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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thai Poosam on January 29/ January 30, 2010

Thai Poosam is a festival dedicated in Honour of Lord Skanda - the Son of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Skanda put an end to the atrocities of the demon Taarakaasura on this day with the Blessings of His Divine Parents - Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

Float-festival is observed in Madurai Meenaakshi -SundarEshwarar temple on this day; all major Muruga temples celebrate this festival in a grand manner.

Recital of mantras like Kanda Shashti kavacham, Kandar Anubhooti, Kandar Kali Vennbaa, Tirumurugaarruppadai, etc. will be very auspicious on this day. Even if you do not know any of these (these are all powerful Tamil Hymns and obviously persons who don't have Tamil as Mother Tongue may not be comfortable with these), you can recite "Om Skanda GuravE namah" "Om kumaaraaya namah" "Om DhandapaanayE namah" "Om satrusamhaaraaya namah" "Om shakti hastaaya namah" etc. that are His powerful names.

If you have inimical activity in your life and are feeling anxious and insecure, you may try worshipping Lord Skanda (lord Muruga) today. Even Saatwik persons may pray for overcoming enemies.....afterall, our greatest enemies are within ourselves - Fear, Pride, Arrogance, Lust, Illusion, etc.

Thai poosam is celebrated on January 30, 2010 in all countries, except for those living in the American continents (North and South America, carribeans, etc.). Those living in the United states should celebrate it on January 29, 2010 itself.

May our members utilize these spiritually significant days for Divine Contemplation and become recipients of Divine Grace which is our Real Wealth and which will NEVER suffer recessionary trends!

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jaya Ekaadasi/ Bheeshma Ekaadasi on January 26, 2010

Dear Members:

The ekaadasi that falls in the bright half of the lunar month Maagha is called Jaya ekaadashi.

This auspicious fast falls on January 26, 2010 for all places on the earth except for those living in New Zealand and Fiji Islands. The fast is broken on January 27, 2010. Those living in New Zealand and Fiji Islands should fast on January 27, 2010, and break it on January 28, 2010.

Once in the celestial kingdom of Lord Indra, Maalyavaan the son of Lord Indra's Chief Musician - was enarmoured by the beauty of another celestial damsel Pushpavati, and in their infatuation for each other, they could not give their best while performing in His court. Lord Indra divined the reason and cursed both of them to wander as Pisachas for a long time in the Himalayan snows. They lost all their celestial powers and even basic discrimination of sense, touch, smell, and taste that is applicable to beings like us, and wandered without sleep, and food, in those fierce altitudes suffering indescribably from cold and fatigue. As luck would have it, they happened to pass a night in a cave sleeplessly on the Holy day of Jaya Ekaadashi. In their misery, they had ignored consuming even the little fruits/ vegetation available in those snowy heights and had thus inadvertently observed the Jaya Ekaadashi. When dawn broke, they were restored back to the Kingdom of Amaravati (of Lord Indra) who was astonished that they had overcome the effect of his powerful curse so soon! They explained that it was the power of Jaya Ekaadashi which they had observed inadvertently by the Grace of Lord Kesava in His Mercy that has restored them their former glory and celestial status.

Such is the glory of this Jaya Ekaadashi. This Jaya Ekaadashi helps us to overcome all "Paapa vaasanaas " (latent psychological complexes in our sub conscious which have taken root deep inside us due to the karma of evils we have done previously in our lives). These vaasanaas / psychological complexes are responsible for tempting us and leading us to further sins; those who can win over these paapa vaasanaas will be redeemed from the clutch of those complexes. Those complexes are at the root of all our sufferings, anxiety, and restlessness (we see evidence of much anxiety in the society now-a-days mainly because collectively we have more of persons with negative complexes, or paapa vaasanaas in the world today; there is much negative reinforcement - the negative complexes leading us to sin which further creates more "advanced" negative complexes. The Grace of Our Merciful Lord is the ONLY succour for our troubled souls suffering from the effects of kali. If we are free from the influence of our negative complexes (ghostly they are!), we are sure to lead happy and contented lives - no matter what events actually transpire in our mundane lives.

This Jaya Ekaadasi observance is the first step in overcoming those paapa vaasanaas!

