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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A query regarding crow flying over head

The query: Dear Panditji,

If the Crow is flying over the head then is it showing any dosha / inauspicious?
Is any remedy required?

My response:

If the crow just flew over the head in its course of flying without any intent to strike at your head, it is not a dosha. But, if it made aggressive passes near the head or actually nicked the head with its peaks or beat the head with its beaks/ claws, then parihaaram should be done - as this is considered inauspicious.

Offer a Til lamp (lamp with wick made of sesame seeds and oil of sesame) in Navagraha sannidhi on Saturdays and perform Navagraha archana as remedy if crow made aggressive attempts to beat the head.

Those who are initiated into mantra shastra can just recite Indrakshi sthothra once and smear the forehead with holy ashes instead of the above remedy.

Blessed be.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Utpanna Ekaadasi on November 21, 2011

Dear Members:

The auspicious Utpanna Ekaadasi falls on November 21, 2011. It is to be observed on the same day throughout the world - except those living in Japan, Fiji islands, Australia, and New Zeland. Those living in these parts should observe Ekaadasi on November 22, 2011.

This Utpanna Ekaadasi is special because this was the day when Ekaadasi Devi - the Patron Deity of this Fast manifested from the Power of Lord Mahaa Vishnu.

Mura - a demon brought all the planes of existence under his control and forced the demi-gods like Indra away from their positions of authority. The devas approached Lord Mahaadeva for a solution to their predicament. Lord Shiva instructed them to claim protection by surrendering to Lord Maha Vishnu. The demi-gods accordingly approached the Holy Abode of Shriman Naaraayana, praised Him with devotional fervour extolling His virtues, His Divine Might, and His Glories, and requested His help in the matter of vanquishing the demon Mura.

Lord Vishnu instructed them to advance to the abode of the demon, and Himself went along with them. The demi-gods scattered away from the battle-field on meeting with relentless aggression from the demon army. The attacking demons met their nemesis in Shriman Naaraayana - who vanquished hosts and hosts of demons with His Divine Weaponry.

At last, the chief of the demons - Mura himself came to meet our Lord in the battle field. The Divine Weapons caused no harm to Mura due to his previous boons. At last, Lord Vishnu decided to engage the demon in arm-to-arm combat; this combat went on for one thousand celestial years! Lord Vishnu decided to retire from the battle and retired to a deep cave. (He feigned tiredness and fear! Though the Bhavishya Uttara Purana uses words such as "I went there (to a cave) out of fear and also to sleep, we should take it as our Lord's Play only. Lord Maha Vishnu - the Ultimate Supreme Being need not be "afraid" of a demon, nor can he ever feel "tired". This was a Divine Play to vanquish the demon in a special way, and He must have feigned tiredness and fear....only this can be the right interpretation of this episode).

The demon Mura followed Lord Vishnu, and on seeing Him asleep, the demon decided to finish Him off. However, from the body of Our Lord, a young Divine Maiden manifested, and She fought tirelessly with the demon, and ultimately vanquished him, putting an end to the saga of his unrighteous domination over the Universe.

The Divine Maiden pleaded a boon from Lord Vishnu upon His Waking up (His sleep and Waking up again are all Divine Plays! It should not be taken too literally).

The maiden said, "O Lord, if You are pleased with me and wish to give me a boon, then give me the power to deliver that person who fasts of this day from even from the greatest of sins . I wish that half the pious credit obtained by one who fasts will accrue to one who eats only in the evening (abstaining from grains and beans), and that half of this pious credit will be earned by one who eats only at midday. Also, may one who strictly observes a complete fast on my appearance day, with controlled senses, go to the abode of Lord Vishnu for one billion kalpas after he has enjoyed all kinds of pleasures in this world. This is the boon I desire to attain by Your mercy, my Lord, O Lord Janardana, whether a person observes complete fasting, eats only in the evening, or eats only at midday, please grant him a religious attitude, wealth, and at last liberation."

"'The Supreme Lord said, "O most auspicious lady, what you have requested is granted. All My devotees in this world will surely fast on your day, and thus they will become famous throughout the three worlds and finally come and stay with me in My abode. As you, My transcendental potency, have appeared on the eleventh day of the waning moon, let your name be Ekaadasi. If a person fasts on Ekaadasi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him My transcendental abode."

Ekaadasi fast is thus the greatest of all fasts as it was sanctioned by the Supreme Lord Himself. Fasting on ekaadasi properly helps a person to vanquish all the dangerous enemies who can threaten one's prospects (the greatest enemies are a person's own undesirable vaasanaas, and obsessions which are internalized in the person's psyche. That is the actual mystic import of this legend though it might have occured in reality also in a distant kalpa!), and thus bless the person with material prosperity while alive, and Eternal Salvation after this incarnation on earth.

