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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rahu/ Ketu transit -2016

This is about the transit of mean nodes of the Moon (Rahu/ Ketu).  Rahu will transit through Simha rashi and Ketu will transit through Kumbha rashi from January 29, 2016 to  taking Lahiri Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa standard for the calculations.

Why different dates are shown for this peyarchi and which is correct?

You might find different dates for transit on the web - some because they follow vaakya panchanga without the relevant correction as recommended by siddhanta works in astrology and thus may give the Rahu-ketu peyarchi on 8th January 2016/ 9th January 2016 which was observed in many temples.  But, for astrological purposes, it is more correct to consider the mean node for transit calculations - which is what we have done and which is what drig ganitha based almanacs will also suggest. Based on such reckoning, Rahu-ketu peyarchi (transit) is on January 30, 20169-02 a.m. IST and its impact will be till second half of August 2017.  Due to minor ayanamsa differences, some Drig ganitha panchangs show the Rahu/ ketu peyarchi on January 29, 2016 – but as per calculations using siddhanta principles and applying relevant corrections for ayanamsa, I am going to do the austerities only on January 30, 2016


For those born in Mesha rashi (vedic Moon sign in Aries),  Rahu transits the inauspicious 5th house from natal Moon sign.
Women of this sign who are in the family way should undergo regular medical check-ups to rule out complications; relationship with close family members may come under strain. However, the transit of Ketu - in the 11th house from Moon sign can give good gains and career progress. Thus both good and not-so-good results are indicated by this transit. Those appearing for competitive examinations, or have critical appraisals coming up must back themselves by taking extra hard efforts.  Luckily, the good transit influence of Jupiter till August 11, 2016 will cover the tough planetary transit of Rahu till that period, and so, the tough impact will be restricted to the period between August 2016 and August 2017.

For those born in Rishabha Rashi (Moon sign in Taurus), Rahu transits the inauspicious
inauspicious 4th house. Health of elderly relatives - especially mother or mother's father/ mother may cause concern. There could also be relocation related anxieties or wearisome journeys due to professional reasons.  Be very careful if you are planning on purchase/ disposal of property.  Students of this sign must put in extra effort to do well in their studies. Ketu's transiting the 10th house indicates possible good luck in some major projects after strenuous efforts. The effects can be said to be tough but not entirely unmanageable as Rahu and Ketu give different results based on this transit.

For those born in Mithuna rashi (vedic moon sign in Gemini), Rahu transits the
auspicious 3rd house from natal Moon which can give good results and long awaited breakthroughs in life. Auspicious events can materialize for those who have been waiting for wedding bells to ring for a long time.  You can enjoy very good progress if your work is related to communication sector or involves lot of writing/ networking with others. Your luck can be further ennhanced (regardless of your line of work) by taking adventurous decisions.  
 Ketu's transit in the 9th house is slightly challenging for health of self, paternal relatives who are elderly, and overseas prospects - while it is also good for spiritual pursuits and visit to Holy Places.  Also, Ketu's transit causes Vedha (obstruction) to the good effects of Saturn's current transit in the 6th house from your rashi. So, the effects are mixed for you.

For those born in Kataka rashi (Vedic Moon sign in Cancer),
Rahu transits the inauspicious 2nd house while ketu transits the inauspicious 8th house from natal Moon sign. Health could be the main victim of such transits. Regularity in dietary and sleep routines, besides regulating the type of food consumed can go a long way in protecting your health. You must follow the rules of the road carefully while driving, and also be ready to take avoidance actions if the fools at the wheel of the other vehicles come your way impelled by fate – because there is accident-proneness due to this transit. Avoid self-medication at all cost as there is high risk of medicinal allergies.  Also if there are eye infections take immediate medical help and avoid procrastinating on that as eye-problems are strongly indicated during this phase. Watch what you say under all circumstances; there is real risk of spoiling relationships by careless words.  Avoid raising heavy loans for any purpose as far as feasible. The good transit influence of Jupiter will shield you till August 11, 2016, and thus you can find things to be manageable during this phase.  You should exercise additional care/ caution between August 2016 and August 2017.

