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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hall of Shame - websites that plagiarized my articles

Regular readers of this blog know that many of my articles have been republished by various websites with my express permission.  But, now a days, I find that some sites have started publishing my articles without attributing that to me as if it is the work of their own editorial is a pity that such plagiarism attempts are the reason why reputed researchers have stopped discussing/ publishing their original ideas in internet fora.  Plagiarism of anything is unethical - it is thieving though those who plagiarize don't realize this. It is all the more shameful when sites that claim to propagate Divine Sciences/ subjects and act as if they are doing so with altruistic motives do this!  If the error was unintentional, it is logical that they would have acknowledged note sent to them in this regard with the proof that the article was originally written by me and published in reputed vedic monthly magazine or in some other famous websites.  When they don't acknowledge the note, and also fail to attribute the article correctly to my name even after bringing this to their notice, it is clear that they wish to shine in reflected glory - as they don't have the same caliber but want to enjoy the reputation without having the caliber! That is what thieves do - not willing to work but take away what others have earned with their sweat and blood!

I could initiate legal proceedings against them possibly - BUT, I thought it may not be worth the time and effort, and anyway I am not seeking any material damages (It is more a sentimental thing for me; if they had asked my permission and attributed the article to me and shared it with a wider audience, I would have felt even more happy!), I thought that to invoke justice, it is simpler for me to just put those sites in Hall of Shame - and I am sure many of them do read my blog also - still hunting for ideas/ original articles to lift for their sites, and if so, let them be shamed to know that they have found themselves in a notorious list and this list will be read by thousands if not lakhs of this blog's readers!  Those who respond appropriately at least after this will be taken off this Hall of Shame, and others - they may find that internet is an infinite Akaashic record, and some random check by someone in google or any search engine will throw up this and shame their site, a just enough punishment for them....


1) Plagiarizing Site name: ; Article they have plagiarized:  Method to select Lucky name using K.P. Astrology (This article was originally published by me in website in the year 2005 itself, and was later republished in Express Star Teller and also some other websites with my permission).

2) Plagiarizing Site Name:; Article they have plagiarized - "Control your breathing control your mind" (This article was originally published by in the year 2008 itself under the title "Yogic Breathing that promotes control over senses", and this site's editor claims authorship after lifting the article word by word, changing the title, and publishing it in 2014!)  I have written to them and must see if they respond.  If they do, they will taken off this list of shame. has actually published excerpts of many of my forum interactions - without my express permission , but attributing the views to me - and since those discussions were already in public forums in a yahoogroup, I had no objection to it - especially as the attribution was there. BUT, in the case of this article, they have lifted the article from another website and are using it without attributing the authorship to me - but the "Editor" claims authorship!

As I don't have much time, I may not be on the lookout for such plagiarism events too actively, BUT, whenever such instances come to my attention, I will keep adding them to the Hall of Shame!

For people of Honour, losing Name is worse than losing life.......let me see if these people are honourable and correct their mistakes (I am almost sure that this will be read by them as they need to hunt for articles worthy of being "lifted!").

On a general note, I wish people understand that plagiarism is a sin against Goddess Saraswathy Herself - BECAUSE - every author who publishes "original" ideas is "Inspired" by Her and it is Her Grace that helps a person to digest principles and eloquently express it in a way that captivates minds of people and etches the concept in their mind.  So, when you don't attribute the authorship to the right person - whose brainchild the article is by Grace of Goddess of Muse, it is insulting Maa Saraswathy's Grace itself!  I sincerely wish that people who peddle in spirituality (I say "peddle" because it has become BIG BIG BIG business now a days! Very few seem to follow spirituality - but we can see almost everyone peddling it....) should stop with "commercializing spiritual beliefs" and not take the karma further to the extent of "thieving!"


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Blogu Veerudu said...

thats the best way to teach a lesson to the plagiarists

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