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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Guru Peyarchi - May 31, 2013 (Jupiter transit into Sidereal Gemini)


Jupiter enters sidereal Gemini (vedic Mithuna Rashi) on May 31, 2013  6-49 a.m. as per accurate astronomical calculations (this is consistent with modern ephemerides calculations also) though some drik ganitha panchangs state the transit to be on May 28, 2013 itself.

Generally this transit is good for those born in Rishabha, Simha, Tula, Dhanus, and Kumbha rashis.  Those born in other rashis must perform remedies to tone down the adverse impact of the transit.  Even those whose rashis have favourable transit influences may offer special prayers on Jupiter transit day to enhance the good effects of that transit.

As usual, we will be performing special prayers at our residence on the transit day - May 31, 2013.  Those who wish to participate as part-sponsors may do so by clicking the link below:

Jupiter transit austerities
Your name, nakshatra, gothra

The following are the general indications of this transit for various rashis as per astrological classics.  One speciality of this write-up is that we have taken extra-effort to calculate the Elemental status of the transit for the various rashis and moderated the analysis based on that to give a more accurate view of the transit effects…….Please note that these effects are subject to moderation since individual directional influences of your chart may alter the outcomes to some extent.....we offer this write-up as a general guidance of what you might expect from this Jupiter transit as not everyone may be able to afford a personal consultation from an astrologer and the indications given herein might help plan events to a great extent for such persons.

Mesha rashi [sidereal Moon sign of Aries]
Aswini, Bharani, Krittika (1)
Jupiter’s transit over the 3rd house from your natal Moon sign is not considered an auspicious transit as per astrological classics. This transit may bring loss of position, separation from friends and well-wishers, health complaints, and many obstacles to your activities. On the positive side, this is a transit that will favour correspondence, literary abilities, and research activities.
Your financial luck will be only moderate. You will manage to strike a healthy balance between your income and expenditure. There is not much hope of windfall gains or profits of a great magnitude this year. You should be content with normal cash flow, and be intelligent in regulating the cash along the right channels.  Do not lend money without proper witness or written agreement, and maintain proper written accounts of unofficial money exchange (as between friends)  as money can become a bone of contention with close people straining relationships.
Work-loads will be heavy, and some of you may even experience pay-cuts in spite of increasing work responsibilities. Many of you will be left contemplating whether continuing in the current organization is worth it under the current circumstances, and may opt for change of job. Businessmen will encounter tough competition from business rivals, but may overcome them. However, the meager profits may make them ponder about change of business. Such persons should try modification of premises as per vaastu or Feng Sui guidelines rather than changing the business per se. There could be problems in partnership businesses; those issues need to be handled diplomatically so that associations of long-standing are not threatened by minor differences of opinion.
Many natives could face litigation or dispute of some sort – but they will handle them well and come out successful. Matrimonial issues do not look too cozy now. Married persons should take extra efforts to maintain domestic harmony and to save the marriage. However, even if issues crop up, if you resolve them responsibly and with right attitude, such resolution can pave the way for good understanding in the relationships in the future – since your 7th house is jointly triggered by both Jupiter and Saturn during this transit – and such triggers are auspicious. Single-natives waiting for marriage may find it difficult to identify the right match – but with persistent effort you will get the best match due to the joint trigger of Jupiter and Saturn on your 7th house.
Students will be able to maintain good educational progress if they spend extra time than usual at their studies. Those appearing in competitive exams have a good chance of success. Hard efforts will be required to fulfill dreams of overseas education.
Spiritually this is a good period for you since the 9th house indicating spiritual progress/ initiation is jointly aspected by Jupiter and Saturn in transit.
Since Jupiter attains the elemental status of Gold during this transit, the good effects indicated above will predominate and the challenging aspects indicated above can be overcome easily with simple remedies.
REMEDIES SUGGESTED:  1) For improving relationship with superiors, it can be good to offer worship and ghee lamps  to Lord Dakshinamoorthi shrine or shrine dedicated to any Saint – like Swami Raghavendra or Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on 9 consecutive Thursdays.
2) For improving matrimonial felicity and removing misunderstandings offer bhajans or chant sthothras in temples on Thursdays.  For unmarried natives to get the best match (if the marriage process has been already delayed too much in your life), the best remedy during this transit is to offer a Valampuri sankh (Dakshinavriti Sankh) to any place of worship on a Thursday.
3) You must avoid intemperate speech/ outbursts against elders in the family (including elder siblings) to maintain smooth family relationships
Rishbha rashi Krittika [sidereal Moon sign of Taurus]
(2, 3, 4), Rohini, Mrigasira (1, 2)
Jupiter is in an auspicious transit with respect to your Moon sign. Jupiter is currently transiting the 2nd house from your rashi which is good for acquiring money, enjoying domestic happiness, honour, and fame. Acquisition of new assets, auspicious events in the family, and domestic peace will leave you happy and contented.
Your financial prospects look bright now. Money may flow in through various channels. Even for those who might have had a salary-cut recently, there could be compensation in other forms in an unexpected manner. Speculative activities will prove profitable if you calculate the odds carefully. Though lot of income is foreseen, there could also be unavoidable expenditure in the family – the positive thing being that such expenses will be for auspicious events like funding the education of your children, marriage expenses for relatives, or charitable activities and pilgrimages.
Those in service will do well in spite of occasional challenges. There could be some initial delays in realizing long-pending dues, but ultimately things will be decided in your favour. There will be opportunity to combine business with pleasure – like visiting exotic locales while on official trips. You should, however, be responsible in your interaction with colleagues with opposite gender; flirtatious behaviour may lead to unnecessary scandals (this is not due to this Jupiter transit but because of Ketu in your 12th house and Rahu in your 6th house). Unemployed natives of this sign may get good offers.
Businessmen will feel more in command of their situation in spite of a general recessive environment all around. Many persons will take calculated risks and make huge investments to improve their business. You will be able to focus your energies better towards your business improvement in spite of possible distractions to the same.

