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Friday, April 23, 2010

Padmini ekaadasi

Dear Members:

The rare Padmini ekaadasi which is observed only during an adhika maasa falls on April 24/ 25, 2010 this year. The schedule of observance of the fast is as follows:

1) For those in USA, Caribbean Isles, Mauritius, and other countries of the American continents, U.K., European countries, African nations, and those living in the Gulf countries - the ekaadasi fast should be observed on April 24, 2010.

2) For those living in India, - the smaartha tradition adherents should observe the ekaadasi on 24th April 2010, and those observing Vaishnava traditions should observe the ekaadasi fast on 25th April, 2010.

3) For those living in Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji - the ekaadasi (for both smaartha and vaishnava traditions) should be observed on April 25, 2010.

This Ekaadasi has a very special significance - it is named after Kaartaveeryaarjuna's mother Queen Padmini.

King Kritaveeryaa - a famous and mighty kshatriya king of yore enjoyed all glory in his life except that he had no heir to succeed his throne. So he decided to go to the forest and do intense tapasya to please Lord Vishnu and possibly get the boon of a child. Queen Padmini also followed her mighty husband; they made their ashram near the ashram of Sage Atri.

Even after intense austerities, the royal couple could not get manifest boon. Queen Padmini consulted Sage Atri's wife - Anusuya Devi (the Mother of Dattatreya - the avatar who incorporated the Powers of the Trinity and took His Form), and was promptly advised to observe ekaadasi in the adhika maasa (a solar month that has two Amaavasyas; in lunar calendar, it is the extra lunar month - because lunar month begins the day after Amavasya, so the first month after the first amaavasya of the solar month is the extra or adhika maasa; this is adhika vaisaakha month this time). By observance of this adhika ekaadasi, the royal couple were blessed with the son named Kaartaveeryaarjuna. The glory of Kaartaveeryaarjuna needs no special mention. He was so mighty that He could defeat even the mighty Raavana (He did not kill Raavana because that was not the destined way; so, by a turn of Fate, they became close friends to each other after their initial encounter!).

It is worth mentioning that Kaartaveeryaarjuna was none other than the Holy Disc of Lord Vishnu who was cursed to take human birth due to his pride and jealousy (The Holy Disc thought that it was its own power that enabled Shri Vishnu to annihilate demons and hence deserved equal reverence and glory as Shri Vishnu without realizing that the yogic power of Shri Vishnu only manifested as the Disc's power to destroy demons; hence the Holy Disc had to incarnate as a human being and have an encounter with Parasuraama - the Avatar of Shri Vishnu and be defeated so that the taint of unworthy pride is removed from its Holy Aura!).

Thus this Padmini ekaadasi - the ekaadasi that enabled Queen Padmni to beget a glorious son - who was actually a Divine Soul - can bless us all also with rare boons in life.

Incidentally the adhika maasa (literally means the extra month) is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and hence named Purushottama maasa.

Let us all observe this glorious of fasts and be blessed with rare boons in life.

Click the Buy Now button below if you wish to sponsor this Padmini ekaadasi special pooja (you can offer any amount you wish to donate for this pooja; I am not putting a tab on it so that anyone can participate in this even by offering a very nominal fee as per individual financial situation or convenience)

Please note that we will not be sending any prasad by post after completion of this pooja. Your offering will be used to cover pooja costs or other charitable expenditure to ensure that the merit of this offering accrues to you. You may also offer any donation to charitable institutions of your choice in your own area instead of clicking on the buy now button of this site. This "buy now" button is purely to allow persons who wish to donate or sponsor charitable activities through this blog on this very special day. This is for your information.

Blessed be.

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