The day when Lord Vishnu's Yogic power manifested outwardly as Ekaadashi is Utpanna Ekaadashi. By tradition, a child who attains 7th year of age in this life is initiated into Ekaadashi fast gradually beginning from this Utpanna Ekaadashi of that year(the first fast of a tender child should not be too intense; the child should be taught the basics of ekaadashi fast like abstaining from certain foods - grains, beans, and outside food; chanting Divine Names of Lord Vishnu; the child should not be made to endure a full fast - rather, the child should be trained to survive on fruits/ juices, milk, etc., or just made to skip meals once. Then gradually, the child can graduate to a full fast if it agrees well with the child). This is an auspicious day to begin ekaadasi fast as a life-time discipline for anyone who has not fasted before, but wishes to do so in the future. [More guidelines about ekaadasi fast can be checked in previous write-ups in this blog].

The glory of a fast on this Holiest of Days need not be elaborated any further. May our members enjoy Divine Bliss by observing this Holy Ekaadasi fast to the extent of their abilities. My best wishes to the Faithful parents who are about to initiate their young children who have attained the eligible age for beginning Ekaadashi fast on this Holy Day. Believe me - initiating a child into Ekaadasi fast is one of the best gifts you can give to your child :)

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Utthaana Ekaadasi November 2011

Dear Members:

Utthaana ekaadashi falls on November 6, 2011 this year. It is to be observed on the same date throughout the world - except for those living in the U.S., canada and other countries of the American continents (Those living in American continent should observe this fast on November 5, 2011 itself).

This ekaadashi is also known Devouthaani ekaadashi and Hari PrabhOdhini Ekaadashi (capital "O" indicates that this is to pronounced as long vowel sound as per standard transliteration schemes for sanskrit words).

The Kaartika dwaadashi - the day of ending this HariprabhOdhini fast is also the day when chaturmaasya austerities are to be terminated. It is to be noted that Lord Vishnu - who begins His Yoga Nidra on sayani Ekaadashi gets up on Utthaana Ekaadasi and hence this ekaadasi is very special to all devotees. (This is one of the few mandatory fasts that are to be observed at least minimally by EVERYONE).

The glory of HariprabhOdhini ekaadashi has been explained in detail in Skanda Puraana. To summarise those - "Offering yellow colour flowers to Lord Vishnu is very auspicious on that day. One who fasts the whole day extinguishes the sins accumulated over several past births. One who remains awake the whole night and sings/ listens to the glory of Lord Vishnu will enjoy the merit that can be accumulated by donating valuable things like Horses and elephants and performing an elaborate vedic yagna. One who recites at least a portion of a sacred scripture on this day will gain the merit of GOdhaana (gift of cows to a qualified Brahmin). It is said that all places of pilgrimmage come to reside in the house of a devotee who observes this HariprabhOdhini fast properly.

The ekaadashi fast on Hari PrabhOdhini ekaadasi removes sins even if they are in magnitude as the glorious Meru Mountain; all sins of the devotee who remains awake on the night of Hari PrabhOdhini ekaadasi are burnt just as a cart load of cotton gets reduced to ashes before a mighty fire!"

Please note that ekaadashi fast should be undertaken with permission from one's spiritual preceptor (in case of ladies, husband should be informed of the fast). If you don't have a spiritual preceptor, (in case of ladies - if husband is abroad or away from you, or in case of widows/ unmarried women) - you may stand before the Sun and declare you intent of the fast (assuming Lord Sun as your Guru). Similarly, the fast should be broken in front of the Sun (or after permission of Guru or husband as the case may be).

Tulsi Vivaah is associated with this fast. It falls on November 7, 2011, and is celebrated as Brindaavana Dwaadashi. One who offers Tulsi garlands to Lord Vishnu on this Holy day gains indescribable merit. Those living in countries in the American continents, and also those living in U.K. and WesternEuropean countries should observe Brindaavana Dwaadasi on November 6, 2011 itself (Please note that both Tulsi Vivaah and Uttaana Ekaadasi austerities should be observed on November 6, 2011 by those living in U.K. France, and other Western European Countries).

On Tulsi Vivaah day , one can celebrate the elaborate ritual of marriage of a Tulsi plant with a Salagram idol or any image of Lord Vishnu. This grants great merit to the devotee and gives upliftment to the devotee's whole dynasty (i.e. generations before and those to come after him also!).