Domestic matters look hopeful and auspicious. Though there could be occasional arguments with spouse, on the whole things will cozy – be it relationship with spouse or with in-laws and children. Affairs of children will progress well. Many persons will have the good fortune to visit places of religious/ spiritual significance in the company of their family members. This is an auspicious transit for progenic matters.
Since Jupiter and Saturn will jointly trigger the 6th and 8th houses from your natal Moon sign, there is possibility of initial obstacles before you attain your goals, and also possibility of ill-health in the family.  Since the 8th house generally gives success in occult, those of you who are spiritually inclined may manage to get in touch with exalted spiritual personages who are not easily accessible to general public (like yogis in places like Tiruvannamalai who may appear and disappear in strange forms and guide seekers with their miraculous interventions).
Jupiter attains the status of Taamra moorthy (elemental status of Copper) for your sign due to Moon’s position at the time of Jupiter’s transit.  This indicates that you  need to be careful to avoid the not-so-positive possibilities indicated in the above write-up but must strive hard with sustained focus to get the full benefits indicated by this transit.
Remedies: Though as such no remedy is required for your sign due to the auspiciousness of this, you may follow these suggestions to further enhance the good luck factor – especially considering that the transiting planet Jupiter has attained Copper Status indicating special efforts being necessitated to get the best out of this transit influence.
1) If possible, try to visit samadhis of siddha purushas, or Great Saints and offer special worship with yellow colour Flowers. Visiting places of Spiritual Significance will prove highly auspicious to you and can help you to gain much Divine Grace.
2) Offer donation to light lamps in jeeva samadhis that are unmaintained (including samadhis of unknown saints near your place; there are many places where ascetics have attained Samadhi and the Samadhi of such shiva yogis are not maintained properly…if you happen to see such a Samadhi of a shiva yogi near your place, take efforts to light a lamp at least on Thursdays in that Samadhi).  If no such Samadhi/ adhishtaanam is known to you, you may simply light a ghee lamp in any temple on Thursdays (preferably in Dakshinamoorthi sannidhi or in Navagraha shrines near the planet Brihaspati of that navagraha installation).
Mithuna [sidereal Moon sign of Gemini]
Mrigasira 3, 4, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3
Jupiter transits your natal Moon sign. This is not considered to be an auspicious transit at all. There is a Tamil Classic verse that says that this was the transit that caused Vanavaas to Shri Raamachandra murthy! Thus, there is a possibility of leave your native place, development of ill-will towards others, incurring heavy expenditure, experiencing anxious circumstances, and face undue delay, opposition, and road-blocks to your progress. Health will be affected by these stressors.

While income may just trickle in, you will find it difficult to plug the outflows. Unexpected but unavoidable expenses will drain your financial reserves. Speculative activities will yield moderate profits. You will be able to manage all your commitments satisfactorily with support from your previous savings. Those who have not developed such an emergency corpus may find the going a little tough.
Obstacles and delays will mark each and every sector of your life. Those of you under auspicious directional influences may invest heavily in fixed assets. Though this will cause credit-crunch in the short-term, it may be auspicious in the long-term. Similarly, some of you may be required to spend heavily towards settlement of your children – like spending for their higher education, or establishing a separate residence for married children. Prospects of your spouse will improve while your own progress might be hindered by myriad factors. Women in the menopause stage and those who are in the family way should undergo regular checkups to rule out unnecessary complications. Health of elderly relatives – especially one’s own parents may cause concern.
Things will not be smooth at work. You may need to display extraordinary patience and endurance to meet your official responsibilities. Though there will be as such no major threat to your position, you may encounter anxious circumstances at work due to activities of jealous co-workers.  Many of you may get transferred to postings which you may rather wish to avoid (including postings that don’t mean a relocation but shift to another responsibility that involves taking hard actions thereby incurring enmity of others). There is also the possibility of transfer to distant locations taking you away from the family if your directional influences indicate such a shift. Businesspersons will find that their profit margins have declined. On the positive side, many of them will be able to realize long-standing dues from defaulters. Both those in service and those in business should avoid falling in the trap of unscrupulous persons of the opposite gender under this transit.  Also, you must avoid trusting others unconditionally as such trust might be exploited by dubious persons which may put you in a fix later on.
Students should burn the midnight oil to get good grades. Those who are focused well on their academic goals will come out in flying colours in competitive examinations – especially as the 5th house indicating competitive exams/ applied skills/ interview situations is jointly triggered by Saturn and Jupiter throughout this transit period of Jupiter. Students should be careful while filling out forms and electronic coding sheets as absent-minded errors in these might spoil their chances.
Jupiter attains the status of RajataMoorthy (Elemental Status of Silver) for your sign due to placement of Moon at the time of Jupiter’s transit; This indicates that with proper input of efforts, you can resolve your anxieties well and come unscathed or even victorious!

