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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Indra Ekaadasi- Sept 30/ October 1, 2013


Dear Members:

Indira Ekaashi fall on the waning phase of the Moon in the lunar month of Aswin (September-October by modern calendar). Simply put, it is the Ekaadashi that falls during the Mahaalaya paksha.

Indra Ekaadasi schedule for different regions around the globe in 2013

It must be observed on September 30, 2013 by those living in U.S.A., Canada, European countries, African continent, and those living in middle-East countries.

Smartha ekaadasi for those living in India is to be observed on September 30, 2013.

Vaishnava ekaadasi for those living in India and Bangaladesh is to be observed on October 1, 2013.

For other regions in the world - all countries to the east of Bangaladesh (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, etc.) the ekaadasi (both Smaarth and Vaishnava) the ekaadasi must be observed on October 1, 2013.


The importance of Indira Ekaadasi is explained in the Brahma vaivarta Puraana in a discussion between Lord Krishna and king Yudhishtra. Observance of this Ekaadasi will help in removing the sinful effects of actions done by oneself and also relieve deceased ancestors' souls from the remorse caused by their sinful actions when they lived on this earth. According to legends, King IndrasEnaa performed this fast on the advice of Devarishi Narada and saved his father from the remorse caused by his sins during his earthly life.

On the day before the observance of this ekaadasi fast, i.e. on dasami thithi, just one meal is eaten praying for ancestors' souls; on the Ekaadasi day a full fast is to be undertaken, and in the afternoon rituals for the satisfaction of pitrus are to be done; the fast is broken on dwaadasi day. If such an elaborate scheme is not feasible, you may just fast as usual on Ekaadasi day, and pray for peace of your pitrus' souls after the Ekaadasi pooja to Vishnu. What else can you do for you ancestors than undertaking this fast that can relive their souls of the burden/ remorse caused by sinful activities committed knowingly or unknowingly during their tenure on this earth?

Please note that this fast is not mandatory for those below 7 years/ above 70 years as is the common rule for Ekaadasi fasts. Similarly those who are sick are also exempt from this observance if their physical condition does not permit a full fast. Others should preferably undertake a full fast (abstaining even from water, if possible). Those who can't undertake such rigorous fasts due to practical circumstances should at least avoid all full-grains, onion/ garlic items, eating food outside, etc. and try to subsist on milk and fruits. The bottom line is - observe the fast to the best of your abilities and as best as your circumstances will permit the observance.  Remember that this is the best homage you can pay to your deceased ancestors.

May our members observe this wonderful fast and gain liberty from sinful karma not only for themselves but also for their ancestors!

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sharada Navarathri 2013

There are 6 Navarathris in Honour of Divine Mother of our Universe - one for each Rithu (season), and this navarathri falling in the sharad rithu is the most important one as it is the one recommended for householders.

Navarathri schedule for different parts of the world.

Navaraathri austerities begin from October 5, 2013 in India, Gulf countries, European countries and all nations in American continents.

Those living in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Fiji must observe this from October 6, 2013.

Durga pooja is to be observed on October 12, 2013 throughout the world except those living in USA, Canada, and other nations of the American continents who must observe this on October 11, 2013 itself.

Mahaa Navami (Saraswathy Pooja, Ayudha pooja) should be celebrated on October 13, 2013 throughout the world - except for those living in USA, Canada, and other nations of the American continents who must observe this on October 12, 2013 itself.

Vijaya Dasami -

There is some confusion in this matter this year.....While Kanchi almanac and some other panchanga scholars opine that Vijaya Dasami also should be observed on October 13th itself in India, Sringeri vidwans and other experts suggest the observance on October 14, 2013.  We are more inclined to side with the Sringeri tradition in this regard since Dasami operates during sunrise of October 14, 2013 and it does not happen until 1:19 p.m. on October 13, 2013. [Dharma shastraic injunctions in this regard suggest that for sukhla paksha dasami related vratas, the reckoning time is sunrise during which time Dasami must operate; if the vratam is about krishna paksha dasami, then we must see on which of those solar days Dasami operates for more time and then take a decision - and it is usual to give preference to the day which has dasami predominating during the night on such occasions if it operates for almost equal duration on both days during krishna paksha....just for your academic interest regarding dharma shastraic injunction of sages in this regard].

So, we leave the observance of Vijaya dasami in India to their respective traditions while I will be giving the traditional Vijaya Dasami Chandi homam poornaahuti done at the end of the Daily Navarathri observance only on October 14, 2013 morning.

