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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gokulashtami/ Sri Jayanthi/ Janmashtami 2016

Dear Members:

Sri Krishna Janmaashtami also known as Gokulaashtami is one of the most widely celebrated Avatar days in Sanaatanic vedic traditions. Smaarthas celebrate the Gokulashtami (here Ashtami is the deciding factor for the celebration), while Sri Vaishnavaas celebrate it as Sri Jayanthi where the star Rohini is the deciding factor. The typical consideration is the operation of the deciding factors described above at the time of midnight - though some take the evening time for reckoning. So, there could be some differences in the dates on which Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated by followers of different sects of Sanaatana Dharma - like Smaartas, Shri Vaishnavas (Pancharaatra and Vaikaanasa aagamic celebrations sometimes differ even among shri vaishnavas).

This year, Gokulashtami is to be observed by those in India (Smaartha traditions) on 24th August 2016.
Those observing Vaishnava traditions (Vaikhanasa) will observe Sri Jayathi on 25th August 2016 (there are some differences here; some Vaishnava temples observe Sri Jayanthi on 24th August 2016 itself).
Those observing Pancharatra traditions will observe Sri Jayanthi on 26th August 2016 in India.
For rest of the world, Gokulashtami and Sri Jayanthi are observed on 25th August 2016.

Lord Krishna's avatar leelas are a live example of a karma yogic path - complete detachment from the results and perfect performance of one's duties as per one's station in life. Remembrance of how He playfully enacted various leelas and in the process decimated demonaic forces in various garbs is sure to inspire us to achieve great things in life. He taught us the efficacy of "effortless perfection". His Bhagavad Geeta is a magnum opus that can be a friend, philosopher, guide, counsellor, all rolled into one - it carries the essence of the whole Upanishadic Wisdom.


The following are some of the charities/ meritorious religious deeds that you can do on this day to get His Grace......

  • Those who follow religious traditions in the family will perform a sampradaayic pooja to Shri Krishna on the above days as per their traditions.

  • Recital of Gopika Geetam, Gopala Hrudayam, portions of Bhagavad Geeta, etc. will be auspicious on this day.

  • Those who are initiated into Gopala mantra may recite it number of times today praying for Universal Welfare (for propogation of Dharmic principles and for subjugation of evil forces in various forms).

  • Do what you can to promote the welfare of cows in your locality (by contributing what little you can to organizations that are involved in providing shelter to aged cows), as this is sure to bring His Grace to you.

  • Offer respects to children - if possible, try to bring happiness to at least one child in a destitute home.

  • Try to honour scholars who are involved in propogating the doctrine of Bhagavat Geeta or other vedic principles of living. If possible try to donate copies of the Holy Bhagavad Geeta to some children or aspirants thereby contributing to the spread of the Doctrine.

  • Try to contribute at least some amount to vedic scholars who are involved in performing various homams/ yagnas throughout the year for the welfare of the Universe (the donation can be to any scholar who in your opinion is performing such acts in your locality, or to any respectable Pandit anywhere in the world).

  • Try to select one slokha from Bhagavad Geeta and let that verse be your guiding principle in all activities throughout the year (This is putting philosophy in action and is sure to win you His Grace).

You need not worry if you are currently not in an economically sound position to grant liberally to charities or scholars. Lord Krishna was satisfied beyond words on the soulful offering of just "aval" (flattened puffed rice) from His poor friend KusElaa! What you offer does not matter to only matters whether you are offering it with Devotion. Recital of kusEla Charitra from Srimad Bhaagavatam is sure to bring prosperity to you.

Our paaraayanam group members may listen to audio recitals on Shri Krishna or Naaraayana from our group - listening to hymns is as efficacious as actual recital of the hymns. Especially, the hymn "Naaraayanam  Bhaje....." and "Guruvaayurappan Pancharatnam" are very powerful hymns that can be found in our files section.

Sri Krishna Paadaaravindam sadaa smaraamii

Krishnam VandE Jagat Gurum.

Blessed be.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pavitra ekaadasi 2016

Dear Members:

Pavitra Ekaadasi, or Pavitropana Ekaadasi (one of the Putradaa ekaadasis! - fast efficacious for improving progenic prospects) is the ekaadasi observed in the waxing phase of vedic month Sravana. It is to be observed on 14th August 2016 throughout the world except in USA, Canada, and other countries of North and South American continents.  Those living in North/ South American continent countries must observe this on August 13, 2016 itself.

