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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Guru Peyarchi on July 14, 2015

Dear All:
 Jupiter enters sidereal Leo sign (Simha rashi) on July 14, 2015 [by vaakya panchanga traditions, many temples have already observed Jupiter transit already, BUT, astronomically, Jupiter's transit into sidereal Cancer is only on June 14, 2015; Drik Ganitha panchangams also give the same date]. Jupiter will remain in Simha rashi till August 11, 2016.

I will comment on the Elemental status, and general auspiciousness/ challenging nature of Jupiter transit for various rashis so that those born in rashis that are under challenging Jupiter transit influences may perform appropriate remedies and brace themselves up, and these indications are applicable to everyone. 

As these results are moderated by other influences to some extent, it is best that you should consult your family astrologer or other expert astrologers to know how exactly the actual results may manifest for you specific to your birth chart.

For Mesha rashi natives (those born under Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittka 1st padam stars), Jupiter transits the auspicious 5th house from your rashi. Those of you who have been waiting desperately for conception may find that Heavens open their Benevolent Grace on you this year. This is a great year for planning your long-term investments, for getting initiation into mantra deekshas, for visiting ascetics, Holy Men and gaining their Grace, and for embarking on ambitious ventures. However, since Jupiter attains Thaamara Moorthy lakshana (Iron elemental status) for your sign, the good effects will manifest in full intensity only if you take concentrated efforts along right channels and are patient and thorough in your efforts, or else, this will just be a year when you are generally lucky but no significant advancement may happen. Don't let things drift like that.
Another moderating influence will be when Rahu in transit influences Simha rashi from 29th January 2016 which could be sensitive for those in the family way and also this is a period when you must avoid trusting untrustworthy persons while at the same time taking care not to upset genuine well-wishers to mentors by adopting an unnecessarily skeptical attitude.

Remedies: Regular prayers on Lord Hanumaan will help you to make the best use of the positive transit and overcome the effects of Rahu from January 29, 2016.

Those seeking progenic bliss should ideally visit places like Tirunageshwaram, or Shri Kalahasti, or Kukke Subramaniya and offer special prayers to overcome the influence of Rahu/ Jupiter on the 5th house from your rashi from January 29, 2016.  If such a visit is not possible, at least try to visit any temple of Lord Skanda and offer 18 ghee lamps in the 8th/ 9th month of conception praying for safe delivery and birth of a healthy child.

For Rishabha rashi natives (those born under Krittika 2, 3,4 padams, Rohini, Mrigasira 1, and 2 padams), Jupiter transits the 4th house from natal Moon sign. This is not an auspicious transit. Since 4th house indicates homeland/ residence basically, the inauspicious effects may manifest as unsettled situations at home, possible relocation or confusion regarding one's prospects (like dilemma regarding one's roles at work place), or simply lack of domestic peace at home. But, since Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy (Silver elemental status) for your sign, there is relief seen by remedial prayers, and by performance of remedies good results regarding academic matters, blessings of mother or elderly maternal relatives, and even positive developments regarding property settlements might be expected.

Be very careful while driving vehicles after Jan 29, 2016 when Rahu in transit joins Jupiter and influences Simha rashi.  Ancestral property matters and property transactions must be handled diplomatically and with caution to avoid unnecessary issues. Health of mother or elderly maternal relatives may cause concern for some of you.

Remedies:  Performing Girivalam at Tiruvannamalai on Pournami nights will be a good remedy for ensuring domestic peace and progress. Those who can't visit Tiruvannamalai might circumambulate other Holy Mounts in their vicinity in lieu (nothing equals Tiruvannamalai Girivalam, but still something is better than nothing!).

If professional prospects are unsettling or if there are unnecessary differences with mother/ maternal relatives that disrupt your peace of mind, recite the mantra “Om Maatruvatsalaaya GanEshaaya LambOdharaaya hum” 32 times.

For Mithuna rashi natives (those born in Mrigasira 3 and 4 padams, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, and 3 padams), Jupiter transits the 3rd house from natal Moon sign. This is an inauspicious transit - but where danger lurks ONLY if you take wrong decisions or make unethical moves. You must remember that Universe will give you chance to redeem yourself and correct your errors, but if you stick on to egoistic ways and continue with wrong choices, you may manifest your own doom. Those who are patient, and ethical by nature have nothing to fear from this transit influence except that there could be varying degrees of anxiety due to situational factors. Since Jupiter attains Swarna Moorthy lakshana (Gold elemental status), you have potential to get good results by taking bold / adventurous decisions, and by working in close association with your colleagues at work and siblings/ cousins at home.