Observance of this ekaadashi is believed to give merits equivalent to performance of Agnishtoma yagna, and a bath in all Holy Teerthas! [There are times when prashna charts indicate that performance of Agnishtoma will be good for a person's life; not all can perform AgnishtOma these days; but if such a person observes this Holy Jaya Ekaadashi fast with full faith in Lord Krishna's words as expounded to Yudhishtra where He has declared this merit, they will gain the punya equivalent to performance of AgnishtOmaa! Please remember that it is the mind that is the processor of punya and paapa; Faith creates miracles that are hard to prove! Those who have Faith are Blessed! Those who observe this Ekaadashi, please note....if someone asks you whether you have done AgnishtOmaa, say boldly "YES WE HAVE DONE IT!" You have the Blessed Lord Himself as your guarantor for this!]

This ekaadashi is also known as Bheeshma Ekaadasi in Honour of the Grand Sire of the Kuru Dynasty - Shri Bhiishmaachaarya who shed his mortal coil on Bheeshmaashtami day, and as this ekaadasi falls in the same paksha (fortnight) of His shedding the Mortal Coil by Iccha Mrityu (voluntary shedding of human body with full intent - a rare feat that is possible for Mahaa Yogis), this ekaadasi has been named on Him after the Mahaabharata period. There are some who erraneously think that the Grand Sire actually died on this day - which is wrong. Mahabharata clearly mentions that He voluntary gave up His physical body on Bheeshmaashtami day - i.e. 3 lunar phases earlier!

Another interesting observance in this connection is Varaaha Dwaadasi - observed on the day after this Ekaadasi - the day of appearance of Our Lord in His Form of Wild Boar (Varaaha) to rescue the Earth from the clutches of the demon Hiranyaaksha who had Earth submerged in the Cosmic Ocean. It is for this reason that this ekaadasi is also known as Bhoumi ekaadasi.

So, it will be a good idea to meditate on Lord Varaaha when we fast on this ekaadasi day. Worship of Lord Varaaha gives good luck in land transactions - and also for unmarried persons, it can remove the obstacles to settlement of marriage. Visit to Nithya Kalyaana Perumaal at Tiruvidanthai - near Mahabalipuram on East Coast Road could be a good austerity that can be done either on this Ekaadasi or the next day of Varaaha Dwaadasi, for those who wish to offer special prayers to ensure speedy settlement of marriage with a suitable spouse.

May our members observe this fast to the best of their abilities and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Blessed be.


Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vasanta Panchami on January 20, 2010

Dear Members:

The auspicious Vasant Panchami festival falls on January 20, 2010 this year (it is to be observed on the same date throughout the globe except by those living in New Zealand; they have to observe this on January 21, 2010).

This is considered to be the birthday of Goddess Saraswathy - the Goddess of Learning. So, special poojas are offered in Honour of Goddess Saraswathy on this day, and this is one of the most auspicious dates to begin new courses of study, for initiation into musical arts, and for launching new books/ literary works.

Recital of Saraswathy Sahasranaamam, Saraswathi kavacham, etc. are auspicious on this day. Those who cannot recite these can merely chant "Om Aim saraswathyai sarva shaastra swaroopinyai namO namah" as many times as possible.

It is traditional to offer yellow coloured food items (like laddus or rice flavoured with saffron to make it yellow or lemon rice) to the Goddess on this day.

Those who are appearing for exams also traditionally keep the pens or other writing materials they are likely to use for those exams in pooja today to invoke the Grace of the Goddess of Learning.

It is a sad commentary of our times that all inventions that have been made to make our lives easier have actually been abused by humans to an extent that the whole environmental balance is threatened - misuse of internet facilities by teens that spoils their mindset, indiscriminate use of plastics that is suffocating the flora and fauna of nature (almost all nature-trekking spots bear the brunt of indiscriminate plastic litters - spoiling the beauty of the places and worse - threatening the very ecological balance of those virgin bounties of nature). Such abuse is basically due to ignorance and lack of appreciation of the extent of damage we are all using. In fact, any person who selfishly abuses nature does so out of ignorance - without realizing that by abusing nature we are abusing our own future and are threatening the healthy existence of our future generations.

The willingness to endure minor inconveniences for the sake of a better living condition for everyone can come only through Intrinsic Intelligence and unsullied Wisdom. Real wise people will ensure that their own lives will be comfortable without imposing severe costs on others!