As the name of the fast implies, this fast is good for begetting a good son who will be a pride to the whole race. (There is another Putradaa Ekaadasi which falls in Pausha Shukla Ekaadasi which is also good for progenic blessings).
Those who wish to observe this fast as a "Kaamya vratam" (an austerity with the aim of achieving mundane end - that of begetting good progeny) may recite verses from Naaraayaneeyam, Vishnu Sahasranaamam, and Putra Kaameshti yagna chapter of Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayanam on this day.

A full fast is recommended on this day; but those who cannot fast completely should at least refrain from consuming legumes and grains (all varieties of beans, and all grains - wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats, etc.). You can consume fruits and milk. Honey should also be avoided on ekaadasi day.

The glory of this ekaadasi is explained in Bhavishya Puraanaa in the form of a conversation between Yudhishtra Maharaajaa and Lord Krishna. I am giving a gist of that below.....

At the end of the Dwaapara Yuga there was a king named Mahiijita ruling over the kingdom called Mahishmatipuri (It is not clear whether this is the same Mahishmati which was the kingdom of Shri Kaartaveeryaarjuna). Because he had no son after many years of marriage, his kingly pleasures and royal honours seemed utter waste to him and he felt very dejected

(Personal note:  You may be wondering what is the big deal that a king with all Royal Pleasures was "dejected" due to lack of progeny.....Recently I read about a trend where couples decide to avoid having children as a conscious choice - to enjoy more freedom as they considered children as a responsibility that might hinder their lifestyle choices/ career options; BUT, in shastraic communities, begetting a child is considered the only way in which pitru-runa - indebtedness to ancestors  - can be repaid (the logic is that if our ancestors had decided not to have progeny we might not be here; and so it is our duty to carry the family line forward and we will be failing in our duty if we avoid that UNLESS there are medical contraindications that deny such a bliss), and begetting a good child and grooming a child in a dharmic way such that he/ she will be an adherent to dharmic principles is one of the best "services" that any human being can do to the Universe....just bearing a child is not the matter here....bearing the child with the right attitude with express intent that the child will adhere to dharmic values at all costs, and grooming the child in such a way that his/ her behaviour/ actions will benefit the society at large is what makes a person a "real and efficient parent" and shastras are unequivocal in that such children are a blessing to their whole clan....Shastraic people yearn for such children to be born to them and when they are denied progenic bliss it is a great matter of concern for them.....! Just writing this to explain the perspective of why begetting a child seems to be such an issue and a holy fast has been dedicated towards improving such prospects!  Till today there are couples who yearn for progenic bliss earnestly and fasts like these can be facilitators to improve progenic luck and rewrite Fate Script in this matter in their favour).

One day he told an assembly of his advisers: ‘I have committed no sin in this life, and there is no ill-gotten wealth in my treasury. I have never usurped the offerings to the demigods or brahmanas. When I waged war and conquered kingdoms, I followed the rules and regulations of the military art, and I have protected my subjects as if they were my own children. I punished even my own relatives if they broke the law, and if my enemy was gentle and religious I welcomed him. Oh twice-born souls, although I am a religious and faithful follower of the Vedik standards, still my home is without a son. Kindly tell me the reason for this.’ (My note:See the hints about ethical conduct for a ruler; this is the main purpose of Puraanaas - to hint about ethical conduct in a gentle and interesting manner amidst legends. The puraana clearly implies that if these ethical codes are broken, there is justification for being childless or being miserable in other ways in subsequent incarnations. How we wish present day rulers read this and get influenced by these exalted codes of conduct! How much better all our lives will be then - without corruption, without mismanagement, without nepotisim, without undue favouritism, and without harassment from government or political parties to the gentler sections of the society!)

The King's advisers undertook rigorous austerities and travelled to various ashrams of sages for long periods. In the course of time, they came across Lomasha Maharishi - who had longevity extending to many kalpaas .
My note: One kalpa is 4, 320, 000,000 years; after each kalpa, one hair in his body will fall down; like that when all his hairs fall down, only then does his longevity expire! Just imagine the stupendous spiritual power that Great Sage must have to enjoy this longevity fully engaging himself in austerities and wishing Universal Welfare. Just thinking about such Maharishis is a merit in itself.

