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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chandra Grahanam on Jan 1, 2010 - Aarudra Darsanam

Dear Members:

There is a partial lunar eclipse on December 31,2009 (for those in South Africa, Europe, and Gulf Countries)/ January 1, 2010 (for those living in India and other Eastern countries).

The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Europe and parts of Asia - including India.

The eclipse begins at 22 mins. past midnight (00-22 hours on January 1, 2010 for those in India) and ends at 1-24 a.m. (I.S.T.). You may calculate the respective time for your places based on this and observe the eclipse-related austerities.

As this is a chandra-grahanam, it is customary to offer oblations to pitrus (tarpanam done by those who have lost parents) around the time of ending of eclipse.

Those born in the stars Arudra, Swathi, Satabisha, Mrigasira, and Punarvasu, and living in regions of visibility of the eclipse should perform eclipse remedies either personally or by consulting learned vedic purohits near your place. Or, you may avail the grahana shanti ritual service offered here which I will do personally for you at my place - chanting the appropriate Grahana shanti mantras on your behalf. YOu may subscribe to this by clicking the button below (please note that only those nakshatras mentioned above need to do this; others need not do this remedy at all).

To subscribe for Grahana shanti ritual - please click the button below

If you are unable to avail such proper remedial measures, you may simply take bath both at the beginning and conclusion of the eclipse and then offer your weight-equivalent of paddy/ rice to a temple or charitable organization praying for relief from eclipse effects.

Generally, the eclipse duration is a good period for chanting mantras as the mantraik effects get multiplied manifold times. So, those whose birth stars are not afflicted by the eclipse may actually derive much benefit by the enhanced energies of this period.

Other general suggestions to be observed by everyone:

1) Avoid eating solid foods after sunset on December 31, 2009 (approx. 6 hours before partial eclipse begins).
2) Take a bath after the end of eclipse; those who are unable to take bath at midnight due to health reasons should take bath first thing in the morning even before their morning-coffee. The bed materials should be washed the very next morning for ritual purity reasons.
3) Put Tulsi leaf/ dharbha grass on stored food-items including curd, jams, pickles, etc.
4) Engage in spiritual/ contemplative/ academic activities and derive the benefit of the enhanced mental focus levels during the duration of eclipse.

Arudra Darshanam - the auspicious celebration in Honour of Lord Nataraaja - the Dancing Cosmic Shiva Form is observed on January 1, 2010. Special worships are done in all Shiva temples on that day. It will be auspicious to take part in such festivities and invoke Divine Grace for your welfare during that auspicious period.

This new year seems to have a philosophical opening to it - with the eclipse - signifying temporary clouding of moods/ luck at the beginning hours of the New Year (for India) giving way to the Ecstasy of Lord Shiva's Cosmic Dance Festival on the same day. True, if we really have the right perspectives, worries/ anxieties should only be temporary and the only final outcome possible in a human existence is BLISS!

May we all realize this and enjoy our life with all our hearts.

SarvE Janaa SukinO Bhavantu.

Om Namah shivaya.

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant


saurabh said...

Should we follow similar procedure for solar eclipse coming on 15.Jan?

Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI said...

Dear Shri. Saurabh:

I have written the detailed write-up on that. Hope it will be of help to you.

You had earlier asked about the best way of celebrating one's birth day....the following are the best ways..

1) Performing special worships on that day for ensuring that the next one year is productive to you personally and that your progress should be tied with the welfare of others.
2) Offering donations to charitable institutions working for the welfare of the under-privileged sections...this way you can ensure that your birthday become a cause of celebration for others! If your donation fills just one stomach for one meal-time, even that is sufficient enough good karma and a valuable drop of good service. If everyone does like this, I am sure there won't be hunger on this earth at all.
3) Introspecting on the past one year of life and checking where improvements are possible; we should remember that with each passing year we are taking one step towards our graves - and so we should hasten to do good deeds. The mark of a good life is that we should be ready to die at this very instant - if death should strike us - with a clear conscience and with a sense of satisfaction that we have done all we could as long as we lived! We should contemplate on such matters as discussed here (please do not think that it is inauspicious to think of death; the ability to think of one's own death with equanimity is the sign of greatest mental maturity. For such a person - both life and death are boons!)

Hope this helps.

Blessed be.

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