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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Divine Legends that ensure peace and prosperity in the society

We are passing through a sensitive phase of existence where the combined effects of adverse planetary influences and the general degradation of moralities of life are contributing to escalating violence levels in the society, danger of thefts/ robberies, abuse of women, elderly, and even children, and a general intolerance that makes persons who should co-exist peacefully in the society into bitter rivals. There are two Divine Legends in Devi Bhaagavatam, contemplation of which is reputed to provide immunity from famines and other calamities including sectarian violence, epidemics/ endemics, pestilence, general insecurity pervading the society as a whole due to action of bands of thieves/ robbers, etc….. Let me relate these for the benefit of everyone.

Legend of sage Gautama and how Grace of Goddess Gayathri helped him and others

Once upon a time, there was no rain for 12 consecutive years with the result that sighting of even a blade of green grass became a rarity. Sages and Brahmins who were doing tapasya in the forests approached the Great Sage Gautama and requested him to do something about this andhelp the suffering millions. Sage Gautama performed a Divine Homam in Honour of Goddess Gayathri Devi. The Goddess manifested Herself in the Homam Kundam and offered the "Akshaya Paatra" (the Divine Vessel with unending supplies of food, and all materials). Sage Gautama removed the sufferings of people by distributing food, water, and all essential articles with the aid of Atchaya Paatra. This selfless service of Sage Gautama spread over the three worlds and even Lord Indra - the King of the Celestials praised Sage Gautama wholeheartedly in the Divine Assembly. Divine Sage Naarada came to this world and narrated this glory here to the satisfaction to Sage Gautama who was immensely pleased, and expressed his sentiment that all this was possible due to Devi’s Grace. In the meantime, the rain Gods blessed the Earth with bountiful rains and normalcy returned.

There were a group of jealous persons who wished to insult Sage Gautama as they were unable to tolerate his glory. They cunningly offered an old and dying cow for his Gopujaa. The innocent and unsuspecting Sage was about to perform the pooja, when the cow died merely on touch fromthe pooja water (it was that weak and it died of shivering cold just on contact with a sprinkle of water!) The cunning persons hiding nearby accused Sage Gautama with "Go-Hatya" i.e. they accused him of having killed a cow which is considered to be one of the most severe sins! The Great Sage was disillusioned and was wondering what was happening. Then he meditated on Goddess Gayathri who helped him to Divine the sequence of events. Overcome with justifiable anger, the Sage cursed those cunning persons to suffer endless miseries. The anger of theinnocent and noble saint began to torment those cunning persons beyond their limits, and they fell at his feet for forgiveness. The kindhearted sage, gave a remedy saying that they will get relief from their troubles by praying to the Goddess on Chaitra sukla Navami (incidentally this is the navami of the Vasantha Navarathri - the same thithi of birth of Shri Raama!). Those cunning persons remedied their sufferings by praying for many years like that on Chaitra sukhla navami. Goddess Gayathri consoled Sage Gautama saying that he need not feel bad for having cursed those jealous persons nor for their attitude. These are all signs of approaching Kali yuga and vanished.

Contemplating on this legend will give immunity from the evil designs of cunning persons in this kali age and also help in times of financial distress. When there is wide-spread economic depression and general decline in farm produce, chanting of this legend as a collective worship will prove auspicious to the society as a whole.

II: The legend of Shaakambari Devi and how Her Grace removed the Famine in Ayodhya

Once there was a severe famine in the regions surrounding Ayodhyaa. The people could not divine the reason for that. They thought that propitiating Goddess is the best way out of troubles and they approached Sage Durvaasa for guidance.

The great Sage said that "Removal of Famines is possible by worshipping Goddess Paraa Shakti in Her form of Shaakambari. I shall initiate you people into Her mantra."

My note: Shaakambari Devi has 1000 eyes and hence she is also called as "Sadaakshi" - one with Eyes everywhere! Shastras say that when famines torment people and if there is at least one highly righteous person in their midst, the Goddess' eyes water out of compassion and this will induce rains! This is the basis of the belief that if there are punyaatmaas in a place, there will be rains.(end of my note on this).

A small sthothra on Goddess Shaakambari:

"Ashwattha vata nimbhaamra kapitta padarii gathe
Banasaarka kareeraadi ksheera vruksha swaroopinii
dhuktavallii nivaasaarhe dhaneeye dayaanidhe
daakshinya karunaaroope saakambarii namo(a)sthute"

(pronunciation guide: "e" in this sthotra has the sound as in "May", "Day" etc. - the "Ay sound")People surrounding Ayodhya did the worship as per the guidelines of the Great sage Durvaasa.

The Goddess manifested with a Form carrying all sorts of vegetables and grains all over Her Body. By Her Grace, rain cycles were regularized and people were relived from their famine.Meditating on this legend and worshipping Goddess Saakambari will give immunity from famines and will ensure good agricultural produce and prosperity in the nation.
May Goddess bless us and guide us; may Her Grace stand by us and help us to overcome the current depressive economic conditions.

Reciting these legends in community prayers and praying to the Divine Mother for Peace and prosperity will help in maintaining a well-balanced society where there will be peaceful co-existence and prosperity.

(I have given a liberal translation of the original legends; those who wish to study the original legends in their full form should refer Devi Bhaagavatam for the Sanskrit version. I have given this legends in their English rendering so that this could be recited in community prayers where everyone can participate in this with full understanding. There are some mantras where the sound is more important than the content, while there are certain portions of scriptures where the content is more important than the Sanskrit mantraic sounds. This is one such portion where the content of the legend has the remedial potency. That is why I have given the translated version. It is our earnest request that spiritual communities perform this recital in mass prayers on convenient holidays for the welfare of the Universe as a whole).
Blessed be.
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