Rahu’s transit into Simha rashi when it joins Jupiter on January 29, 2016 is auspicious for you – except that you should be careful and maintain good dynamics with younger siblings/ cousins – and ensure that you are seen to be objective and fair in your dealings.  If there are minor misunderstandings, you must take the initiative to resolve them shrugging off entrapments of ego and unnecessary stubbornness so that others also will be motivated to do so, and potential conflict would transform into increased sense of trust and bonding with people whom you love.

Remedies: Light a lamp (either ghee or oil lamp) in a temple praying to Lord Skanda on Krittika nakshatra days or on Visakha nakshatra days.  Recite the mantra “Om Hreem Shanmukhaaya shadaananaaya namah” 36 times daily praying for welfare of self and for family unity.

For Kataka rashi natives (those born in Punarvasu 4th padam, Pushya, Aslesha), Jupiter transits the 2nd house from natal Moon sign. This is considered a good transit which is auspicious for new acquisitions, resolving family issues, enjoying respect for one's words, benefits arising out of recital of auspicious mantras, and generally a positive trend in life.  However, since Jupiter attains LOha Moorthy Lakshana (Iron elemental status), the positive effects will be markedly reduced. You must take extra-efforts to manifest the good results that are possible under this transit.

Remember that this transit makes it auspicious for you to gain through your words, control of mouth (implying regulation in speech and diet), by learning new slokhas/ mantras, and by spending money on auspicious charitable activities to earn karmic reward points too:)

When you perform austerities, or perform dhaan (charitable offerings) do it with a sense of detachment and with the understanding that you are just paying back some karmic debt with all these, and don’t expect immediate results.  Such matured approach and spiritual attitude will attract the blessings of noble souls that will help you to enjoy the potential good effects of this transit.

After January 29, 2016, Rahu joins Jupiter in Simha rashi which could be a particularly sensitive period. Avoid risky speculative investments, rash speech, and self-medications as these can cause unnecessary issues for you.

Remedies:  Recite the mantra “Om Soum saravanabhavaaya sanathkumaaraaya namah” 36 times daily and light a prayer lamp in your house praying for auspciousness.
Offer wheat equal to 1/10th of your body-weight to any temple on your birthday.
If possible pay a visit to Kukke Subramanya, Swaamimalai, or Tiruchendur after January 26, 2016.

For Simha rashi natives (those born in Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1st padam), Jupiter transits the rashi itself which goes by the technical name of "Janma Guru." This is reputed to give stressful situations in life, and situations where you need to take objective decisions to march ahead in life. Often allusion is made to "Janma Guru caused exile of Shri Raama" - and it is observed that many people do relocate to distant lands or experience some sort of adverse transfers or challenging situations under this transit influence.  Luckily, Jupiter has attained Swarna Moorthy status (Golden Elemental status) during this transit which can help you to reduce the negative impact of this transit to a great extent, and there is a possibility that “seemingly unfavourable developments” may pave the way for realization of long-term goals.  It could either be mundane benefits – like a transfer to a distant place but with good prospects for growth tagged with it, OR, spiritual benefits – like suffering minor setbacks that could neutralize your praarabdha karma and pave the way for success in the coming years.

After January 29, 2016, Rahu joins Jupiter in your Janma rashi which complicates the picture.  If you act with arrogance and without regard to ethics/ welfare of others, Universe may slap you awake with rude outcomes that might jolt you.  Don’t be misled by flowery words of sycophants around you, but analyze situations realistically to avoid unpalatable outcomes.

Remedies: Visiting places where siddhas/ saints have attained Jeeva Samadhi and lighting prayer lamp praying that they should show you the right way will be auspicious for you.
If you are in public life, try installing street lamps, donating lighting facilities to charitable institutions, and helping with the educational needs of poor but deserving students to enjoy success in elections.
Don’t jump into conclusions in any matter. Be patient with everyone, accept things as they come, and then form your strategies as “reaction” to situations. Don’t exacerbate issues by speaking out of turn, or trying to aggressively push matters as such moves may fire back on you this year.

For Kanya rashi natives (those born in Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, and 4 paadams, Hasta, and Chitra 1, 2), Jupiter transits the 12th house from rashi (Viraya Guru - Jupiter transit productive of expenses/ wastage/ losses, and possible loss of position).  However, such setbacks will manifest only if you insist on egoistic persistence with your plans. Otherwise, this will just be a period when expenses might mount - but on auspicious matters.  You may not be able to avoid certain wasteful journeys or frustration in efforts, but that won’t affect your prospects too much except being an inconvenience for the smooth flow of life. You must spend on essentials but avoid luxurious expenditure, and be ready with reserve cash to face exigencies in life. Health could be somewhat below par. As Jupiter during this transit attains Thaamra Moorthy lakshana (Copper elemental status), the challenging effects will be seen to about 80% (not all negative, but potential for facing challenging situations is high).