Decorating Tulsi plant with turmeric paste, sandalwood paste, and sindhoor; lighting a ghee lamp under Tulsi plant; offering obeisance to it; offering water to it; showing lit camphor as Aarti to it, etc are simple means of worship that can be done by those who cannot afford to perform the elaborate Tulsi Vivaah as per established procedures.

A simple prayer to Tulsi

"Om Brindaa Brindaavanii viswapoojitaa viswapaavani

Pushpasaara Nandinii cha Tulasii Krishnajeevanii"

Recite this at least thrice before Tulsi plant and offer your salutations to Tulsi Maa. This can be done everyday also - but at least on Tulsi Vivaah day known as Brindaavana Dwaadashi.

Those who cannot maintain the full fast, may eat just once or twice on this day skipping the mid-day meal or eating only supper at night (i.e. even missing one meal time in honour of this PrabhOdhini fast is considered as fasting though the merits are somewhat less). As this is a mandatory fast, such relaxation has been extended. So, everyone should try to fast on this day - at least by skipping one meal on this day. The meal that is eaten on this day should be free of onions, garlic, non-veg items, chillies, whole grains, etc. You may consume chappatis without much salt, or such simple foods on this day if your physical condition requires you to avoid complete fasts.

Skanda Puraana says that mind should be diverted from money-making ventures and instead focussed on charities on this Holy Day. So, you should donate what little you can to vedic experts (genuine experts whom you know to be following rituals and High Spiritual Precepts diligently, and are of noble disposition) on this day. Those who cannot donate anything due to dire financial circumstances should at least have a kind word to speak to an expert vedic practitioner and offer respects to them to get their blessings. Lord Hari Himself will manifest in those Blessings from qualified experts and remove all your sins (a note to spiritual guides who might be reading this: NEVER BLESS ANYONE WITH MATERIAL BOONS ON THIS DAY; JUST SAY "BHAGAVAAN HARI PREETHI SIDDHIRASTHU" - meaning "Let God Hari be satisfied by this!")

May our members enjoy spiritual bliss and removal from karmic burden due to the proper observance of this fast.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saturn's transit into sidereal Libra on November 15, 2011 (Sani Peyarchi 2011)

Dear Members:

Saturn transits into sidereal Libra on November 15, 2011 and stays there till November 2, 2014.

By general principles of transit, this is likely to be auspicious for those born with sidereal Moon in Leo (Simha rashi), sidereal Moon in Sagittarius (Dhanus rashi), and sidereal Moon in Taurus (Rishabha rashi).

The transit could be tough for those born under Meena rashi (sidereal Moon in Pisces), Kataka rashi (sidereal Moon in Cancer), Kanya rashi (sidereal Moon in Virgo), Tula Rashi (sidereal Moon in Libra), and Vrischika rashi (sidereal Moon in Scorpio).

For rest of the signs, the transit could be mixed.

However, due to special factors like elemental status that Saturn attains for each Moon sign, and other unique factors like rulership of Saturn over certain houses with respect to Moon sign, the above general transit effects can be modified.

