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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sani Peyarchi - January 26, 2017


Saturn – the planet of karma and life-lessons shifts into Dhanus rashi (sidereal Sagittarius) on January 26, 2017. From January 26, 2017 to June 21, 2017, Saturn will be in Dhanus rashi – where it will turn retrograde from April 6, 2017.  On June 21, 2017, Saturn shifts back to Vrischika rashi temporarily – and will be there till October 26, 2017 when it shifts back to Dhanus rashi in forward motion and remains there till January 2020.

Let us see the basic impact of the Saturn transit for various signs below.  Please note that these transit influences can be moderated to some extent by the placement of planets in your natal chart, the ashtaka varga consideratons unique to each chart, dasa-bhukti cycles, etc – these should be judged on an individual basis by an expert astrologer whose advice you regularly seek for guidance. The indications given below will still be valid to a great extent and given for remedial guidance (since Moon influences the mind, these transit influences from Moon sign will show the impact of the transit on your psyche and what you can or should do to make the best out of the influences). Hope our readers will make a judicial and intelligent use of this write-up and get benefitted.
Mesha rashi – (MOON SIGN – Aries) – Vedic stars of Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittika – 1st quarter

Saturn’s tough ashtama-sani period ends by this transit of Saturn in to Dhanus rashi.  While this – by itself – can be a great relief, the transit of Saturn through 9th house cannot be said to be a great transit influence either.  There could still be tension/ uncertainty at work that could trouble you. In the period from Jan 26, 2017 to June 21, 2017, Jupiter and Saturn in transit will jointly trigger the 6th house from your natal Moon sign which could manifest as minor health issues or liquidity problems.  Avoid raising major amounts as debt during this period.  Health of father or elderly relatives could cause concern for many of you.  Between 21st June 2017 and 26th October 2017, Saturn retraces its path and gives ashtama-sani influences again (by shifting back to Vrischika rashi).  Your patience could be tested again during this phase.  On the positive side, this period could give you chance to set right things that went wrong earlier and for which you can make karmic amends.  From 26th October 2017, Saturn again resumes it journey through your lunar 9th house (9th house from rashi) giving you relief from the ashtama sani influences.  However, you must remember that patience and maturity are needed in your domestic interactions and interaction with neighbours/ associates to avoid unnecessary controversies.
Remedy: Offer Tila Deepam (sesame seed lamp) to Sani temples/ sanniddhis on Saturdays regularly.  If possible, try to offer an “Akhanda Jyothi Naaraayana” samaaradhana (lighting a prayer lamp in the evening of an auspicious day invoking Lord Vishnu/ Lord venkatesha in that lamp, and offering night long scriptural chanting/ bhajans in the Prayer Lamp’s Presence, ending it with a ritual pooja on Sunday morning with qualified priests/ bhagavataas, and feeding devotees.
Another powerful remedy – to ensure domestic harmony and well-being of elder relatives in the family is to offer service to a black cow (called “kaaraam pashu” in Tamil); you can offer greens/ sprouts to a black cow on Saturdays, or dwaadasi days praying for family welfare.  This should be done on a regular basis.
Rishabha rashi (Taurus – Moon sign) Vedic stars of Krittika (2, 3, 4), Rohini, Mrigasira (1, 2)

Saturn shifts to the 8th house from your Moon sign on January 26, 2017 heralding the notoriously tough “ashtama sani” period.  You need to keep a check on your words, your spending habits, and on your family interaction dynamics.  Any carelessness or rudeness on your part could sour relationship with others.  There is the risk that others may misunderstand your motives baselessly too…so, exercise extra-care in the tone of your speech with others – even if you mean well, inappropriate/ harsh tones may give the wrong impression that you are trying to undermine others and may invoke their enmity.  Do not brush off any warning signs of ill-health under the carpet as there is the risk of letting the ailments develop into chronic ones if you are careless in health management during this period.