For those born in Simha Rashi (Vedic Moon sign in Leo), Rahu transits natal Moon sign while ketu transits the 7th house from natal Moon sign; this transit is challenging for Simha rashi natives. Rahu transiting the natal Moon sign will impel you to make mistakes due to miscalculations in life/ illusions. You should avoid taking impulsive decisions; domestic peace may be marred by unnecessary arguments/ anxieties due to influence of Ketu on the 7th house from your rashi. Health of self and elderly relatives may cause concern. The good transit of Jupiter will shield you and reduce the negative effects to some extent after August 11, 2016

 For those born in Kanya rashi (vedic Moon sign in Virgo), Rahu transits the 12th house from natal Moon sign while ketu transits the auspicious 6th house from natal Moon sign. Rahu's transit can cause finanace related controversies, unforeseen expenditure, wearisome journeys and heavy workload at work, possible relocation, etc. Expenditure can mount uncontrollably under the joint influence of Saturn and Rahu on your 12th house. Ketu's transit influence helps in overcoming rival activity and can promote gains by overcoming tough challenges. So, the results are mixed for you. As the transit of Jupiter is also simultaneously tough for your rashi, you must be very careful in all activities and do nothing to tempt Fate.  Take things as they come and try to unlock the knots in your life by systematic action and patient efforts.

For those born in Tula rashi (vedic Moon sign in Libra),
Rahu transits the auspicious 11th house from natal Moon sign indicating removal of obstacles to auspicious events, success, good gains in business, etc. Ketu's transit over the 5th house can cause some anxiety regarding younger family members, trouble from secret rivals, occasional problems of liquidity for businessmen, and possible ill-health for self or other close family members. Thus the results are mixed for you. The good transit of Jupiter till August 2016 will reduce the negative influences and give scope for positive outcomes till August 2016.  You must be more careful in the period between August 2016 and August 2017.

For those born in Vrischika rashi (vedic Moon sign in Scorpio), Rahu transits the 10th house from natal Moon sign, while ketu transits the 4th house from natal Moon sign. You should guard your reputation zealously as there is possible risk of scandals arising out of undesirable association. Health of self and maternal relatives may also be below par. You should be extra-careful in all activities. Students should avoid unnecessary distractions to get good grades. Career luck will be mediocre and success is possible only with hard and conscientious efforts. As the transit of Jupiter is also sensitive until August 11,2016, you must be very careful in all your activities. In the period between August 2016 and August 2017, the transit of Jupiter is auspicious, and so things will be manageable if you take the right efforts and make the right moves.

For those born in Dhanus rashi (vedic Moon sign in Sagittarius),  Rahu transits the auspicious 9th house giving you unexpected positive outcomes, and good luck arising out of punya karma, and Ketu transits the 3rd house from rashi - which is auspicious and can give you improved self-confidence; So, those born in Dhanus rashi have a good influence based on the transit of nodes this time. You have a good spread of dinner on your tables and unless you spoil it, your party is likely to go great in the near future – especially as the transit of Jupiter is also great for your sign until August 11,2016. 
For those born in Makara rashi (vedic Moon sign in Capricorn),
Rahu transits the inauspicious 8th house and ketu transits the inauspicious 2nd house from rashi. There could be obstacles to goals, strained relationship with relatives, fruitless journeys or travelling to distant lands, anxieties due to relocation, delay in getting funds released for auspicious purposes, etc. Be very careful while driving vehicles, and leave nothing to chance while handling sensitive assignments.  Try to err on the conservative/ cautious side during this period as things are tricky for you. As the transit of Jupiter is also tough until August 11, 2016, you need to take measured steps in all that you attempt in your life. The positive transit of Jupiter after August 11, 2016 can moderate things a bit, but don't let down your guard even during that time.
For those born in Kumbha rashi (vedic Moon sign of Aquarius), Rahu transits the 7th house and ketu transits the rashi itself. Transit of both nodes is difficult and much caution is need in all activities. Be diplomatic and guarded in your interactions with members of opposite gender, and be careful while taking new medicines. Health may be below par for elderly natives of this sign - including possibility of allergy to medicines or sudden bouts of illness that are not easy diagnosable. The good transit of Jupiter till August 11, 2016 will reduce the negative impact of this transit, but you need to be extra-careful in the second half of the year 2016.  The good transit of Saturn will make things slightly better in the first half of the year 2017.
For those born in Meena rashi (vedic Moon sign in Pisces), Rahu transits the auspicious 6th house from Moon sign giving success over rivals, and success in all activities. However, transit of ketu is not auspicious as it is in the 12th house from natal Moon sign. So, the results will be mediocre - the good and bad results balancing each other out. Due to auspicious transit of Jupiter after August 11, 2016,  there is scope for positive developments with hard efforts. 