Saturn enters sidereal Aries on November 15, 2011, and remain there until November 2, 2014. Let us see the effects of this transit on people born under different sidereal Moon signs (Rashis) during this period of 3 years.  
Note: I have suggested the remedies for each sign based on a Deva Prashna erected in this regard. So, the remedies suggested here might be somewhat different from what you might read elsewhere. You may follow whichever remedies (i.e. either what you read here, or whatever remedies you have been suggested by your own personal astrologers) you find convenient and feasible.
Moon in sidereal Aries – Mesha Rashi (Aswini, Bharani, Krittika – 1)
Saturn transits the 7th house from natal Moon sign which might cause either arguments with spouse or ill-health/ minor setbacks to spouse.  There could be fatigue caused due to frequent journeys and danger during journeys.  Due to joint aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the Moon sign, 7th sign from Moon sign, and 9th sign from Moon sign till May 2012, single natives of this sign looking for matrimonial alliances might get good offers till May 2012, which could finally materialize in the period 2012-2013. 
Those trying for higher education abroad might find luck in their favour in the first part of the year 2012, and again in the period between middle of 2013 and middle of the year 2014.  Women of this sign might encounter issues pertaining to gynecological matters. Health of elderly relatives could cause concern especially in the period 2013-2014.
Students of this sign should overcome lethargy and work harder at their studies to enjoy decent progress.  Partnership ventures should be dealt with abundant care and caution since Saturn transits your 7th sign – the sign of partnerships. It is best not to leave things ambiguous in any business agreement, and spell out the expectations and obligations in a no-nonsense manner before entering new partnerships.
Since Saturn attains Taamra Moorthy status (Copper) the results are likely to be mixed during this transit of Saturn for your sign until November 2, 2014. That – by itself – is a consolation (at least it is not all that negative!)
Remedies:  Performance of Sundara Kaandam recital at the rate of one chapter per day can ensure domestic harmony.  Performance of Mrityunjaya homam on your birthday, or offering Til lamps (Sesame seeds tied in a black cloth bundle used as a wick, and burnt with sesame oil) regularly on Saturdays can be helpful in reducing the adverse impact of this transit for your sign.
Moon in sidereal Taurus – Rishabha rashi (Krittika – 2, 3, 4, Rohini, Mrigasira 1, 2)
Saturn’s transit through the 6th sign from your natal Moon sign is highly auspicious.  This auspiciousness is further enhanced by the fact that Saturn attains Rajata Moorthy status (Silver Elemental status) during this transit.
You will be able to come on top in competitive situations, can outwit rivals, clear old debts, and identify effective cures for ailments that might have been troubling you in the past.  The period between May 2013 and May 2014 could be the best due to the fact that Jupiter’s transit also will be auspicious during that phase of Saturn’s transit.
Since both Jupiter and Saturn jointly aspect the 8th sign from your natal Moon sign in the period until May 2012, and again between May 2013 and May 2014, there could be sudden gains from legacies, good returns on LIC or such other Insurance instruments, and possibility of windfall gains in general.  Old debts can be successfully paid back, and money due to you can be recovered without major hassles.
Career matters – which might have been inexplicably uphill in the recent past might progress under the influence of this transit.  You may still have to overcome some obstacles – but you are likely to be in full steam and obstacles will only spur you on instead of demotivating you now!  Those in politics can enjoy the goodwill of the masses if they indulge in altruistic activities with honest motives.
Single natives who are under auspicious directional influences will hear wedding bells ring. It won’t be out of place to observe that you may be somewhat inclined to behave in a dominating manner towards everyone during this phase of Saturn transit ; while this might work in your favour in your dealings with competitors/ rivals, you should take care that your loved ones and family members are not alienated by those displays of brashness now.  Try to be consciously soft and accommodative while dealing with family members to avoid unnecessary domestic issues.
Students of this sign can do well in competitive examinations/ entrance tests. The period between May 2013 and May 2014 can be the best for taking crucial long-term academic/ career decisions. 
As this transit is generally positive, things will be well in control in all sectors of your life.
Remedies:  As this transit is generally positive for you – there is no real need for remedies for your sign.  However, you may be a source of goodluck to your family members and friends by praying for them when you find any of them under stress.
Those appearing for competitive examinations could enhance their good luck and prospects of success by reciting Raama Pattaabhisheka sarga from Yuddha Kaanda of Shrmiad Vaalmiiki Raamaayana (you can also recite translated versions of the chapter in your own mother tongue or in English) on Fridays and Saturdays.
Moon in Sidereal Gemini – Mithuna (Mrigasira 3, 4, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2,3).
Saturn is transiting the 5th house from your Moon sign which can be challenging for romantic matters, matters related to children, and in speculative activities.  Since Saturn attains the status of Swarna Moorthy (Golden Elemental Status) the negative effects will be markedly reduced.  You will have issues – but, with courage and persistence you will overcome those successfully.  As the current transit of Jupiter till May 2012 is highly positive for you, you must take conscious efforts to take major decisions in life preferably before May 2012 – if that is feasible in your life cycle (like deciding on matrimonial matters or at least forming a clear idea regarding what one expects from a partner).  Those in marriageable age should try to plan for marriage in the period before May 2012 ideally.