In countries of the American continent,  Europe and middle East countries, Vijaya Dasami must be observed on October 13, 2013. (yes, for some regions - like in Europe and in Middle EAst countriesMahaa Navami and Dussera fall on the same day - October 23, 2012; going into the astrological/ astronomical/ panchang sookshma nuances will be beyond the comprehension of most normal devotees who would just like to observe the festivals on the correct dates/ days as per shastric doctrines and so I am not going deeper into this).

For those living in countries to the east of India, Vijaya Dasami must be observed on October 14th, 2013.

Methods of celebrating Navaraathri.

It is traditional to keep "Kolu" - an arrangement of dolls during Navaraathri. This is to signify that Our Divine Mother resides as Inner Soul in all Forms. Some people make the arrangement in such a way that the various steps of the kolu represent the Order of Evolution - like keeping invertebrates and such other forms of lives in the bottom step, keeping dolls representing human life in the middle of the kolu steps, and keeping dolls representing Divine Legends, Dasa Avataars, etc. on the top most step of the kolu arrangement. It is traditional to keep 5 rows (to represent Five Elements of Life), 9 rows (to represent the Nine Forms of Divine Mother), 11 rows (to represent the 11 forms of Lord Rudra), 13 rows (one in Honour of each chapter of Durga Sapta Sati), or 15 Rows (one in Honour of each syllable of Shri Vidhya panchadasaakshari mantra) as per one's convenience; traditionally, people avoid arranging the kolu in 7 rows for sentimental reasons (there is a belief that such an arrangement in 7 rows might affect financial prospects).

I request all our members to perform simple worships as per their convenience during the Navarathri period and become recipients of Divine Grace. This is a period when we Celebrate our Universal Mother - so, that joy should be there in our minds when we observe this austerity (we should not be unnecessarily tensed or make this too complicated with too many taboos! One does not think of protocols when approaching one's mother - but just go with the moment with unbounded joy and affection; such should be our attitude when we worship Our Universal Mother during this period - assuming we are all Her Children and we are invoking Her Presence in our homes - celebrating this with affectionate respect and joy).

Recital of Lalitha Sahasranaamam, Dasa Mahaa vidhya sthothrams, simple Devi sthothrams, Abhiraami Andhaadhi, Lalitha Anubooti, Soundarya Lahiri, Dugra Sthothram, Chandi Path (Durga Saptasathi), etc. can be auspicious during this period.

During this period, we should consider all women as Forms of Divine Mother and treat them with courtesy and respect. One who observes the Navarathri austerities intensely, but insults women knowingly/ unknowingly does not get the benefit of the austerities. Remember this, and treat women (including those in your own family) with affection and respect [Ideally that should be the case always! Because Shastras say that where virtuous women are honoured, Divine Grace visits even in an uninvited manner! This is the reason why women should take special care to safeguard their basic dignity, be affectionate and gentle in dealings with family members, avoid letting corrupting thoughts/ behaviour patterns enter their life styles, etc. in an attempt to maintain their Divine nature that is intrinsic to them; All higher forms of lives spring from the feminine gender of the species, and a virtuous woman is a living Form of the Universal Mother - and can be a source of happiness and Grace to herself and to everyone who is blessed enough to move with her).

Those who have Tulsi plant in their houses, can offer prostrations to that Divine Plant and pray for prosperity and Divine Grace in its vicinity. (All the Holy Rivers are in subtle forms in the roots of the tulsi plant; All Divine Forms are manifest in the middle portion of the Tulsi plant, and All Vedas and Holy Scriptures are manifest in the tips of the Tulsi plant, as said in the Puranas).

Offering Go-Poojaa (prayers to Cow visualized as embodiment of all Divinities) on Fridays and Tuesdays of Navarathri period can give unlimited merit.

It is also auspicious to read a small portion of Divine Legends that depict how the Gracious and Kind Mother Manifested in Angry Forms to annihilate all enemies to peaceful life on Earth every night during this navaraathri period, and invoke such Manifestation of Power in our lives also to annihilate all our enemies (both intrinsic like anger, greed, laziness, and ignorance within us, and our external enemies/ unruly elements who try to disturb peaceful and gentle citizens in the society unnecessarily).

