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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Garuda Panchami/ Naaga Panchami - August 19, 2015

Dear All:

The auspicious Garuda Panchami/ Naaga Panchami vratam is to be observed on August 19, 2015.

You may propitiate either Lord Garuda - the Vehicle of Lord Vishnu or the Nava Naagaas (9 major Serpent clans) on this day to get rid of naaga dosha in your charts.

Naaga dosha arises due to certain omissions/ commissions done by individuals, and may sometimes afflict whole dynasties, and will manifest as marital discord, lack of happiness related to children, and a family history of irritability and irrational anger in attitude.

Lord Garuda was - like Shri Anjaneya - the rare combination of Valour and humility, and His Super-human efforts to bring Nectar for securing the release from bondage for his mother are legendary.  Meditating on Him will help in resolving vexatious issues, and release from unnecessary troubles caused by enemies.  As Garuda is considered natural enemy of snakes, propitiating Him will insure you against all dangers from snakes.  Recital of Garuda upanishad is a wonderful austerity you can do on this day.

Those who have a family tradition of worshipping Snake Deities directly, may offer respects to Snake deities directly taking the names of the Nava naagas.

It may be surprising to some - that creations considered as natural enemies have a day common in their Honour - but it won't be surprising if you know that Garuda and Serpent Clans are from same Sage's Family, and their mothers were blood-sisters!

In Nature, opposites exist side by side, and harmonizing those opposites effectively is the secret for successful living.

Psychologically speaking - Snakes and Golden-Eagle are both powerful archetypes.  Visualizing on a coiled serpent helps in awakening the sleeping kundalini power within you while meditating on a soaring Golden-Eagle helps you to wake up to your Higher Self - your higher potentials and the higher side of your real self, and blesses you with the ability to rise above the limitations of your life by persistent effort and courageous moves.

May our readers observe what little austerity they can or as per their family traditions, and attract positive vibes and potential for problem-solving skills on this wonderful day.

Blessed be.

PS: Those who wish to share this write-up may feel free to do so; but kindly attribute this to the right author.  Sharing spiritual things is a meritorious thing - but quoting an original write-up verbatim and then putting one's name instead of the original author's name under the write-up shamelessly thinking that no one can find it (people do find it - sooner or later; world does not go dark if the cat closes its eyes) is very bad karma and very ungentlemanly!

My request is not merely out of ego or sense of possessiveness about the write-up; I truly believe that every good write-up is inspired by Maa Saraswathi and we writers are all mere channels....So, this is not about "ownership",  My request is more for the welfare of the readers - like if some doubt comes in the mind of a reader of this article, they can ask it to me and I can clarify that - because I know what came to my mind while writing this due to Divine Inspiration; a copycat won't know the nuances of it because he/ she is just quoting the words - but won't know what inspiration/ thought drove that word stream ejected in the write-up- just as the computer from which I type this write-up won't know the significance of what I write.  So, please do attribute this (and all other write-ups of any other writer/ blogger too) if you wish to circulate this in your blogs/ web pages.

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