 Major investements should be preferably restricted to the period before May 2012, and marginal good luck might be expected again between May 2013 and May 2014 (due to joint aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the 5th house again). The same periods are good for matters related to children also.  The other periods are likely to be somewhat stressful for you in many ways.
Health of children must be taken care of. Women in the family way must take adequate rest and nutrition to ensure birth of healthy child.  Those having teen-aged children in the family must be very diplomatic in their handling of such children, taking care to groom them carefully without coming across as being overly restrictive/ dominating.
Remedies:  Women in the family way and those aspiring to conceive can benefit by recital of the following mantra: “Om Raam Raamaaya Kousalyaa Aananda vardanaaya namah” 41 times daily. Dried grapes/ dates can be offered after the recital, and this can be shared with everyone in the family.
Those having children who must appear for major examinations in the near future can benefit by reciting: “Om Aham VEdmi Mahaatmaanam Raamam Sathya Paraayanam” – whenever time permits, throughout the day.
Moon in sidereal Cancer – Kataka (Punarvasu 2, 3, 4, Pushya, Aslesha).
Saturn transits the 4th sign from your natal Moon sign – called Ardhashtama sani. This is also a Kantaka sani transit – which can be highly sensitive to general prospects. There could be unnecessary issues related to domestic life, career matters, and general social interactions mainly due to misinterpretation of your motives by others, and partly due to your own losing temper at inopportune times due to all these stresses.  Since Saturn attains the status of Loha Moorthy (Elemental status of Iron),  this transit could really test your patience and confidence levels to the core.
Health of elderly relatives – especially mother and maternal relatives could cause concern. Those who have recently lost mother might suffer due to that sudden loss of support/ anchoring influence in life and feel desolate.  Vehicles could give lot of problems like developing sudden snags etc., and property related transactions should be carried out carefully. Jupiter’s transit in the 11th house from May 2012 to May 2013 can be a slight relief in the general pattern of challenging situations for your sign. Career matters do look challenging – including possible loss of job at worst, or transfer to distant places/ placed in projects that are highly strenuous and less rewarding at best, or just a general lack of satisfaction at work where things don’t seem to progress much in tune with your efforts.
Students should shun distractive influences and concentrate harder to get good grades.  If you are planning to take a temporary break from education and gain work experience in the interim, after completion of the basic education, it could well be a good idea for most of you during this transit influence.
Women of this sign may be prone to respiratory ailments, allergies, and general feeling of depressiveness that could hamper conjugal happiness.  Generally, natives of this sign should avoid argumentativeness consciously to maintain domestic peace and harmony. Financial luck is mediocre.
Remedies:  Recital of Shri Hanumaan chaalisaa for 8 times on Saturdays, and once daily will be a good general remedy for you.
Before taking out vehicles or before embarking on long journeys, recite the following mantra:
“Om Pavana Nandanaaya AanjanEyaaya sarva sankata naashayaanaya namah” thrice meditating upon Lord Hanumaan, for safety and hassle-free journey.
Moon in sidereal Leo – Simha (Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni  - 1)
Saturn moves into the auspicious 3rd house from your natal Moon sign – ending your sade-sathi period of trials and challenges.  And when Saturn has relieved you off Sade-sathi, it is doing it with style – by attaining Swarna Moorthy status for your sign (Elemental status of Gold) which is highly auspicious.
It is accepted astrological wisdom that when sade-sathi ends, it could be a period of rewards as compensation for all challenges and difficulties faced during the sade-sathi period.  Jupiter’s transit is also concurrently favourable till May 2012, and again between middle of 2013 and middle of 2014.  Success, favourable circumstances regarding most matters, relief from restrictive influences in life, enhanced courage and confidence, and clear thinking will come your way as boons from this transit.
You will be able to regain much of whatever you lost in the recent past – including peace of mind, domestic peace and harmony, and those who had been searching for suitable life mates in vain in the recent past will experience good luck in that sector too.  Misunderstanding with siblings will be resolved amicably much to the relief of all family members.
It must be easier for you to get better assignments or even better jobs in some cases.  Those trying for onsite opportunities will find planets smiling on their lives favourably.  Students will do well in academics and will be able to shake-off the depressive influences of the past, and secure coveted admissions in prestigious institutions of higher learning. Those in show-biz will enjoy good appraisals for their works.
Remedies: This is an auspicious and favourable transit for you – so, there is no need for remedies as such for you.
Moon in sidereal Virgo- Kanya (Uttaraphalguni- 2, 3, 4, Hasta, Chitra- 1, 2).
