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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sani peyarchi homam on the occasion of Saturn transit on September 9, 2009

Saturn enters sidereal Virgo (Kanya rashi) on September 9, 2009 and will be in this rashi for the next 2-1/2 years. This transit is auspicious for those born with Moon in the following signs: Cancer (Kataka rashi), Scorpio (Vrischika rashi), Sagittarius (Dhanus rashi), and Aries (Mesha rashi). Those born with Moon in Taurus (Rishabha), Pisces (Meena), and Capricorn (Makara) will enjoy mixed results.

Effects for other Moon signs that come under Chota Dhaiya and Bada Dhaiya influences….

Chota Dhaiya (small panoti)

Moon sign of Gemini - Mithuna:(2.5 years) Saturn assumes the element of Base gold for those with Moon sign in Gemini. The results are possible opposition and obstacles in family, frequent ailments, increase in expenditure, and possibility of unnecessary hassles in all activities. This is technically called “ardhaashtama shani” in vedic astrology.

Moon sign of Aquarius - Kumbha rashi: (2.5 years) Saturn assumes the element of Base Copper for this Moon sign. There will be financial benefit, marriage, and kids, happiness. Auspicious events that have hitherto been delayed will materialize during this 2-1/2 year time window. Actually this is called “ashtama shani influence” which is traditionally feared. But, luckily this time, due to the favourable disposition of the elemental quality of Saturn at the time of transit, there will be some good effects for those born in Moon sign Aquarius (You may even see many websites ascribing inauspicious results to this transit for your Moon sign; don’t be afraid of that. We have strong technical reasons to say that good events can happen to you this time). Nevertheless, those born with Moon in sidereal Aquarius should avoid taking unnecessary risks. As long as these natives play it by the rule book, they will do fine under this Saturn transit influence.


Bada Dhaiya (Sade sati): This is called "Ezharai naattu sani" in Tamil - the tough 7-1/2 year period of Saturn.

Moon sign of Leo - Simha Rashi 3rd stage of sade sati -- on the feet: Saturn assumes the status of Base silver. The effects will be good luck in business, possibility of job progress, improvement in financial situation or at least identification of new ways to handle financial troubles, acquisition of new assets, auspicious events in the family, and in general the influence will be positive.

Moon sign of Virgo - Kanya Rashi 2nd stage of sade sati -- on the chest: Saturn assumes the element of Base iron. There could be heath troubles – especially blood-related ailments, blood-pressure problems, ill-health to spouse, unforeseen losses, increase in expenditure, unnecessary arguments with close family members, etc. Those with Moon sign of Virgo have a tough transit influence over the next 2-1/2 years.

Moon sign of Libra - Tula Rashi 1st stage of sade sati -- on the head: Saturn assumes the element of Base copper. There will be financial benefit, marriage, possibility of positive developments regarding progenic matters (like conception of child for couples who have been undergoing treatment, or general good luck for children for those who already have children), and general happiness.


Remedy for shani troubles:

Generally Saturn's transit influences give more malefic results if there is simultaneous operation of Saturn's major or minor periods concurrently with sade-sathi or ardhashtama sani (saturn in 4th from Moon sign) or ashtama sani (Saturn in 8th house from natal Moon). Those born with Moon signs that come under tough transit of Saturn can do the following remedies to reduce the impact of malefic effects:

1) Worship of Lord Hanumaan on Saturdays and Thursdays.

2) Donating old clothes or iron utensils (stainless utensils) to old-age homes/ hospitals. Helping physically challenged persons to the extent possible - it can be as simple as offering seat to a physically struggling person in a crowded bus, helping an accident victim who has been rendered physically immobile temporarily due to serious hurt, giving the right of way to a physically challenged person without making it too obvious (if you do it openly, they may feel hurt; you need to tactfully and gracefully do the good turns in such a way that the person can enjoy the benefit of your activity without feeling "sympathized upon").

3) Lighting til-lamp (lighting lamp with a cloth bundle of sesame seeds dipped in sesame oil) on Saturdays.

4) Reciting Shri Hanumaan Chaalisa 8 times on Saturdays.

5) Reciting Shri Vishnu Sahasranaamam at least once on Saturdays.

6) Climbing the Holy Tirumala Hills at least once a year on foot (instead of taking vehicles up the hills, you can trek your way up reciting His Names). This is a most powerful remedy for neutralizing Saturn's influences on your life. Those who are unable to make the trip to Tirumala due to practical constraints (like being abroad - for example), can just undertake paada yatra to places of spiritual significance near their residence (travelling to Holy places on foot instead of using vehicles), or by doing lot of pradakshina in temples in their viscinity (say 108 circumambulations around the temple on a Saturday evening for example!).

7) Patience and thoroughness in all activities will effectively offset all the malefic influences of Saturn. Saturn does not trouble people who are straight-forward, patient, and systematic.


We are happy to announce that special homams will be conducted on this occasion at our residence. We intend to perform Mahaa Ganapathy homam, Maha Mrityunjaya homam (the homam that controls Saturn influences in general), Shri Venkateshwara Moola mantra homam, Shri AnjanEya Moola mantra homam, and Shani Moola mantra homam on this occasion. Those who wish to take part in that homam as beneficiaries may do so by offering US$25 (US Dollars twenty five only) for the same by clicking the paypal link below this article.

If you are able to come in person to attend the homam at our residence at Chennai, it is well and good. But, if you are unable to attend it personally, please note that we won't be sending the homam prasadam or holy ash by post. The inclusion of your name, gothra, and nakshatra is deemed as in-absentia participation in this homam, and the benefits of the performance will definitely reach you. This is for your information.

For sponsoring the Saturn transit homams as a beneficiary, kindly click the button below. You can include up to 5 members of your family as beneficiaries if you are participating as a sponsor of this homam.

You may send those details (names, nakshatra details, gothra detail, etc.) in the sponsorship form itself when you make the donation or by email

Blessed be.
Astrological and Remedial consultant

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Mohana said...

Very nicely written with simple remedies. It is wonderful to know your doing the homam at your home on 9th Sept, Regards Narayan S

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