Recital of Chandi Paaraayanam is a powerful remedy not merely for our families but for ensuring peace in the land where we live in. In fact, if austere persons of Faith keep reciting the Chandi Path and Shri Rudram regularly, and if there are many of them in a land, shastras proclaim that the elements of nature's Fury like floods, pestilence, droughts, etc. will never harm that land and prosperity will rein in that land. So, it is partly our duty as Universal Citizens to offer special worship to Divine Mother during this period and pray for relief to all the distressed souls who have been harassed much by the floods in Northern parts of our blessed land, and also pray for peace throughout the world in these troublesome days where you can never read a newspaper without coming across some inauspicious event/ mishap in one corner or other of the earth.


As usual special worships will be performed at my residence in Chennai in connection with Sharada navaraathri from October 5, 2013 to October 14, 2013. We will be offering poojas and homams for Universal welfare daily during these days, and those who are interested in sponsoring the austerities are welcome to do so.

The part-sponsorship of each day's austerities (beginning from early morning till night.....Ganapathy homam, Laghu chandi homam, recital of Devi Mahaatmyam, Lalitha Sahasranaamam, Soundarya Lahiri sthothras, Dasa Mahaa Vidhya japams, Select verses from Devi Bhagavatam,  veda mantra chants  etc.) is US$80(US Dollars seventy five only). Resident Indians might offer Rs.4500- (rupees four thousand five hundred only for the same). We are not restricting participation in the daily homams/ austerities this year. Those who wish to be part-sponsors for more than one day's rituals are also welcome to do so.

Mahaa chandi homam is planned on October 14, 2013 on Vijaya Dasami day. The part-sponsorship for this Mahaa chandi homam on October 14, 2013 is US$400 (US Dollars four hundred only).

To enable persons who are interested in taking part in some form of prayers at our place but are unable to afford the part-sponsorships, this year we have decided to offer the following special poojas at affordable sponsorship rates:

1) Durga Sookta, Lalitha Sahasranaamam paaraayanam, and Durga Sapta Slokhi paddathi deepa pooja for general welfare and removal of planetary afflictions in the evenings - US$15 (US Dollars fifteen only).  Part-sponsors of the day's austerities are automatically included in this - so they need not register again for this performance in the evening.

2) Saraswathy kavacha paaraayanam and other special chants on Vaak Devi from Yamala tantraic literature to improve general intelligence and promote academic prospects on Saraswathy Pooja day - US$15 (US Dollars fifteen only). This is recommended for those who wish to do aksharambam for their kids this year on Vijaya Dasami.

You can select your option of special worships from the drop=down menu given below at the end of this write-up.

Even those who are unable to offer sponsorships for these rituals need not feel let down; prayers are offered for Universal Welfare at the end of each day's austerities, in addition to the prayer for specific special sponsors, and the prayer for Universal Welfare covers everyone - including you!

May Divine Mother Bless us all.
Blessed be.
Various sponsorship options
Name, nakshatra, gothra

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pitru Paksha 2013

Pitr Paksha (Mahaalaya Pakshaa ) is about to begin from September 19/ September 20, 2013. Schedule of Mahalaya paksha: It begins from September 19th for those living in U.S., Canada, and other countries of the American continents. For those living in rest of the world, it is to be observed from September 20, 2013.

It is a powerful period for propitiation of manes(ancestors). Pitrus are said to Grace the households of their descendants with Divine Permission from the other Planes of Existence and are waiting to Bless any descendant who is willing to Honour them in whatever little way they can.

Austerities during Pitr Paksha (applicable to those who have lost atleast one parent) include:

1) Not eating non-veg (in case of non-vegetarians).

2) Not eating onion, garlic, outside food, processed foods,drumstick, etc (for pure vegetarians).

3) If possible avoiding shaving for the entire fortnight till Mahalaya Amavasai; obviously it may not be possible for everyone due to current secular life restrictions (like office policy requiring an executive placed in a cutting-edge responsibility to be clean shaved). Even in these cases, shaving should be avoided at least on the thithis of one's ancestors (father/ mother).

4) Performing obsequies (shradh) on the thithi of the ancestor's death to the extent possible or at least offering "anna dhaanam"(offering food) to poor persons/ priests as per one's convenience.(On this day, you should not shave as already stated)

5) Abstaining from carnal intercourse with members of opposite gender during the fortnight as a mark of respect to Pitrs.

