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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mahaa Sankatahara Chaturthi vratam on August 28, 2010

Dear Members:

The auspicious Mahaa Sankatahara chaturthi vratam is to be observed on August 28, 2010 this year throughout the world.

Sankatahara chaturthi is the 4th lunar phase after Full Moon every month, and observance of this vratam is believed to remove all obstacles in life. The vratam is done by fasting from early morning of the day, doing pooja to Lord Ganesha around sunset, and breaking the fast after sighting the orb of the Moon's crescent; if the orb is not visible, you can break the fast at approximiately 1-1/2 hours after sunset or after the time of Moonrise at your place (to be calculated using ephemirides).

Mahaa Sankatahara chaturthi is the sankatahara chaturthi that is observed one fortnight before Vinaayaka chaturthi. As the name implies, this is the grandest of all the Sankatahara chaturthis and hence highly efficacious. Lord Ganesha is already the God who removes obstacles......and to propitiate Him on a day that is specifically indicated as auspicious for removal of obstacles if prayers are done on His Honour is twice powerful in this regard! The added flavour to this vrata this year is that it falls on Saturday - ruled by Saturn, and we know that prayers to Lord Ganesha are efficacious in controlling the ill-effects of Saturn, and so, anyone suffering from adverse effects or obstacles arising out of Saturn's major or sub periods, or sade-sathi periods can benefit by this vratam very much.

Those who can afford might try organizing a full-fledged Fire worship on this day in Honour of Lord Ganesha with the aim of turning obstacles into opportunities, and to get relief from all stresses in life. Those who cannot afford to do individual homams, can participate in community homams (havans) that will be organized by temples/ spiritual communities in their vicinity; those who cannot do that too, can simply fast on that day, and recite mantras like "Om Vigna vinaashanaaya namah " (Hail to Remover of all obstacles), Sangashtanaashana Ganesha sthothram from Ganesha Puraana, etc. around sunset and get benefitted by such prayers.

May our members observe this auspicious vratam and enjoy the bliss of life where obstacles turn into opportunities by His Grace:)

Blessed be.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vara Mahalakshmi Vratam on August 20, 2010

Varalakshmi Vrattam or "Nonbu" as it is called is a powerful vrattam that can ensure prosperity and overall development in the family. It is to be observed on August 20, 2010 this year throughout the world.

As the name implies, this Varalakshmi vrattam bestows "boons" to the devotees.Generally this vrattam is taken only if it is celebrated in the family traditionally; but there is no harm in taking this vrattam voluntarily also. The only condition is that once you have taken it as a vrattam with proper "Lakshmi Face" and "Kalash", you have to celebrate it EVERY YEAR without fail. Even when there is a death in the family in that year, you are supposed to take the "amman face" to some family that celebrates it, place it in their pooja with their permission, offer something as "dakshina" for their conducting the function, and then bring the amman face back to your house. Such is the procedure;so think whether this is feasible before taking this vrattam.But even if you don't take it as a vrattam for life, all can chantLakshmi mantras, beeja mantras, Lakshmi Sahasranaamam, Kanakadhaara Sthothram, Sri Stuthi, Sangraha Lakshmi Hrudayam or other slokhas/ mantras on Goddess Mahalakshmi and get Her Grace. Goddess is Waiting to bestow Her Grace on that day; we just need to ask Her.

Ladies who have taken this vrattam vow in earlier years but are in monthly periods on this day and hence cannot offer the Varalakshmi pooja can offer the vrattam prayers on the subsequent Friday i.e. on August 27, 2010.

We intend to perform Beejaani sahitaa Lakshmi Homam on that day along with recital of other powerful mantras on Her. Apart from that, we will also pray for Universal Welfare as is our tradition while conducting homams of this sort.

May Goddess of Fortune smile at all of benevolently!


Astrological and Remedial consultant

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vishnupati Punyakaalam on August 17, 2010

Dear Members:

The auspicious Vishnupati Punya kaalam falls on August 17, 2010(this is one of the 4 vishnupati punya kaalams that fall in a year) for persons living in all parts of the world except American continents. Those living in U.S., Canada, Caribbean Isles, and other nations of American continents should observe the punya kaalam austerities on August 16, 2010 itself.

