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Thursday, February 4, 2016

MahOdaya Punya kaalam - 2016

Dear All:

A very rare and auspicious spiritual moment - termed MahOdayam Punya kaalam operates on February 8, 2016. It operates for the entire day till 8-10 p.m.

Pushya/ Maaga month, Amavasya, falling on a Monday when ruling star is one of Ashwini, Sravanam, Dhanishta, Arudra, or Aslesha) – a very rare occurrence and of merit equivalent to 2 crore Surya Grahana punya kaalam (spiritual brethen reading this blog might be aware of the fact that grahana punya kaalam is a karmic multiplier where the effects of the karma is multiplied manifold times; so you can imagine if that multiplying factor is multiplied 2 crore times what you could get by way of karmic balance when you do austerities during MahOdhaya punya kaalam).  It is auspicious for any austerity (just like Grahana punya kaalam), and also for offering tarpanam to pitrus.  In fact, for Thai Amavasya (Pushya Amavasya) tarpanam on Feb 8th, you should take sankalpam as "MahOdaya punya kaalE" (because this gains precedence over the Amavasya - though the rules regarding tarpanam remain the same).

The same combination happening on a Sunday is called ArdhOdaya punya kaalam.  So, on February 7, 2016 - from around Noon time, ArdhOdhayam Punya kaalam operates for those living in American continents.  MahOdaya punya kaalam operates for a short while in the morning of Feb 8th for those living in the East coast of USA, and Canada.  For those living in other regions of USA, Canada, MahOdaya Punya kaalam does not operate - so, you should prefer the afternoon/ evening hours of Feb 7th for austerities to get the benefit of ArdOdhaya punya kaalam (half of MahOdayam!).

For those living in U.K., and other European countries, the MahOdaya punya kaalam may be observed till Noon of February 8th.

Those living in Middle-east countries (Gulf) may observe this till about 1 hour before sunset at their place (ideally prefer the time around Noon for tarpanam, or other austerities for ancestors, and use the rest of the day for chants/ japams, or other Divine Austerities).

Those living in countries to the east of India may observe MahOdaya punya kaalam austerities on February 8th - just as in India.

It is a dharma shastraic maxim that Kshetra is also an important factor in performance of austerities (which is why even celestials visit certain kshetras in Bharatavarsha for karmic performances) - BUT - in light of the fact that many spiritual persons live in distant lands due to practical situations including career aspirations, I have outlined the way in which they may observe these punya kaalams.

Those of you living abroad, if you have trustworthy priests/ spiritual advisors/ mentors in India, please try to have some dhaanam or austerity done on your behalf in India on February 8th - so that you can get the benefit of "kshetra" also:) [i.e. benefit of having done an austerity of major karmic importance in suitable Kshetra auspicious for the austerity].

Some of the austerities that can be done that way are:

a) Gayathri homam.
b) Ramaayanam chapters recital.
c) Bhagavat Gita recital.
d) Donation to philanthropic activities or religious activities (dhaanams like gift of sacred books, sponsoring spread of religious works, theertha paatra for those who perform austerities, gift of ghee to those who do yagnyas, and dharmams like - offering donations to institutions catering to aged, poor, and destitute).
e) Those who are initiated into mantras (or wish to attempt major siddhi activities by power of mantras) will find this time to be of immense value (for doing things like purascharana - gaining siddhi over a mantra).

Of course, the best thing you can do is - to meditate and try to connect yourself to the Divine Energy that regulates all life in all planes of existence.  You may be surprised at the outcome, as it will be easier to be "one with the Universe" during such spiritually intense period.

We are planning on visit to Shrisailam and performance of austerities there at the Holy Kshetra.  Will pray for all our readers (and especially my disciples and Pradosham group members who have been a source of immense support to me in performance of many austerities all these years).  Will be leaving for Shrisailam on Feb 6th - after Pradosham poojas, spend Feb 7th preparing for the austerities and visiting places of religious importance in that kshetra, and do my austerities there on Feb 8th  - God Willing!

May our readers get themselves involved in some austerity/ charitable activity to get the maximum benefit out of this rare auspicious and spiritually potent period.

Blessed be.

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Vallisree Chakka said...

Very Informative, Thanks for sharing. Can you suggest the same occurrence in 2017

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