6) Doing recitals like Garuda Puraanam (depicting passage of asoul), Nachiketa story from Upanishads (where Yama Gitaa is there -it contains Lord Yamaa's elucidation of the journey of a soul which was first revealed to the devoted Nachiketaa), Pitru sthothra and Gangaa Avatarana chapter from Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayan. These recitals are stated to grant satisfaction of Pitrs and thereby ensure their blessings upon us. In fact these recitals can be done even by those who have parents alive! (The other rituals like tarpanam should not be observed by those who have parents living). These are auspicious and do not come under the category of shraardha - but at the same time have the potency to give peace and happiness to the souls of ancestors of one's dynasty when they are recited. Those who cannot recite them personally may organize such recitals in honour of their ancestors with the help of vedic/ puranic experts.

Some important days during the pitru paksha
The following are auspicious days to perform shraardha to pitrus - irrespective of the thithi of their demise.
Those who cannot observe the ritual procedures/ restrictions outlined above through the pitru paksha may at least observe the ritual guidelines on these auspicious days in honour of their pitrus.

1) Mahaa Bharani - This falls on September 23, 2013 (those living in U.S., Canada and other nations of the American continent must observe this on September 22, 2013 itself).

2) Madhyaashtami - This is to be observed on September 27, 2013 throughout the world.

3) Mahaalaya Amaavasya - This should be observed on October 4, 2013 in U.S.A., Canada, and other American continental countries, Europe, Africa, Middle East nations,and India. Those living in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji must observe this on October 5, 2013.

Some controversial issues regarding the observance of pitru paksha rituals/ shraardham and dharma shastraic clarification for the same
1) There are many persons who feel that Mahaalaya paksha rituals need not be done in honour of step mother (called Sapatnii maataa - by shaastraas); doing it for just one's mother and father is enough. There are some who feel that only the eldest son of the second wife of one's father needs to do the shraardha if the first wife of the father died without issues.

Clarification: Though the eldest son is the first Adhikaari for rituals, when property has been divided among the brothers or when they have started living apart from each other as separate families, shraardha and other pitru rituals need to be done by each brother individually. The same holds true for honoring the Sapatnii maataa (Step mother who has died without issues also). Just think....will that Honourable Mother have taken care of just the eldest son and left the other sons in the lurch if she had been alive and the biological mother had been dead? Please use this logic for your clarity in this regard. Just as the step-mother cannot ignore the other children (nor should she!), the children also should not be partial towards performing rituals in Her Honour for Her Soul - especially if she had died without issues. This applies more sternly in cases where the eldest brother of the family is not alive. Unfortunately many families do this mistake of leaving the poor step-mother (the first wife of one's father who died without issues) after the eldest brother is dead. As long as at least one brother is alive, the sapatnii maataa should be honoured during pitru paksha on the day when you do the shraardha of your father (you can invoke one Brahman priest to represent the step-mother's lineage just as you do for your own mother's lineage). Please note that this guideline does not apply in cases where the other woman has voluntarily left one's father (say divorce), or has been indicted by a dharma parishad for undesirable behaviour and hence denied karma benefits in accordance with dharma shastraic principles after giving ample opportunity to exonerate herself. In cases where the father has done an injustice to another woman (who is no more) and has married one's mother, the son who performs rituals in honour of that wronged woman (father's first wife - who is deemed one's saptnii maataa) redeems himself from that dosha. A righteous son should try to do what he can to set right the wrongs done by his deceased parents - as and when he comes to know of that possibility. Though each person is answerable to his/ her own karma and sins, family doshas do arise out of adharmic activities of one's ancestors and these doshas do affect the family for many generations to come (usually seen as Stree saapa in the horoscope of many members of a family). Such doshas are cleared when that wronged soul is honoured appropriately in consultation with dharma shastraic experts in this regard.

2) Some think that if the annual shraardh is done properly, Mahaalaya paksha (pitru paksha) shraardha/ tarpanam need not be done!

Clarification: If you get double-increment will you say "I already got one; so please ignore me for this increment!" No one does that. Yet, when it comes to accumulating spiritual merit, we often tend to say "I have done that and so I need not do this." This attitude of excusing ourserlves from dharmic duties should be overcome consciously. Rather, we should think that the Mahaalaya paksha is a God -Given opportunity for us to honour our pitrs yet again. In fact, Mahaayalaya Paksha shraardh is mandatory, and there is no way out of it, and the benefits accruing out of Mahaalaya paksha shraardha/ tarpanam are actually more than what can accrue out of annual shraardha. The pitru paksha observance gladens our pitrus and we should not miss it for any reason. If we are unable to offer the shraardha/ tarpan on the thithi of our father, we should at least do it on the other special days like Mahaa Bharani, Madhyaashtami, or Mahaalaya Amaavasya (any one of these days). We should not miss it giving any excuse - because no such excuse exists!