May the Goddess of Learning kindle our intellect and may the Light of Wisdom dispel the dark forces of ignorance all round the world and pave the way for a better life for everyone.

Blessed be.

Ratha Saptami on January 22, 2010

(Image courtesy:

Dear Members:

Ratha Saptami - the auspicious day to worship Sun God falls on January 22, 2010, this year. It is to be observed on the same date throughout the world.

This is believed to be the day when Sun God incarnated as son of Sage Kashyapa and his wife Adithi (hence his name Aadityaa!). According to puraanaas, it is believed that is on this day of Ratha Saptami that Lord Surya's chariot turns its actual northward movement towards North-east bringing much auspiciousness to all living beings. The chariot is said to have just one wheel (personification of the Wheel of Time!) drawn by 7 horses (indicating 7 days of the week; 7 rays of the Sun that stand for each colour of the spectrum, etc.). Thus this worship is in essence the worship of the Principle of Time that is controlled with perfection by Paramaatman (signified by Sun).

Worshipping Lord Sun on this day is very auspicious. As you might be aware, worship of Sun blesses one with health ("AarOgyam pra daatu Dinakarah" is the verse related to that). Sun God is a "Namaskaara Priyaha" , so offering Surya namaskaar in His Honour reciting His 12 names will be auspicious today.

The 12 names are "Mitra, Ravi, Soorya, Bhaanu, Kagha, Pooshna, Hiranyagarbha, Mariichi, Aaditya, savitaa, Arka, Bhaaskaraa".

Those who are initiated into Surya Ashtaakshari (8-syllable mantra) can recite that 108 times and offer arghya (oblation with pure water).

A special ritual unique to this day...

It is traditional to take bath with 7 Arka leaves (called Erukku in tamil, JillEdu in Telugu, Ekka in Kannada, and Bowstring hemp in English) on the body. The placement is 1 leaf on the head, two on the shoulders (one on each shoulder), two on the knees, and two on the feet, and then pouring water on oneself. You should keep some akshada (raw rice grains mixed with turmeric) on the leaves while placing them on your body and then take the bath.

The mantra to be recited is this:

"Om Yadyadjanma krutham paapam mayaa saptaasu janmasu

ThanmE RhOgancha SOkancha maakari hantu Saptamii"

YEtatjanmakrutham paapam yathaa janmaantaraarjitam

ManO Vaak kaayajam yaccha gnaathaaghnaathancha yath punah"

Iti saptavidham paapam snaanam ME saptha SapthakE

Saptavyaadhi samaayuktham hara maakari Sapthami"

(This is basically a prayer that declares how sins accrue to us and follow us over births, and request the Saptami thithi Deity (Sun God and the thithi Nithya Devi who is subtly invoked in this mantra) to absolve us of all the sins, and hence the karmic effects of those like diseases and sorrow in life). Those who are unable to follow the transliteration of this mantra may just pray for removal of sins asking for pardon for all sins committed knowingly/ unknowingly, and hence relief from all troubles in life.

At the end of this ritual bath, we should offer "Arghyam" to Sun God and Saptami DEvi with the following mantra:

"Saptha Sapthi vaha preetha Saptha LOkha pradeepana

Sapthamii sahitO Deva gruhaanaarghyam Diwaakara"
(offer pure water three times facing the Sun in the morning saying this mantra).

Those who can - might recite mantras like Surya Sahasranaamam, Surya Atharva seersha upanishad, Aaditya Hrudayam, Suryaashtakam, etc. and get additional benefits.

Charities that can be done on this day

1) Donating to hospitals catering to sick patients.

2) Gupta Kooshmanda daanaa is a powerful dhaana that can be done today (gemstones - especially Ruby, gold, and silver are concealed inside a pumpkin and donated to a vedic Brahmin.....You should not reveal what/ how much is concealed inside the pumpkin to them. That is why it is called Gupta Dhaana! It is difficult to get a good Brahmin to accept this dhaanaa because this is a powerful remedy that involves "transfer of karma from the giver to the receiver"; no amount of money in the world will impel a vedic brahmin to accept this! On the other hand, gifting it to a person who is just a brahmin by birth but without vedic knowledge or ritual purity, is useless; so, if you are suffering from great troubles, request an elderly or mature vedantic brahmin to accept the charity to alleviate your pains...they may consent to this out of piety, and then use that amount for charitable purposes like yagnas, temple renovation, feeding poor, etc.). There are other dhaanas like saaligraama dhaana, vastra dhaana (gifting traditional Panchakaccha dhoti), etc. that can be done today which will be easily accepted by any priest. You can offer these at vedic patashalas near your place or to a respected Pandit who is explaining Puranic truths/ spiritual precepts to a lot of people from an altruistic point of view.