Please note that the above results are general and this influence is just one of the many factors that impinge our life...These will be moderated by the effect of transit influences of other major planets and also the directional influences unique to your charts. To some extent I have touched upon the altered influences caused by transit of other major planets in this write-up, but to get the real impact of Rahu-ketu transit unique to your sign it is always best to consult an astrologer who has consistently caught the pulse of your chart correctly and guided you correctly (a family astrologer – like a family doctor is always best in guiding you as long as you have chosen the right person for that important role!; there are some influences that are unique to individuals which an astrologer who is constantly guiding an individual will be better aware of!)
ONE IMPORTANT GENERAL  NOTE:  Since Jupiter in transit will be in conjunction with Rahu in Simha rashi till August 11, 2016 - there is formation of Guru-Chandaala yoga which can give crisis of Faith. There could be either extremes - unbridled sense of optimism or trusting those who must not be trusted (like falling prey to false gurus, flawed religious precepts, misleading psuedo-spiritual practices, etc.), OR, developing doubt on genuine dharmic matters or causing disrespect to venerable Gurus.  So, try to be as balanced and objective as possible in your dealings.  It is easy to misunderstand really good persons by stray events or what you hear about them, and equally possible to fall prey to false gurus impelled by "herd mentality."

Remembering liberated Saints of whichever tradition you subscribe to can be an effective anti-dote to these maladies caused by Jupiter-Rahu conjunction this year.

It is noteworthy that some important spiritual events like - MahOdayam (will write a separate article on this) on February 8, 2016, and Mahaa Makham (the grand celebration of Holy Theertham at KumbakOnam) happen under this influence.  Pilgrims visiting Holy Places or indulging in austerities during these period must plan their moves carefully, and by liaising with responsible and reliable persons in kshetras to avoid falling victim to extorters/ frauds in kshetras, and also take care of young ones and elderly relatives during pilgrimages (to avoid missing them; it is a reality that though pilgrimages are done for welfare of family, some families have lost their dear ones to stampedes or lost children in the crowd).  Be responsible in your moves in such crowded places - the able bodied persons in a tour must try to form human shield around vulnerable people - like very young children, mothers carrying infants, and elderly persons - in crowded places on auspicious occasions; all pilgrims must try to avoid unnecessary jostling with each other, and try to maintain a streamlined flow of movement so that stampedes and other mishaps can be prevented.

Please remember this thing - if you await your turn patiently at kshetras, and facilitate good darshan/ performance of austerities to fellow pilgrims - especially young children and old persons visiting kshetras- God will attend to you and bless you.  Charging at the temples/ teerthas as if there is no tomorrow and pushing away vulnerable pilgrims like children/ old people/ ladies will only invite bad karma.


Those who are under adverse Rahu-ketu peyarchi influences (especially those born under Mesha, Rishabha, Kataka, Simha, Kanya, Vrischika, Makara, and Kumbha rashis ) should perform remedies to overcome the possible malefic influences. Worshipping Goddess Durga on Tuesdays/ Fridays, and Lord Ganesha on Chaturthi days will be good remedies for such natives. Also, if you can manage, you may visit shrines like those at /Shri Kaalahasti, /Tirunaageshwaram, Thirupaamburam, Tiruchengode, etc. for remedial prayers (you can visit any of these). Sethu snaanam (Holy bath at Rameshwaram) will also give relief from trouble caused by nodes.

We are organizing special homams on the occasion of this Rahu-ketu peyarchi on January 30, 2016. Mahaa Ganapathy homam, Chaamundi homam, Durga Sooktha homam, Prathiyangira homam, Vatuka Bhairava homam, Rahu beeja homam, ketu Beeja mantra homam will be done on that day. Recital of Durga Sapta slokhi, Graha dosha nivaarana Durga mantra, Sankashtanaashana Ganesha sthothram, Rahu sthothram, Rahu Kavacham, Ketu sthothram, and Ketu kavacham will also be done as part of the austerities.

The suggested offering for part-sponsorship to take part in that homam performance is Rs.1200 (rupees one thousand two hundred only) or equivalent. Those who are interested in participating in these for remedial purposes may write to me at: with details of the name of the person for whom the remedial performance is desired, their nakshatra, and gothra. Please write "Rahu/ketu transit 2016" in the subject line for my easy tagging of such mails.

Please note that we won’t be sending homam prasadam or holy ash by post due to ritual purity reasons and those who wish to collect the prasadams must come in person to do so; for the others, the sankalpam taken in your name during the homams will be deemed “in-absentia” participation and the karmic effects of this performance will reach you any way.

