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Sunday, October 9, 2011

An interesting query on karma phala....

Dear members:

I received an interesting query regarding karma phala from an astrological/ spiritual aspirant, and I thought the answer to that will be of general interest to everyone; so, I am publishing the query and my response to it in this blog....



Dear Panditji,

1. What is known as Karma phala (fruits of karma), why it's bad?


(End Quote)

My response: Karma phala - as the name implies - is the fruit of our karma - the result of our earlier actions.

BUT, I won't agree that it is least it is not bad always!:)

Rare astrological classics of siddha traditions clearly elucidate the yogas/ doshas that arise out of earlier karmas. Every action that a person does is - in effect- an investment or a liability - depending on whether it is good or bad.

Even normal activities - like treating a spouse affectionately with dignity - give rise to some wonderful yogas. So, in reality - as an astrological researcher - I know for a fact that if karma phala is bad, it usually means we have travelled the wrong route in our actions - and instead of taking the sweeter and easier route of doing good things - that would have been happy for us and for others, we possibly did things that harmed our souls and harmed others - leading to bad karma and the result bad karma phala.

The results of karma - either good or bad - have to be endured or enjoyed as the case may be. Sages - out of their Mercy - have given us remedies to reduce the impact of negative doshas, and have also indicated what good karmas can give rise to what benefits in subsequent incarnations.

So, karma phala is not always bad, and actually doing some really simple things can also give rise to good karma phala....Can't we give water to a thirsty traveller? Can't we take care of our own children well and groom them into responsible citizens who will be the pride of the society they live in? (Shastras say that if you manage this - grooming of children into responsible citizens well - you will enjoy Mahaa yoga in the next birth)....Can't we treat our own spouses with affection and dignity?....

So, in reality - attaining positive karma phala is very much possible and easy - if we lead normal ethical lives - because just in the course of proper discharge of our duties, we can earn so much merit - that can give much positive karma phala.

Karma is neutral and objective; it only gives unto us what we do unto others or the society. Unfortunately, most people who enjoy the fruits of good karma tend to attribute it to "individual skill and efforts", while those who suffer or lose tend to attribute it to "my Fate/ karma." This is the reason why Karma has got much bad press - and the very word "karma" seems to connote something negative or defeatist! In reality it is not so! Karma can be a very very positive one also!

Hope this helps.

Blessed be.


Sairaman said...

Dear Panditji,

This posting is really good. Had a question,though might not be directly relevant. A friend of mine asked me this question. Does astrology take an upper hand or Karma as in the case of twins, though their horoscopes are same (differnce of 2 minutes), still one is in US and flourishing and the other person is yet to find a job.

In such situations, he was asking as to what creates such a difference ?

Best Regards,

Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI said...

Astrology still can give clues even in the case of twin births; though most common persons think the horoscopes are the same, the divisional charts can be different in some cases - there could be sign change in vargas like dasamsa or other minute divisions that could explain the change in circumstances.

BUT, that said, the basic tendencies could still be identical to a great extent as shown by the basic rashi chart. Also, as I always say, final outcomes in life do depend to a great extent upon how we react to situations in life. Horoscope shows the situations that might be encountered - and certain milestone points like strong triggers for career/ marriage; while one twin could have taken up those triggers aggressively the other one could have floundered there and missed those triggering points that could have propelled this other stranded twin also to success just as they propelled the other one to flourishing circumstances.

There is another possibility also here...sometimes twins are people with strongly shared karmas where one's good luck may have to support the other....or Destiny might purposely test the "flourishing" cousin to see whether he is able to generously share his good luck/ riches with the suffering cousin (as is the duty of a good sibling).

I have seen very good souls suffering at death bed - and you would think that such good persons don't deserve such a suffering; but, the fact is that Universe is not "punishing" that good soul with the bed-ridden situation; RATHER, Universe is trying to give chance for the other family members to earn good karma by serving that flawless soul in that situation. The flawless soul who has been put into this trial of suffering at death-bed will be compensated for that when they reach Heaven:)

Fate is very kind and Destiny is certain.

PS: Astrology and Karma are not very different; Astrology only says things based on projections of karmic possibilities.

So, we can't answer whether astrology has upper hand or Fate has upper hand. Without karma there is no astrology:) Astrology is only a diagnostic tool to read karma and its implications.

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