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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chandra Grahanam on Jan 1, 2010 - Aarudra Darsanam

Dear Members:

There is a partial lunar eclipse on December 31,2009 (for those in South Africa, Europe, and Gulf Countries)/ January 1, 2010 (for those living in India and other Eastern countries).

The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Europe and parts of Asia - including India.

The eclipse begins at 22 mins. past midnight (00-22 hours on January 1, 2010 for those in India) and ends at 1-24 a.m. (I.S.T.). You may calculate the respective time for your places based on this and observe the eclipse-related austerities.

As this is a chandra-grahanam, it is customary to offer oblations to pitrus (tarpanam done by those who have lost parents) around the time of ending of eclipse.

Those born in the stars Arudra, Swathi, Satabisha, Mrigasira, and Punarvasu, and living in regions of visibility of the eclipse should perform eclipse remedies either personally or by consulting learned vedic purohits near your place. Or, you may avail the grahana shanti ritual service offered here which I will do personally for you at my place - chanting the appropriate Grahana shanti mantras on your behalf. YOu may subscribe to this by clicking the button below (please note that only those nakshatras mentioned above need to do this; others need not do this remedy at all).

To subscribe for Grahana shanti ritual - please click the button below

If you are unable to avail such proper remedial measures, you may simply take bath both at the beginning and conclusion of the eclipse and then offer your weight-equivalent of paddy/ rice to a temple or charitable organization praying for relief from eclipse effects.

Generally, the eclipse duration is a good period for chanting mantras as the mantraik effects get multiplied manifold times. So, those whose birth stars are not afflicted by the eclipse may actually derive much benefit by the enhanced energies of this period.

Other general suggestions to be observed by everyone:

1) Avoid eating solid foods after sunset on December 31, 2009 (approx. 6 hours before partial eclipse begins).
2) Take a bath after the end of eclipse; those who are unable to take bath at midnight due to health reasons should take bath first thing in the morning even before their morning-coffee. The bed materials should be washed the very next morning for ritual purity reasons.
3) Put Tulsi leaf/ dharbha grass on stored food-items including curd, jams, pickles, etc.
4) Engage in spiritual/ contemplative/ academic activities and derive the benefit of the enhanced mental focus levels during the duration of eclipse.

Arudra Darshanam - the auspicious celebration in Honour of Lord Nataraaja - the Dancing Cosmic Shiva Form is observed on January 1, 2010. Special worships are done in all Shiva temples on that day. It will be auspicious to take part in such festivities and invoke Divine Grace for your welfare during that auspicious period.

This new year seems to have a philosophical opening to it - with the eclipse - signifying temporary clouding of moods/ luck at the beginning hours of the New Year (for India) giving way to the Ecstasy of Lord Shiva's Cosmic Dance Festival on the same day. True, if we really have the right perspectives, worries/ anxieties should only be temporary and the only final outcome possible in a human existence is BLISS!

May we all realize this and enjoy our life with all our hearts.

SarvE Janaa SukinO Bhavantu.

Om Namah shivaya.

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vaikunta Ekadashi on December 27/ December 28, 2009

Dear Members:

The most glorious and important of all Ekaadaasis - the Vaikunta Ekaadasi falls on December 27, 2009 for those living in USA, Canada, and other American continent nations, U.K. and places to the West of Greenwich Meridian.

It is to be observed on December 28, 2009 by those living in the Gulf Countries, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is one of the most highly recommended fasts for a devout spiritual aspirant because it has the potential of opening the "Gates of Divine Abode of Lord Vishnu" for you if this is observed correctly. Even those who have medical conditions which prevent them from observing a full fast should abstain from rice-items and sustain themselves with alternative ritually pure foods (avoiding garlic, onions, beverages like coffee, tea, etc.). Those who are desirous of cutting off the endless cycle of births and deaths for the soul must contemplate on upanishads like Gopaala Taapini Upanishad, recite Holy Bhagavat Gita, Bhaagavatam, etc.