Remedies: Feed plantains to elephants on your birthday if marriage prospects get delayed
 Recite the first chapter of Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayanam – Baala Khandam every Thursday for getting Divine Assistance during critical times.
Recite the chapter pertaining to Shri Rama’s birth from Vaalmiiki Ramayan on Fridays if you have problems pertaining to progenic bliss.
Kataka [Sidereal Moon sign of Cancer]
Punarvasu (4), Pushya, Aslesha
Jupiter transits the 12th house from your natal Moon sign. This is not considered to be an auspicious transit according to classical astrology. This can cause grief, anxiety regarding property matters, long and wearisome journeys, heavy expenses, possible hospitalization to self or other close relatives, misunderstanding with close persons, etc.
While your financial condition does not look bad, it is not too rosy either! Your income will be steady if somewhat slightly reduced to what it was in the past; however, expenses might mount uncontrollably. Speculative activities will yield mixed results – i.e. there will be days when there can be windfall gains, while there could be days that threaten to wipe out your corpus! So, unless you really have large corpus of funds to back you up during critical periods, you should avoid playing with the markets and putting your valuable financial resources in the line of fire.
Career front also offers mixed influences; while some of you who are under directional influences may get prestigious assignments, the work conditions associated with that might not be to your liking. You may get transferred to distant places away from the family, or the attitude of our coworkers may leave much to be desired. Unemployed persons of this sign aspiring for a good job will manage to get a break only after lot of delays and hurdles.
Business persons may encounter problems with enforcement agencies like IT department, Service tax/ Sales tax authorities, etc. due to machinations of their rivals. So, it is best to avoid trying to cut corners as far as feasible in your business dealings. Some business persons may need to raise heavy loans to fund their business activities. Career and business matters will proceed without major hiccups as long as you devote considerable amount of time for them. Students who work hard and are conscientious towards preparation will come out with feathers in their caps. Luck is not in your favour and so you will have to back yourself up with hard efforts and sustained focus on your academic goals.  However, efforts pertaining to foreign education will be met with success if directional influences in your individual chart favour such developments.
Influences are mixed on the domestic front also. Health of spouse or parents may cause concern. Single natives of this sign aspiring to get married should ensure that proper compatibility check has been done as this is not exactly a favourable period for marriage. However, those who are under favourable directional influences will manage to get a spouse of their choice after a long search. This will be more true for those who are trying to enter wedlock after previously failed marriages.
Both Saturn and Jupiter trigger your 4th and 6th houses from natal Moon sign; so, you may consider investing in landed property/ houses by raising loans for the same.  However, borrowing for the purpose of investing in shares must be avoided at all costs.
As Jupiter attains the status of  Loha Moorthy (Elemental Status of Iron) for your sign due to placement of Moon at the time of Jupiter’s transit, you need to be most careful in taking crucial decisions. Tough effects predominate over the positive influences during this transit.

Remedies: Observe Ekaadasi fast religiously throughout the year, and light ghee lamp in any Vishnu temple on such fast days or on Sravana nakshatra days.
Recite Vishnu-Sahasranaamam or Venkatesa Karaavalambam sthothram or one chapter of Shrimad Raamaayanam daily to ensure domestic peace and  for improving of health of mother/ maternal relatives.
Simha [sidereal Moon sign of Leo]
Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttara Phalguni (1)
Jupiter transits the auspicious 11th house for your Moon sign. You will gain by friends and associates, can expect new positions of status and honour, enjoy reunion with family, may plan returning back to homeland after extended periods of stay abroad, consider investing in new assets, etc. Things are generally on a roll for you.
Financial position looks impressive. Even those who have been under extended periods of fiscal difficulties recently may see that their financial position begins to improve during this transit. Litigations may end in your favour. Inflows will comfortably exceed the outflows. Even for those persons who might experience heavy expenditure due to adverse directional influences, the situation will be fairly manageable due to this auspicious transit influence. Speculative activities can be gainful. This is the best time for investing in markets with a long-term perspective.
Domestic matters look positive. Marital life will be enjoyable to a great extent. Visit to places of religious significance in the company of loved ones will prove enjoyable and also bless you with Divine Grace. Friends and well-wishers will offer unconditional and reliable support to you in all your efforts. Those on the look-out for marriage will be blessed with compatible partners. Only flip-side of this transit is that some of you may be tempted to indulge in flirtatious behaviour which should be curbed if you wish to maintain harmony of marital relationship. The matters of your children will progress well much to your delight.

