day.  So, natives born in these signs may try to avail the remedial homam (either with me or with any other suitable priest whose expertise and mantraic powers you can rely upon based on your intuition), or at least do simple prayers at your own place as suggested in the remedial indications for your sign in this write-up to protect yourselves against the malefic indications of the transit.

Will be offering oblations with mantras in Honour of Lord Dakshinamoorthi, Lord Hayagreeva, Lord Narasimha, Lord Dhanvantari, Lord Dattatreya, Lord Hanuman, Sapta Rishis, and end the havan with specific mantras in Honour of Lord Devaguru Brihaspati during these homams.

At the end of the homam, I intend to do Brihaspati sthothra and Brihaspati kavacham (Shield of Jupiter) recitals.

Also, since this is a Kaaveri Mahaa pushkara period, special prayers are intended to be done in Honour of Mother Kaaveri (invoking Her in a kalasam) and respects will be offered to Sage Agasthya in this connection.  All homam part-sponsors will be included in these special worships too.

The suggested offering for part-sponsorship to take part in that homam performance is Rs.1500(rupees one thousand five hundred only) or equivalent. Those who are interested in participating in these for remedial purposes may write to me at: with details of the name of the person for whom the remedial performance is desired, their nakshatra, and gothra. Please write "Jupiter transit 2017" in the subject line for my easy tagging of such mails.  Regular clients/ disciples who have participated in austerities under our guidance in the past may make the remittance in favour of our bank account as usual and keep us informed about the same. I will try to include all those who approach me with the prayer request till night of September 11, 2017 (India time) - but please try to confirm your participation as early as possible, as it makes it easier for me to update the sankalpam sheet appropriately and plan the logistics.

Please note that I won't be sending prasad/ holy ash by post due to ritual purity considerations of the holy articles.  My sankalpam on your behalf during the homam is deemed "in-absentia" participation, and the karmic benefits of the performance will accrue to you.  Sign up for participation as a part-sponsor in the homams only if the above condition is acceptable to you.

May Divine Grace bless us all.

Best regards,
Blessed be.

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