You are still in the last leg of Sade-sathi period – technically called “paada sani.” Saturn is attaining Thaamra Moorthy status now (Elemental status of Copper) which is supposed to give mixed results even in best of transits.  So, considering you are in the last phase of sade-sathi, Saturn attaining Thamra moorhty status means that you should be on guard in all your activities.  Family trouble and financial worries might eat into your peace of mind.  Since Saturn transits your house of speech, you must be guarded in your speech to stay out of trouble.  Loose talk or abusive speech in anger might land you in unnecessary problems.
Expenses might outweight the inflows – especially medical expenditure on unforeseen fronts could cause financial stress at times. Journeys might be tiresome and not exactly productive to the desired levels.
As transit of Jupiter is positive after May 2012, there could be some positive results in the period between May 2012 and May 2013 – especially regarding matrimonial matters for single natives of this sign.  Again this period between May 2012 and May 2013 can pave the way for acquisition of new vehicles for those natives who have good dasa-bhukti influences in their natal chart cycles.
Career front could be somewhat challenging for most natives of this sign.  Expected promotions/ increments might be delayed, and there could be increased work-loads straining your health to some extent.  Transfer to projects that are not to your liking, or incurring the displeasure of superiors who may appraise you harshly in an unjustified manner are some of the possible situations that you might encounter at work.
Those in business might suffer hassles due to official agencies or difference of opinion with business partners. Those in politics must avoid loose-talk and wild allegations against opponents because such activity will only undermine their stature in the eyes of the public..
Students must work harder and conscientiously to get at least acceptable grades.  Those appearing in competitive examinations will enjoy only moderate luck, and hence have to compensate for that by working harder than what might be expected normally of candidates for such exams.
Remedies:  Recital of Raama Naama regularly is the best possible remedy for you.
Those appearing for competitive exams can improve their luck by visiting a temple near their house bare-footed on Saturdays and offering garland of betel leaves/ Tulsi Leaves to the idol of Hanumaan there.
Behaviour-wise, follow the policy of “talk less and work more” to avoid unnecessary issues – both at work and at home.
Moon in sidereal Libra – Tula (Chitra 3, 4, Swati, Visakha 1, 2, 3)
You will be under Janma sani influence (the second phase of sade-sathi period).  This phase is known to give medicinal allergies, mental anxiety, generalized pains/ feeling of not being fully fit, and facing new situations that are potentially stressful.  However, as Saturn attains Rajata Moorthy status (elemental status of Silver) , the ills are likely to be markedly reduced.  Morever, since Jupiter’s transit influences currently until May 2012, and also between middle of 2013 and middle of 2014 are positive for your sign, you wil be able to manage all your life situations well – inspite of the challenging influences of Janma sani.
Since Jupiter and Saturn will conjointly aspect your 3rd house till May 2012 and again in 2013-2014 period, there could be some positive developments in the lives of younger siblings.  In your own life, some courageous decision taken by you will prove to be highly auspicious for your long-term prospects during these periods.
You should be most careful regarding litigations as there is danger of judgments going against you due to Janma sani influence; it is better to work on negotiations/ mutual compromise while handling legal issues.  Good progress in the life of spouse can be expected in the period until May 2012.
Businessmen should plan their ventures very carefully and avoid impulsive moves based on improper assessment of ground realities.  Risky speculative activities are to be avoided by everyone.
Students should avoid distractions and devote themselves to their lessons – because last-minute preparations can go out-of-gear due to unexpected developments around examinations.  So, it is best to prepare for exams well in advance so that nothing can detract your progress. Procrastination of projects/ lessons should never be done if you wish to get decent grades in exams, or wish to ace in competitive examinations.
Remedies:  Observe Pradosha vratam and recite Maha Mrityunjaya mantra to overcome the Janma sani influences.
Undertaking a pada – yatra once a year to any hill temple could shield you against the ill-effects of Janma sani….it could either be trekking up the Tirumala Hills, or a Giri-Pradakshina of any hill-temple near your place. Try doing it on sani-pradosham days – whenever possible; such observance of sani-pradosham can actually make this transit auspicious for you, and ensure fulfillment of your desires.
Moon in sidereal Scorpio – Vrischika (Visakha 4, Anuradha, Jyeshta)
You are entering the first phase of Sade-sathi period.  Saturn’s transit which was auspicious till now is turning challenging.  To make matters worse, Saturn attains Loha Murthy status (Elemental Status of Iron). 
You have to be on guard in all your activities under this sensitive transit.  Lot of activities will encounter obstacles for no apparent reason, or delays in business matters could frustrate you.  Health of life-partner and children might need to be taken care of with alacrity.  Inexplicable lethargy in activities, or sudden hesitation could lead to missed opportunities in life.  Jupiter’s auspicious transit between May 2012 and May 2013 can offset some of these challenges to an extent – but the remaining periods are likely to be generally tough.  So, if you wish to begin new ventures, or take crucial long-term decisions, it is best to time those in the period between May 2012 and May 2013. Single natives of this sign may hear wedding bells ring in the period between May 2012 and May 2013.