Career front also looks equally promising. Long-awaited promotion will come your way – possibly with retrospective benefits in some cases! You will find it easier to shrug off the challenges of your rivals at work. Unemployed youth of this sign will get suitable offers. Those in regular employment should resist the urge to shift jobs unnecessarily; improvement in prospects will occur in the existing organization itself in majority of the cases.
Those in business can look forward to a fortunate period. There is a good possibility that profit margins can increase to your satisfaction. Those who are intelligent in speculative moves can maximize their profits. Business-related litigations can get settled in your favour. You will be able to get timely inside-information when making major business moves. This is a good period to sign agreements pertaining to foreign-collaboration in business activities.
Students will shine well in their academic and extra-curricular activities. Study tours and on-the-job training activities will prove enjoyable and purposeful. You will have wonderful options before you – whether you opt for higher education or for job at the end of basic courses.
As Jupiter attains the status of Taamra Moorthy (Elemental status of Copper) for your sign due to placement of Moon at the time of Jupiter’s transit, the auspicious effects mentioned above will be of mediocre intensity, and you can enjoy them fully only if you avoid hasty decisions and impulsiveness.
Remedies: There is as such no remedy required for you due to the favourable impact of this transit. However, the remedies suggested below can further improve your good luck.
1) Donate a prayer bell or fan to any place of worship in the month of your birth.
2) Do not be unduly proud when things go too smoothly as this will invite “evil eye” upon you and reduce your good luck.  
KANYA [Sidereal Moon sign of Virgo]
Uttaraphalguni (2, 3, 4), Hasta, Chitra (1, 2)
Jupiter is transiting the 10th house from natal Moon sign. This transit is generally not considered to be auspicious as per astrological classics dealings with transit results of planets. Challenging situations at work, obstacles caused by uncooperative associates, false charges/ allegations raised by jealous enemies, minor threat to status/ position at job are some of the malefic influences that might be experienced by Kanya rashi natives.
Businesspersons should think twice before investing heavily on new projects. Those who are in service may encounter unnecessary hassles or suffer increased work-loads without corresponding improvement in financial compensation. Machinations of jealous co-workers may cause unnecessary troubles to many natives. You should not resign your current position voluntarily in anger or frustration as this will spoil your good luck pertaining to career and you may find it hard to enter into another job for a long time. Financial luck will be only moderate as income and expenditure will balance each other out. Speculative activities will yield moderate profits that too if you exercise great care during the investment process.
Students should concentrate harder at their studies to maintain good grades. Attempts to secure prestigious courses abroad may prove futile for many natives of this sign.
On the family front, property disputes may spoil domestic peace and harmony. Some persons may quit joint-family system and opt to move away from their roots, or – in the case of elderly natives of this sign – children of the family may decide to move away from the joint family system due to incompatibility reasons.  Many natives will experience either a change of job or change of residence in some form due to sudden developments. On the positive side, these natives will prove to be lucky mascots to other family members; lots of positive results are expected for spouse of the person, siblings, and children.
Health concerns of self, and health of elderly relatives in the family should be attended to promptly. You can avoid stress-induced ailments by adopting a consciously passive attitude regarding life-matters – learn to accept things as they come, and then nothing will really affect you!
As both Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 2nd and 4th houses for your sign, chanting of mantras can give good results to you, and investing in landed property may be considered to some extent (like purchasing low-cost housing sites in suburban/ developing areas for future appreciation in value).  If you are careful with what you speak, you may enjoy great respect and gains arising from such intelligent use of speech; conversely, intemperate outbursts may incur you the enmity of others unnecessarily.
As Jupiter is a Swarna Moorthy (this is calculated based on Moon’s position at the time of Jupiter’s transit), you will be able to overcome all challenges reasonably well.
Remedies: Offer butter and garland of Tulsi leaves to Lord Hanumaan idol in temples, and offer oil for temple lamps on Thursdays to ensure good health for self and everyone in the family.
Recite the mantra “Om Krishna Pinkaakshaaya hum” with devotion 108 times daily during periods when professional matters look too challenging.
Tula [Sidereal Moon sign of Libra]
Chitra (3, 4), Swati, Visakha (1, 2, 3)
Jupiter is transiting the auspicious 9th house for your moon sign. This ensures that you will have a smooth sailing for major part of the next year. Prosperity, wealth, and status will seek you out. Long-awaited recognition, promotion, or favourable posting will come your way. Your efficiency and intelligence will get noticed by everyone around you. This transit is auspicious for those trying for overseas ventures – be it a foreign course, or on-site posting. Many of you will have the good fortune to visit places of religious significance in the company of loved ones and friends.
There could be change of job or residence which can have positive impact on your life. Property disputes can be settled amicably by negotiation and compromise. One point to be noted is that though there will be no dearth of income, you won’t be able to save much unless you are very committed to that end. On the positive side, many of you will acquire new assets – both movable and immovable – this year.
Students of this sign have a good chance of getting excellent grades, and doing well in competitive examinations. Those in the final year of study can get good career openings, and prestigious campus placements. Procedures related to foreign education will proceed smoothly without major road-blocks.
Wedding bells ring for eligible single-natives. Estranged couples may have a chance to mend the relationship and try for reunion if directional influences of the individual charts indicate such a reunion. Others may be able to enter into new relationships with positive expectancies. Those who are looking forward to progenic bliss have a good possibility of a healthy conception.
As Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger your Moon sign and 3rd from Moon sign, your self-confidence will be amazing regardless of how things pan out in your life, and you will have an intrinsic satisfaction/ contentment about your life overall.  You will be lucky mascots to those whom you love and about whom you care!
As Jupiter attains RajataMurthy status (Elemental Status of Silver) during this transit, you can expect the positive influences to manifest with good intensity in your lives.
Remedies:  This transit is generally good for you and so no special remedies are needed for you.  However, if you encounter obstacles to your progress, fasting on Thursdays and offering special prayers to Lord Hanumaan (by reciting or listening to Hanumaan Chaalisa, Bajran Bhaan, etc.) will help you to overcome those.
Offer Betel leaf garland to Lord Hanumaan on at least one Thursday every month till you find a suitable match if you are looking to get married this year.
Vrischika [Sidereal Moon sign of Scorpio]
Visakha (2, 3, 4), Anuradha, Jyeshta.
Jupiter is in unfavourable 8th house transit for your Moon sign. This is reputed to be a tough transit. There will be wearisome journeys, loss of money or increased expenditure, and a general anxiety that keeps bogging you down. Your health will also be below par with the possibility of one ailment or other striking at your vitality.