They made entreaties to the Maharishi requesting for remedies for the king's anxiety regarding childlessness. The Maharishi meditated for sometime and discovered the cause of the king's childlessness. In a previous incarnation as a wealthy merchant, once he had come across a beautiful pond in the outskirts of a village. As he was very thirsty, he wanted to quench his thirst. A cow with its calf had also come there to quench its thirst. He had chased the thirsty cows and calf just as they had begun to drink the water, and selfishly quenched his own thirst first. This offense against the cow and her calf has given rise to a malefic karma that is preventing him from getting a child in this birth. Due to the other charitable deeds he did, he has been born as a King; but due to that sin of chasing the cow and calf when they wanted to quench thirst, he has remained childless. (Special note: Beating a cow with a stick, chasing away thirsty cows from water bodies, torturing the animal in other ways, etc. are productive of a sin called "Gohati" - equivalent to the sin accrued by killing of a Cow. Gohatya is considered to be next only to Brahmahati dosha (i.e. killing of a pious religious person). Persons with Gohatya dosha will be cursed with childlessness. This is the karmic theory behind this legend).

The sage went on to say that if the King and all his subjects fast on Shravana Shukla edaadasi and maintain a night vigil as per scriptural guidelines, and if all his subjects gift the merit accrued out the observance to the king, the king's sin will get nullified, and he will be blessed with a child (It must be apparent from this legend how much effort is needed to nullify sins! The combined merit of possibly lakhs of pious and motivated persons is needed to nullify a simple sin that has arisen out of chasing a cow and a calf - that too just because the person himself was thirsty! Just imagine how much more effort it will take to nullify a sin committed willfully! The best way is not to sin at all - so that life is easier - at least in our future incarnations).

By the observance of this fast, and by receiving the gift of the punya of this fast from his citizens, the king was blessed with a good son who proved to be a worthy heir to him.

Lord Krishna says that whosoever observes this fast will enjoy happiness in both this world and the next (in Heaven). Even hearing about the glory of this ekaadasi is a merit in itself.

Observance of this ekaadasi is reputed to give the effect of having performed an Aswamedha yagna!

May our members undertake this fast religiously and with constant remembrance of Lord Hari, and be blessed with all auspiciousness - both in this incarnation and also after this - by possibly merging with Lord Hari.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jupiter transit into sidereal Virgo (Kanya rashi) on August 11, 2016 - Transit effects for various rashis

Dear All:
 Jupiter enters sidereal Virgo sign (Kanya rashi) on August 11, 2016 [by vaakya panchanga traditions, many temples have already observed Jupiter transit already, BUT, astronomically, Jupiter's transit into sidereal Cancer is only on August 11, 2016; Drik Ganitha panchangams also give the same date].   Jupiter will remain in Kanya rashi (Virgo sidereal sign) till September 12, 2017.

I will comment on the Elemental status, and general auspiciousness/ challenging nature of Jupiter transit for various rashis so that those born in rashis that are under challenging Jupiter transit influences may perform appropriate remedies and brace themselves up, and these indications are applicable to everyone. 
As these results are moderated by other influences to some extent – like ashtakavarga bindus in Kanya rashi in Jupiter’s ashtakavarga in your natal chart, and placement of other planets in your birth chart, it is best that you should consult your family astrologer or other expert astrologers to know how exactly the actual results may manifest for you specific to your birth chart.

For Mesha rashi natives (those born under Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittka 1st padam stars), Jupiter transits the sensitive 6th house from your rashi. Health needs to be tended carefully, and you must avoid unnecessary arguments with anyone. Legal issues must be preferably handled by negotiations rather than with a "gladiatorial fight to the end" attitude. Avoid lending/ borrowing huge sums based on over-optimistic projections and play it safe in money matters. Jupiter has attained LOha Moorthy Lakshana (Iron elemental status) for your sign during this transit; so, this Moorthy Lakshana does nothing to water down the tough aspects of this transit, and unless your individual chart receives positive triggers during the transit (like auspicious house-lords’ natal position being triggered by Jupiter), or dasa-bhukti influences are supportive, you must brace yourself for a challenging period due to this transit.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: But, it is not all gloom for you because, though you are under Ashtama sani influences currently, transiting Saturn and Jupiter jointly trigger the 10th house from your natal Moon sign till January 26, 2017, and this can manifest as enhanced professional reputation for many natives of this sign.  Of course, typical of adverse planetary transits that are forced to give good results, promotion/ job role enhancement might be with the catch that work-load might increase or there could be challenging situations you might have to face at work.

After Jan 26, 2017 – Saturn shifts into the 9th house from your natal Moon sign.  While this may give partial relief – as you will be free of ashtama sani influences, the joint trigger of transiting Saturn and Jupiter will be on your 6th house – and hence health matters may still be a concern even after January 26, 2017 – and the relief you might experience could be more in terms of relief from restrictive influences in your life.

