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Monday, July 28, 2008

Eclipses in August 2008

The solar eclipse on August 1, 2008 begins at 1-34 p.m. and ends at 6-08 p.m. (The timings are given in IST; kindly check NASA website for local circumstances of the eclipse pertaining to your location). If the eclipse end is not visible at your place, you should fast throughout the night, and break the fast only after sighting the sunrise on August 2, 2008, after taking a ritual bath.

Those born in birth stars of Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra should perform eclipse remedy for the kethu-grastha soorya grahanam under guidance of vedic experts.

The lunar eclipse on August 16/17, 2008 (it will be early morning of August 17th as per modern calendars). The duration of the eclipse is from 1-06 a.m. (on August 17th) IST to 4-15 a.m. IST (On August 17th, 2008). If the eclipse end is not seen (this happens for eastern Asian countries/ South East Asian countries), you should fast throughout August 17th, 2008 and break the fast after sighting the moon on the evening of August 17, 2008. If the eclipse end is visible in your area, you can take the ritual bath at the end of the eclipse and carry on your normal routines as usual.

Those born in birth stars of Dhanishta, Sravana, Satabishak, Mrigasira, and Chitra stars should undergo Rahu Grastha Chandra Grahanam on August 16/ 17, 2008 by consultation with vedic experts in your area.

Blessed be.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kaamika Ekaadasi on 28th/ 29th, July 2008

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Dear Members:

Kaamikaa Ekaadasi is the ekaadasi that falls in the krishna paksha of the lunar month of Sravana (Pournimaant reckoning of lunar months).

Merits of this ekaadasi (from Brahmavaivarta puraanam)....

Observing the kaamikaa ekaadasi gives one the merit that accrues out of bathing in sacred rivers. Offering Tulsi to Lord Mahaavishnu on this day pleases our Lord more than offerings of even the Nine Gemstones of rarest quality! A devotee who does proper worship of Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaves on this ekaadashi day reaches Vaikuntam directly after the end of this life. Proper observanace of this ekaadasi will please Yama Dharmaraaj also. It is customary to donate a ghee lamp/ sesame oil lamp to a Krishna temple on this ekaadashi day. Such a devotee will be blessed by all celestials. The merit accruing out of this ekaadashi is equivalent to that accruing out of recital of all Holy Scriptures.

Elsewhere, it has been mentioned by Lord Brahma to Sage Narada that the merit of observing this ekaadasi is equivalent to that obtained by donating a healthy cow along with her calf and one year's feed to a worthy vedic scholar.


1) For USA/ Canada/ American continent countries: 28th July, 2008 (Both Vaishanava and Smaartha traditional doctrines).

2) For European countries, Africa, Gulf Countries: 28th July, 2008 (Both Vaishnava and Smaartha traditional doctrines).

3) For Indian sub-continent: Smaartha ekaadashi on 28th July, 2008; Vaishnava Ekaadashi on 29th July 2008.

4) For Far-East Asia (Japan, East China, etc.) , South-east Asia (Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Malayasia, etc.): 29th July 2008 (Both Smaartha and Vaishnava traditions).

5) For Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, etc. - 29th July , 2008 for both smaartha and vaishanava traditions.


Those who are not able to fast completely may fast with slight relaxations like eating only fruits, or drinking milk, or avoiding grains and legumes in diet. At the very least, consumption of onion, garlic, and other ritual impure foods should be avoided on this day mandatorily (even if one is not actually fasting on this day).

May Lord Hari's Grace shower upon us all.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Aadi Krittigai festival on July 27, 2008

Dear Members:

The auspicious Aadi Krittigai festival falls on July 27, 2008 this year. Krittigai star is auspicious for worship of Lord Skanda (also affectionately called Murugan, Kaartikeyan, kumaran, velavan, etc.). Krittigai star in the solar month of Cancer (Aadi month) is especially auspicious.

You may worship Lord Skanda by reciting Kanda Shasti kavacham, Thirumurugaarrupadai, Kandar Anobhooti, Skanda Sahasranaamam, Kandar Alankaaram, or whatever Divine Work you are familiar with.

Worship of Divine in the Form of Skanda can bless you with courage, wisdom, wealth, and ultimately salvation.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guru Poornimaa on July 17th/ July 18th, 2008

Dear Members:

This is about Guru Poornima observance for the year 2008.