Influences regarding career matters will be mixed. On the one hand, you will be able to win cases pertaining to service matters while on the other hand, there could be unfavourable transfers taking you away from your family. The attitude of co-workers will be reasonable on the whole. Some natives may get posted to prestigious posts which will however bring new headaches and problems, ultimately taking away the happiness that could be associated with such promotions! Students trying for foreign education and executives trying for on-site opportunities will have many obstacles to overcome, and the chances do look dim unless your individual charts show good possibilities in that regard due to powerful directional influences. Though you will have inclination for study, ill-health, journeys to resolve crucial family issues and other extraneous pressures may spoil your time-table. Those in the final years of study may get placements that may be slightly below their expectations; however, they should go ahead and accept those offers and try improving upon them later instead of rejecting those offers in disappointment.
Avoid impulsive speech and unnecessary arguments at home. Health of your spouse may be below par. Natives who are fighting divorce petitions seeking dissolution of marriage may find the case ending in their favour, but with some amount of financial compensation being invoked leading to financial loss on this count. Those who are searching for suitable life-partner should take special care to ensure perfect compatibility as Jupiter’s transit is not exactly auspicious for matrimonial matters. Women who are in the family way should undergo regular check-ups to rule out any complications.
As Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 12th and 2nd houses from your natal Moon sign, money may flow in and flow out – literally.  Avoid off-hand remarks on sensitive matters as others might hold a grudge that might cost you your prospects!
As Jupiter acquires the status of Loha Moorthi  (Elemental Status of Iron) for your Moon sign based on Moon position at the time of transit, the toughness of the transit influences will be felt in great intensity.  You must learn to endure things and avoid complicating matter further by intemperate reactions to situations that you feel as unjust.
Remedies: Recite at least a few verses of Sundara Khaandam (from Raamaayanam) every day (may be 5 or 6 verses daily – in this way you may carry on till you complete the full work). Alternatively, you may place your hands on your heart chakra and recite “Om Raam Raamaaya sarva jana hitha kaarakaaya namah” 32 times daily.
Light ghee lamp in your pooja room or in temples on Thursdays and offer special prayers for securing Divine Assistance while handling sensitive situations in life.
Dhanus [Sidereal Moon sign of Sagittarius]
Moola, Poorvaashaada, Uttarashaada (1)
Jupiter’s transit in the 7th house from your Moon sign will bestow domestic felicity, happiness from relatives, possible positive developments regarding marriage, and generally auspicious influences in your life.
This transit is auspicious for forming new partnerships, filing law-suits to win your legitimate claims, matrimonial matters, and for undertaking long-journeys. Those in positions of power and authority will warm up to you now. Affairs of children will proceed smoothly. Those who are trying to conceive will be blessed with a healthy and  lucky child if directional influences also favour this.
Career matters look quite positive. Businessmen will be able to lay the seeds for bright future by bagging prestigious contracts. It will be easier to realize dues from outstanding bills. You will also be able to clear old loans and meet your commitments comfortably. Time is auspicious for you to acquire new assets. Long-standing loans will be realized unexpectedly just when you need funds for your ventures. Speculative activities will be gainful if you plan your moves intelligently and avoid stretching your luck too far.
Academic matters look positive. You have the opportunity to come out in flying colours in your final exams if you concentrate harder on your studies. Students who are nearing the end of their academic courses may get good career openings or opportunity to pursue higher education.  Friends will prove to be a source of positive inspiration and support for many of you.
Since Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the Moon sign and the 11th house from Moon sign, you will have good prospects this year due to your own correct assessment of situations and also due to timely assistance of friends/ well-wishers.
As Jupiter attains the status of Taamra Moorthy for your sign due to Moon position at the time of Jupiter’s transit, you should be careful in your dealings with members of the opposite gender to avoid unnecessary problems in that regard.
Remedies: Sport a tilak of turmeric on your forehead everyday after reciting Raama Naam 108 times to enjoy maximum positive effects of this transit.
Avoid temptation to indulge in irresponsible flirtatious activities to ensure domestic harmony.
Makara [Sidereal Moon sign of Capricorn]
Uttaraashaada (2, 3, 4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1, 2)
Jupiter is transiting the unfavourable 6th house from your natal Moon sign. This can cause troubles and losses from enemies, problems with kinsmen, difficulty in handling financial commitments, possibility of litigations that eat into your peace of mind, and possibility of unnecessary scandals. Health will also be slightly below par.
Financial position will be tight and outflows may exceed inflows resulting in necessity to raise loans. Constant tiffs with family members may spoil peace of mind. Those who are having already strained relationships may see that things may come to a head when talk about separation starts creeping in. Single natives who are looking for a suitable match may find it hard to get a suitable match that meets all their requirements, and marriage may not materialize this year unless there are other strong positive factors in your individual horoscope.
Businessmen should keep their records in proper order as there is possibility of raids from government agencies. Speculation without caution might lead to heavy losses. Those who are seeking new jobs may find it tough to get a suitable opening that meets their aspirations. Those in senior government positions may encounter difficult and embarrassing situations, including the possibility of facing corruption charges or being hauled up by courts/ or statutory bodies for mishandling certain situations. Unfavorable transfers, and delay in promotions are other challenges that many of you will face. However since Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger your 10th house from Moon sign, in spite of professional challenges, you have scope to enjoy good reputation or even enhancement in position IF you are conscientious in your performance of your duties and do your best within limitations of your role/ discretionary powers.
Students should restrict unnecessary activities and concentrate more on their lessons to get good grades. Activities like trying to rag juniors, taking an undue interest in college gangs, or joining student-political groups may lead to unnecessary problems.
As Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 10th and 12th houses from natal Moon sign, you have good chance to perform good karma and thereby reduce negative impact of this transit to a great extent.
As Jupiter acquires the status of Rajata Moorthy for your sign, you will be saved from major troubles at the 11th hour by lucky interventions – be it support from co-workers at work, or a benevolent relative in domestic matters (including in matrimonial matters where you may be able to get a good match by assistance of your relatives and well-wishers, and support of spouse when you face difficult situations in the family).
Remedies: Recite the mantra “Om Shree Shivaaya Gnaana MoorthayE mama dEhi karaavalambam” whenever you face tough situations that seem beyond your capacity to handle.
Recital/ listening of Raamayana chapters/ Tirupugazh/ Skanda mantras on Thursdays can improve your general luck during this transit.
Performing Praanaayama regularly can help you maintain good health.
Kumbha [Sidereal Moon sign of Aquarius]
Dhanishta (3,4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2, 3)
Jupiter moves to the auspicious 5th house for your Moon sign. This is reputed to be a highly positive transit. You will be brimming with confidence due to all the positive developments happening in various sectors of your life. This transit brings new opportunities to you and a generally auspicious turn of events in your life.
Those who are yearning for progenic bliss may be blessed with that this year. Activities of children in the family will leave you feeling proud and contented. Relationship with your children will improve to a great extent. There will be ample opportunity to improve your financial situation as gains seem to come from several sources. Friends and well-wishers will help you in clinching major deals in business. Ancestral property matters can be settled amicably. Single natives of this sign will be able to get a good and compatible partner.