The good transit of Jupiter till Sep 12, 2017 can keep these influences under moderate check.  Between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn will shift back into the 7th house from your rashi giving you a chance to resolve domestic issues.  Try liaising with others having similar ideas and establish supporting mechanisms which can fortify your situation in the period after October 26, 2017 when the ashtama sani influences may manifest in full fury.  Some of you may encounter unforeseen jerks in the rhythm of things –like being forcefully displaced at work, or encountering unforeseen challenges.  Patience and systematic approach will help reduce the negative outcomes to a great extent.
Remedy: Offer paadukaa pooja to the sandals of reputed Saints (or family Gurus) with Faith and accept the aarti shown to those paadukaas with the visualization that Divine Light from Guru permeates your aura and clears your troubles.  Offer sandalwood paste alankaaram (anointing a consecrated idol with sandalwood paste) to Lord Ganesha whenever possible to reduce the impact of ashtama sani for your chart.  If there are ailments afflicting self or paternal relatives, offer vennai-kaappu (anointing butter) and Tulasi garland to Lord Hanumaan on Saturdays praying for relief.
Mithuna rashi – (Vedic Moon sign – Gemini) Vedic stars – Mrigasira (3, 4), Arudra, Punarvasu (1, 2, 3).
Planet Saturn transits the 7th house from your natal Moon sign from January 26, 2017 which is a mixed influence – in your case, it is a tougher transit compared to the influence you enjoyed when Saturn activated the 6th house from your rashi.  Interaction with spouse should be diplomatic, and if there are legal issues that you face, those must be handled with alacrity.  Many of you could endure some sort of relocation influence or reorientation requirements due to force of circumstances. 
In the period between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017 Saturn will temporarily shift back to the 6th house from your Moon sign which would be good, and give you a breather.  If you have had any false-start in the initial phase of Saturn’s transit this year, the middle of the year will give you opportunity to effect course-correction.  However, if you let things drift, things could be tougher after October 26, 2017.  Avoid risky financial dealings between Jan 2017 and June 2017, and in the period after October 26, 2017.
Be patient while handling life-issues, and avoid explosive/ egoistic arguments with spouse or relatives from spouse’s family during this Saturn transit period.  Health of spouse should also be carefully monitored to nip any potential problem in the bud.  Try to handle irritable situations with a calm mind, and you will do okay.

