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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Rare Planetary influence on September 18th, 2013 and persisting during the pitru paksha......

Dear Members:

This post is about a celestial phenomenon that might influence all of us in general....

On September 18, 2013, Venus conjuncts Saturn, and this stellium is within 1 deg orb of influence to the face of Rahu.  Saturn-Rahu degree conjunction occurs on September 25, 2013.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction is an event that happens once in 57 years and a few odd months - the conjunction points precessing from one zodiac sign to the previous one. The last such conjunction was in sign of Vrischika in the year 1956. The current Saturn-Rahu conjunction is in 2013; the next such conjunction will be in the year 2070 and it will be in Virgo (Kanya rashi). [Please note that I am speaking of a grand cycle of Saturn-Rahu conjunction where once in around 57 years and few odd months, the conjunction in happens through one sign to another in an anticlockwise direction (A zodiacal precession influence) - like in 1956 it was in Vrichika, in 2013 it is in Thulam, and in 2070 it will be in Kanya.....There are other times when Rahu and Saturn will be conjunct - for instance in 2025 in Meena rashi, and in 2036 in Simha rashi but that is a different grand cycle.....and typically such conjunctions happen in the 6th sign from this Major cycle conjunction and every 6th sign therefrom every 11 or 12 years......I am explaining this only for astronomical purposes so that students of astronomy don't wonder as to whether this is such a big deal - as anyway Saturn-Rahu conjunction can happen. This conjunction is a Grand cycle - where the conjunction proceeds from one sign to the previous one in the anti-zodiac order once in 57-58 years, and conjunction happens in the same nakshatra once in 707-712 years.... ]

Now, the signs in which such conjunctions occur and the planets that this Saturn-Rahu combination triggers during that period can have a major influence on general trend of things till the next such conjunction, and this Saturn-Rahu conjunction can indicate a "phase shift" in mindset of people and a potential period for major changes in the trend of things to come.

The last shift in 1956 in Scorpio (Vrischika rashi) and its influences thereon brought about lots of destructive wars - rebellions that caused redefining of states/ nations as they were then known, and atheist movements with a rebellious flavour gaining control of the popular psyche - consistent with Vrischika influences.  Since Moon was the planet influenced by that conjunction then, the shift in psyche lead to psychological problems, depressive tendencies (a void that resulted in the mindset of people leading them to try varied approaches - from tantric practices that gained currency as opposed to traditional methods, to jazz music, to the rapid strides in technology that resulted in change of social mores/ protocols).

The current shift - in contrast has potential to be a "joyful" one - as it happens in the sign of Venus and Venus is the planet that is influenced.  Technology can make national boundaries/ or other such physical barriers irrelevant (already this has happened, and it is bound to happen even more - where a person at the other end of the Universe will be as close to you as a person in the next room!)

Time may not be far off when even tactile sensations/ smell can be reproduced through computers or projection of images made possible - that could make "virtual presence" complete with the fragrance of hte person, to the personal warmth to be projected "virtually" to any place in the Universe!

This Saturn-Rahu conjunction might influence the psyche of "women" more.  Women all over the world may gain even more ascendancy - BUT might also face challenges associated with increased exposure to the world outside (even now in professional settings a woman is not able to cite reasons of "I am woman I can't work late at night;" now this is going to be even more enhanced in the future - where no concessions will be extended to women on account of their gender).

Women must consciously try to find ways to ensure their safety in such an environment.... for example, a female physician may not be able to say "I won't be doing this medical process as I am trying to conceive the radiations might affect my baby."  Due to increased competitiveness, gentlemanly conduct/ chivalry may become scarce entities and women may begin to pay the costs for "equality."  So, it might become imperative for everyone to take extreme steps or decisions in the coming years......with an all or nothing approach....some women may opt to remain unmarried, while some may opt to remain childless or delay child-birth till they attain major milestones in their career, etc.  These influences are already felt in some sections of the society.....and these will be further strengthened in the years to come.

While Saturn-Rahu conjunction of 1956 made the race towards inventions related to weapons of mass destruction and bitter wars - both covert and overt for supremacy between the world powers, the current conjunction might cause "psychic poisoning" - where people may become less spiritual but more "magical/ occult" in their thoughts/ approach - consistent with this conjunction in Venus' sign - the sign of the Asura Guru.

Occult approach without Spiritual perspective can be dangerous - the history of Asuras - who gained immense power and wealth only to be decimated at the end stands testimony to where such an approach can lead us.

So, we must all consciously develop active spiritual perspectives, and avoid being flushed away by the flood of unnecessary occult beliefs/ rumours that may circulate.  We may see lots of tantric practitioners attain remarkable siddhis in the near future - some of them genuine spiritualist while many of them getting their siddhis by propitiating predhas, bhootas and other elementals that could cause lots of harm to humans by their very presence.

The motto of every spiritual individual over the next half-century period must be "I don't want fast results or an approach of "success at any cost"; rather I will be true to hallowed traditions to the extent feasible in today's life style so that my welfare is assured both here and in the hereafter.  I won't be a mere goat that follow the flock but I will be the intelligent Mariner who charts his own course from the never-failing Pole star that shines forth to show the way and the Poles of the earth that will guide my path.  Shastras and ways of saints of yore and siddha purushas like Raghavendra swami, Chandrasekara saraswathi, Shiridi Sai, Swami Samarth, and other such Sants will be the frames of reference for me to guide my spiritual path."