In Vaishnava temples "swarga Dwaar" - a sort of archway leading around the Inner Sanctum Sanctorum is erected, and crossing that is symbolic of crossing the threshold of Vaikunta and getting glimpse of our Lord. Spending time in meditation/ japam while waiting in the serpentine ques, and ultimately having the glimpse of Our Lord after crossing the threshold will definitely be gainful for your souls. Please note that you should not get angry with other devotees in the que or pick up fights, you should not "jump" ques trying to overtake the other waiting devotees with your "street smartness, pushing abilities", etc. in the que. Such activities definitely invoke bad karma, and it is not for that, that you go to a temple on a Holy Day (I am commenting on this because such activities are too common in long ques; a person who jumps ques thinking he is outsmarting others is actually fooling himself/ herself, and damning himself/ herself with that karma; on the other hand, those who wait patiently, and do what they can to help other devotees who might be finding it uncomfortable - like ladies with infants, elderly, etc. while standing in ques are invoking good karma and actually helping their own souls to progress. Selfishness and self-comfort should take a back-seat at least during these occasions - and that too for your own good! If you are entitled to temple honours in some way, and hence receive special darshan - that is different; you need not feel guilty about that; probably, you deserve such Honours and maybe, that was Divine Gift to you! But even such people - if you can, it will be real good merit to stand patiently in a que, do japams till your turn at darshan comes, and then have a darshan of the Lord along with the other common devotees because, God Himself may be in disguise among the masses during these occasions. I have felt it many times - and I request my fellow aspirants to feel such miracles of brushing shoulders with Divine in crowded temples for themselves!).

Additionally, fasting on this day is also auspicious for those couples who are aspiring for progenic bliss. Such couples should recite Baala Kaandam chapters from Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayanam, Naaraayaneeyam, Santaana Gopala mantra, etc. on this day.

Generally, chanting of Raama naama, and recital of Shri Vishnu Sahasranaamam can be done by everyone today for obtaining religious merit, and for perfection/ progress of our Soul.

It is also recommended that you should remain awake at night and spend it in Divine Contemplation, bhajans (Divine Songs), discussing Theological matters, etc. It is traditional to play a dice game called "Paramapadham" on this night. You should not merely play it as a the traditional Indian version of this game (the western version is Snake and Ladders!, and I am not referring to that when I write this article....), you will find "ladders" corresponding to various virtues, and "snakes" corresponding to certain shortcomings of attitude/ can see where each ladder leads you, and where each snake drops you....look at the character/ attitude depicted in the box, see how progress/ downfall happens based on the ladder/ snake you encounter. This is verily a spiritual lesson of how a soul can progress or regress into various states of existence. It is analogous to the journey of your souls through the Cycle of Existence till the soul attains Liberation or Merging with Divine experience. You will also see how difficult it is to progress at the end of the game, and that is how difficult it is for a soul to reach ultimate liberation. If you play it consciously, reading all the attributes described in the chart carefully, this game can be a meditative exercise in itself, and can be a valuable tool for imparting spiritual values for children.

Of course, playing the paramapadam is not just helps you to keep awake and at the same time induce philosophical musings if played properly. Those of you who feel sufficiently spiritually awakened already may just spend the night in quiet Divine Contemplation which is best.

May our members observe this Holy day Fast diligently as per their circumstances and practical limitations to the best of their abilities and win salvation for their souls.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dhanur month poojas begin on December 15/ December 16, 2009

Dear Members:

Dhanur month pooja period begins from December 15, 2009 for those in the United States, and other countries of American continents. For rest of the world, Dhanur month pooja period begins from December 16, 2009; Dhanur month ends on Jan 13, 2009.

It is auspicious to do daily early morning poojas during this Dhanur month. Especially powerful recitals are those of Tiruppaavai, Thiruvempaavai (Tamil Hymns), Vishnu Sahasranaamam, and Raamaayana/ Mahaabhaaratam. It is also traditional for those belonging to Bhajana sampradaayas to recite Divine Names in a musical tone during this month.

This Dhanur month pooja beginning period is Shadsheethi punya kaalam - a spiritually potent period when all punya karmas give manifold positive returns.

Hanumat Jayanthi is also observed on December 16/ December 17, 2009 as per Tamil Nadu traditions.

May our readers enjoy the best spiritual benefits of this auspicious period.

Blessed be.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Saphala Ekaadasi on December 11/ 12, 2009

Dear Members:

The auspicious Saphala Ekaadashi falls on December 11th/12th, 2009. The observance of this fast for different places on the globe is as follows:

1) for USA, Canada, West Indies, and other countries in American Continent - December 11, 2009

2) For rest of the world - December 12, 2009

Glory of Saphala Ekaadashi

This is mentioned in Brahmaanda Purana. Fasting on Saphala Ekaadashi will help in cleansing all sins committed earlier, and also helps in attaining fame in this life.