The positive transit of Jupiter can give you partial relief from the tough aspects of this transit between Sep 2017 and October 2018, and in the last quarter of 2019.
Remedies: Try to organize a recital of Vishnu Apaamaarjana sthothram or Naaraayaneeyam if there are any health issues to close family members due to the influence of the transit.
Donate a wind-pipe instrument to any temple (like flute or naadaswaram), or organize special performance of such instruments during temple festivals (honouring the performers with offerings and requesting them to play melodies in classical notes in front of Deities) for domestic harmony.  Alternatively, you may organize recital of Shrimad Sundara Kaandam of Vaalmiiki Raamayanam for domestic harmony.
Kataka rashi (Vedic Moon sign in Cancer) Vedic stars – Punarvasu (4), Pushya, Aslesha
Saturn moves into the 6th house from your Moon sign on January 26, 2017.  This is considered to be a good transit influence.  Things that have been holding you back and not allowing you to enjoy the full extent of success as deserved by you will get resolved positively.  You will be able to brush off opposition and obstacles with ease if you keep working on your goals with a positive mindset.  This transit influence will give you opportunity to resolve pending issues, legal matters, and health issues in the family positively.
In the period between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn will shift back into the 5th house from your Moon sign.  Prospects of children must be carefully tended to during this period.  Ladies of this sign and are in the family way must undergo regular check ups and avoid unnecessary exposure to dangers (like attending crowded festivals/ fairs, night-travel in cars over long distances, etc.) durin this period.
Saturn’s shift back into Dhanus rashi on October 26, 2017 makes things okay again.
This Saturn transit gives you scope to establish more close and equitable dynamic with siblings, for resolving disputes, for amicable settlement of ancestral property matters, and spiritually – for getting initiated into new spiritual routines and benefitting out of such practices.  Make the best use of this influence.
Remedy:  Since Saturn’s transit is generally auspicious for you, there won’t be need for intense remedies for your sign.  However, you may try these remedies for specific issues as below…
Feeding grains to birds for enhancing harmonious interactions with family members.  If there are any health-issues to children in the family in the middle of the year 2017, light a prayer lamp in Honour of Lord AnjanEya and recite the mantra “Om Pavana Nandanaaya hum” 108 times on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Simha rashi – (Vedic Moon sign – Leo) – Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1)
Saturn shifts into the 5th house from your natal Moon sign on January 26, 2017. Some of you may be shifted to unfavourable locations at work causing disruption in family life (like staying away from spouse in a different location).  Those in love may find that things are not as smooth as they may expect them to be when it comes to formalization of the relationship.  Hurdles to union with loved ones must handled with diplomacy and without losing temper as impulsive decisions could complicate matters further.  Those having adolescent children in the family must handle them with maturity and patience – acknowledging that the child is turning into an adult gradually and granting the freedom to go with it while at the same time maintaining a healthy vigil over the child’s activities to ensure that the child does not indulge in wasteful or harmful distractions. Those who are invested in share markets must keep a close watch on their portfolio and take remedial steps with alacrity in consultation with competent advisors.  Risky speculative activities are a strict no.
Between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn will shift back in to the 4th house from your natal Moon sign.  This could trigger relocation influences for many natives.  Health of mother/ mother-like relatives (like aunts, mother-in-law, etc.) can cause concern to some of you.  Avoid unnecessary arguments with mother/ maternal relatives as there is danger of spoiling family bonds due to angry outbursts.
Remedies: Light a mustard oil lamp in Bhairava sannidhi on ashtami thithis, or beneath Peepal tree on Thursdays/ Amavasya days for family welfare and for reducing financial issues.  Recite Kaala Bhairava Ashtakam or such other Bhairava mantras regularly. If possible organize special homams on Bhairava Ashtami day every year till Saturn is in Dhanus rashi (or you may take part in homams organized by others as a part-sponsor of the austerities on such days).  Offer 5 ghee lamps in your family Deity’s temple (or in your pooja room itself if you can’t pay a visit to the family Deity’s kshetra) on the birthstars of your children to ensure their good progress and well-being.
Kanya rashi – (Vedic Moon sign -  Virgo) – Vedic stars Uttaraphalguni (2, 3, 4), Hasta, Chitra (1, 2)
Saturn moves into the 4th house from your Moon sign – known as Ardha Ashtama sani influence – a somewhat challenging aspect.  Some of you may consider relocation from your current place, or maybe shifted to far off places at work.  It may be difficult to keep in close touch with your family members to the extent desired.  Peace of mind could be hampered due to situations beyond your conscious control.  Avoid complicating things by losing your temper or by getting involved in issues which could have been side-stepped.  Health of mother or maternal relatives could cause concern for some of you.  Students of this sign must work harder to get good results.  Stick to the straight-forward path in all matters – even if you see others around you bending rules or taking liberties with regulations since your time is sensitive. Analyze house-related documents carefully, and if you have been lax in securing the documentation pertaining to your residence, do so without further procrastination to avoid unnecessary complications later. 
In the period between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn shifts temporarily into the 3rd house from your Moon sign which can be a good period to take a breather, and resolve issues that you have left as pending in the beginning of the year. 
In the period between Sep 2017 and October 2018, Jupiter’s positive transit shields your prospects to some extent from the tough Saturn transit influences.  Try to invoke the Grace of family Deity/ Saints during this positive phase to have a relatively trouble-free ride during Saturn’s current transit.
Remedies suggested:  If you find yourself being implicated in any unnecessary issue (without any justification on the part of others to do so), light a ghee lamp in a Hanumaan temple and recite Hanumaan Langoola Astram mantra 3 times on a Thursday or Saturday.
Arrange for vennai kaappu (anointment with butter) to Lord Hanumaan’s Idol and recite the mantra “Vaidya Veera AnjanEyaaya namah” 108 times in the temple praying for good health (if there are health issues in the family).  Recite the mantra “Shreem Raamam Sitha priya naayakam saranam mama” whenever time permits for peace of mind and family welfare.
Tula rashi – (vedic Moon sign – Libra) – Vedic stars Chitra (3, 4), Swaathi, Vishakam (1, 2, 3)
Saturn shifts into the 3rd house from your Moon sign on January 26, 2017.  This gives you relief from the tough sade-sathi influences you have been enduring so long in the past.  You will find that the restrictive patterns and hopeless situations that have been tormenting you will gradually recede to the background allowing you to plan with optimism for the future.  Relationship with associates at work and siblings at home can improve.  Minor obstacles could be experienced by siblings in their lives which you can help with (and this would strengthen the familial bonds and also give you merit that can translate in to good luck in your own life).  Your self-confidence would improve and clarity would emerge in situations that were nebulous prior to this period.  Those who have endured obstacles to their higher education would find things improving gradually.  Journeys would be profitable and if you had been having issues regarding smooth settlement abroad, there is hope of resolution in your favour in the near future.
In the period between 21st June 2017 and 26th October 2017, when Saturn shifts back in to your lunar 2nd house, there could be some trace relapse of issues – similar to the ones you might have endured during sade-sathi period.  However, as long as you don’t lose your cool and do anything impulsive, this will be a fading influence.  Positively, this period can be used to resolve issues that had their genesis during sade-sathi and have been left unresolved.  Be careful in financial dealings and avoid lending/ borrowing major sums of money, or giving your promise to anyone regarding any major thing in haste during this phase till 26th October 2017.
The transit influences are by and large good for you, but the real positive impact of this transit is more likely to kick in after October 2018 till January 2020.
Remedies: The transit influence of Saturn is generally positive for you – and no intense remedy is needed.  However, if health of father or paternal relatives causes concern, or you have some minor issues of understanding with father or mentor figures, or experience some challenges or inexplicable delays regarding visa or such other formalities pertaining to foreign stay/ travel, recital of 36th Chapter of Sundara Kaandam (or organizing such recital through priests) would offer relief in that regard.
If there are problems pertaining to promotion at work or improving turn over in business activities, donating a prayer bell to a Hanumaan temple, and offering laddoos to monkeys would help.
Vrischika rashi – (vedic Moon sign – Scorpio) Vedic stars – Visakha (4), Anuradha , Jyeshta
You continue to be under the grip of Sade-sathi even after this transit.  You are entering the last phase of sade-sathi from January 26, 2017.  Arguments with close relatives could spoil peace of mind.  Do not let any misunderstanding linger on – but rather try to discuss peacefully and reconcile with close people so that the bitterness does not engulf your life unnecessarily.  You should be careful about your diet and sedentary habits; don’t ignore these due to other preoccupations because unless your health is secured, you cannot stand up to the challenges that life throws at you, and above all – we work to sustain life and add value to life – and not the other way round!
Be extra-careful regarding financial matters and documentation pertaining to your assets.  Do not ignore any notice from government authorities – even if you are not in the wrong in any way.  Respond promptly and in a timely manner establishing your position firmly to safeguard your interest and to prevent unnecessary harassment that may happen if you let things take their own drift without positive intervention from your side.
Avoid risky financial dealings and trusting anyone on face value.  Be conservative in your decisions as far as feasible.
Remedies: Be judicious in your use of water (unnecessary wastage of water may indirectly cause wastage of financial resources – by the inexplicable subtle link between our use of natural resources and their impact on other aspects of our life). Offering water/ buttermilk to devotees engaged in strenuous religious treks will bring you religious merit and general good luck.  Regular performance of pradosham worship will help you handle the challenges of Sade-sathis positively.
Meditate on Lord Hanumaan and offer dhaanam of prayer lamp to any temple or learned vedic priest before long journeys (if you are travelling abroad for long-term settlement or on major assignments).
Regular lighting of ghee lamp in the house and venerating ascetic Deities like Medha Dakshinamoorthi, Dattatreya, or venerating Saints who have attained Jeeva samaadhi (like Raghavendra, Sadashiva BrahmEndra, etc.) will help you to get Divine Guidance during critical times in life.
Dhanus rashi – (Vedic Moon sign – Sagittarius) Vedic stars – Moolam, Poorvaashaada, Uttaraashaada (1)