If you maintain financial discipline and avoid over-extending your resources, you can enjoy decent prospects.  In business matters, you should focus on success on smaller ventures first before embarking on major projects.  It is best to avoid risky ventures that have dubious success possibilities during this period.  Journeys could be tiresome and only moderately productive.  Career matters need to be handled with care, and you should avoid impulsive change of jobs as sometimes it could be a case of jumping from frying pan to the blazing fire.  If you get new offers, analyze whether there is security in the new position before leaving the current roles.
Matters related to overseas projects or relocation to distant lands can be positive in the period till May 2012, and again between May 2013 and May 2014 because the 12th sign from your Moon sign receives joint aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, triggering a curious positive impact on foreign relationships sector for your rashi (inspite of the general transit of Saturn being tough).The flip side of this is that expenses could mount uncontrollably during the same period.
Students should concentrate harder if they wish to maintain decent academic progress.  Saturn transiting the 12th house from Moon sign can impel you towards pleasurable pursuits like partying, hanging out with friends, keeping yourself awake to watch entertainment programs, etc….all of which can be counterproductive to healthy academic preparation.  You must be responsible with your time and focus yourself harder to achieve your academic goals – which are the foundation for your brighter future.
Remedies:  Meditate on Lord Hanumaan just before going to sleep and recite the following mantra 32 times before falling asleep:
“Om Namo Hanumantaaya maargam darshaya darshaya swaaha.”
This will help you to reorganize issues at a subconscious level and help you to take right decisions in life.
Offering voluntary service in a hospital or charitable institution on Saturdays will be a very good remedy for you during this transit influence.
Moon in sidereal Sagittarius –Dhanus (Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada – 1)
Saturn is transiting your 11th house from Moon sign which is considered very auspicious.  However, since Saturn attains Thaamra Moorthy status (Elemental status of Copper), the results become mixed – in that success will come only after initial delays.
Long pending projects will get cleared; auspicious events will happen in the family.  New friends can be added to your social circle.  There will be surplus of gains from many sources. Time is ripe for making major investments – including investment on houses/ landed property.  Those who have been trying to start a family may find stars smiling at them favourably now.  Old debts can be recovered, and funds for power up new projects will be easily raised.  Prospects of children will improve.
Though general influences on romance are positive, you should be careful in the period between May 2012 and May 2013 in this regard.  Speculative activities will give good gains if you calculate your odds carefully.  Many natives of this sign will have opportunity to make fruitful journeys  either on business or for pleasure/ religious purposes.  Career matters look optimistic.
Students of this sign stand a good chance to do well in competitive examinations and have a dream start to their careers.  Both curricular and extra-curricular activities will prove ample scope for you to display your capabilities.
Remedies:  As the transit of Saturn is generally positive for you, there is no major remedial activity needed for your sign; however, since Saturn has got elemental Status of Copper which reduces the auspiciousness of the transit, you may offer Tulaabhaaram prayer in any temple to improve your good luck (Tulaabhaaram means – offering your weight’s worth of any article to a temple; the article can be anything – like milk, paddy, coconut, plantain, ghee, or gur – whatever).
Moon in sidereal sign of Capricorn – Makara (Uttarashada- 2, 3, 4, Sravana, Dhanishta 1, 2)
Saturn is transiting the 10th sign from your natal Moon sign which is considered somewhat inauspicious (though not as inauspicious as sade-sathi or kantaka sani).  Luckily since Saturn attains status of Swarna Moorthy (Elemental status of Gold), the transit won’t be all that inauspicious actually.
In the initial phase of Saturn’s transit till May 2012, your 10th house is under joint trigger of Saturn and Jupiter – making that an auspicious phase for your career matters.  Such positive influences will be felt again from mid 2013 to middle of 2014.  Rest of the period of Saturn’s transit is mediocre for your sign regarding career matters. Those under favourable directional influences can see marriage plans materialize between 2012 and 2013, but for the others, even this sector could be fraught with delays.
Financial worries can bother many natives of this sign as unexpected medical expenditure might sap your resources.  Those who are under good directional influences will be able to purchase a house or new vehicle in the period before May 2012, but it is best to avoid major investments on land/ houses during rest of the period of this Saturn’s transit.
You need to be open about your preferences and concerns to avoid misunderstandings in relationships.  Those in job might be transferred to distant locations that might necessitate temporary separation from loved ones.  Work-related protocols should be adhered to strictly to avoid penalization from superiors.  Word load will increase without accompanying compensation for some natives.  Those in business should be careful in their dealings to avoid brushing of shoulders with enforcement or IT authorities. 
Students of this sign should prefer the period between May 2012 and May 2013 for taking crucial long-term decisions. Though planetary triggers do seem to support foreign travel, admission processes to foreign universities might be hassle-prone for most natives of this sign.
Remedies:  Recital of Raama Pattabhisheka sarga from Vaalmiiki Raamaayana will be a good remedy for ensuring good luck in professional matters.
