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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shat-tila Ekaadashi on January 21, 2009

Dear Members:

Shat-Tila ekaadashi falls on January 21, 2009.

Shat-Tila literally means "six sesame seeds." The fast is understaken on this day after consuming a glass of water in which six sesame seeds have been soaked. You have to mix six sesame seeds in water and then take a bath with it first. Then drink a glass of water in which 6 sesame seeds have been soaked, offer oblations to pitrus (deceased ancestors/ rishis of the past) with water mixed with sesame, and then fast on this day. Observing this will help you in winning the six major internal enemies for the soul (Raagha, DwEsha, LObham, Moham, Madam, Maacharyam), and thus ensure your spiritual progress.

Observance of this fast will ensure removal of all sins and help to keep your karmic balance sheet healthy, allowing you to progress through spiritual levels with least of obstacles.

May our members observe this holy fast and enjoy Divine Grace. [Please note that those who are forbidden to fast due to medical indications may observe this fast on a token-basis instead of undertaking a full fast; like - you may consume only fruits, or avoid only rice items, etc. But, please try to observe the fast in some form consistent with your physical condition and environmental conveniences].

Important: For major parts of the world, Shat-tila ekaadashi is to be observed as Sarva Ekaadashi (common to both smaartha and Vaishnava traditions) on Jan 21, 2009; such people should break the fast and observe dwaadashi on Jan 22, 2009.

Regarding India, the consensus based on most spiritual traditions is that Jan 21, 2009 is to be observed as "Sarva Ekaadashi" (common to both Smarta and Vaishnav traditions). There are some regional panchangs that denote Jan 22, 2009 as Vaishnav Ekaadashi - we have no comments on that.

For those residing in far East countries and Australian continent, smaartha Ekaadashi is to be observed on Jan 21, 2009, and Vaishnava Ekaadashi is to be observed on Jan 22, 2009. The fast should be broken on the next day (i.e. 22nd of January for smaarthas living in Far East countries; and 23rd of January for vaishnav tradition adherents living in Far East countries).

Blessed be.


Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Uttaraayana Punya kaalam on Jan 13/ Jan 14, 2009

Dear Members:

Makara Sankraanthi (entry of Sun into sidereal Capricorn) falls on January 14, 2009 this year. Those in the United States of America and other countries in the American continents should celebrate it on January 13, 2009. Those in India and other countries of the Far East should celebrate it on January 14, 2009.

Those who have lost their father should perform tarpanam to ancestors on this day. All persons should offer special prayers as a Thanksgiving gesture to the Sun God.

The following sthothras/ mantras can be recited tommorrow in Honour of Sun God:

1) Those who have been initiated in to Surya ashtaakshari can recite that 1008 times and offer arghya (oblation with water) to Sun God.

2) Recital of Aaditya Hrudayam 9 times tommorrow will help in controlling adverse planetary influences.

3) Recital of Dhoumya krutha Surya sthothram (from Mahaabharatam) will help in improving prosperity.

4) Recital of Surya Ashtakam (composed by Shri Saambhan - the Son of Lord Krishna) will help those suffering from skin diseases.

5) Recital of Surya Atharvaseersham will help in all-round progress in life.

Those who can't do any of these may simply recite "om Sooryaaya sarvajana hithaaya swaahaa" (It means "salutations unto Lord Sooryaa - Who ensures well-being of everyone in the Universe).

May God bless all our members and bring them peace, prosperity, and progress in their lives.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vaikunta Ekaadasi/ Putradaa Ekaadasi on January 7, 2009

Dear Members:

The most glorious and important of all Ekaadaasis - the Vaikunta Ekaadasi falls on January 7, 2009 for all places on earth (except for Vaishna traditions in Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand who should observe it on Jan 8, 2009 due to presence of dasami thithi at their place during sunrise; smaarthas in those places also should observe the Vaikunta Ekaadasi fast on January 7, 2009 itself).

