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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Effects of overhead beams on the residents of a house - an article on vaastu

The influence of overhead beams of a building on the residents of a house

Beams (downward projections of the ceiling) are considered to be oppressive to the person who habitually uses the area directly beneath them. In modern day constructions, the floors and the walls are held mainly by concrete beams and columns. Beams sometimes run the entire lengths of houses. In old houses, we can see wooden beams protruding from the ceiling. It is better not to sleep or sit directly under such beams for long hours as they have harmful effects on persons.

How a beam affects the residents depends on the following three factors:
a) Ceiling height.
b) Type of beam (weight bearing or structural ornamentation)
c) Time spent under the beam.

Ceiling height: If the ceiling of a building is of a good height (above 18 feet), then there will be only negligible negative influence due to a beam. However, in case the house has a low ceiling (less than 9 feet), the influence of the beams will be more perceptibly felt.

Type of beam: The beams will exert more oppressive influence on those sitting under them if they are “weight bearing” i.e. if they are holding the room. If the beam is just an ornamentation or design, the negative influence will not be that much.

Time spent under the beam: If the portion under the beam is used continuously for more than 8 hours then the negative effects may be more perceptibly felt by the person who was under it. However, if the beam is located in a store room or other place where people rarely frequent, the influence will not be so perceptible.

The negative effects manifested by the beams:

The negative influences that manifest by a beam are stress, difference of opinion, chronic head/ shoulder pains without identifiable factors, decreased efficiency at work.

If a beam is over the head in the bedroom it causes headaches; if it is over the stomach portion (of a person who sleeps regularly under the beam everyday), it causes ulcers; if the beam is over the feet, it may cause decreased mobility or joint problems in the leg.

If the beam is between the husband and the wife (husband is one side of the overhead beam and the wife sleeps on the other side; both are not directly under it), it causes differences of opinion leading to their eventual separation!

A beam over the stove causes financial loss, liquidity problems, and loan problems. A beam over the dining table with persons of the family sitting on either side of the beam at the dining table causes family differences. It also affects cash flow in the family.

If there is a beam above the work-station, it causes the employee to suffer mental block, and may lead to repetition of work due to absent-minded errors and affect productivity with passage of time. Personally the employee is likely to suffer a perception of “burn out” and feelings of low self-esteem.

If there is a large exposed beam located at the centre of the house, it suppresses heart energies which might make family members feel “congested” and stifled. They may not be able to realize their full potential in life living in such a house.

Exposed beams in the living room affect the money making potential of the residents.

Generally if the residents are naturally cordial and are persons of high will-power, the malefic effects will not be felt in full, but still there will be an eerie sense of uneasiness in the house. If the residents are naturally prone to emotionality and recklessness, the negative effects will be felt in full.

Remedies for mitigating the effects of a beam:

Now that we have analyzed in depth the negative effects of a beam, what can we do if the beam is structurally a vital one and cannot be removed? Let us see the remedies for that now….

1) False ceilings: Erecting a false ceiling using cloth, thermos material, or decorative canvass, and hiding the main ceiling with its protruding beams is the best remedy for overcoming the effects of a beam on the residents of a house. This will make the ceiling look “flat” and “even” and protect the residents from the malefic effects of the beams.
2) Feng-sui remedy: Hanging two flutes with red-ribbons oriented to 45 degress from the beam on the beam structure will mitigate the problem due to a beam. The diagrammatic representation of how to do it is given below this article.
3) Another important cure for a beam is to hang a red-fringe all along the beam (a decorative red velvette cloth with wavy corners covering the beam structure).

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