Recital of the mantra “Om Maryaada purushaaya  Dharma maarga pravarthakaaya Shri Raama ParamaatmanE namah” 108 times will help in invoking Divine Grace whie trying salvage your reputation during critical periods (like if your superiors unnecessarily cast aspersions on your honesty at work and initiate disciplinary proceedings).
Moon in sidereal Aquarius – Kumbha (Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabhisha, Poorvabhadra 1, 2, 3)
Saturn transits into the 9th sign from your natal Moon sign which is considered to cause danger to father/ paternal relatives, experiencing many obstacles, possible loss of money, and anxiety-inducing situations.  However, since Saturn attains status of Rajata Moorthy (Elemental status of Silver), you can avoid malefic effects by taking correct decisions and having a generally cautious approach to life issues. Moreover, this transit can be considered as a “toning down” of saturnine influences on your life – because you are becoming free off the Ashtama Sani influences due to this transit.  So, though issues might persist, they are likely to be of lesser intensity than they were in the past.
Since Saturn and Jupiter conjointly trigger your 3rd and 9th houses till May 2012, you will have no lack of self-confidence or energy to face your issues during this period.  Honours and recognition may come your way as a cumulative effect of your previous efforts over long years.  The period between May 2013 and May 2014 can be the best period during this transit course for you in many ways.
Some natives of this sign may have to take crucial decisions against the wishes of elders in the family causing some amount of heart-burn in close relationships.  As long as everyone handles the situation in a matured manner, things will be well in control.  Matters pertaining to children will progress well, and those who have been denied progenic bliss in the recent past might be blessed with a child under the impact of this transit. Matrimonial luck will be average – neither bad nor too good during this period.
Since Saturn and Jupiter will jointly trigger the 11th house from your Moon sign till May 2012, and again between May 2013 and May 2014, many of you will enjoy timely assistance from friends/ elder siblings while handling crucial life issues.  Those in business will thrive well in the period May 2013 to May 2014.  Those in employment will find honours and recognition coming their way – after initial experience of hardships/ obstacles/ rivalry at work.
Students of this sign will enjoy moderate good luck.  Those appearing for competitive examinations can make the grade if they burn the midnight oil conscientiously.  Your success will be directly proportional to your planning ability and willingness to work hard.
Remedies:  Recital of the mantra “Om Shree Raamaaya DaasarathayE pitru vaakya paripaalanaaya namah” 108 times daily will help to ensure smooth relationship with parents, and ensure well-being of paternal relatives.
Recital of Vishnu Sahasranaamam on Saturdays/ recital of Rudra japam on  Pradosham vratam days every fortnight will improve your general good luck during this transit.
Moon in sidereal Pisces sign – Meena (Poorvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revati)
Saturn is transiting 8th sign from your natal Moon sign – which is generally considered inauspicious (ashtama sani).  But, like Kumbha rashi natives, Meena rashi natives also are generally immune to the full dangers of Ashtama sani – because Saturn happens to be your 12th house lord, and its transit in the 8th house can give sort of vipareetha Raaja yoga – where success will come in disguize after initial troubles.  As long as you are methodical in your approach and conscientious in your actions, the taskmaster Saturn will never trouble you seriously. Since Saturn attains status of LohaMoorthy (Elemental Status of Iron), the intensity of the challenges/ obstacles could be high – but nothing that you cannot manage as long as you are extremely cautious and exercise restraint in your actions/emotions.
Since the current transit of Jupiter is auspicious till May 2012, and both Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 10th sign from your Moon sign till May 2012, there could be significant breakthroughs in career matters under this transit influence.  Those who have been on the look out for a job in vain for sometime in the recent past will find luck suddenly favouring them.  Those already in employment might find favourable postings coming their way after initial dejections.  Patience and hard work will enable you to turn obstacles at work into opportunities.
Since your 8th house is jointly triggered for a major part of this transit period, there could be occasion for enjoying windfall gains, gains through insurance and such other sources, etc.  On the flip side, health of elderly relatives could cause concern, and those under tricky planetary directions might even experience major bereavement in the family. 
Luck regaridng matrimonial matters is average – neither too good nor too bad. Some good alliances may come tauntingly close and then fail to materialize at the last moment. Arguments with close ones could spoil domestic harmony for married natives of this sign. Eye ailments, and ailments related to teeth could bog many natives of this sign.
Remedies:  Recital of the mantra “Bhava bhaya naashanaaya Mrityunjayaaya Namah shivaaya NamO Namah” 108 times daily and observing Pradosha vratam every fortnight will help to overcome the malefic impact of this Saturn transit and improve the general luck factor for your sign.

I am planning to perform the austerities on that day out of own resources for Universal Welfare. So, everyone of our readers will be automatically included as beneficiaries in that Universal Prayer. (Due to my mother's health condition where she has undergone a recent cataract surgery, I won't be able to perform a Fire worship at home; I am planning to do only Japas and Sani kavacha recital on that day, and possibly a visit to a kshetra if my intuition impels me to do so).

May Divine Grace bless us all.

Blessed be.

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