Saints have always said "Kali Yuga" is beneficial for spiritual persons - because what could be attained with intense tapasya over many aeons can be attained easily by naama japa and daily performance of prescribed rituals in Kali yuga - because due to the general trend of decadence in spirituality in the society, God and Dharma Devataas will be very "lenient" in assessing our karmas - marking us Full for even minor charities/ austerities while giving us lot of leeway whenever we err - as long as we are willing to correct ourselves and are anchored along dharma shastraic ways.

This is not a write-up to scaremonger.........I am just sharing my thoughts based on what is possible in light of a rare celestial phenomenon.....this is a once in many centuries conjunction.....the earlier Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Libra in the nakshatra Swati (same as the current conjunction) was in the year 1306! [Though Saturn-Rahu conjunction will happen more often, its exact conjunction in Libra in the star Swati is a once in 7 centuries phenomenon as explained in the previous paragraphs!].

There could be attack on Sanatana Dharmic beliefs - including some laws being passed to outlaw some sacred beliefs (dubbing them as superstitions). Those who follow Sanatanic belief systems must be firm and oppose such moves - because by losing the essence of your Faith you are rendered powerless.....spiritual power is reinforced by following some rituals/ hallowed practices.  A temple will become a mere building, an idol will become a mere doll, and a priest will become a mere drama artist in make-up IF certain rites and rituals are tampered with mindlessly in the name of egalitarianism.  Anyone can be a priest provided he/ she is trained to follow certain strict protocols of behaviour in everyday life......unnecessary watering down of spiritual practices will make them useless. We must all be wary of such attempts to cheat ourselves in the name of false spirituality (like false prophets claiming vedic sanction/ avadhootaic sampradaya might say things like "just do this simple thing; use a spoon and pour two spoons of ghee into any fire and that is havan!"......if we just follow such mindless examples of false remedies, they will only be wastage of ghee and samidhs!).  Just observe the pattern of life of saints/ bhaktas of medieval India - they followed their practices in some of the most challenging circumstances (when following Sanatanic practices was hard due to invasions and religious persecution of foreign invaders)........they have shown us exactly how much our practices can be watered down without prejudice to spiritual benefit of ourselves and the Universe.  Shridi Sai - unconventional though he might seem to a casual observer was known to chide his Brahmin followers if they did not do Gayathri japa properly......when one of his followers asked him "can Vaiswadevam be done now a days? Can annadhaana for 100 people be done everyday?" He said, "can't you feed a crow everyday; can't you give one handful of grass everyday to a cow? can't you throw flour to ants - which will eat in hundreds?" all these are annaadhaana!  So don't say Vaiswadevam cannot be done today!

Many such Saints have shown the way with miracles done by them during their lifetime and in their discourses.  Let that Light of Jupiter show us the path so that we won't be deluded by the Asura Guru Venus who gets empowered by Tamasic Rahu and Saturn in His sign.

Positively, if we can have a strong leader elected to lead our country, there could be decisive settlement to various issues that have been haunting us since our Independence - including overcoming Chinese threat and the constant nuisance of terrorist attacks from across our borders (In 1306-1307 period during the previous Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Tula Rashi, Khiljis neutralized Mongol threat to our North/ Northwest frontiers).

Those learnt in Vedas can chant portions pertaining to Ashwamedha Sacrifice for rulers of nations to be strong and dharmic.  Other can chant mantras like Vishnu Sahasranaamam or recite Shri RAama Pattabhishekam to ensure dharmic vibes in the society as an anti-dote to Rahu-Saturn-Venus conjunction that may threaten real spirituality.

Whenever possible try to support performances of Chandi homams for Universal Welfare (wherever they may take place; But do not make it an ego issue - like it should not be a mere advertisement where each colony claims to have done its own chandi homam; get those done by good experts and with real bhakti for the welfare of Humanity as a whole).  Especially, there could be marked violence against women/ aged persons by moral-less ruffians in pursuit of pleasure/ greed of money.....Our prayers should be directed for protection of all such persons who are potential targets of unruly forces.

The ignorant and careless persons might be bitten even by a normal snake; BUT if you have Lord Vishnu on your side, even the Giant Poisonous Snake Vaasuki might help you in churning the Milk Ocean and get Nectar... Lord Shiva will eat away the Poison and let you have Nectar if you have real bhakti. Just don't let Rahu steal your nectar by your carelessness.

Any act done without real spiritual perspective is rakshasic and will only add to your ignorance; the siddhis of Rakshasas did not give them wisdom....don't let such ignorance and illusion catch up with you (this is a special advice to practitioners of yoga practices/ mantraic practices...don't be carried away by Rasaayana siddhi; be humble if you get siddhis - like shri Raghavendra and Swami Ugra Narasimha Bharati - who used to say that their Miracles were done with power of Bhakti and upaasanaa and never claimed those powers for themselves).

May Light of Jupiter dispel Maaya.

Sept 18, 2013 is a watershed day for us - all humanity as a whole is a cycle beyond us....we can't change it.....BUT, we can make sure that we won't be carried away by the flood of times and lose our moorings.  With God as our anchoring bed, and our Faith as anchor we must keep our ships safe!

Blessed be.

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