This is one of the most highly recommended fasts for a devout spiritual aspirant because it has the potential of opening the "Gates of Divine Abode of Lord Vishnu" for you if this is observed correctly. Even those who have medical conditions which prevent them from observing a full fast should abstain from rice-items and sustain themselves with alternative ritually pure foods (avoiding garlic, onions, beverages like coffee, tea, etc.). Those who are desirous of cutting off the endless cycle of births and deaths for the soul must contemplate on upanishads like Gopaala Taapini Upanishad, recite Holy Bhagavat Gita, Bhaagavatam, etc.

In Vaishnava temples "swarga Dwaar" - a sort of archway leading around the Inner Sanctum Sanctorum is erected, and crossing that is symbolic of crossing the threshold of Vaikunta and getting glimpse of our Lord. Spending time in meditation/ japam while waiting in the serpentine ques, and ultimately having the glimpse of Our Lord after crossing the threshold will definitely be gainful for your souls. Please note that you should not get angry with other devotees in the que or pick up fights, you should not "jump" ques trying to overtake the other waiting devotees with your "street smartness, pushing abilities", etc. in the que. Such activities definitely invoke bad karma, and it is not for that, that you go to a temple on a Holy Day (I am commenting on this because such activities are too common in long ques; a person who jumps ques thinking he is outsmarting others is actually fooling himself/ herself, and damning himself/ herself with that karma; on the other hand, those who wait patiently, and do what they can to help other devotees who might be finding it uncomfortable - like ladies with infants, elderly, etc. while standing in ques are invoking good karma and actually helping their own souls to progress. Selfishness and self-comfort should take a back-seat at least during these occasions - and that too for your own good! If you are entitled to temple honours in some way, and hence receive special darshan - that is different; you need not feel guilty about that; probably, you deserve such Honours and maybe, that was Divine Gift to you! But even such people - if you can, it will be real good merit to stand patiently in a que, do japams till your turn at darshan comes, and then have a darshan of the Lord along with the other common devotees because, God Himself may be in disguise among the masses during these occasions. I have felt it many times - and I request my fellow aspirants to feel such miracles of brushing shoulders with Divine in crowded temples for themselves!).

Additionally, fasting on this day is also auspicious for those couples who are aspiring for progenic bliss. Such couples should recite Baala Kaandam chapters from Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayanam, Naaraayaneeyam, Santaana Gopala mantra, etc. on this day.

Generally, chanting of Raama naama, and recital of Shri Vishnu Sahasranaamam can be done by everyone today for obtaining religious merit, and for perfection/ progress of our Soul.

It is also recommended that you should remain awake at night and spend it in Divine Contemplation, bhajans (Divine Songs), discussing Theological matters, etc. It is traditional to play a dice game called "Paramapadham" on this night. You should not merely play it as a the traditional Indian version of this game (the western version is Snake and Ladders!, and I am not referring to that when I write this article....), you will find "ladders" corresponding to various virtues, and "snakes" corresponding to certain shortcomings of attitude/ can see where each ladder leads you, and where each snake drops you....look at the character/ attitude depicted in the box, see how progress/ downfall happens based on the ladder/ snake you encounter. This is verily a spiritual lesson of how a soul can progress or regress into various states of existence. It is analogous to the journey of your souls through the Cycle of Existence till the soul attains Liberation or Merging with Divine experience. You will also see how difficult it is to progress at the end of the game, and that is how difficult it is for a soul to reach ultimate liberation. If you play it consciously, reading all the attributes described in the chart carefully, this game can be a meditative exercise in itself, and can be a valuable tool for imparting spiritual values for children.

Of course, playing the paramapadam is not just helps you to keep awake and at the same time induce philosophical musings if played properly. Those of you who feel sufficiently spiritually awakened already may just spend the night in quiet Divine Contemplation which is best.

May our members observe this Holy day Fast diligently as per their circumstances and practical limitations to the best of their abilities and win salvation for their souls.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year wishes

Dear Members:

We wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous New Year 2009.

As the old year dissolves into the new, let new opportunities and blessings come your way enriching your lives in every way.

Blessed be.


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