Rahu transiting the 12th house from January 29, 2016 will compound the challenging influences.

Remedies: Recite Chatru samhaara vel pathigam or Skanda Shashti kavacham after lighting a prayer lamp and spreading Holy Ash in a clean brass container or plantain leaf in front of the Deity.  That Holy Ash can be used as lucky talisman to reduce issues in life.
Offer ghee lamp in Honour of Lord Skanda during auspicious occasions like Soora Samhaaram, Aadi Krittikai, Kaarthikai Deepam day, Thai Krittikai, and Vaikaasi visaakham.

For Thula rashi natives (those born in Chitra 3, 4 padams, Swathi, Visakham 1, 2, and 3), Jupiter transits the auspicious 11th house from rashi. This is a very positive transit indicative of gains from various quarters, support of companions/ society for your good activities, ability to relate on a friendly basis with everyone, gains through elder siblings and business activities, and your good luck will shield your children and ensure positive developments in their lives. Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy Lakshana (Silver Elemental status) during this transit for you. So, you may expect to enjoy around 80% of the positive intensity of the transit effects.

After Jan 29, 2016, Rahu joins Jupiter in transit in your 11th house from rashi; as that is also a good transit, Jupiter’s transit effects will be augmented further in the first half of 2016.  Possibility of unexpected gains through friends, support from people of other cultures/ nationalities, and gain in business activities by embracing unconventional strategies are some positive impacts you can expect in first half of 2016.

Remedies: No remedies needed for your sign as the transit of Jupiter is good for you.

For Vrischika rashi natives (those born in Visakham 4, Anuradha, and Jyeshta), Jupiter transits the sensitive 10th house from rashi. There could be uncertainties in professional matters, possible loss of professional dignity in some way (either loss of face in some way in controversial situations, or adverse transfers from prestigious roles to insignificant operational duties), and karma will catch up with you (some setbacks/ difficult situations arising out of your own activities/ choices; positively, if you have been working hard and if the previous 9th house transit of Jupiter failed to reward you, karmic reward can come now and you may be in for pleasant surprises!). 

Due to joint trigger of Saturn and Jupiter on 10th house from Moon, there is a possibility that if your dasa-bhukti influences are good, then the shift in job could actually be to a better place/ role, BUT, you still need to work hard to prove yourself in such new roles.  Jupiter has attained Loha Moortha lakshana (Iron elemental status) during this transit which indicates that you need to work very hard to sustain tempo in career matters.

Rahu shifts into the 10th house from Moon on January 29, 2016 further adding to professional challenges and possible dichotomy between what you expect and what really happens.  Avoid taking hasty professional decisions this year.

Remedies: Visualize Lord Kartikeya being Formed as a Child from the Fire Sparks of Lord Shiva's Third Eye in Lotus flowers in Ganges. Avoid rash professional decisions and impulsive change of jobs. Perform your duties with a matured attitude that we can only do our best, and how others perceive our efforts is individual to them and we can't be bothered about that!

Recite the mantra “Om Ganaadipaaya namah LambOdharaaya hum” 36 times daily to side-step the tough impact of Jupiter’s transit, and turn challenges into opportunities.

For Dhanus rashi natives (those born in Moola, Poorvaashaada, Uttaraashaada 1st padam), Jupiter transits the auspicious 9th house from your rashi. This is an auspicious transit that favours positive relocation influences (like if you have been planning on relocating to a place for better prospects), initiation into new spiritual routines/ deekshas, long journeys, joining higher education courses, and you may enjoy increased self-confidence in all that you do. However, the positive effects will be watered down to some extent since 
Jupiter attains Thaamra Moorthy Lakshana (Copper Elemental Status) during this transit.  Patience and thorough handling of things will only result in good outcomes; if you stretch your luck too far, it could be that the good effects will be spent in shielding you from the after-effects of wrong decisions.

After January 29, 2016, Rahu shifts into the 9th house from your Moon sign joining Jupiter which could give yogas to visit distant lands or benefit by association with people of other cultures/ nationalities.

Remedies: Though transit is good, the moorthy lakshana attained by Jupiter for your sign is not that great. So, remedial prayers will ensure that positive effects can manifest in reality.

Recite the mantra "Om Kumaara GuravE namah" visualizing on Lord Skanda explaining the meaning of Pranava to Lord Shiva. If possible, try to visit Swaamimalai and offer special worship.

For Makara rashi natives (people born in Uttarashada 2, 3, and 4, Sravana, and Dhanishta 1, 2 padams), Jupiter transits the sensitive 8th house from your rashi. This is productive of unnecessary issues in life threatening loss of peace, danger of ill-health to self or close relatives, and last-minute reversals that might take success away from you. Luckily, Jupiter during this transit attains Swarna Moorthy Lakshana (Golden Elemental Status) which reduces the impact of the tough transit and ensures that sincere prayers and seeking blessings from saintly persons will be good shielding influences for you. Take care of your health and health of close relatives, and avoid unnecessary litigation/ arguments. 