Remedies: 1) Visualize on Lord Hanumaan crossing the Ocean it a single leap and reaching Lanka before beginning major tasks.
2) Pray before a picture depicting Lord Hanumaan holding Sanjeevani mountain if you or someone in the family becomes sick.  Alternatively, you may contemplate performance of Dhanvantari homam for relief if the situation is very critical.
3) Performance of Surya namaskaaram on a daily basis will be another potent remedy for health, and recital of Aditya Hrudayam thrice and offering arghyam to Lord Surya Narayana on Sundays will help in overcoming the obstacles on your path and in securing good professional prospects.

For Rishabha rashi natives (those born under Krittika 2, 3,4 padams, Rohini, Mrigasira 1, and 2 padams), Jupiter transits the auspicious 5th house from your rashi. Those of you who have been waiting desperately for conception may find that Heavens open their Benevolent Grace on you this year. This is a great year for planning your long-term investments, for getting initiation into mantra deekshas, for visiting ascetics, Holy Men and gaining their Grace, and for embarking on ambitious ventures. However, since Jupiter attains Thaamara Moorthy lakshana (Copper elemental status) for your sign, the good effects will manifest in full intensity only if you take concentrated efforts along right channels and are patient and thorough in your efforts, or else, this will just be a year when you are generally lucky but no significant advancement may happen. Don't let things drift like that.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: Saturn and Jupiter jointly trigger the 9th house from your natal Moon sign till January 26, 2017, and this phase till Jan 26th will be good for pilgrimages, undertaking deekshas (intense austerities), etc.  After Jan 26, 2017, the 5th house from your natal Moon sign is jointly triggered by Saturn and Jupiter till Sep 12, 2017, and this will be good for enjoying the punya phala of earlier austerities…so, plan it this way – put in efforts (by way of actual efforts and also prayers in the second half of 2016, and encash that merit as success in the first half of 2017).

One thing – from Jan 26, 2017, Saturn will be transiting the 8th house from your natal Moon sign – technically known as “ashtama sani”, and during that phase you must be straight-forward in all your dealings and leave nothing to chance.  The slightest slip-ups could land you in big trouble.  So, avoid unnecessary risks after Jan 26, 2017.  We will discuss about this Saturn influence in more detail around the Saturn transit time.

As Jupiter’s transit is generally good for you, no specific remedy is required; BUT, you can enhance the good effects by regular prayers and by practicing meditation/ yogic exercises or by undertaking intense austerities that will help you to tap your inner powers and manifest positive outcomes in your life.

For Mithuna rashi natives (those born in Mrigasira 3 and 4 padams, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, and 3 padams), Jupiter transits the 4th house from natal Moon sign. This is not an auspicious transit. Since 4th house indicates homeland/ residence basically, the inauspicious effects may manifest as unsettled situations at home, possible relocation or confusion regarding one's prospects (like dilemma regarding one's roles at work place), or simply lack of domestic peace at home. But, since Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy (Golden elemental status) for your sign, there is relief seen by remedial prayers, and by performance of remedies good results regarding academic matters, blessings of mother or elderly maternal relatives, and even positive developments regarding property settlements might be expected after initial confusions/ challenges.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: During the period between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 4th house from your natal Moon sign which can enhance the good results indicated regarding academic matters and support from maternal relatives/ property settlements.  Also, single natives of this sign may hear wedding bells ring during the second half of 2017, and those who have been experiencing marital conflicts may find ways to resolve the vexatious situation if they approach the sensitive situation with patience and maturity.

Some natives who have been abroad for long periods and have been contemplating return to homeland may do so in the period between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017.

Remedies:  Performing Girivalam at Tiruvannamalai on Pournami nights will be a good remedy for ensuring domestic peace and progress. (Those who are not able to do Girivalam due to practical constraints, may – alternatively perform Sathyanarayana pooja or Shri Vidhya pooja on Pournami nights).

If professional prospects are unsettling or if there are unnecessary differences with mother/ maternal relatives that disrupt your peace of mind, recite the mantra “Om Maatruvatsalaaya GanEshaaya Vikataaya hum” 32 times.
Honouring virgin girls during Navarathri periods, or performing Sumangali Praarthana on any Friday could help you to enjoy good prospects.