Lumbaka - the son of a king was always questioning the authority of Lord Vishnu, and due to this irreverent attitude, he was exiled from the kingdom. He continued with his irreverential attitude, and added to that began plundering the wealth of poor villagers. He took his abode beneath a banyan tree, started killing animals, and began eating raw meat. (The legend purports to describe that the king's son had fallen into sinful ways that will add severely to karmic account).

Once, he fell ill on a particular day and hence could not partake his usual meals (of raw meat!); he also remained awake all night due to his sickness. As the day was Saphala Ekaadashi fast day, he had unknowingly followed the vrat! The next day he felt better and intuitively realized that this was all due to Grace of Lord Vishnu. He realized his mistake, returned to his father with a repentant attitude, and lived happily thereafter.

Such is the glory of the Saphala Ekaadashi - even a person who unknowingly kept that fast could gain Grace of Shri Vishnu. So, what to speak of the Holy and Pious persons who undertake this fast with full faith and with Divine Contemplation? Is it not obvious that Heavenly glory is open to those who undertake this auspicious Saphala Ekaadashi Fast?

Special austerities recommended in connection with this ekaadasi:

1) Offer Pomegranate, guava, variety of nuts, coconut, betel leaves, areca nuts, mangoes, and aromatic spices (like cloves, cardamom, etc.) in Honour of Lord Aadhi Naaraayana (The Original Viraat Roopa of Shriman Naaraayana - with His Consort Lakshmi on His Breast and mounted on Shri Garuda, and carrying His Divine Conch and Disc with Full Glory) on this day. You can partake these items as prasad on dwaadasi day if you are keeping a full fast; those who are only observing partial fast (just abstaining from whole-grains and beans) may partake these in lieu of regular diet.

2) Light a ghee lamp in Honour of Lord Naraayana and Goddess Lakshmi in your pooja place and recite the Holy Ashtaakshari (Om NamO Naaraayanaaya) as many times as possible. Recital of Naaraayana Sooktham and Purushasooktham can also be done by those who are intiated into these vedic hymns.

A full-night vigil is also recommended. Those who cannot maintain a full-night vigil may at least recite Shriman Naaraayana naama as many times as possible and sleep with Divine Thought.

May our members undertake this fast and feel Blessed by Divine Grace.

Blessed be.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter transit) - December 19, 2009


Jupiter transits into sidereal Aquarius (Kumbha rashi) on December 19, 2009 and continue its sojourn through that sign till first week of May 2010. Jupiter’s transit apart from Saturn’s transit is a major one that does help in manifesting many events in our lives, and Jupiter’s transit trigger is often an auspicious trigger helping in enjoyment of major breakthroughs in important areas of our lives. As usual, we are performing special Fire worship and other austerities in connection with this transit, the details of which are towards the end of this write-up....

Let us first see what this transit entails for different rashi borns…...(These are general in nature and can be modified to some extent by directional influences unique to your birth chart; but, the following results are powerful general influences that can impact your life events and such possible influences have been indicated here).

Mesha rashi (sidereal Moon sign in Aries): Jupiter transits the auspicious 11th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Copper (Taamra Moorthi); this is a Golden period for those born in Mesha rashi. Those in marriageable years will hear wedding bells ring. Those who have been yearning for progenic bliss might enjoy good breakthroughs in this regard. Relationship with relatives will be sweet-flowing to a great extent. Obstacles in career matters will get cleared, and your superiors will be supportive of your projects/ ideas. This is an ideal period for requesting pay-raise. Self-employed persons will enjoy great progress in their activities. Financial matters will also be generally positive for you. This is an ideal time for major investments if directional influences on your chart are also favourable.

Jupiter attains Tamra moorthi status (elemental status of Copper). This is neutral – neither too good nor too bad, and considering that the general transit influence is good, you are likely to enjoy good prospects under the impact of this auspicious transit of Jupiter.

Remedies: No intense remedies needed as the transit is auspicious for you; still those who wish to enjoy progenic bliss can worship Lord Guruvaayoorappan and recite verses from Naraayaneeyam as remedial worship which will give good results.

Rishabha rashi (sidereal Moon sign in Taurus): Jupiter transits 10th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Silver (Rajata Moorthi) for your sign based on Moon’s placement at time of transit.