After January 29, 2016, Rahu also joins Jupiter in the 8th house from your Moon sign indicating that more care might be needed in first half of 2016 in all matters. Avoid impulsive decisions or depressive thoughts, and take things as they come so that the challenging periods will pass of as floating clouds without troubling you much.

Remedies: Recite the mantra "Om Deva sEnapathayE hum" 108 times daily praying for relief from adverse planetary influences.
Offer Gur, sugarcane, or plantains to elephants in temples whenever possible praying for good health.
Offer sugarcandy to kids on your birthstar day. 

For Kumbha rashi natives (people born in Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabisha, Poorvaphadra 1, 2, 3), Jupiter transits the auspicious 7th house from your rashi. Wedding bells ring for eligible single natives of this sign, and those already in a wedded life will find that dynamics with spouse improves significantly. Others will warm up to you now and there is scope for improving your societal standing. This is an auspicious transit for you. As Jupiter attains Rajata Moorthy lakshana (Silver Elemental status), the positive effects of this transit can be experienced to nearly 80% (80% probability of good effects and success in your efforts along good lines).

Rahu’s shift into Simha Rashi on January 29, 2016 could be somewhat sensitive for domestic peace or for health of spouse.  As long as you handle things carefully things will be generally under control even then.

Remedies: No remedies needed for your sign as this transit is auspicious for you till January 29, 2016.  After January 29, 2016, when Rahu’s transit may reduce the good impact of this Jupiter transit, you may recite portions of Sundarakaandam on Saturdays, Sundays, or Thursdays praying for auspicious vibes in the family.

Worship of Lord Bhairava on Ashtami thithis will augment your good luck in the period before January 29, 2016, and will help reduce the malefic impact of Rahu transit after January 29, 2016.

For Meena rashi natives (people born in Poorvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi), Jupiter transits the sensitive 6th house from your rashi. Health needs to be tended carefully, and you must avoid unnecessary arguments with anyone. Legal issues must be preferably handled by negotiations rather than with a "gladiatorial fight to the end" attitude. Avoid lending/ borrowing huge sums based on over-optimistic projections and play it safe in money matters. Jupiter has attained LOha Moorthy Lakshana (Iron elemental status) for your sign during this transit; so, this Moorthy Lakshana does nothing to water down the tough aspects of this transit, and unless your individual chart receives positive triggers during the transit (like auspicious house-lords’ natal position being triggered by Jupiter), or dasa-bhukti influences are supportive, you must brace yourself for a challenging period due to this transit.

Rahu’s shift into Simha rashi from January 29, 2016 might come as a relief for many of you as Rahu’s transit through 6th house is auspicious and helps you to overcome challenges by adopting unconventional strategies.  Also, Rahu during this transit can bless you with wedding-yoga if you have been looking in vain for a suitable match for long, and the previous Jupiter transit did not ring wedding-bells for you.

Remedies: Visualize on Lord Hanumaan crossing the Ocean it a single leap and reaching Lanka before beginning major tasks. Pray before a picture depicting Lord Hanumaan holding Sanjeevani mountain if you or someone in the family becomes sick. Recite Seetha Vivaaha chapter from Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamayanam if auspicious events in the family get delayed endlessly.

As you might be aware, I am staying at Tiruvannamalai for spiritual reasons from Feb 2014 and am likely to be here till Lord Arunachaleshwara gives me other signals. So, this year, the Guru peyarchi homam will be done at the Punya Kshetra of Tiruvannamalai at my temporary residence here which has a wonderful view of the Holy Mt. Arunachala - the Largest Lingam in the World and that too a Self-Manifest Lingam (The whole Mountain is considered to be a lingam – as Lord Shiva took the Mountain Form for benefit of humans, after showing the Infinite Pillar of Fire Form to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu!)

 Those born in Rishabha, Mithuna, Simha, Kanya, Vrischika, Makara, and Meena rashis have tough transit influences due to this transit and may benefit by a remedial prayer on the transit day - July 14, 2015.

Please note that I won't be sending prasad/ holy ash by post due to ritual purity considerations of the holy articles.  My sankalpam on your behalf during the homam is deemed "in-absentia" participation, and the karmic benefits of the performance will accrue to you.  Of course, those who can, may visit me at my Tiruvannamalai residence on the Gurupeyarchi day after prior intimation. Those who are interested in participation in the Guru transit homams (either in person or in-absentia) may please write to my email-id: with the subject tag "Jupiter transit 2015" to know the modalities of the participation. 

Best regards,
Blessed be.

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