Businessmen will be in a position to garner profits in their undertakings; however, they may find it necessary to invest a large portion of the profits back into the business to sustain the momentum of growth in the business. Those in service will excel in all assignments deputed to them. Promotions may be slightly delayed, but it should not deter you at all, as it will only be a case of delay and not a denial! You will be able to get favourable postings and transfer on request.
Students have good possibility of coming out in flying colours. Friends will be of great help in time of need. Overseas aspirations may be fulfilled under this auspicious transit. Those who are looking for employment or are nearing the end of their courses will see the future opening up to them positively.
As Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 9th and 11th houses from your natal Moon sign, you will be able to establish new connections/ networks which can be beneficial to your life, and also you will have lot of travels that will be enjoyable and productive.  Spiritually-inclined natives of this sign can have the chance to involve themselves in austerities that will secure them Divine Grace and some may even be blessed with siddhis in the process.
As Jupiter attains the status of Swarna Moorthy (Golden Elemental Status) for your sign due to placement of Moon at the time of Jupiter’s transit, the positive effects of this transit are likely to be felt in full intensity much to your happiness.
Remedies: As the transit is highly auspicious for you, you need not do any remedies – still the simple things suggested below can further enhance your good luck…..
Observe Ekaadasi fast regularly to gain Divine Blessings; offer special prayers to your Family Deity (Kula Devataa) on your birth day. This will ensure that you enjoy maximum positive effects due to this transit.
Meena [Sidereal Moon sign of Pisces]
Poorvabhadra (4), Uttarabhadra, Revati.
Jupiter’s transit is not favourable to you as it transits the unfavourable 4th sign from your natal Moon sign. Sorrow through relatives, humiliation due to the activities of dear and near ones, depression due to uncooperative of others around you, domestic quarrels, disputes regarding fixed assets, etc. can keep troubling you in one form or another. You should avoid over-indulgence in sensual matters and gluttony to maintain good health.
Your financial position will be unstable under this transit influence. There could be periods of prosperity alternating with periods of financial stringency. But, generally you will be in a position to manage your commitments well.
Career luck will be only moderate. You will have to overcome machinations of jealous co-workers and unfavourable attitude of superiors by deft moves. Also, there is the possibility of encountering difficult situations as a natural progression of things for certain persons (natural life cycles at work/ business – where one stage of that life ends and the next stage begins thereby causing anxiety/ difficulties in adjustment). However, your persistence in the face of problems, and your continued efficiency will ultimately win you the confidence of your boss. You should steer clear off controversial topics at work, and resist the temptation to indulge in romantic escapades with colleagues of the opposite gender to stay out of trouble. Scandals at work can spoil your chances forever during this period. Marriage related luck is just mediocre and unless directional influences are positive it may be difficult to identify a suitable mate this year.
Businessmen will encounter lot of hassles in the day-to-day handling of their business activities. Still profits will keep trickling in helping them to handle all challenges confidently. There is possibility of IT raid or trouble from government agencies which will ultimately be handled well. Speculation will yield only moderate profits.
Students should work hard to maintain good grades. Senior teens and those in early 20’s should avoid distractive romantic interests as this may land them in unnecessary trouble. Though attempts to go abroad may encounter some road-blocks, many students will manage to get campus selections; infact, some natives may actually leave higher studies mid-way, or reject offers for higher training that may lock them in student-status for longer periods, and opt for a job instead!
Since Jupiter and Saturn jointly trigger the 8th and 10th houses from natal Moon sign, you will be able to get breakthroughs at work if you persist hard enough – but there could still be element of dissatisfaction in some way at work.
Since Jupiter attains Loha Moorthy (Elemental status of Iron) during this transit, the tough effects indicated above may be felt to a markedly high intensity.  Be patient and accept things as they come, and wait for situations to improve in the future.  As long as you don’t commit major errors, nothing will spoil your chances of progress too drastically.
Remedies: Recital of Sundara Kaandam chapters can improve matrimonial luck.
Offer regular prayers near Tulsi plant in your house (or in temples if you don’t have Tulsi plant in your house) on Fridays praying for good luck and Divine Assistance.