3) There are some who think that if Gaya Shraardha has been done, there is no need for Mahaalaya paksha shraardha/ tarpanam.

Clarification: Gaya Shraardha is definitely a wonderful ritual for satisfaction of pitrs. But, having done that is no excuse for exempting oneself from Mahaalaya paksha tarpanam/ shraardha and annual shraardha. These should be continued as long as one is alive (or at least till one is healthy enough to carry on the rituals). Only those who are bed-ridden are exempt this due to obvious reasons! It is a sin to skip these rituals in mistaken sense of having attained a level where these are not necessary - no human being living an ordinary life is exempt these karmas. Even great rishis who were highly spiritually evolved and avatars like Shri Raama, Shri Krishna, have observed these, and obviously we are not above all of them in our spiritual standing! Only sanyaasins are exempt these because they don't have karmaa adhikaara (ritual right to perform a karma). Everyone else who has karmaadhikaara (due to death of one's parents) should observe this - even if they have done the Gaya Shraardha and Akshaya vata pinda daan.

4) Only those who have lost their parents can do any ritual to satisfy pitru devatas..

Clarification:  Shraardhas in Honour of pitrus and tarpanam in their Honour are the only activities that are restricted by the above taboo.

Activities like offering greens to cows in memory of deceased ancestors of the family, recital of Raamaayana chapter to ensure peace to the soul of deceased ancestors,  performing annadhaanam (donation of food to needy) in honour of deceased ancestors, and recital/ arranging recital of Pitru sthothra are austerities that anyone can do in honour of pitrus. In fact, if one's father or other main kartas are not enthusiastic in performing pitru related rituals and there is consequent pitru saapa indicated in charts, descendants of such families, if they are believers must take measures to please pitrus by their own austerities or by arranging suitable recitals for peace of their ancestors.


I hope these clarifications help our members to get this matter in the right perspective.

Those who want to offer special recitals for pitru trupti (satisfaction of deceased ancestors) might click on the links below for sponsoring such recitals:

Gangavatarana + Pitru sthothra recital
Ancestor's name, thithi, gothr
May our members observe these dharmic guidelines in connection with Mahaalaya paksha (Pitr paksha) and become recipients of the Grace of pitrus - our Benevolent Ancestors who have the capacity to shield us from the dangers of existence and improve our luck with their Blessings.

Blessed be.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Rare Planetary influence on September 18th, 2013 and persisting during the pitru paksha......

Dear Members:

This post is about a celestial phenomenon that might influence all of us in general....

On September 18, 2013, Venus conjuncts Saturn, and this stellium is within 1 deg orb of influence to the face of Rahu.  Saturn-Rahu degree conjunction occurs on September 25, 2013.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction is an event that happens once in 57 years and a few odd months - the conjunction points precessing from one zodiac sign to the previous one. The last such conjunction was in sign of Vrischika in the year 1956. The current Saturn-Rahu conjunction is in 2013; the next such conjunction will be in the year 2070 and it will be in Virgo (Kanya rashi). [Please note that I am speaking of a grand cycle of Saturn-Rahu conjunction where once in around 57 years and few odd months, the conjunction in happens through one sign to another in an anticlockwise direction (A zodiacal precession influence) - like in 1956 it was in Vrichika, in 2013 it is in Thulam, and in 2070 it will be in Kanya.....There are other times when Rahu and Saturn will be conjunct - for instance in 2025 in Meena rashi, and in 2036 in Simha rashi but that is a different grand cycle.....and typically such conjunctions happen in the 6th sign from this Major cycle conjunction and every 6th sign therefrom every 11 or 12 years......I am explaining this only for astronomical purposes so that students of astronomy don't wonder as to whether this is such a big deal - as anyway Saturn-Rahu conjunction can happen. This conjunction is a Grand cycle - where the conjunction proceeds from one sign to the previous one in the anti-zodiac order once in 57-58 years, and conjunction happens in the same nakshatra once in 707-712 years.... ]

Now, the signs in which such conjunctions occur and the planets that this Saturn-Rahu combination triggers during that period can have a major influence on general trend of things till the next such conjunction, and this Saturn-Rahu conjunction can indicate a "phase shift" in mindset of people and a potential period for major changes in the trend of things to come.