For Kataka rashi natives (those born in Punarvasu 4th padam, Pushya, Aslesha), Jupiter transits the 3rd house from natal Moon sign. This is an inauspicious transit - but where danger lurks ONLY if you take wrong decisions or make unethical moves. You must remember that Universe will give you chance to redeem yourself and correct your errors, but if you stick on to egoistic ways and continue with wrong choices, you may manifest your own doom. Those who are patient, and ethical by nature have nothing to fear from this transit influence except that there could be varying degrees of anxiety due to situational factors. Since Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy lakshana (Silver elemental status), you have potential to get good results by taking bold / adventurous decisions, and by working in close association with your colleagues at work and siblings/ cousins at home.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: During the period until 26th Jan 2017 – the 7th house and 11th house from your natal Moon sign is jointly aspected by Jupiter and Saturn in transit – which translates into “support of spouse or relatives from spouse’ side will be protective influences when you handle sensitive situations.”  After 26th Jan 2017, Saturn and Jupiter will jointly trigger the 3rd house from natal Moon sign which translates into “support of friendly neighbours, colleagues, or younger siblings can be crucial to you while handling sensitive situations”.

Remedies: Light a lamp (either ghee or oil lamp) in a temple praying to Lord Raama could help in handling sensitive situations successfully. Recite the mantra “Raam Raamaaya Dhanush paanayE namah” 18 times daily as a protective talisman.

If there are minor issues of misunderstanding with siblings, recite the mantra “Om Bhraatru vatsalaaya Lakshmanaagrajaaya Raamaaya namah” 36 times to maintain family unity.

For Simha rashi natives (those born in Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1st padam), Jupiter transits the 2nd house from natal Moon sign. This is considered a good transit which is auspicious for new acquisitions, resolving family issues, enjoying respect for one's words, benefits arising out of recital of auspicious mantras, and generally a positive trend in life.  However, since Jupiter attains LOha Moorthy Lakshana (Iron elemental status), the positive effects will be markedly reduced. You must take extra-efforts to manifest the good results that are possible under this transit.

Remember that this transit makes it auspicious for you to gain through your words, control of mouth (implying regulation in speech and diet), by learning new slokhas/ mantras, and by spending money on auspicious charitable activities to earn karmic reward points too:)

When you perform austerities, or perform dhaan (charitable offerings) do it with a sense of detachment and with the understanding that you are just paying back some karmic debt with all these, and don’t expect immediate results.  Such matured approach and spiritual attitude will attract the blessings of noble souls that will help you to enjoy the potential good effects of this transit.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:In the period till Jan 26, 2017, Saturn and Jupiter in transit will jointly trigger the 6th house and 10th house from your natal Moon sign which may translate as minor obstacles on your way, manifestation of minor health issues, etc.  Don’t give up or lose hope.  There could be profession-related improvements in the same period (since the 10th house from Moon sign is triggered jointly by Jupiter and Saturn). After Jan 26, 2017 when Saturn shifts into Dhanus rashi, the 2nd house from your natal Moon sign will be jointly triggered by Saturn and  Jupiter, and pave the way for enjoying financial benefits and enhanced prestige.

REMEDIES:  Recite the mantra “Om Achyutaaya namah Anantaaya namah GOvindaaya namah” 36 times daily and consume water placed before your pooja place visualizing positive strength and healing energy entering you through that blessed water. (If possible, you can immerse Tulasi leaves in such water; this can be shared with all close relatives to ensure good health in the family).

Recite the mantra “Om Raama Dhootaaya kaarya saadhakaaya asakaaya sooraaya HanumatE namah” when you face challenges to your progress, or you feel that some mediation is needed to resolve conflict with powerful personages.

For Kanya rashi natives (those born in Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, and 4 paadams, Hasta, and Chitra 1, 2), Jupiter transits the rashi itself which goes by the technical name of "Janma Guru." This is reputed to give stressful situations in life, and situations where you need to take objective decisions to march ahead in life. Often allusion is made to "Janma Guru caused exile of Shri Raama" - and it is observed that many people do relocate to distant lands or experience some sort of adverse transfers or challenging situations under this transit influence.  Jupiter has attained Thamra Moorthy lakshana (Copper elemental status) during this transit for your sign.  This indicates that you must not lose patience under any circumstance and cultivate perseverance even if situations are very trying and people around you seem to do you injustice.  Such acceptance of situations with a calm mind will help you to burn your praarabhda karmas and with time you will be able to neutralize the setbacks effectively and regain much more than what you lose during this period.  But, if you lose patience and act out of vengeance or anger, things could go from bad to worse; please remember this and strategize yourselves.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences: In the period till January 26, 2017, Saturn and Jupiter will jointly trigger the 5th house from your natal Moon sign which can translate as positive developments in the lives of your children, or birth of new kids in the family.  Also, your poorva punya will stand as a shield between you and other challenging situations which will translate as “things that loom as big threats will pass of as minor inconveniences due to your meritorious deeds and accumulated punya.”

