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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A query on "Astrology Vs Karma"?

Dear Panditji,

Had a question,though might not be directly relevant. A friend of mine asked me this question. Does astrology take an upper hand or Karma as in the case of twins, though their horoscopes are same (differnce of 2 minutes), still one is in US and flourishing and the other person is yet to find a job.

In such situations, he was asking as to what creates such a difference ?

Best Regards,

December 13, 2011 7:21 AM

Blogger Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI said...

Astrology can still give clues even in the case of twin births; though most common persons think the horoscopes are the same, the divisional charts can be different in some cases - there could be sign change in vargas like dasamsa or other minute divisions that could explain the change in circumstances. If the dasamsa chart - the divisional chart that shows career prospects is different, their professional prospects could also differ.

BUT, that said, the basic tendencies could still be identical to a great extent as shown by the basic rashi chart. Just that one of those twins would have manifested those tendencies more overtly while the other one could have not manifested them overtly. Also, as I always say, final outcomes in life do depend to a great extent upon how we react to situations in life. Horoscope shows the situations that might be encountered - and certain milestone points like strong triggers for career/ marriage; while one twin could have taken up those triggers aggressively the other one could have floundered there and missed those triggering points that could have propelled this other stranded twin also to success just as they propelled the other one to flourishing circumstances.

In some cases, the good karma of the family might have been already exhausted and support just one of those twins - and hence the flourishing of one and the floundering of the other.

There is another possibility also here...sometimes twins are people with strongly shared karmas where one's good luck may have to support the other....or Destiny might purposely test the "flourishing" twin to see whether he is able to generously share his good luck/ riches with the suffering twin (as is the duty of a good sibling).

I have seen very good souls suffering at death bed - and you would think that such good persons don't deserve such a suffering; but, the fact is that Universe is not "punishing" that good soul with the bed-ridden situation; RATHER, Universe is trying to give chance for the other family members to earn good karma by serving that flawless soul in that situation. The flawless soul who has been put into this trial of suffering at death-bed will be compensated for that when they reach Heaven:)

Fate is very kind and Destiny is certain.

PS: Astrology and Karma are not very different; Astrology only says things based on projections of karmic possibilities.

So, we can't answer whether astrology has upper hand or Fate has upper hand. Without karma there is no astrology:) Astrology is only a diagnostic tool to read karma and its implications.

A better way you could have asked this is - "whether Fate prevails or Free Will prevails?" I would have given a different answer for that; I will do a write-up on this sometime in the near future:)

December 13, 2011 8:19 AM


Saurabh said...

Very very nice query and answer.

vanitha said...

hi guruji,
very nice to read your posts.

Shailendra said...

Namaste Guruji,
I am quoting a sentence that you once told me - "Planets do not COMPEL but IMPEL".

Perhaps interested folks can contemplate on this. I am not claiming I have fully absorbed Guruji's sentence either :)


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