Blessed be.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vaikasi visakam on May 24, 2013

Dear Members:

The auspicious Vaikaasi Visakham festival is celebrated on May 24, 2013. This is the birthday of Shri Subramanya (also known as Skanda, Kaartikeya, Muruga, etc.). He had His Genesis from the Third Eye of Lord Shivaa (as many of you might be aware, the Third Eye is the symbol of Wisdom and Divine Knowledge/ Powers). Thus Skanda is the perfect Gnaana Moorthi - as He had His Genesis from the flames of the Third Eye of Lord Shiva Himself. He manifested to destroy the evil forces headed by Soorapadman and his brothers who had a boon that he can be destroyed only by a son of Lord Shiva. Worshipping Lord Skanda on this auspicious day will help us to destroy the demons of our mind and personality - like anger, lust, and delusion (In fact mystic experts opine that the demons Soorapadman and his brothers signify Aanavam, Kanmam, and Maayai - and Lord Skanda signifies Absolute Knowledge and Wisdom which can vanquish those evils).

Reciting Skanda Sahasranaamam, Subramanya Bhujangam (By Shri Aadi Shankarar), Kandar Anubhooti (By Shri Arunagirinaathar), Tirumurugaarrupadai (by Nakeerar), Tirupugazh (By Arunagirinaathar), Kanda Shashti kavacham (Shri Baala Devaraayar swaamigal), and such other devotional works on Lord Skandaa today will be auspicious.

Those who can't recite the elaborate scriptures mentioned above may benefit by chanting simple names such as
1) Om Skandaaya namah (to improve physical strength).
2) Om Kumaaraya namah (for progenic happiness)
3) Om Valliimanavaalaaya namah (for success in romantic matters and good luck in marital life)
4) Om DevasEnaapatayE namah (for overcoming the evil designs of enemies).
5) Om SkandaGuravE namah (for getting Divine Guidance).
6) Om Shakti hastaaya namah (for getting Divine Protection).
7) Om Shiva Gnaana Desikaaya namah/ Om Gnaana Panditaaya namah (mastery over esoteric knowledge)

This is an auspicious day to get deeksha into beeja mantras related to Shri Kartikeya from suitable Gurus(there are shadakshari mantra, Panchadasaakshari mantra, etc. on Lord Skandaa that should be chanted after initiation).

Worship of Lord Skandaa can be a good remedy for Sarpa Dosha and Mars dosha in horoscopes, and can bless a person with peace and prosperous life materialistically, and Divine Wisdom - spiritually.

Special poojas are being conducted on this occasion at our residence at chennai for Universal Welfare.

Members of paaraayanam group and Pradosham abhishekam group please note that you will be automatically included as honorary beneficiaries in the poojas done on Vaikaasi visakham day and so you need not offer me anything for this pooja. It will be a pleasure and Honour for me to pray for you all with the resources that are already there thanks to your offerings in the recent past.


Astrological and Remedial consultant

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Narasimha Jayanthi 2013

This post is about Shri Narasimha Jayanthi this year which falls on May 23/ May 24, 2013.

It is to be observed on May 23, 2013 by those living in all countries except those in Australian continent, and Fiji Islands. Those living in Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand must observe Narasimha Jayanthi on May 24, 2013.

Even in India, some Vaishnava sampradaayas observe this on May 24, 2013.

Lord Narasimha is a Ugra Form of Lord Mahaa Vishnu, but His Ugra Form is fearsome only for those who are demonaic in nature and transgress the line of Dharma. For His devotees, He is the Shantha Narasimha - the Graceful Lakshmi Narasimha with Devi Lakshmi seated on His lap and His child Devotee Shri Bhakta Prahlaada worshipping Him.Worship of Lord Narasimha makes a person brave and adventurous. Mere sight of a Narasimha Upaasakaa is enough to drive away most minor goblins, and doshas. The Revered Aachaarya of Sringeri (now of Revered memory) - Shri Ugra Narasimha Bharati was a living example of what siddhi of Narasimha Upaasanaa can confer on a living soul. The mere presence of the Aacharya has driven away disturbing elementals from haunted houses.

For householders who are in the grips of debts, Runa Vimochana Narasimha sthothram is a panacea to the trouble. Chanting it once every day can be an antidote against falling into a debt trap. Those who are already facing severe debt crises, can try chanting it 8 times, 18 times, or 32 times, or even 108 times to get immediate relief during critical periods. This is one of the mantras that can give speedy relief from debts and improvement in financial condition (even if the horoscope indicates disastrous financial prospects for a native, this sthothra can change the Fate).

Another powerful hymn on Shri Narasimha is "Shri Lakshmi Narasimha Karaavalamba sthothram" - requesting His Helping Hand during critical periods.The Sahasranaamam of Shri Lakshmi Narasimhar is a wonderful composition vested with poetic beauty of a Divine degree. You can almost Feel the vibes as you keep chanting certain portions of it.Those who can recite these shothras can do so and become recipients of His Grace. Others may simply chant "Jaya Jaya Simhaa....Jaya Narasimhaa" with devotion as many times as possible. (Paaraayanam group members please note that the Runa Vimochana sthothram is already in our Files section which you may listen to on that day; I will try to upload the file on Shri Narasimha Karaavalambham also if possible). After the recitals, offering of Paanagam (mixture of water, Gur, cardomom) can be placed in the prayer altar which can then be consumed by everyone after the pooja.