As Jupiter aspects the 2nd house from Moon sign in this transit, amount due to you – but that has been delayed inexplicably will be realized. Financial matters look quite okay. However, traditionally Jupiter transiting the 10th house from natal Moon sign is known to cause some challenges in career matters – more especially in the form of transfers or change of jobs. Those who are under favourable directional influences may actually change jobs with enhanced status/ pay. But, those who are suffering from challenging directional influences as per individual charts must be extremely cautious at work to avoid possibility of job loss/ reduction in professional status. If you are contesting elections (not necessarily political elections…it could be election to office of corporate posts, posts in professional organizations), you should perform suitable remedies to better your chances, as this transit is not exactly favourable for such ventures now. There could be tiresome journeys and unnecessary issues related to career. Health will be by and large okay; those born in Krittika nakshatra of this sign should be careful while driving vehicles till 21st Jan 2009.

As Jupiter’s elemental status – Silver is auspicious, the malefic effects possible due to this transit – especially job loss, or unfavourable transfers will be reduced to a great extent, while the good effects will be enhanced.

Remedies: Worship of Lord Skanda – in His Form of six-Faces and bearing weapons regularly on Thursdays will be auspicious for you to overcome all challenges in life. If possible, pay a visit to Tiruchendur temple in Tamil Nadu (you can even offer online based prayers now a days. If you can’t go personally, you can make use of technology and avail the benefit of in-absentia prayers through that temple website!).

Mithuna rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Gemini): Jupiter transits the highly auspicious 9th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Iron (Loha Murthi).

Transit of Jupiter through 9th house from natal Moon sign is traditionally considered a highly auspicious transit. This transit is reputed to give honours, realization of heart-felt desires, long journeys for auspicious matters, going on pilgrimages, going abroad on prestigious assignments, etc. Good reputation, recognition of efforts in the form of enhancement of professional status/ more pay, and generally enjoying good will of people are some of the good results that can be experienced under this influence.

This is an ideal time for initiating ambitious projects that have been on hold for a while; court-proceedings, etc. will also be generally favourable to you as long as justice is on your side. Students have good opportunity to shine in their academic and co-curricular activities. Wedding bells can ring for eligible natives of this sign. Investment in share markets can give good returns under this influence as long as you speculate intelligently. Existing health issues can be brought under control by timely medical intervention, and generally you will feel more energetic under this influence.

The elemental status of Iron attained by Jupiter is not that auspicious; so the good effects stated above will be experienced only in moderate intensity.

Remedies: Worship of Lord Dakshinamoorthi (The Ascetic Form of Lord Shiva) on Thursdays regularly will help you to enjoy the full extent of benefits of this transit, overcoming the inauspicious elemental status obtained by Jupiter in this transit.

Kataka Rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Cancer): Jupiter transits the 8th house from natal Moon sign for you – it attains the elemental status of Copper (Taamra Moorthi).

This is not an auspicious transit for you. You cannot expect major breakthroughs due to this transit – and in fact, things might reach a stalemate in some crucial matters of your life. In a way, you may consider yourself blessed in that, due to the auspicious transit of Saturn that checks this influence, there won’t be major set backs too unless you spoil things by rash moves. There could be delays and frustrations in most matters of your life during this transit. However, as Jupiter aspects the 2nd house and 4th house from natal Moon sign, there could be good developments in property matters. Though major breakthroughs are not likely in your personal matters, there could be auspicious developments in the lives of close relatives. There could be heavy expenditure on account of charitable activities, or auspicious functions in the family.

The elemental status of Jupiter is also not much conductive to give major breakthroughs – but of course, it is not that inauspicious too. So, the results of this transit will be mediocre to your sign by and large.

Remedies: Recite or organize recital of, Navagraha Sooktham on Thursdays; light ghee lamp on the first Thursday of each month praying for good results.

Simha Rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Leo): Jupiter transits the auspicious 7th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Gold (Swarna Moorthi).

Jupiter’s transit is highly auspicious for your sign. Matters that have been stuck up hopeless in the recent past will begin to move in your favour in the near future under the influence of this transit. Setbacks in professional matters will now be a thing of the past, and you can look forward into the future with more hope. It will be possible to manage financial commitments comfortably; many natives of this sign will find it feasible to free themselves from debt trap. Honours and recognition will seek you out. Ancestral property matters will get settled amicably with good support from your relatives. Separated couples of this sign may get the impulse to reunite and begin life afresh with a clean slate. This transit can trigger matrimonial luck for single natives. You will generally feel more confident and hopeful about things in your life now.