The last shift in 1956 in Scorpio (Vrischika rashi) and its influences thereon brought about lots of destructive wars - rebellions that caused redefining of states/ nations as they were then known, and atheist movements with a rebellious flavour gaining control of the popular psyche - consistent with Vrischika influences.  Since Moon was the planet influenced by that conjunction then, the shift in psyche lead to psychological problems, depressive tendencies (a void that resulted in the mindset of people leading them to try varied approaches - from tantric practices that gained currency as opposed to traditional methods, to jazz music, to the rapid strides in technology that resulted in change of social mores/ protocols).

The current shift - in contrast has potential to be a "joyful" one - as it happens in the sign of Venus and Venus is the planet that is influenced.  Technology can make national boundaries/ or other such physical barriers irrelevant (already this has happened, and it is bound to happen even more - where a person at the other end of the Universe will be as close to you as a person in the next room!)

Time may not be far off when even tactile sensations/ smell can be reproduced through computers or projection of images made possible - that could make "virtual presence" complete with the fragrance of hte person, to the personal warmth to be projected "virtually" to any place in the Universe!

This Saturn-Rahu conjunction might influence the psyche of "women" more.  Women all over the world may gain even more ascendancy - BUT might also face challenges associated with increased exposure to the world outside (even now in professional settings a woman is not able to cite reasons of "I am woman I can't work late at night;" now this is going to be even more enhanced in the future - where no concessions will be extended to women on account of their gender).

Women must consciously try to find ways to ensure their safety in such an environment.... for example, a female physician may not be able to say "I won't be doing this medical process as I am trying to conceive the radiations might affect my baby."  Due to increased competitiveness, gentlemanly conduct/ chivalry may become scarce entities and women may begin to pay the costs for "equality."  So, it might become imperative for everyone to take extreme steps or decisions in the coming years......with an all or nothing approach....some women may opt to remain unmarried, while some may opt to remain childless or delay child-birth till they attain major milestones in their career, etc.  These influences are already felt in some sections of the society.....and these will be further strengthened in the years to come.

While Saturn-Rahu conjunction of 1956 made the race towards inventions related to weapons of mass destruction and bitter wars - both covert and overt for supremacy between the world powers, the current conjunction might cause "psychic poisoning" - where people may become less spiritual but more "magical/ occult" in their thoughts/ approach - consistent with this conjunction in Venus' sign - the sign of the Asura Guru.

Occult approach without Spiritual perspective can be dangerous - the history of Asuras - who gained immense power and wealth only to be decimated at the end stands testimony to where such an approach can lead us.

So, we must all consciously develop active spiritual perspectives, and avoid being flushed away by the flood of unnecessary occult beliefs/ rumours that may circulate.  We may see lots of tantric practitioners attain remarkable siddhis in the near future - some of them genuine spiritualist while many of them getting their siddhis by propitiating predhas, bhootas and other elementals that could cause lots of harm to humans by their very presence.

The motto of every spiritual individual over the next half-century period must be "I don't want fast results or an approach of "success at any cost"; rather I will be true to hallowed traditions to the extent feasible in today's life style so that my welfare is assured both here and in the hereafter.  I won't be a mere goat that follow the flock but I will be the intelligent Mariner who charts his own course from the never-failing Pole star that shines forth to show the way and the Poles of the earth that will guide my path.  Shastras and ways of saints of yore and siddha purushas like Raghavendra swami, Chandrasekara saraswathi, Shiridi Sai, Swami Samarth, and other such Sants will be the frames of reference for me to guide my spiritual path."

Saints have always said "Kali Yuga" is beneficial for spiritual persons - because what could be attained with intense tapasya over many aeons can be attained easily by naama japa and daily performance of prescribed rituals in Kali yuga - because due to the general trend of decadence in spirituality in the society, God and Dharma Devataas will be very "lenient" in assessing our karmas - marking us Full for even minor charities/ austerities while giving us lot of leeway whenever we err - as long as we are willing to correct ourselves and are anchored along dharma shastraic ways.

This is not a write-up to scaremonger.........I am just sharing my thoughts based on what is possible in light of a rare celestial phenomenon.....this is a once in many centuries conjunction.....the earlier Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Libra in the nakshatra Swati (same as the current conjunction) was in the year 1306! [Though Saturn-Rahu conjunction will happen more often, its exact conjunction in Libra in the star Swati is a once in 7 centuries phenomenon as explained in the previous paragraphs!].