Best regards,
Blessed be.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Thai Poosam - 2016

Dear all:

Thai Poosam is celebrated on January 24, 2016 - Sunday (those in U.S., Canada, and other nations of the American continents must observe this on January 23, 2016 itself). It is a festival dedicated in Honour of Lord Skanda - the Son of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Skanda put an end to the atrocities of the demon Taarakaasura on this day with the Blessings of His Divine Parents - Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

Float-festival is observed in Madurai Meenaakshi -SundarEshwarar temple on this day; all major Muruga temples celebrate this festival in a grand manner.

Recital of mantras like Kanda Shashti kavacham, Kandar Anubhooti, Kandar Kali Vennbaa, Tirumurugaarruppadai, etc. will be very auspicious on this day. Even if you do not know any of these (these are all powerful Tamil Hymns and obviously persons who don't have Tamil as Mother Tongue may not be comfortable with these), you can recite "Om Skanda GuravE namah" "Om kumaaraaya namah" "Om DhandapaanayE namah" "Om satrusamhaaraaya namah" "Om shakti hastaaya namah" etc. that are His powerful names.

If you have inimical activity in your life and are feeling anxious and insecure, you may try worshipping Lord Skanda (lord Muruga) today. Even Saatwik persons may pray for overcoming enemies.....afterall, our greatest enemies are within ourselves - Fear, Pride, Arrogance, Lust, Illusion, etc.

May our members utilize these spiritually significant days for Divine Contemplation and become recipients of Divine Grace which is our Real Wealth and which will NEVER suffer recessionary trends!

Blessed be.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pausha Putradaa ekaadashi 2016

Dear members:

The auspicious Putradaa ekaadashi of Pushya month falls on January 20, 2016 this year.  It is to be observed on the same date throughout the world EXCEPT those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continent who must observe this on January19, 2016 itself.

Besides the general effect of karmic merit and removal of sins that is common to all ekaadashis, observance of the fast on this day (Putradaa Ekaadasi) can bless those who seek the boon of progenic bliss with birth of a good child in the family.  Even elders or other relatives of the couple can observe this fast and pray for birth of child to such childless couples.

Performance of Santaana Gopaala homam, recital of Gopaala Taapini upanishad, chapters from Bhagavatam or Naaraayaneeyam that deal with birth of Shri Krishna, etc. are auspicious recitals on this day.

Best regards,

Blessed be.

Thai Krittikai festival today

Dear All:

Today is Thai Krittikai - one of the many auspicious days for propitiating Lord Skanda.

Special worship was done at our residence today in this connection praying for Universal Welfare in general.

Those of you, who can , may offer prayers meditating on Lord Skandaa - the Embodiment of courage and wisdom seeking the Grace of Almighty who Manifested in Skanda Form.

Best regards,

Blessed be.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hanumath Jayanthi - December 28/ December 29, 2016

Dear Members:

Hanuman Jayanthi falls on December 29, 2016 per Tamil traditions (It is to be observed on December 28, 2016 itself by those living in USA, Canada and other nations of the American continent, and those living in European nations).

Those living in rest of the world - including India - must observe this on December 29, 2016.

There are other various versions for this observance also - some follow it on Chaitra Pournami (this is followed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and some parts of North India. In North Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Hanumat Jayanthi is celebrated on Vaisakh Krishna dasami thithi. According to Tamil traditions, Hanumat Jayanthi is celebrated on the Amavasya thithi of the Tamil Month Maargazhi when Moola constellation rules. (for those of you who are from Siddha lineage of Sage Agasthya - there is another version which is not so popular as the other jayanthis! Agasthya Samhita gives Lord Hanuman's Birth details as Mesha lagna, Krishna chaturdasi thithi, Swaathi nakshatra, in the solar month of Karthigai)

The differences may pertain to different incarnations of Lord Hanumaan in different kalpas (the same Divine Events have occured in different kalpas with slight modifications and that is why you will find slight differences in version of some Divine Legends in various Puranas as they may refer to the events in different kalpas!). So, probably they are all correct in that they refer to His Jayanthi in different kalpas.

Another reason for the difference could be that each "Jayanthi" could refer to some significant "life-changing or rebirth sort of event" in Lord Hanuman's the first conception through Lord Vaayu's agency as a Rudraavataraa, His being revived by Divine Boons as a child (after He was struck by Vajraayudha when He tried to gobble the sun! thus it was a sort of second life for Him), His realizing His Divine Powers after Jaambhavaan alerts Him of the powers that He had forgotten due to the curse of rishis, His Incarnating as Panchamukha Hanumaan to tackle the challenges of Demons of the Netherworld, etc.

Generally for a devotee every day is of spiritual significance and so, these "special days" are just convenient Divine Excuses for showering additional devotion and for Divine Celebration with extra fervour! So, maybe, you can follow all those Jayanthis of the most Humble but Mighty Messenger of Lord Raam and celebrate His Incarnation thrice/ Four times a year!