As Jupiter attains elemental status of Gold at the time of transit, the positive effects described above will be experienced in full measure. Most importantly, this double-positive impact of positive elemental status at time of transit and the basically auspicious transit will help you to overcome the challenging influence of sade-sathi for your sign.

In short, the next 6 months are likely to be very positive for Simha rashi natives.

Remedies: Remedial measures are as such not necessary for you as your transit influences are basically positive; but, you can enhance the positive effects more by getting blessings from religious heads or family Guru.

Kanya rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Virgo): Jupiter transits the 6th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Silver (Rajata Moorthi).

There is a saying “Shashta Guru Kashta Dhaayin” – meaning that Jupiter in the sixth house transit from Moon can give troubles. You should avoid unnecessary arguments with anyone during this sensitive transit influence. As Jupiter aspects the 2nd house and 10th house from Moon sign, there could be chances to improve your financial prospects and also scope for improvement in career matters after initial obstacles. You should just be careful to ensure that your own activities don’t cause unnecessary controversies and thus invite bad luck. Peace of mind may be affected due to unnecessary argument with wife or due to ill-health to elderly relatives. As Jupiter aspects the 12th house from natal Moon sign, there could be occasion for “subha viraya” – auspicious expenditure due to family functions.

As Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthi status which is auspicious, it is not all gloom for you – though this transit is somewhat tough.

Remedies: Worship of Lord Dhanvantri on Thursdays will ensure good health for self and family; visit to Brindaavan of Shri Guru Raaghavendra or Shirdi samaadhi mandhir of Shirdi Sai Baba, or regular worship to these saints on Thursdays can help to overcome obstacles and troubles caused by enemies.

Tula rashi (sidereal Moon sign of Libra): Jupiter transits the auspicious 5th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Iron (Loha Moorthi).

There will be lot of auspicious events in your life due to good impact of 5th house transit of Jupiter from your Moon sign. There will be good improvement in health, breakthroughs in professional matters, birth of children in the family, celebration of auspicious events like marriage for self or other close relatives, and your confidence will be generally high.

As Jupiter transits the 5th house, there could be a surge in spiritual thoughts/ religious interest. There will be opportunity to undertake pilgrimages or get blessings from Holy Persons unexpectedly. Pending controversies/ cases can be settled amicably by negotiation. In cases where the other party has unnecessarily dragged you into trouble, you can enjoy decisive victory. Childless couples might get chance to conceive after performing intense remedies now. There will be good progress in all sectors of life.

As Jupiter attains Loha Moorthi status which is inauspicious, the good results will be only of moderate intensity – but nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that this transit is definitely positive for you.

Remedies: Try to get mantra deeksha of any mantra from your Guru and recite that with full Faith to enjoy the good results of this transit in full measure.

Vrischika rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Scorpio): Jupiter transits the 4th house from your natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Copper (Taamra Moorthi).

Jupiter was in its debilitation sign in the 3rd house from Moon so far and creating some anxieties to you; that influence gets modified by this transit. So, though this transit cannot be termed to be auspicious as such, there will definitely be improvement in scheme of things from what they have been until recently.

Obstacles in life will get reduced to some extent, and those who are under favourable directional influences as per natal chart cycles will enjoy very good progress. Auspicious events that have been delayed inexplicably will suddenly materialize now.

As Jupiter aspects the 10th and 12th houses from natal Moon sign, this can be a good period for change of job with the view of improving professional status; so if you have been contemplating a change of job for quite some time now, act with precision and accept new offers that are on better professional terms.

Students of this sign have good chance of coming out in flying colours in their exams as Jupiter transits the educational sector for the rashi.

The elemental status is neutral and so there won’t be major setbacks nor major breakthroughs due to this influence.

Remedies: Getting blessings from your own mother (if alive), or meditating on mother (if dead already) will shield you to a great extent and help in improvement of your prospects during this period. Special worship to Tiruchendur Murugan temple before making major financial decisions will prove auspicious if you are planning major investments during this period.

Dhanus rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Sagittarius): Jupiter transits the 3rd house from your rashi – it attains the elemental status of Silver (Rajata Moorthi).