There could be attack on Sanatana Dharmic beliefs - including some laws being passed to outlaw some sacred beliefs (dubbing them as superstitions). Those who follow Sanatanic belief systems must be firm and oppose such moves - because by losing the essence of your Faith you are rendered powerless.....spiritual power is reinforced by following some rituals/ hallowed practices.  A temple will become a mere building, an idol will become a mere doll, and a priest will become a mere drama artist in make-up IF certain rites and rituals are tampered with mindlessly in the name of egalitarianism.  Anyone can be a priest provided he/ she is trained to follow certain strict protocols of behaviour in everyday life......unnecessary watering down of spiritual practices will make them useless. We must all be wary of such attempts to cheat ourselves in the name of false spirituality (like false prophets claiming vedic sanction/ avadhootaic sampradaya might say things like "just do this simple thing; use a spoon and pour two spoons of ghee into any fire and that is havan!"......if we just follow such mindless examples of false remedies, they will only be wastage of ghee and samidhs!).  Just observe the pattern of life of saints/ bhaktas of medieval India - they followed their practices in some of the most challenging circumstances (when following Sanatanic practices was hard due to invasions and religious persecution of foreign invaders)........they have shown us exactly how much our practices can be watered down without prejudice to spiritual benefit of ourselves and the Universe.  Shridi Sai - unconventional though he might seem to a casual observer was known to chide his Brahmin followers if they did not do Gayathri japa properly......when one of his followers asked him "can Vaiswadevam be done now a days? Can annadhaana for 100 people be done everyday?" He said, "can't you feed a crow everyday; can't you give one handful of grass everyday to a cow? can't you throw flour to ants - which will eat in hundreds?" all these are annaadhaana!  So don't say Vaiswadevam cannot be done today!

Many such Saints have shown the way with miracles done by them during their lifetime and in their discourses.  Let that Light of Jupiter show us the path so that we won't be deluded by the Asura Guru Venus who gets empowered by Tamasic Rahu and Saturn in His sign.

Positively, if we can have a strong leader elected to lead our country, there could be decisive settlement to various issues that have been haunting us since our Independence - including overcoming Chinese threat and the constant nuisance of terrorist attacks from across our borders (In 1306-1307 period during the previous Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Tula Rashi, Khiljis neutralized Mongol threat to our North/ Northwest frontiers).

Those learnt in Vedas can chant portions pertaining to Ashwamedha Sacrifice for rulers of nations to be strong and dharmic.  Other can chant mantras like Vishnu Sahasranaamam or recite Shri RAama Pattabhishekam to ensure dharmic vibes in the society as an anti-dote to Rahu-Saturn-Venus conjunction that may threaten real spirituality.

Whenever possible try to support performances of Chandi homams for Universal Welfare (wherever they may take place; But do not make it an ego issue - like it should not be a mere advertisement where each colony claims to have done its own chandi homam; get those done by good experts and with real bhakti for the welfare of Humanity as a whole).  Especially, there could be marked violence against women/ aged persons by moral-less ruffians in pursuit of pleasure/ greed of money.....Our prayers should be directed for protection of all such persons who are potential targets of unruly forces.

The ignorant and careless persons might be bitten even by a normal snake; BUT if you have Lord Vishnu on your side, even the Giant Poisonous Snake Vaasuki might help you in churning the Milk Ocean and get Nectar... Lord Shiva will eat away the Poison and let you have Nectar if you have real bhakti. Just don't let Rahu steal your nectar by your carelessness.

Any act done without real spiritual perspective is rakshasic and will only add to your ignorance; the siddhis of Rakshasas did not give them wisdom....don't let such ignorance and illusion catch up with you (this is a special advice to practitioners of yoga practices/ mantraic practices...don't be carried away by Rasaayana siddhi; be humble if you get siddhis - like shri Raghavendra and Swami Ugra Narasimha Bharati - who used to say that their Miracles were done with power of Bhakti and upaasanaa and never claimed those powers for themselves).

May Light of Jupiter dispel Maaya.

Sept 18, 2013 is a watershed day for us - all humanity as a whole is a cycle beyond us....we can't change it.....BUT, we can make sure that we won't be carried away by the flood of times and lose our moorings.  With God as our anchoring bed, and our Faith as anchor we must keep our ships safe!

Blessed be.

Parivartini ekaadasi

Dear Members:

Parviartini ekaadashi also called Paarshva ekaadashi falls on September 15/ 16, 2013 this year.

Those living in American continents (both North and South America), Europe, Africa, and Middle-east countries must observe this on September 15, 2013.

