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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parivartini Ekaadasi, Onam, Vamana Jayanthi 2011

Dear Members:

Parivartani Ekaadasi also known as Parsava Ekaadasi falls on September 7, 2011 for those living in U.S., Canada, and other countries of American continent, Countries in Western part of Europe like U.K., France, etc.

Those living in middle-East countries, India, and other Eastern countries should observe this on September 8, 2011.

Parivartini Ekaadasi is the day when Lord Vishnu in His Yoga Nidra is supposed to turn from His left side to His right side.

It is auspicious to offer special worship to Lord Vaamana - the Brahmachaari Avatar of Lord Vishnu on this day.

Vaamana Jayanthi falls on September 8, 2011. From a remedial point of view, offering special prayers to Lord Vaamana can appease the malefic effects of Jupiter in the horoscope. From a spiritual perspective, meditating on Lord Vaamanaa will open up rare insights into the Nature and Maaya Prabhaava of Lord Vishnu.

King Mahaabali is also remembered on Vaamana Jayanthi, and people of Kerala origin celebrate Thiruvonam on Sravana nakshatra day with great enthusiasm. This year Thiruvonam festival is to be observed on September 9, 2011.

Legend of Vaamana Avatar:
Maha Bali -the grandson of Prahlaada was a mighty asura and he extended his sway over the whole world. The devas approached Lord Vishnu to contain his growing influence. Lord Vishnu decided to help the devas out (in maintaining their sovereignity over the Heavens), but at the same time to grant good spiritual state to Mahaa Bali - a devout and righteous ruler (though he was an asura by clan, Mahaa Bali Chakravarthy was righteous and dhramic like his ancestor Bhakta Prahlaada).
Lord Vishnu was born as a Brahman Brahmachaari and visited the yagna site where Mahaa Bali was performing a grand yagna. As per vedic protocols governing these matters, He was duly honoured. Sukraachaaryaa - the Preceptor of the asuras tried to stop MahaaBali from giving donation to Vaamanaa; but the King was adamant about Honouring the Brahmin priest - whoever He might be and whatever may be the outcome of his charitable deed (even if it meant his destruction as was feared by his guru!). Due to Divine Play of Lord Vishnu Sukrachaarya's attempts to block flow of water from the water container at the time of charity (as per custom, the donor should offer water from the "kamandalam" - the sacrificial pitcher to the hands of the receiver with devotion; Sukrachaaryaa tried to prevent flow of water by taking the form of a wasp/bee and closing the mouth of the pipe through which water should flow out of the pitcher; Lord Vishnu used a twig to pierce the pipe and cleared it - Sukracharya lost one eye in this process...).
When the King offered to give whatever the Brahmachaari desired - Lord Vaamanaa requested just 3 steps. The King who was unaware of who the Brahmachaari was, felt that the young boy did not know what to ask correctly, and prompted Him to ask for something grander. But, the Brahmachaari stood by His request and hence the king granted the request. As soon as the king gave His words, Vaamanaa took the Mighty Trivikrama Form encompassing the Whole Universe. With His first step He covered the whole earth, with His second step He covered the Heavens, and demanded where shall He keep His third step! The pious king respectfully offered his own head as the place to keep His Feet for the third step (this is an act of complete surrender). Lord Vishnu in His Trivikrama Form pushed MahaaBali to the Nether world where he lords over the domain by Lord Vishnu's Grace. As a gesture of appreciation to the adherence of the great king to his words, Lord Vishnu had permitted king Mahaabali to return to his kingdom on earth once a year. And this is what Malayalis celebrate as Thiruvonam - the annual visit of the ruler who once ruled their land righteously and was a living example of steadfastness to dharmic principles even at the cost of his life!
Lessons from this legend.....
1) Actions of Lord - though they may seem to favour some and discriminate against others are always fair. Though Lord Vishnu seems to have taken the side of the devas in this legend and condemned a worthy king to the Nether world, the reality is that devas always live in fear of losing their kingdom whereas King MahaaBali has been granted a Permanent and Safe domain that remains undisputedly under his control. Secondly, the person who is pushed down outwardly by the Lord's Feet on his head is really Blessed for all his karma will get washed away automatically. While we all seek to place our heads on the Lord's Feet, those Blessed Feet sought the head of MahaaBali as a reward for his righteousness. How many good deeds that Blessed King must have done to deserve that!!!!
2) we should never underestimate anyone....the Mighty King thought that 3 steps from an ordinary and short brahman Brahmachaari may be a trifle for him - but those 3 steps cost him his whole kingdom. Luckily for the king, the trick was from the Lord who never really harms anyone's interests and hence the king was given an undisputed domain of the Netherworld. Just imagine what will happen to us if we get deceived by our not-so-chivalrous and cunning rivals in this mundane world. Can we expect such gestures from them? So, Never ...never...underestimate anyone!
3) Always stand by Dharma - No matter what the consequences. King MahaaBali refused to even obey his own Guru (who of course advised only to protect the interests of the king) when it was against dharmic principles; when the Lord placed His third Feet on the head of the king, for mundane people it may seem that the king had lost everything....But, see actually the king had gained EVERYTHING....WHAT IS THERE TO GAIN IN THIS WORLD MORE THAN THE SPIRITUAL TOUCH OF THE BLESSED LORD'S FEET. King Mahaabali was blessed with that only due to his steadfast attachment to dharmic principles and truth (he did not go back on his promise of donating 3 steps to the Lord in His Vaamana Roopaa).
(Please note that I have given a liberal translation and essence of the legend; the lessons that I say that can be gleamed are also my impressions based on that legend. If you meditate on this legend after reading the original versions, you may also get possibly better spiritual insights or even guidance for mundane matters. Those who wish to read about this elaborately may refer Shrimad Bhagavatam and other Puranas).

May our members celebrate/ observe these significant days with spiritual fervour and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant


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Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI said...

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Honestly I am not adding my web link to wiki in any form; the only places where I add the links to this blog are my own yahoogroups and fanbox. The weblink to this blog posts - if they are posted in wiki- are possibly added by someone else who is a regular reader of this blog. In fact, I was trying to trace it in wiki - but could not do, if there is a link there in wiki that enables you to write to the poster of the links, kindly instruct them of the same. I have never meant to spam any website/ open source content nor am I looking for increased web traffic for my blog. I am just content with spreading what I know to really interested readers of the blog and I won't post external links to any site like that.

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Blessed be.

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