In the period between 26th Jan 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, Saturn and Jupiter will jointly trigger the natal Moon sign which can work as a two-edged sword…on the one hand, your self confidence may receive a boost while on the other hand, things that have been at the background and not manifestly troubling you may rear their heads – be it a long-ignored minor complaint that may develop into a troubling health setback, or issues that you have been ignoring may confront you and you will find no way to escape the situation.  So, face things as they come during this phase.

Remedies: Visiting places where siddhas/ saints have attained Jeeva Samadhi and lighting prayer lamp praying that they should show you the right way will be auspicious for you.

If you are in public life, try donating lands for charitable institutions or working towards improving parks/ sports-grounds, and helping unemployed youth with guarantees/ recommendations for loans to set up their career.  These meritorious deeds will shield your prospects- especially where there is threat to existing positions (like falling out of favour of influential leaders resulting in danger of losing one’s position).

Don’t jump into conclusions in any matter. Be patient with everyone, accept things as they come, and then form your strategies as “reaction” to situations. Don’t exacerbate issues by speaking out of turn, or trying to aggressively push matters as such moves may fire back on you this year.

For Thula rashi natives (those born in Chitra 3, 4 padams, Swathi, Visakham 1, 2, and 3), Jupiter transits the 12th house from rashi (Viraya Guru - Jupiter transit productive of expenses/ wastage/ losses, and possible loss of position).  However, such setbacks will manifest only if you insist on egoistic persistence with your plans. Otherwise, this will just be a period when expenses might mount - but on auspicious matters.  You may not be able to avoid certain wasteful journeys or frustration in efforts, but that won’t affect your prospects too much except being an inconvenience for the smooth flow of life. You must spend on essentials but avoid luxurious expenditure, and be ready with reserve cash to face exigencies in life. Health could be somewhat below par. As Jupiter during this transit attains Rajatha Moorthy lakshana (Silver elemental status), the challenging effects will be seen to about 50% (scope for reducing the impact of negative transit influences by remedies and by adopting diplomatic strategies).

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:  In the period till Jan 26, 2017, you will be under Sade-sathi influence which can add to the woes caused by 12th house transit of Jupiter.  However, since Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 4th house from your natal Moon sign during this phase, blessings of mother and support from maternal relatives can be protective shield for you.  Since the 8th house from natal Moon sign is also jointly triggered by Jupiter and transit, you should be extra-careful while driving vehicles.  Health of elderly relatives will also cause concern.

 Between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, 12th house from your natal Moon sign is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn in transit which can manifest as increased expenditure and health issues.  However, there can be slight relief experienced due to the fact that your sign is relieved off the sade-sathi Saturn influences…

So, overall, the influences will be mixed with predominance of challenging influences for your sign.

Remedies: Recite Chatru samhaara vel pathigam or Skanda Shashti kavacham after lighting a prayer lamp and spreading Holy Ash in a clean brass container or plantain leaf in front of the Deity.  That Holy Ash can be used as lucky talisman to reduce issues in life.

Offer Sandalwood paste alankaaram (chandana kaappu – smearing the Deity in temples with sandalwood paste) to any Amman idol in temples praying for general welfare of everyone in the family, for enjoying goodwill of people (the goodwill that people generally have towards you may be reduced due to tough transits – and hence this remedy),  and for reducing wasteful expenditure.

For Vrischika rashi natives (those born in Visakham 4, Anuradha, and Jyeshta), Jupiter transits the auspicious 11th house from rashi. This is a very positive transit indicative of gains from various quarters, support of companions/ society for your good activities, ability to relate on a friendly basis with everyone, gains through elder siblings and business activities, and your good luck will shield your children and ensure positive developments in their lives. Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Gold Elemental status) during this transit for you. So, there is a good possibility of enjoying a high intensity of positive results due to this transit.

Moderation to the above  due to Saturn’s transit influences:  You continue to be under Janma Sani phase of sade-sathi until January 26, 2017.  However, since the 3rd house from your natal Moon sign is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn during this phase, courageous decisions and networking with capable persons will help you to boost your prospects.  Similarly, since the 7th house from your Moon sign is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn during the phase till January 26, 2017, good luck of spouse/ partners can shield you from difficult situations to a great extent.  So, try to maintain harmonious dynamics with life partner/ associates at work/ partners in business to enjoy good prospects.

Between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, your 11th house is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn which augurs well for business gains, and also for cultivating productive association with others.

Remedies: Recital of Vishnu Sahasranaamam on Saturdays, worship of Lord Hanumaan on Thursdays, and special prayers to Lord Ganesha on Chaturthi days will help you to enjoy the full benefit of the auspicious Jupiter transit for your sign (these remedies are mainly to insure against sade-sathi influences spoiling the otherwise good Jupiter transit).