Even if you can't offer the special dhaanas as mentioned above, make it a point to donate at least a small amount of money in charity (may be just a dime to a beggar outside a temple; or purchasing a piece of sweet to a poor child in your neighbourhood). No man is so poor that they can't donate anything, and there is always someone poorer than you! Please remember is not how much you donate but with what attitude you donate that is important in absolving you of your karmic liabilities. Once your karma is reduced even by small amounts, you will be amazed at how things begin to take a positive turn in life.

May our members worship Sun God who is the Manifest Form of Absolute Divine and absolve themselves of all sins and the resultant problems in life.

Blessed be

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Makara Sankranthi wishes

Dear Members:

Best wishes on the occasion of Makara sankraanthi. This marks the beginning of Uttaraayana - the NOrthern Course of the Sun.

Special worships were offered for Universal Welfare during this punya kaalam.

Blessed be.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shat-tila ekaadashi on Jan 10/ Jan 11, 2010

Dear Members:

Shat-Tila ekaadashi falls on January 10/ January 11, 2010.

Recommended dates for observance of the ekaadashi fast for different regions in the world

1) Those living in U.S., Canada, and other countries in the American continents, Europe including U.K., Middle-east, and India should observe the fast on January 10, 2010.

2) Those living in Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Thailand, Eastern provinces of China, Japan, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand should observe the fast on January 11, 2010.

Shat-Tila literally means "six sesame seeds." The fast is understaken on this day after consuming a glass of water in which six sesame seeds have been soaked. You have to mix six sesame seeds in water and then take a bath with it first. Then drink a glass of water in which 6 sesame seeds have been soaked, offer oblations to pitrus (deceased ancestors/ rishis of the past) with water mixed with sesame, and then fast on this day. Observing this will help you in winning the six major internal enemies for the soul (Raagha, DwEsha, LObham, Moham, Madam, Maacharyam), and thus ensure your spiritual progress.

Observance of this fast will ensure removal of all sins and help to keep your karmic balance sheet healthy, allowing you to progress through spiritual levels with least of obstacles.

May our members observe this holy fast and enjoy Divine Grace. [Please note that those who are forbidden to fast due to medical indications may observe this fast on a token-basis instead of undertaking a full fast; like - you may consume only fruits, or avoid only rice items, etc. But, please try to observe the fast in some form consistent with your physical condition and environmental conveniences as this is one of the more strongly recommended ekaadashi fasts].

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Annular solar eclipse on January 15, 2010

Impact of Solar eclipse of January 15, 2010 – a very long annular Solar eclipse – a unique eclipse that won’t be exceeded for another 1000 years!

We have a major annular solar eclipse on January 15, 2010. This annular solar eclipse is visible from Central and East Africa, Indian Ocean, and East Asia. It is visible as partial eclipse (regions falling under penumbral shadow) from East Europe, most of Africa, and Asia. It is visible only in the Southern most tip of India – comprising many places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and is not visible in other places. This eclipse is unique in that its total duration of annualarity is 11 min. 8 secs. Such a long duration of annularity will not be exceeded for over 1000 years (until the annular solar eclipse on 23rd December 3043 AD!).

In fact, if we take the total duration of the eclipse phenomenon, it is between 11:06 hours IST to 15:25 hours IST – a total of more than 4 hours!(Kindly check up the local duration for your respective area from NASA Website or local panchangs for your area).

Obviously, this is a major eclipse and its impact is likely to be felt in a major way in the regions where this phenomenon can be observed.

The eclipse falls in the 2nd degree of sidereal Capricorn. This degree is symbolized as “A Vane with its arrow pointing North.”