Dharma shaastra says that any meritorious deed done during periods like Vishnupati Punya kaalam will ensure Divine Protection for the next 7 years. Also, the results of the meritorious deeds (punya) get multiplied 1000 times!

The whole day is auspicious and you may perform special worships or charities at any time from dawn of the date mentioned (16th August 2010 or 17th August 2010, depending on your geographical location) till the sunrise of the next day. So, even those of you who may have busy schedules should make it a point to some how squeeze time to do special prayers/ meditation on this punya kaalam day and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Reciting sthothras like Shri Vishnu Sahasranaamam, Shrimad Bhaagavatam, Shrimad Raamaayanam, Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha, etc. will be very auspicious on this Vishnupati period. Also, it will be auspicious to offer oblations in Honour of Deities, Sages, and ancestors during this Punya kaalam.

The least you can do is to recite "Raama Raama" whenever you get time throughout the day.

Japa, Tapa, HOma, and Dhaana are the limbs of punya, and by performing any of these on Holy Days like these, we can erase the tough writings of Lord Brahma from our foreheads and have our Destiny rewritten favourably by the Golden nib of the Lord. May our members indulge in charitable/ religious deeds on this Holy Day and become recipients of Divine Grace. Divine Grace is the only Wealth that will never get eroded by "recession" or "macro economic factors." May we earn this Wealth of Divine Grace zealously on Holy Days like these and invest in our own bright future (it is punya that gets translated as good luck - sooner or later!).

Om Namah Shivaya

Om NamO Naaraayanaaya

Shri Raam Jaya Raam Jaya Jaya Raam.

Blessed be


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kaamika ekaadasi on August 6, 2010

Dear Members:

Kaamikaa Ekaadasi is the ekaadasi that falls in the krishna paksha of the lunar month of Sravana (Pournimaant reckoning of lunar months).

This is to observed throughout the world on August 6, 2010 (except for those living in Hawaii region of U.S. where it is to be observed on August 5, 2010).

Merits of this ekaadasi (from Brahmavaivarta puraanam)....

Observing the kaamikaa ekaadasi gives one the merit that accrues out of bathing in sacred rivers. Offering Tulsi to Lord Mahaavishnu on this day pleases our Lord more than offerings of even the Nine Gemstones of rarest quality! A devotee who does proper worship of Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaves on this ekaadashi day reaches Vaikuntam directly after the end of this life. Proper observanace of this ekaadasi will please Yama Dharmaraaj also. It is customary to donate a ghee lamp/ sesame oil lamp to a Krishna temple on this ekaadashi day. Such a devotee will be blessed by all celestials. The merit accruing out of this ekaadashi is equivalent to that accruing out of recital of all Holy Scriptures.

Elsewhere, it has been mentioned by Lord Brahma to Sage Narada that the merit of observing this ekaadasi is equivalent to that obtained by donating a healthy cow along with her calf and one year's feed to a worthy vedic scholar.

May our members observe this holy fast and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Blessed be.


Pandit R.DAKSHINAMOORTHIAstrological and Remedial

Monday, August 2, 2010

Aadi Kritthikai festival on August 4, 2010

Dear Members:

The auspicious Aadi Krittigai festival falls on August 4, 2010 this year. Krittigai star is auspicious for worship of Lord Skanda (also affectionately called Murugan, Kaartikeyan, kumaran, velavan, etc.). Krittigai star in the solar month of Cancer (Aadi month) is especially auspicious.

You may worship Lord Skanda by reciting Kanda Shasti kavacham, Thirumurugaarrupadai, Kandar Anobhooti, Skanda Sahasranaamam, Kandar Alankaaram, or whatever Divine Work on Lord Skanda you are familiar with.

Worship of Divine in the Form of Skanda can bless you with courage, wisdom, wealth, and ultimately salvation.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

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