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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sayana Ekaadasi on July 10/ July 11, 2011

This is about Sarva Sayana Ekaadasi (also known as Padma Ekaadasi) which is to be observed on July 11, 2011 throughout the world except regions in the U.S. and Canada that follow Hawaii time, PST, and MST. Vaishnava ekaadasi for these regions also - except Hawaii is to be observed only July 11, 2011.

Sarva Sayana Ekaadasi falls on the bright fortnight of the month Aashaada. It is also known as Vishnu sayani ekaadasiIt is believed that after this Ekaadasi, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep along with the demi-gods (Yoga Nidra - not merely the senseless sleep of us mortals; the Lord's sleep is Yoga Nidra - a yogic trance where His Will is still active!) till He wakes up on Prabhodini Ekaadasi after 4 months.

Observance of this ekaadasi should be mainly for getting the Grace of Lord Vishnu. We should not fast on this day with any material gains in mind . Material gains like abundance and happiness of mind will follow automatically; but we are not supposed to make a sankalpa to this effect according to established traditions. We have seen that the other ekaadasis can also be observed with material gains like birth of child, or gain of fame or other material ends as sankalpa - but not this sayana ekaadasi. This ekaadasi automatically removes residual sins committed unknowingly.

To illustrate this effect, there is the legend of a great famine during the rein of the Great Surya Vamsha king Maandaata who was known for his righteousness. There was a minor sin in the kingdom due to transgression of a natural law of dharma which had resulted in famine in the kingdom. On the advice of Sage Aangirasa, the King instructed all his subjects (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyaas, and Sudras - i.e. all castes) to observe this ekaadasi fast on Sayana Ekaadasi for obtaining the Grace of Lord Vishnu. Due to the observance, the kingdom was relieved from the grips of pestilence.

Those who cannot afford to observe a full fast may fast by just avoiding rice and grains, and by consuming uncooked fruits/ vegetables or by drinking fruit juices or milk. But, please observe this important fast in some form and meditate on Lord Hari on this day with the pure intent of becoming recipients of His Grace.

On a different note, this year the chaturmaasya vrata sankalpam should be made on July 11, 2011 throughout the world- austerities involving next 4 months - which is observed rigorously by ascetics and nominally by householders as ordained in Dharma shastras (it is traditional for householders to abstain from some variety of food during each month of the chaturmaasya period as an austerity; learn the nuances of this from vedic experts in your area).

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant


Saurabh said...

Thank you for the article Pandit-ji.

Charturmasa period begins from this ekadashi. It is recommended to start some vrata for these 4 months. Can you pls recommend some vratas which can be followed to earn merit?

Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI said...

Dear Shri. Saurabh:

You can avoid one food item each month like

1) Honey for one month (abstaining from consuming it in any form).
2) Curd for one month.
3) cooking oils for one month,
4) Eating only uncooked raw food (fruits/ vegetables/ dry fruits/ raw milk).

or instead of uncooked food, you can avoid salt in cooked food and survive for one month.

Puranas detail the benefits of such vratas as getting lustre, removal of sins, etc.

During these chaturmaasya days it is auspicious to recite the Holy Ashtaakshari of Shriman Naaraayana for a minimum 108 times daily and make our human birth meaningful (real purpose of human birth is to progress to Divine Maturity).

Shastra vichaara - analysis of scriptures after a deep study during this period is a vrata that can give immeasurable benefit during this period.

Hope this helps.

Blessed be.

Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI said...

Things to be avoided as per the Hindu month during chaturmasya vrata by those who observe it strictly:

All leaves of plants are prohibited in the month of ‘Sravan’, curd is prohibited in the month of ‘Bhadra’ and milk in the month of ‘Ashwin’ and all kinds of tasteful food prohibited in the month of ‘kartik’.

Blessed be.

(Please note that this is for the observance of staunch devotees; householders or those performing other austerities during this period may partake prasads that contain even these articles during vrata days - like during Navarathri, a performer of Chandi homams will partake tasty foods and milk! The merit of the other austerity will overrule the scriptural injunction here for such devotees).

I am giving this restriction here only for reference purposes so that those who can observe those restrictions and wish to become recipients of Shri Hari Vishnu's Grace may do so.

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