This is a sensitive degree that indicates vacillation and uncertainty. The influence of this degree is that many positive undertakings will be tried and then abandoned due to ineptitude/ faulty launch. The eclipse degree is conjunct Venus and sextiles Uranus. This augurs well for enterprising individuals who can make success out of challenging situations and are flexible to alter strategies to suit the confused circumstances. Also, generally those from financial fraternity, IT industry, and women- in general will enjoy better luck due to the influence of this eclipse.

Politically, there is possibility of assassination of some important political functionary in Sri Lanka, possible confusion or civil unrest in Maldives, possible demise of some leading political figure in Tamil Nadu, civil unrest in Southern Tamil Nadu districts of India, religious issues/ regional passions leading to law and order breakdown in South India, danger of a naval disaster in the Indian Ocean and especially Palk Straits region, and problems of civil unrest in Central African countries.


1) Avoid eating solid foods after 7 a.m. IST (at least 4 hours before the eclipse duration).

2) Fast during the duration of the eclipse and recite Divine Sthothras or do japas; the merit accrued by such recitals will be manifold. Spiritual people never let go an eclipse period without major occult performances – because the merits get multiplied many times and so attaining siddhis is easier during the eclipse duration.

3) Do not perform abhisheka or other outer forms of poojas during eclipse; only japas and meditation should be performed during eclipse duration.

4) Any activity that requires intense focus of mind can be performed during eclipse and you will see the good results for yourself.

5) Ideally a bath should be taken both at the beginning of the eclipse and at the end of the eclipse duration. If taking two baths like that is not feasible, at least a purificatory bath should be done at the end of the eclipse.

6) Those who have lost parents should perform the tarpana and other rituals in Honour of ancestors at the beginning of the solar eclipse (it should be done at the end of the lunar eclipse; this is for your information and guidance regarding dharma shastraic rules of tarpans during eclipses).

7) If you happen to be living in the region of visibility of the eclipse, you should put tulsi leaves or dharbha grass in all stored food items like pickles, jams, buttermilk, etc. and take those away after the eclipse.

8) Avoid using bed materials during eclipse – because if you do use pillows, etc. made of cloth, you need to wash them after the eclipse; it may not be feasible. This rule does not apply to woolen materials, and resins.

9) The ideal way to spend the time of eclipse is in recital – especially by the side of Holy Rivers in the region – like Cauvery, Aarni, Bhavani, Vaigai, etc. or by the side of temple tanks. Mantras to control poisons, to control elemental forces and evils, etc. will give immediate results during eclipse duration. So, those living in regions of visibility of the eclipse should capitalize on this period to detox their lives by powerful chants. This is an ideal period for mantra-initialization processes.

10) Pregnant women should avoid walking out if the eclipse is visible in their area - this is as per traditional taboos. Though some say that this is a superstition, I guess it is better to be safe rather than being sorry later:)


As per dharma shastras, when eclipse falls in the natal star, its trines, or on stars near one’s natal star (the star before or after one’s natal star), eclipse remedies should be performed to counteract the possible negative impact of the eclipse on one’s prospects…. Those born under Krittika, Uttaraphalguni, Uttaraashaada, Sravana, Poorvashaada vedic stars and living in regions of visibility of this eclipse should perform Grahana remedies to counteract the possible malefic influence of this eclipse on their charts.

There are specific hymns to be recited invoking the Grace of the Ashtadig baalakaas Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirruti, Varuna, Vaayu, Kubera, Ishaana, and also the Trimurthis – Brahma, Vishu, and Lord Shiva to remove the eclipse impact if one’s natal star belongs to the list of stars afflicted by the eclipse.

Some pandits who are not knowledgeable of the above hymns will alternatively perform a Sarpa sooktha recital or Mahanyaasa Rudra recital. That is also perfectly acceptable and these remedies also work well.