1) For those living in USA, Canada, West Indies, and other countries in the American continent (to the West of Atlantic Ocean), Guru Poornima falls on July 17th 2008.
2) For rest of the world, Guru Poornima pooja is on July 18th, 2008.

This Guru Poornima is an auspicious day to Honour one's Gurus (either Deeksha Gurus or vidhyaa Gurus) or Guru Paramparaa in general. Honouring scholars of religious knowledge to the extent of one's capacity, donating copies of Puraanas to pious persons, donating for the cause of vedic education, etc. are some of the meritorious deeds you can do on that day.

Generally Guru Paramparaa is meditated from Lord Naaraayana Himself, Sage Vyaasa, down to one's respective Gurus.

In mantra traditions, the Guru Paramparaa is from Lord Medha Dakshinamoorthi, Lord Hayagreeva, Sage Agasthya, Sage Vyaasa, Aadi Shankara, 18 Mahaa Siddhas, down to one's own Guru lineage.

Vyaasa Pooja is done on this day even by ascetics (in fact for ascertaining the seniority of sanyaasis, the no. if vyaasa Poojas done by the sage is the factor; this does not apply to Aamnaaya Gurus/ Peetaadhipathis who are considered JagatGurus and hence considered senior than others by Protocol).

Students of astrology and other vedic subjects should meditate on Sage Veda Vyaasa who compiled vast compedium of vedic knowledge into various branches for the ease of learning of we-people of the kali yuga. As our memory and intelligence are traditionally considered to be less when compared to those of persons who lived in the earlier yugas, Sage Vyaasa in accordance with Divine Will classified the vedas into 4 so that we can master at least one veda each and the vast compendium of knowledge of oral traditions of the past were codified into Puraanaas for our easy understanding!

If you have a copy of any Puraana or Mahabharata with you, kindly recite at least some verses from them on that day in Honour of the Great Maharishi Vyaasa.
Those who cannot do elaborate poojas for Shri Vyaasaa as per tradition can recite this (which is in the Prelude portion to Shri Vishnu Sahasranaamam)...
vyaasam vasishtha naptaaram shakteh pautramakalmasham
paraasharaatmajam vande shukataatam taponidhim
(Meaning: We Salute Shri Vyaasa who is the Great Grandson of Sage Vasishta, the Grandson of Sage Shakti, the Son of Sage Paraasharaa, and the Father of Sage Sukhaa!)

Those who follow BOdhaayana gruhya sutra should do the Krishna Yajur Upaakarma (commencement of vedic studies after changing Sacred Thread) during this Guru Poornima. As the Sravana pournami has grahana dosha associated with it this year, Upaakarma should not be done on that date; BOdhaayana people like this writer will do it on Guru Poornima day, others like Aapasthambha sutra followers should do the Upaakarma on the next month (Bhadrapada Sukhla Poornima) leaving the sravana Poornima this year as Lunar Eclipse falls on that day. Rig vedic adherents will celebrate Upaakarma on Bhadrapada sukhla Sravana nakshatra day. This is in accordance with Dharma smrithis in connection with this matter.

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant

Dakshinaayana Punya kaalam - Kataka Soorya Sangramanam

Dear members:

Dakshinaayana Punya kaalam is on July 16, 2008 for all places in the world. Sun enters sidereal Cancer sign (Kataka sangramanam)at 3-23 a.m. GMT (8-53 a.m. Indian Standard time).

This is an auspicious day for performing any meritorious deed as the effects are multiplied manifold times due the auspicious time factor.

Those who are from vedic traditions should offer tarpanam to pitrus (this is applicable to those who have lost their father) on this day. Others can offer respectful offering of water to Rishis, remembering the great service they have rendered to us by leaving behind great works of dharma shaastra for our benefit.

Offer what you can to needy persons or deserving religious scholars or other charitable/ noble causes on this auspicious day.

Period when Sun transits sidereal Cancer is auspicious for propitiating Mother Goddess. Offering special prayers to Mother Goddess (in any of Her Myriad Forms!) on Fridays during Sun's transit in Cancer will be highly auspicious. We can say that the Month of the Universal Mother begins tommorrow!