You are entering the second phase of Sade-sathi from January 26, 2017.  Here Saturn in sade-sathi triggers your natal Moon sign.  This is known to be a very tricky period causing lot of challenges.  Peace of mind could be the primary victim of the influences.  Do not treat any health symptom lightly as lax attitude to health can cause deterioration that would take longer to heal.  Try to understand the real motives of those around you – as there is the danger that you may misinterpret the motives of those who actually try to help you while you may trust those who are actually exploitative.  Try to look at things from a larger perspective instead of having a limited vision.  Hard work is needed to get good results during this period.  Avoid deputing important tasks to others unless such deputation of assignments is a part of the work protocol (i.e. never avoid responsibilities due to laziness).  Stick to laid down procedures and rules, and you will do fine.  In family relationships, try to have a karma yogic perspective – of doing duty as per one’s role perfectly and not being attached to the outcomes.  Surprisingly, if you develop such an attitude, you will find that results comes smoothly! This – in essence – could be your most powerful remedy – that of doing your best and leaving the rest to Divine Providence.

Avoid judging others harshly without proper justification because that would increase the risk of your being misjudged or treated harshly in turn! Sade-sathi is about karmic balance; this is a time when you are paying your karmic balance of the past; if you add to the past bad karma by present-time indiscretions, the troubles would increase manifold.  So be patient, calm, and objective in your approach to life.
Luckily for you, the good transit of Jupiter will shield you to a great extent from the sade-sathi influences in the period between Sep 2017 and October 2018.