Try to get in touch with knowledgeable pandits in your area if your area of residence falls in the visibility zone of the eclipse. Or, you may contact us for the performance of the eclipse remedy on your behalf; we will do the needful taking the sankalpa in your name and reciting the appropriate hymns for your benefit. You need to give your name, your nakshatra, rashi, and gothra (if known; if the gothra is not known indicate whether you would like to be called as Vishnu gothra or Shiva gothra based on your preference of Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu as Favourite God) for this. You may subscribe to that performance (please note that this is necessary only if the eclipse is visible in your region), by clicking the button below:


Apart from the above dharma shatraic views, Western astrological concepts indicate that the sector of your chart that falls under eclipse can get activated sensitively. This eclipse will show its impact on mundane and international events for the next 4 years while it will show its impact on individual charts over the next 4 months. Let us see the impact of this solar eclipse for different signs/ ascendants…Important: Please note that this is just one of the many factors of influence on charts; so, these influences will happen only in conjunction with other events in your life; also, we have to check the impact of the eclipse with respect to the full chart; for instance, an eclipse falling on the degrees of natal Jupiter can cause significant positive developments, etc.; you need specific astrological analysis with respect to your individual chart if you wish to know the impact particular to your full chart… The following effects are only general.

Aries Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 10th house. There could be significant developments concerning professional matters. If you are careful and thorough, and know how to capitalize on opportunities, there will be abundant scope for career progress under the impact of this eclipse. However, lack of caution can cause problems. Ensure that you share good relationship with your co-workers because that is the key to your progress over the next 4 months.

Taurus Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 9th house. There could be sudden positive developments regarding higher education or foreign travel. Those on the look-out for prestigious foreign assignments can bag good offers due to this influence. This is a good period for Spiritual exploration and for getting initiated into new spiritual practices/ occult experiments. Health of paternal relatives can cause concern.

Gemini Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 8th house. You should be most careful while driving vehicles, while handling ancestral property matters, and while handling finances of others – as problems are likely in these areas of life. Positively, there could be some unexpected good breakthroughs in legal matters. If you are a psychic, you could be blessed with new occult powers after intense practice during the next 4 month-period.

Cancer Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 7th house. You should tread most carefully in relationship matters. Single natives should not be in a hurry to commit themselves to their suitors but do enough background checks to ensure that they are committing themselves to the right person. Married persons should avoid impulsive speech/ actions to avoid problems with spouse. There could also be issues with business partners for cancer natives.

Leo Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 6th house. You should take health concerns seriously and tend to them promptly, to avoid later complications. You should watch what you say and what you do to avoid unnecessary controversies. Watch out for secret enemies in the background who may try to sabotage your progress. Positively, this is a good period for devising strategies to outwit rivals, for filing law suits, and for undergoing alternative treatment to handle existing health issues.

Virgo Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 5th house. Eclipse degree being trine to natal points is generally considered auspicious and can trigger soul-searching thoughts and better insights. But, the flip side is that there could be tricky developments in romantic matters and also, affairs of children should be dealt with more care. Speculative activities should be preferably avoided if you are a greenhorn trader in the markets – because you are under a “make a million or lose a million” aspect for the next 4 months.

Libra Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 4th house. Be most careful in real-estate dealings, purchase/ sale of vehicles, and regarding health of maternal relatives. Students of this sign should devote more time to studies and avoid distractive influences. As the eclipse degree squares your sign, you should be realistic in your goals and aspirations during the next 4 month period.

Scorpio Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 3rd house. You may feel more adventurous than usual…while this can be to your advantage in certain matters, you should avoid the tendency to take rash risks or to lash out at others in an unprovoked manner. Health of younger siblings might come under cloud. Relationship with neighbours can also come under strain for some persons of this sign.

Sagittarius Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 2nd house. Financial matters receive major thrust from this eclipse. There is possibility of windfalls under this influence. However, you should be most careful regarding financial transactions as there is possibility of controversies in financial matters. Avoid standing surety for others for the next 4 months.

Capricorn sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on your sign. This is a period when you can benefit by introspection and soul-searching. Take some time to analyze your real aspirations. This is a time when you should find the REAL YOU and real progress in life will come later when you focus your efforts to achieve your real aspirations. Obviously, such periods can cause some restlessness…it is all for your good!

Aquarius sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 12th house. This is a period when unexpected and unavoidable expenses can come knocking on you. Positively, this can be a period when you will get very good insights in dreams, and also transactions related to overseas trade will progress well. This is also a good period for mystic research for you – if you are so inclined.

Pisces Sun sign, Moon sign, or ascendant: The eclipse falls on the 11th house. The major thrust of this eclipse influence is on “friendships” and gains. There may be new and compatible persons entering your life in the next 4 months’-period while old friends who are not in sync with your wavelength may fall off your social radar. This is a good period for initiating new business ventures. In the family, health of elderly siblings might come under strain.

Blessed be.


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