Countries to the East of India - like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Thailand  must observe this on September 16, 2013.

Vaishnava ekaadasi for those in India must also be observed on September 16, 2013 (due to operation of Dasami thihi during Brahma Muhurtha on September 15, 2013).

This day is believed to be the day when Lord Mahaa Vishnu in His Yoga Nidhra changes his position in sleep - from left side to right side.

Just as the Lord shifts in His Yoga Nidra from one side to another, may His Grace allow you to explore all aspects of your life and may His Grace allow you to expect a positive turn of Fate in your lives!

It is traditional to venerate Lord Mahaa Vishnu in His Form of Vaamana on this day.

Vaamana Jayanthi is to be observed on September 16, 2013 throughout the world.

May our members observe this fast and become recipients of Universal Grace.

Blessed be.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ganesha Chaturthi September 8/ 9, 2013.

Dear Members:

Schedule of Vinayaka chaturthi celebration this year

Vinayaka Chaturthi is to be observed on September 9, 2013 in middle-East countries, India, Srilanka, Maldives, and other countries to the east of India like Myanmar, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New zealand, etc.

Those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of American continents, and U.K. and European countries must observe this on September 8, 2013 itself since Chaturthi thithi begins for these places before Noon on September 8, 2013. (check if Chaturthi thithi operates between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at your place and based on that celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on Sept 8/ Sept 9, 2013)

Though every Chaturthi thithi of every month is auspicious for worship of Lord Ganesha, Vinaayaka Chaturthi that falls in Sravana month sukhla chaturthi is of special significance. Worship of Lord Vinaayaka on this auspicious day will bestow capacity to overcome all obstacles in life, accomplishment of all tasks with perfection, intelligence, and countless benefits from both materialistic and spiritual points of view.

It is customary to offer pooja to a clay image of Lord Vinaayaka (Vinaayaka is the Presiding Deity for Moolaadhaara chakra for which the element is Earth!), and then immerse it in water bodies on subsequent days (avoiding Fridays, Tuesdays for the purpose). But, please avoid keeping "plaster of paris" idols for pooja and doing the ceremony of immersing those environmentally incompatible images in water bodies....It is a great sin to do like that. If you are keeping "plaster of paris" images of Vinaayaka for pooja, just keep it in a safe place in your house and avoid immersing it in the sea or other water bodies. It is my request to all our members.

On a different note, members whose close relatives are in the family way should avoid immersing the clay idols kept in Vinayaka Chaturthi pooja till the child is delivered safely. Once the child is born, the clay idol can be immersed later on an auspicious day. This is consistent with time-hallowed traditions.

Those who know Tamil can recite "Vinaayagar Agaval" "Vinaayakar Kaarya siddhi maalai", "Vinaayakar kavacham(by Kapila Muni)", etc. Recital/ listening to Ganapathy Atharvaseersham is very auspicious. Our Paaraayanam group members can listen to Ganapathy Mangala Maalika sthothram, Vakrathunda sthothram (that has powerful beejas in it), etc. on that day from our files section.

Those who find it difficult to perform elaborate poojas can please Lord Ganesha by simple recital of His Holy Names like

"Om Kshipra Prasaadanaaya namah" (Salutations to Thee who art pleased easily)
Om Gananaathaaya namah (Salutations to Thee who art the Leader of all Living Beings).
Om Vignavinaasanaaya namah (Salutations to Thee who Removes all obstacles).


We are planning a Grand Homam on Vinaayaka Chaturthi day this year also. The homams will be done with the Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy mantra , Durga Ganapathy mantra, Ucchistha Ganapathy mantra, Ganapathy Atharvaseersha mantra, and Panchamukha Ganesha mantra in an elaborate way praying for Universal welfare.

Those who wish to participate as general sponsors in the austerities are most welcome to do so by clicking the links below:

Different pooja sponsorships (please click the drop-down menu for your choices)
Enter name, nakshatra, gothra

Please note that we will not be dispatching the homam holy ash or other prasad to anyone by post; those who can attend this in person at our residence at Villivakkam are most welcome; regarding the others, inclusion of your name/ nakshatra and gothra during the sankalpam is deemed "in-absentia" participation and the results will accrue as per doctrines of dharma shastra in this regard.  Of course, the Holy Ash is preserved at my residence and you may collect that anytime later also - whenever you can come and meet me at my office cum residence (even months later!).

My best wishes to everyone. May Lord Ganesha - the Destroyer of obstacles - Bless us all.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

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