For Dhanus rashi natives (those born in Moola, Poorvaashaada, Uttaraashaada 1st padam), Jupiter transits the sensitive 10th house from rashi. There could be uncertainties in professional matters, possible loss of professional dignity in some way (either loss of face in some way in controversial situations, or adverse transfers from prestigious roles to insignificant operational duties), and karma will catch up with you (some setbacks/ difficult situations arising out of your own activities/ choices; positively, if you have been working hard and if the previous 9th house transit of Jupiter failed to reward you, karmic reward can come now and you may be in for pleasant surprises!).  Jupiter has attained Loha Moortha lakshana (Iron elemental status) during this transit which indicates that you need to work very hard to sustain tempo in career matters.  The slightest of slip-up in your efforts or carelessness regarding work-related procedures could cause unforeseen issues.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:
In the period till January 26, 2017, Saturn and Jupiter jointly trigger the 2nd house and 6th house from your Moon sign.  This could manifest as financial gains accruing as a cumulative of your past efforts in the recent past, and ability to raise funds to support your ambitious ventures.  On the flip side, if you over-extend yourself or stretch your resources, there is risk of falling into a debt trap.  So, calculate your repaying capacities and risk-reward ration of any venture carefully before raising loans to fund major projects.  Health may also be below par.

In the period between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, Saturn and Jupiter will jointly trigger the 10th house from your natal Moon sign, and this can help in resolution of issues at the work-front.  If your dasa-bhukti influences are positive, there is even possibility of shift of roles that could be to your advantage (such developments will be unexpected and may sometimes be a result of others trying to fix you, but inadvertently placing you in a position of advantage).

Remember that you are under sade-sathi influences, and straight-forward approach and hard work are essential to avoid unnecessary issues during this period.  This prevails – regardless of the positive potential seen due to the joint transit influence.

Remedies: Recite the mantra “OM Krishnam vandE Jagat Gurum, maargam darshaya darshaya swaaha” whenever you feel uncertain about career decisions (i.e. if career matters look confusing and you are asked to make a choice – where every option has its share of pros and cons and your decision could make or mar your future, use this mantra to get clarity and right intuition regarding the best decision under the circumstances).

Recite the mantra “Om Ganaadipaaya namah sarvakaarya saadhakaaya vikataaya hum” 36 times daily to side-step the tough impact of Jupiter’s transit, and turn challenges into opportunities.

For Makara rashi natives (people born in Uttarashada 2, 3, and 4, Sravana, and Dhanishta 1, 2 padams), Jupiter transits the auspicious 9th house from your rashi. This is an auspicious transit that favours positive relocation influences (like if you have been planning on relocating to a place for better prospects), initiation into new spiritual routines/ deekshas, long journeys, joining higher education courses, and you may enjoy increased self-confidence in all that you do. Natives of this sign who have been trying unsuccessfully for on-site assignments may get their lucky break this year.  Relationship with father or other mentor figures will be smooth and their blessings/ words of wisdom will prove invaluable in boosting your prospects.  These positive influences are further enhanced as Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Golden elemental status) during this transit.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:  In the period till January 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger your Moon sign and the 5th house from your Moon sign.  So, you will enjoy enhanced self-confidence and good luck.  This is a good time for starting a family if such an idea is in your mind.  You will prove to be a lucky mascot for everyone in the family during this phase.

In the period after Jan 26, 2017, you begin the Sade-sathi period (Saturn enters the 12th house from your Moon sign).  However, even then, blessings of elders will shield your prospects and help you to enjoy the good transit influence of Jupiter to a great extent because Jupiter and Saturn will jointly activate the 9th house from your Moon sign during this phase too. Just remember to respect elders/ mentors and heed their suggestions to enjoy the best prospects promised by this good transit of Jupiter for your sign.

Remedies: No specific remedies are needed for you as the transit influence of Jupiter is by-and-large auspicious for you.  Still you must remember that there is potential for spiritual progress indicated during this period, and so, you may – without seeking manifest mundane benefits, try to indulge in spiritual pursuits, visit to kshetras, and service to elders/ preceptors to augment your punya account which will stand by you during other critical periods in life later on.