Visit to Divya kshetras like Sholingar (called Kadigaachalam), Ahobhilam, Mangalagiri, Mattapalli Narasimhar temple, etc. on this day will be very auspicious.Lord Narasimha is varaprasaadhi. According to one traditional legend, when the demon Hiranyakasipu queried his son Bhakta Prahlaada about Shri Hari's abode, the child replied that He is everywhere. But, even before the child answered thus, Lord Vishnu was so anxious to prove His Devotee as correct that He pervaded the Whole Universe with his tejas so that He can appear at momen't notice wherever the child shows his hands (after all, the child could have shown any place as per his whim and fancy; the Lord wanted to prove him correct without the least delay!). It is well-known that when Hiranyakasipu pointed at a pillar and asked if Hari is there, Prahlaada boldly said yes. When Hiranyakasipu kicked the pillar, Lord Narasimha manifested immediately and put an end to the demon.It may just be a poetic exaggeration about Lord Vishnu being "anxious" about which place His devotee will show as His abode and from which He should manifest immediately, thereby He pervading the Whole Universe with His tejas....... (afterall the Omniscient Lord need not take special efforts to be everywhere....HE IS ALREADY EVERYWHERE!). The point to be noted about this is that it gives a hint about the "attitude" of this Ugra Narasimha.....He is ever ready to extend a helping hand to His devotees at moment's notice and to grant them boons.

May He with the Lion Face who manifested in a pillar on the expressed confidence of His child Devotee at moment's notice be with us and protect us from all perils - at the very moment when we seek His Assistance.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mohini Ekaadasi - May 21, 2013

Dear Members:

The auspicious Mohini Ekaadasi falls on May 21, 2013.  It is to be observed on the same date throughout the world.

This is a fast that is believed to give relief from sufferings arising out of our sins of previous births.

May our members observe this fast as per their abilities and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Akshaya Trithiyai - 2013

Akshaya Trithiyai vrattam falls on May 13, 2013 this year for those living in countries to the east of U.K. (including India), and it is to be observed on May 12, 2013 by those living in USA, Canada, and other countries of American continents, and those living in Western European Countries (including U.K.).

This is an auspicious day when Lord Brahma started Creation in the beginning of the Chatur Yugas. Today is Kruta Yugathi. Lord Parasuraama's Jayanthi is also today only. Venerating Lord Parasuraama who vanquished the rulers who had forgotten the ethical ways of conducting affairs is auspicious today. May His Grace destroy the influence of the vested interests and corrupted-beyond-redemptions politicians of our land, and subtly pave the way for fresh blood with fire of idealism to enter the public sphere. (I know practically the situation does look grim for such hopes - but then, we are asking for a Miracle - and why not? when He is willing to always to listen to us!!!!)
This is a very important day for spiritual aspirants. This is a day when siddhis (yogic powers) seek out sincere aspirants! Arjuna obtained Pasupatha Astra, Lord Shiva got Biksha from Annapoorani to remove his Brahmahathi dosha, and various devotees have also got siddhis on this auspicious day.

Kshaya means destruction; akshaya means - that which does not get destroyed or that which is ever increasing. So, any auspicious activity that we indulge in today will have manifold benefits. Those who are performing mantra japas should capitalize on this wonderful day and energize their mantras. Students can consider joining new courses (including summer courses on music, martial arts, swimming, painting, etc.).

This is a day when any activity can be done without regard to usual taboos of vaara, thithi, or nakshatra dosha. Any act of charity or donation done on this day will give manifold results. So, you may consider donating money to charities of your choice (it can be as little as Rs.1/- to a poor beggar on the street! The amount or to whom you donate is not important....but the attitude with which you offer the donations is most important). Now a days, there is an unnecessary business fad promoted by commercial establishments about "purchasing" gold/ silver/ other valuables (I think Platinum ads are also making headway recently in the tube!). Though it is true that purchasing auspicious articles on that day will prove good, it is definitely not correct to do such purchases with "borrowed" money or on debts, just on the belief that purchasing something on that day is good. You can purchase valuables with your own money if you have saved for them. Borrowing money just for purchasing on that day is definitely not recommended because, your "borrowing" might become akshaya is it not???? (Just my logic!!!!)Of course, if you have been planning to purchase some valuables with your savings for sometime now, you may consider purchasing the items on this day. But, mere purchasing valuables on the Akshaya trithiyai day is not going to magically alter your fortunes. I request our members not to fall into that superstitious trap that has gained currency now-a-days.This day is more about learning, acquiring wisom, performing acts of merit and such other Higher Purposes rather than mere acquisition of valuables. This day is too precious to be spent on standing in long-ques outside jewellery shops! Instead, consider visiting a nearby temple and doing some cleaning work on the premises, volunteering in a hospital, donating blood to a blood-bank, donating old clothes or sweets to Homes for the destitutes/ old persons, or taking blessings from elders in your family or community.

May all our members derive immense spiritual and mundane benefits by this austerity, and above all, become recipients of Divine Grace. Those who wish to offer token offerings for prayers through me might click on the link below and offer whatever you feel like offering for prayers on this day as per your convenience.

click here if you wish to make an offering (entirely voluntary)

Of course, you may prefer to offer your donations/ offerings to charities/ religious institutions elsewhere also - this link is just to enable you to offer something if you feel impelled to do so here:) These contributions will be used to fund a corpus that will be used for conducting various rituals and austerities throughout the year - and more importantly - for the Navarathri Chandi Homams that Divine Grace has permitted me to do twice every year for Universal Welfare for the past many years.

Blessed be.


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