Remedies: Offering seva (physical service in some form) to any place of worship. Serving elders in the family with affection and respect (treating them as if they are God-Incarnate and are the channels through which you can serve God).  If situations in the family seem too tough, and you are unable to take decisions regarding some crucial issue (where every choice seems to have its share of challenges), try to arrange a homam in Honour of Shri Raama Parivaaar on Punarvasu days, or in Honour of Lord DattatrEyaa on Mrigasira star days.

Makara rashi – (Vedic Moon sign – Capricorn) Vedic Moon stars – Uttaraashaada (2, 3, 4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1, 2)
Saturn – which was transiting the auspicious 11th house from your Moon sign, shifts into your 12th house – heralding the beginning of sade-sathi influence for you.  There could be increase in expenses, disturbance to sleep pattern in some way, and subconscious anxiety due to this influence. Hospitalization of self or close relatives is a possibility for many of you. So don’t be lax in health matters in any way. Single natives of this sign must avoid unnecessary mental hang-ups or over-expectations from potential partners as this could unnecessarily delay settling in domestic life.  On the positive side, if you have been planning for a trip abroad and have not been able to do so, this period would give you such opportunities.  Avoid spending money on unnecessary channels as that could eat into the contingency funds you maintain for emergencies, and then you would be left defenseless when tackling sensitive financial situations.  Those involved in service professions will do better than others.  Since Saturn is the ruler of your Moon sign, Sade-sathi is likely to be relatively mild for you, and if you develop the right attitude, this transit of Saturn can even bring you life-changing insights and positive karmic resolutions.
The things to guard against during this transit are –
a)     over-spending (especially ego-spending or emotional-spending – where you spend to feel good – but without any actual practical purpose being served)….instead divert your spending along altruistic channels as an alibi.
b)     Unhealthy sleep patterns. To prevent this, try to pace your work activities intelligently so that you don’t end up staying late handling sensitive subjects that will keep your brain triggered and won’t let you rest in peace.  Try to finishing tackling of crucial issues at least 2 hours prior to the time you intend to go to sleep, and avoid taking issues with you to the bed!
c)     Behind-the-screen or unethical moves – these could backfire big way!
In the period between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn will temporarily shift back to your 11th house allowing you to make provisions for tacking the tougher sade-sathi period.  See how things go in the beginning of the year, evaluate your potential for growth and the challenges, and do what must be done to ensure your progress in the middle of the year 2017 so that you would have insured against downturns of sade-sathi.
The positive transit of Jupiter between October 2018 and November 2019 would be a shield for you against planetary difficulties of sade-sathi during that period.

Remedies: If there are health issues that trouble you without being resolved by conventional medical treatments, recite Hanumaan chaalisaa 11 times on a Thursday and offer 11 unhusked coconuts to any Hanumaan temple.
Meditate on Lord Krishna in Reclining Pose and recite “Ksheeraabhdhi saayii Bhagawaan Yoganidra Paraaya namah” within the mind 12 times before going to sleep to ensure peaceful sleep.
Offer sandalwood paste to tail of Lord Hanumaan (in a picture at home in your pooja place, or in a temple where they may permit touching of idols) praying “Lankaa Dahanaa kaarakaaya Raama Dhootaaya sarva graha dOshaani nivaaraya” 108t times on a Thursday/ Saturday.
Avoid over-expectations in job and domestic front – we all think we deserve more than we get, BUT, we don’t know!  So, take opportunities as they come instead of letting them slip by in the hope that something better will turn up if we wait!  As long as what you are offered is in the ball-park of what one can expect per one’s caliber/ professional situation (considering the macro factors and trends also into account), we must go with what life offers us – and should wait only if there is a huge and irrational mismatch between what is offered and what is deserved.

Kumbha rashi – (Vedic Moon sign – Aquarius) Vedic stars (Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabisha, Poorvabhadra 1, 2, 3)

Saturn shifts into the 11th house from your Moon sign. This is a very positive transit influence suggesting better progress, comforts, and recognition in life.  Friends/ relatives who have been out of touch for a while may come back with increased affection and bonding towards you.  You will manage to identify new ways of boosting your financial situation, and if you are engaged in business activities, you will enjoy better visibility and enjoy greater profits.  Dreams that you have been nurturing for a long time in the past will come closer to realization. Ailments that might have been troubling you for a long time in the past will get healed.  Romance-related luck will be great for single natives of this sign.  For those in established relationships, there will be chance to rekindle the joys of love, and to develop harmonious dynamic with loved ones.  Those involved in yogic/ spiritual practices will have better chance of attaining perfection and siddhis if they persist hard enough along those lines.
Between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn will temporarily shift back to the 10th house from your Moon sign which may sometimes lead to heavy work, or necessity to handle some sensitive situation at work; however, if you remain steady and do what is practically needed without losing your calm, things will be overall very much under control.
 Remedies: No intense remedies needed for your sign.  However, you can enjoy the benefits of this positive transit even better if you indulge in service or charitable activities of your choice.  There will be chance to mix service with pleasure (like deriving joy by visiting spiritually potent places, serving genuine spiritual persons and enjoying the Nectar of spiritual suggestions from them, and enjoying the company of high-minded persons whom you may meet while involving yourself in volunteering activities for welfare of society).