Though 3rd house transit from Moon sign is not as such auspicious and can cause some anxieties, the fact that it is your Moon sign lord that is now moving away from the sign of its debilitation is a relatively good influence. Your self-confidence can receive a boost by the way you handle challenges during this period.

As Jupiter aspects the 7th, 9th, and 11th houses from your Moon sign, this is a period when some improvement can be seen in marriage-related activities, recognition of your talents, and also in business luck. There can be auspicious developments in the lives of your children. Let good things happen automatically – do not try to force things as it can prove counterproductive to you. You should wait for opportunities and make the best use of them now. This is not the right period for trying to change jobs voluntarily. You should defer major investment plans and avoid hasty financial moves.

The elemental status – Silver – is auspicious and it helps in diluting the anxiety-inducing influences of this transit and can also help in ushering in auspicious tidings for your close relatives.

Remedies: Meditate on Saints whom you intrinsically believe in on Thursdays – it may be Shri Raghavendra or Shirdi Sai Baba (for Hindus), or Hazrat Nizamuddin, or Ajmer Darga or Nagoor Dharga (For Muslims), or venerating St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Antony, or St. Francis Xavier. (For Catholic christians).... Paying a visit to Jeevasamaadhis/ tombs of such saints consistent with your Faith can improve your good luck.

Makara rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Capricorn): Jupiter transits the highly auspicious 2nd house from your rashi – it attains the elemental status of Gold (Swarna Moorthi).

This is a highly auspicious period for you. Financial prospects will improve under this influence, and there will be happy developments in family life – including birth of a new child, general positive atmosphere at home, possibility of marriage in the family for self or other close relatives, enhancement of status at work, good luck in business, etc. Self-employed professionals will get good chance to make their mark in their respective fields. Those in performing arts will get chance to enact exciting roles that can win critical acclaim. Court cases will generally move in your favour. Those who have been looking for a job unsuccessfully till now will get good opportunities in the near future and be able to place their first step in the ladder of career success now. You will enjoy good health and vitality enabling you to focus on your goals in life without distraction.

As Jupiter has attained the highly auspicious elemental status of Gold – in addition to the already auspicious transit placement, this transit of Jupiter through Kumbha rashi can sow the seeds for your future success and make you feel very positive throughout this period.

Remedies: Though no remedies are as such required due to the auspicious nature of the transit, recital of Brihaspathi sthothra once or Guru Gayathri 12 times daily will further enhance the positive effects of this period.

Kumbha (Sidereal Moon sign of Aquarius): Jupiter transits your Moon sign – which is considered a sensitive transit – it attains elemental status of Iron (Loha Murthi).

Jupiter’s transit through natal Moon sign is considered as highly sensitive – it is not negative per se, but can be an unsettling aspect in some ways like it may involve sudden relocations, frequent travels to handle vital issues, necessity to handle more work-load without accompanying enhancement in perks, etc. However, as Jupiter is friendly to this rashi, your prospects won’t be affected in a major way by this transit.

As Jupiter checks Saturn in the 8th house from your Moon sign, the negative impact of ashtama sani period will be held in check by this transit and this in itself is a positive thing! [Actually the vedha position for checking ashtama sani influence is that another planet should transit the 7th house from rashi; so, this Jupiter position is not actually a vedha position for saturn's transit - but still it will check its negativity due to the fact that both Saturn and Jupiter aspect the 5th house from rashi simultaneously, and it is astrological tradition that when both Jupiter and Saturn aspect a house, the significations receive a boost; here 5th house signifies Poorvapunya, mantra, and progenic bliss! So, obviously the challenges of ashtama sani get reduced by prayers and other good luck factors!]

You should take proper care of your health by exercising regularly, eating nutritious diet in moderation (avoiding excess of binge eating!), and by ensuring that you get at least 7 hours’ sleep everyday. Though you might encounter certain challenging situations at work, those challenges will bring out the best in you and pave the way for your future progress and recognition. Self-employed persons will find heavy flow of orders/ business turn over which will necessitate long hours at work; but it is positive in that it is likely to be rewarding financially. As Jupiter aspects the 5th, 7th, and 9th house from your sign, delays in auspicious events will get nullified and there could be sudden positive developments – including possibility of marriage/ identification of suitable partner in the case of single natives, conception of child in case of married couples yearning for progenic bliss, and long-awaited promotion/ foreign assignments materializing for those in service.