For Kumbha rashi natives (people born in Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabisha, Poorvaphadra 1, 2, 3), Jupiter transits the sensitive 8th house from your rashi. This is productive of unnecessary issues in life threatening loss of peace, danger of ill-health to self or close relatives, and last-minute reversals that might take success away from you. Jupiter during this transit attains Thaamra Moorthy Lakshana (Copper elemental status) for your rashi.  This indicates that the challenges influences are likely to be felt to a great extent. Patience, perseverance, and prayers will be effective shields against the tough planetary impact on your life.  Those who lose hope, faith, or patience will expose themselves to the negative planetary influences. Take care of your health and health of close relatives, and avoid unnecessary litigation/ arguments.  Exercise abundant caution while driving vehicles, trekking through treacherous terrain, and while travelling through unknown places.

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:
Till January 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 12th and 4th houses from your natal Moon sign.  This indicates that expenses could mount for some of you (including hospitalization expenses on account of ill-health to elders in the family).  On the positive side, there is possibility of gains through unexpected sources, or by association with people of other nationalities/ cultures.  There could also be gains through landed property and support of maternal relatives/ mother.  Academic pursuits will bring you laurels.

In the period between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, the 8th house from your natal Moon sign is jointly triggered by Jupiter and Saturn.  Be careful in all ventures during this period – as there is the risk of being caught in the web of your own actions, or being made scapegoat for the shortcomings of others, if you allow yourself to be led into wrong choices in life by the persuasion of others.  However, if you remain committed to your principles and trust your own intuition, you can avoid major issues.  Saturn transiting the 11th house from natal Moon sign often bring unexpected support from well-wishers that will neutralize other challenging influences.

So – overall – you have a mixed bag of fortune this year, and it is up to you to try and make the best out of the positive possibilities and reduce the impact of the challenging influences by careful strategization.

Remedies: Recite the 36th chapter of Sundara Kaandam of Shrimad Valmiki Ramayanam on Thursdays.
Offer abhishekam to Lord Shiva on Pradosham days praying for Divine Assistance and Protection.

Offer bangles, turmeric pieces, and fruits to sumangalis during Navarathri period (if you can have Chandi homam performed during that period it is all the more better!).

For Meena rashi natives (people born in Poorvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi), Jupiter transits the auspicious 7th house from your rashi. Wedding bells ring for eligible single natives of this sign, and those already in a wedded life will find that dynamics with spouse improves significantly. Others will warm up to you now and there is scope for improving your societal standing. This is an auspicious transit for you. As Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy lakshana (Silver Elemental status), the positive effects of this transit can be experienced to nearly 80% (80% probability of good effects and success in your efforts along good lines).

Moderation to the above due to Saturn’s transit influences:  In the period till Jan 26, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 3rd and 11th houses from your natal Moon sign.  This augurs well for family peace and positive relationship dynamic with siblings.  Calculated risks will give you positive results and business related luck will be excellent.

In the period between Jan 26, 2017 and Sep 12, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 7th house from your natal Moon sign further improving your luck regarding matrimonial matters and partnership ventures.

Remedies: No remedies needed for your sign as this transit is auspicious for you.  However, you may recite portions of Sundarakaandam on Saturdays, Sundays, or Thursdays praying for auspicious vibes in the family, and as a prayer for the welfare of others in the family who may be having tough planetary cycles impacting their lives.


Special homams connected with the transit are planned at our place on August 11, 2016.

Will be offering oblations with mantras in Honour of Lord Dakshinamoorthi, Lord Hayagreeva, Lord Narasimha, Lord Dhanvantari, Lord Dattatreya, Lord Hanuman, Sapta Rishis, and end the havan with specific mantras in Honour of Lord Devaguru Brihaspati during these homams.

At the end of the homam, I intend to do Brihaspati sthothra and Brihaspati kavacham (Shield of Jupiter) recitals.

Those who are interested in participation in the Guru transit homams may please write to my email-id: with the subject tag "Jupiter transit 2016" to know the modalities of the participation.  I will try my best to include people who approach me till August 10, 2016 night (India time) in the homam sankalpam.

Please note that I won't be sending prasad/ holy ash by post due to ritual purity considerations of the holy articles.  My sankalpam on your behalf during the homam is deemed "in-absentia" participation, and the karmic benefits of the performance will accrue to you.  Sign up for participation as a part-sponsor in the homams only if the above condition is acceptable to you.

Those born in Mesha, Mithuna, Kataka, Kanya, Tula, Dhanus, and Kumbha rashis have tough transit influences due to this Jupiter transit and may benefit by a remedial prayer on the transit day.  So, natives born in these signs may try to avail the remedial homam (either with me or with any other suitable priest whose expertise and mantraic powers you can rely upon based on your intuition), or at least do simple prayers at your own place as suggested in the remedial indications for your sign in this write-up to protect yourselves against the malefic indications of the transit.

Best regards,
Blessed be.

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