Meena rashi – (Vedic Moon sign – Pisces)
Saturn shifts into the 10th house from your natal Moon sign on January 26, 2017.  This is a somewhat sensitive transit – where more than normal hard efforts will be needed to maintain good tempo of progress at work.  Some of you may even be faced with stalemates at work – due to difficult attitude of superiors.  Handle such situations patiently; if someone is purposely irritating you, the best way to handle them is to act as if you are not irritated and going about doing your allocated duties with a smile!  This can be a spiritually beneficial exercise for you too – converting a potentially difficult situation into a penance; Universe does not leave penances unanswered. Good results will come later to you if you keep doing your duties patiently and without losing temper.  Health of elderly relatives may cause concern to many of you.  Expenses may mount uncontrollably – so prioritize your resources intelligently.  Those in family life must pace their activities wisely so that time can be allotted for spending quality moments with loved ones.  Work hard for your progress and for family’s welfare, but do not ignore the emotional needs of close family members in the process!  Success will be lonely and emotionally unfulfilling if you don’t have your loved ones around you to share your joy.  So, treat family commitments as something as important as your social and professional commitments. On the positive side, those looking for emigration to lucrative places abroad will find planetary energies supporting them in the venture.
In the period between June 21, 2017 and October 26, 2017, Saturn will temporarily shift back to your 9th house; health of father or elderly paternal relatives could cause concern for some of you.  You must be most careful in interactions with authority figures/ superiors at work also during that period.  Those travelling abroad during this phase must ensure that the travel papers are in order, and also all visa-related formalities/ NOCs are taken care of without any loose ends.
Be extra-careful in all activities between Sep 2017 and October 2018, when transit of Jupiter is also tough.  Things will be manageable and, if you handle them right, even turn successful during October 2018 to November 2019 period due to good transit of Jupiter.
Remedies:  Visit rivers or natural springs reputed for their spiritual potency and take Holy Bath.
Offer rose-water/ coconuts for abhishekam to temples at least once a month praying for family-welfare.
Organize grand showering of flowers to any Deity of your choice on a Thursday once a year (preferably around your birthstar every year).
Recite the mantra “DattaatrEyam Mahaa Yogin mama chitham sthirii kuru” (meaning “Lord DattaatrEya – the Great Yogi – please help me in having a stable and firm mindset) 12 times daily and 108 times on Thursdays after lighting a prayer lamp at home; this will help you to approach any challenge with the right attitude and determination which can help in successful negotiation of matters.

Special austerities planned on Sani-Peyarchi day at my residence:

Special austerities are planned in connection with Saturn transit on January 26, 2017.
We plan to perform Mahaa Mrityunjaya homam, Rudra Trisathi homam, Pasupatha Astra homam, Raama Parivaara homam, Venkateshwara Homam, and Sani Gayathri and Moola mantra homam.
Those born in Mesha, Rishabha, Mithuna, Simha, Kanni, Vrischika, Dhanus, Makara, and Meena rashis  are under challenging Saturn transit influences as may be seen above, and can benefit by remedial homams done on that day. Those who wish to take part in these as part-sponsors may please write to my email-id: with the subject line “Sani peyarchi remedial request”.  Will suggest the modalities of participation as reply mail.  Regular clients/ disciples who have been participating in various austerities in the past can directly remit  Rs.1000 (rupees one thousand only) or equivalent in US Dollars in favour of my icici bank account the details of which you may have with you, and send me the intended the beneficiary’s name, gothra, star and rashi details to my email-id.
Please note that we won’t be shipping Prasad or Holy Ash through mail and taking sankalpa in your name during the performance will be deemed to be in-absentia participation and the karmic benefits would accrue to you due to vedic procedures involved in the austerity.
Those who wish to participate in person to our residence in India may send mail and come in person after prior intimation (so that we can organize distribution of Prasad to your suitably).
Best regards,
Blessed be.

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