May Divine Grace pervade our lives now and forever.....

Blessed be
Astrological and Remedial consultant

Saturday, July 12, 2008

sayana Ekaadasi on July 13, 2008

Dear Members:

This is about Sarva Sayana Ekaadasi (also known as Padma Ekaadasi). Sarva Sayana Ekaadasi falls on the bright fortnight of the month Aashaada. It is also known as Vishnu sayani ekaadasiIt is believed that after this Ekaadasi, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep along with the demi-gods (Yoga Nidra - not merely the senseless sleep of us mortals; the Lord's sleep is Yoga Nidra - a yogic trance where His Will is still active!) till He wakes up on Prabhodini Ekaadasi after 4 months.


Observance of this ekaadasi should be mainly for getting the Grace of Lord Vishnu. We should not fast on this day with any material gains in mind . Material gains like abundance and happiness of mind will follow automatically; but we are not supposed to make a sankalpa to this effect according to established traditions. We have seen that the other ekaadasis can also be observed with material gains like birth of child, or gain of fame or other material ends as sankalpa - but not this sayana ekaadasi. This ekaadasi automatically removes residual sins committed unknowingly. To illustrate this effect, there is the legend of a great famine during the rein of the Great Surya Vamsha king Maandaata who was known for his righteousness. There was a minor sin in the kingdom due to transgression of a natural law of dharma which had resulted in famine in the kingdom. On the advice of Sage Aangirasa, the King instructed all his subjects (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyaas, and Sudras - i.e. all castes) to observe this ekaadasi fast on Sayana Ekaadasi for obtaining the Grace of Lord Vishnu. Due to the observance, the kingdom was relieved from the grips of pestilence.

It is noteworthy that the world as a whole is under the grip of uncertain economy and many persons around the globe are suffering due to this. Saturn and Mars are conjunct and in square aspect to Taurus - the natural sign of wealth for the zodiac is causing tense situations for many persons and debt crisis is extending its vicious grip on many. If all of us observe this Sayana Ekaadasi with fervour to get Divine Grace, prosperity can ensure for the whole world! Of course, do not pray for removal of debts or prosperity - just do the sankalpam as "For Lord Hari's Grace upon the world"; prosperity will follow (do not make individual sankalpam for any material gains as this is against tradition - pray just for Lord Hari's Grace upon you and also for the whole world).

Those who cannot afford to observe a full fast may fast by just avoiding rice and grains, and by consuming uncooked fruits/ vegetables or by drinking fruit juices or milk. But, please observe this important fast in some form and meditate on Lord Hari on this day.

Days of the sayana ekaadasi fast for different regions of the world:

1) For USA, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, West Indies,(whole American continent), Europe, Africa, Gulf Countries, India (except Eastern states of Bengal, and Northeast) - Both smaarthaas and Vaishna traditions should observe the fast on July 13, 2008.

2) Eastern states of India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Fiji - Smaartha Ekaadasi on July 13, 2008; Vaishnava Ekaadasi is on July 14, 2008.

3) Malayasia, china, Japan, Australia - Both Vaishna and smaartha traditions should observe ekaadasi fast on July 14, 2008.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sudarshana Jayanthi on July 11, 2008

Dear Members:

Sudarshana Jayanthi falls on July 11, 2008 this year.

You may meditate on the hexagonal profile of Shri Sudarshana and recite slokhas like Sudarshanaashtakam (bySwaami Desikan), Sudarshana Sahasranaamam, Sudarshana Kavacham, etc. on that day and become recipients of Lord Sudarshana's Grace who is the manifest power of Lord Naaraayanaa. It is generally believed that it is the yogic power of Lord Yoga Narasimhaa that is the Driving Force behind the great power of Lord Sudarshana - the "jwaalaa" in the Lord Sudarshana's profile is derived from the energy of Lord Jwaala Narasimhar. Lord Sudarshana has been shri Hari's trusted weapon of choice while annihilating demonaic forces during His various incarnations. Prayers to Lord Sudarshana can give protection from malefic planetary influences that may predispose one to dangers, give relief from troubles from elementals/ black-magic influences, and bless the devotee with charming/ handsome appearance, sharp intellect, courage, and success.

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant

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