Jupiter’s attaining Loha Murthi status is not that auspicious, and this can give more than the usual share of unsettling experiences that are characteristic of Janma Guru (Jupiter’s transit of natal Moon sign).

Remedies: Worship of Ishta Devata intensely through Aatma pooja (invoking the Deity within one’s own mind and doing all the pooja process internally by meditation) on Thursday evenings will help you to overcome all obstacles and to enjoy good prospects. If possible, you may pay a visit to Swaamimalai – a powerful place of worship for Lord Skanda – near Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu, India.

Meena rashi (Sidereal Moon sign of Pisces): Jupiter transits the 12th house from natal Moon sign – it attains the elemental status of Gold (Swarna Moorthi).

Jupiter – your Moon sign lord is actually moving away from its sign of debilitation by this transit; so, though the general placement with respect to your Moon sign is sensitive, the fact that your sign lord is improving its strength by dint of its motion away from sign of debilitation is a positive development.

As Jupiter aspects the 4th house from your natal Moon sign – the sector of house, there is possibility of purchasing new houses (possibility of house-warming functions, etc. in the house), purchase of new vehicles, and general improvement in comforts of life by spending for them. You should avoid lending/ borrowing money during this period, and if you need to transact on debts/ credits, do so with abundant care; otherwise, money can become a bone of contention and spoil relationships.

Self-employed professionals should avoid over-estimating the business potential and stretching themselves too much financially. Play it safe when it comes to business matters and proceed gradually. This is not the right time for expanding your business; maintain the status quo and do what best you can within the present structure of your business.

As 12th house relates to foreign countries, employed natives of this sign may get opportunity to travel abroad on professional grounds. Generally, all natives of this sign may experience increased need to travel for one reason or another.

Risky speculative activities are to be strictly avoided. If you are careful in financial matters, you can avoid deterioration of financial situation. Saving money may not be easy now – lot of auspicious expenses will be waiting to claim their share from your financial inflows. As long as you spend only on essentials and avoid unnecessary extravagances, you need not worry about this trend. It will be good in the long run.

As Jupiter attains swarna Moorthi status, it enhances the positive aspects discussed above.

Remedies: Meditating on Lord Skanda every night before going to sleep will be a good remedy for you during Jupiter’s transit through Kumbha rashi. Those going abroad should first offer special worship in Honour of Lord Senthilaandavar (Skanda) at Tiruchendur temple – even if you can’t go personally to that temple, try to offer special worship by donating to that temple via the temple website. Such a prayer will safeguard your prospects and protect you during your travels.


Special worship at our place in connection with transit of Jupiter

We are planning to perform special remedial Fire Worship in connection with transit of Jupiter on December 19, 2009 (as per Drig Ganitha and ephemeris calculations).

Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy homam, Medha Dakshinamoorthi homam, Dhanvantri homam, Brahma Gayathri homam, Brihaspati moola mantra homam (beeja mantra and vedic mantra will be used in these), and Brihaspati Gayathri homam will be conducted in this austerity.

Those who are interested in sponsoring the same might do so by clicking the paypal link below……If you are sponsoring the homam - the first item in the drop-down menu, you need not avail the other recitals separately....I will do those recitals automatically for you; the other recitals (Brihaspati Kavacham recital and Brihaspati sthothra recital) have been given in the drop down menu to enable those who cannot afford the homam sponsorship fee and still want to perform some sort of remedy on that day for their welfare.

On a different note, apart from our sponsors, prayers will be raised for Universal Welfare. So, obviously someone who really wishes to take part in this as a sponsor - but is unable to afford these sponsorship fees will definitely get covered by our performance. So, even those who are unable to sponsor these events need not feel disappointed. Those who can afford it, please think it as an opportunity given to sponsor a special vedic worship that is done at a spiritually powerful period (associated with transit of an auspicious planet) and be a part of a Universal Remedy done for the welfare of everyone.

Prayer services on Jupiter transit day
name, nakshatra, gothra detail
name, nakshatra, gothra detail

Please send your name, gothra, nakshatra details in the comment column while making your remittance as this will help in inclusion of the same in the homam sankalpa. Those who are at Chennai, and those who can visit Chennai may take part in these personally, and collect the homam Prasad. For the others, please note that we are not sending the homam prasads by post; inclusion of your name and other details in the homam sankalpam is deemed “in-absentia” participation in the austerities and it will give you the effects automatically.

Blessed be.

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