In that spirit, even our brethen from North India, and other southern states may offer special worship to Lord Hanumaan on this day when their brother devotees from Tamil Nadu will be offering their respects and veneration to the Glorious Son of Vaayu.

Recital of Shri Hanumaan Chaalisaa, Sundara Kaandam chapters, AanjanEya sahasranaamam (reputed to be composed by Lord Raama Himself!), etc. are considered to be auspicious on this day.

I am not inviting any offering for this performance, preferring to do it with my own resources this time for Universal Welfare from the excess of funds from earlier homam performances and from the resources gathered by my astrological services which I am saving as corpus fund for funding austerities like this from time to time.  I plan to include "everyone" in these prayers and by God's Grace since I am able to manage it, I am not requesting any sponsorships for this homam this time.

May God's Grace be with us all. May the spirit of Service and Selfless Love and devotion to God embodied by Lord Hanuman pervade our psyches too!

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Monday, January 4, 2016

Saphala Ekaadasi January 5/ January 6, 2016

Dear Members:

The auspicious Saphala Ekaadashi falls on January 5/ January 6, 2016

 The observance of this fast for different places on the globe is as follows:
1) for USA, Canada, West Indies, and other countries in American Continent, those living in United Kingdom, and countries in Europe - January 5, 2016
2) For those living in Gulf countries - January 5, 2016.
 3) For those living in India, and countries to the east of India - January 6, 2016 (this is because of atiriktha Ekaadasi - where Ekaadasi exists for the whole day on January 5, 2016, but also extends for some time after sunrise on January 6, 2016, ideal fasting day for householders would be January 2016 in India and other countries to the East of India.  Ascetics should fast on both January 5th and January 6th - unless specific traditions/ Guru vaakya ordain otherwise for them.  People with intense spiritual perspectives/ goals can also fast on both days, and if the fast is undertaken for only one day, it should be ideally on January 6, 2016 - for those living in India and other nations to the east of India).

Glory of Saphala Ekaadashi
This is mentioned in Brahmaanda Purana. Fasting on Saphala Ekaadashi will help in cleansing all sins committed earlier, and also helps in attaining fame in this life.

Lumbaka - the son of a king was always questioning the authority of Lord Vishnu, and due to this irreverent attitude, he was exiled from the kingdom. He continued with his irreverential attitude, and added to that began plundering the wealth of poor villagers. He took his abode beneath a banyan tree, started killing animals, and began eating raw meat. (The legend purports to describe that the king's son had fallen into sinful ways that will add severely to karmic account).

Once, he fell ill on a particular day and hence could not partake his usual meals (of raw meat!); he also remained awake all night due to his sickness. As the day was Saphala Ekaadashi fast day, he had unknowingly followed the vrat! The next day he felt better and intuitively realized that this was all due to Grace of Lord Vishnu. He realized his mistake, returned to his father with a repentant attitude, and lived happily thereafter.

Such is the glory of the Saphala Ekaadashi - even a person who unknowingly kept that fast could gain Grace of Shri Vishnu. So, what to speak of the Holy and Pious persons who undertake this fast with full faith and with Divine Contemplation? Is it not obvious that Heavenly glory is open to those who undertake this auspicious Saphala Ekaadashi Fast?

Special austerities recommended in connection with this ekaadasi:
1) Offer Pomegranate, guava, variety of nuts, coconut, betel leaves, areca nuts, mangoes, and aromatic spices (like cloves, cardamom, etc.) in Honour of Lord Aadhi Naaraayana (The Original Viraat Roopa of Shriman Naaraayana - with His Consort Lakshmi on His Breast and mounted on Shri Garuda, and carrying His Divine Conch and Disc with Full Glory) on this day. You can partake these items as prasad on dwaadasi day if you are keeping a full fast; those who are only observing partial fast (just abstaining from whole-grains and beans) may partake these in lieu of regular diet.

2) Light a ghee lamp in Honour of Lord Naraayana and Goddess Lakshmi in your pooja place and recite the Holy Ashtaakshari (Om NamO Naaraayanaaya) as many times as possible. Recital of Naaraayana Sooktham and Purushasooktham can also be done by those who are intiated into these vedic hymns.

A full-night vigil is also recommended. Those who cannot maintain a full-night vigil may at least recite Shriman Naaraayana naama as many times as possible and sleep with Divine Thought.

May our members undertake this fast and feel Blessed by Divine Grace.

Blessed be.

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