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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tula Vishu Punya kaalam - 17th October 2008

Dear Members:

Tula Vishu Punya kaalam falls on October 17, 2008 this year. This is one of the mandatory days of tarpanam. Those who have lost their father must do tarpanam on this day, just as they do for amaavasyaa.

Tulaa punya snaanam - Holy Bath prescribed in the River Cauvery for 1 month also begins tommorrow. It ends on November 15, 2008. November 16, 2008 is called "Mudavan Muzhukku"**. (Mudavan muzhukku - literally means "Dip of the lame man"....see the special note below the article for significance of this day)

Those who have the good fortune of living along the banks of the Holy River Cauvery should take a dip in that river every day before sunrise (Tulaa Snaanam). Others who are not-so- fortunate may also take an early morning dip in cold water praying to Goddess Cauvery for removal of all sins.

Spiritual legends abound about the glory of Tulaa Snaanam.

According to Agni Puraanam,

"ShaTShaShTi kOti tIrthAni dvisaptha bhuvanEShu cha.

KEshavasya AjnayA yAnti thulAmAse marudvridhAm"

Sixty-six crore Holy Waters in all the 14 words come to stay in Cauvery in the month of Tula by the Order of Lord KEshava. One may clearly understand the glory of having a dip in the Holy River during this Tula Month by the above assertion.

Taking early morning bath in Tula month (when Sun is in sidereal Libra) will absolve one of all sins - committed unintentionally. It is said that a bath in Cauvery during Tula month, a bath in Prayaag during Maagha month, and a dip in Setu during ardhodhayaa****(see the special note below the article for the significance of this) period can be possible only as a fruit of penance done in ten million lives. These Holy Baths have the power to remove pancha paatakaas (five major sins that can drag the Soul down in its ascent towards Divine Realization), and can cause liberation to the entire line of ancestors. (The scripture actually says "crores of pitrus!")

Those who can afford a trip to a kshetra along the Cauvery should do so and take a bath in the Holy River at least once during this month due to the obvious spiritual benefits that accrue out of that. Mayilaaduthurai (Maayavaram) is an especially recommended kshetra for Tulaa Snaanam; other powerful kshetras include Srirangam, Thiruveengoimalai (near Tiruchi), Thiruvidaimaruthur, Thiruvisainalloor, Kumbakonam, etc.

A simple pooja to Goddess Cauvery

There are detailed rituals prescribed for Cauvery poojaa which may be adhered to by those are capable of adhering to them under guidance of the respective family aachaaryaas. I am giving a simplified version for adherence of everyone.....

Chant the following 7 powerful names of Mother Cauvery during the snaanam:

"Om Kaaveryai namah"

"Om Lobhaamudraayai namah"

"Om Agasthya Patnyai namah"

"Om sarvapaavanyai namah"

"Om Mahaa Punyaayai namah"

"Om snaana maatra sarva paapa prasamanyai namah" ("s" should be pronounced as in "siva")

"Om Mokshadaatryai namah"

Invoke Goddess Cauvery in a small pot/ container chanting the above mantras, and at the end of your usual bath, pour the water from that pot on your head as a substitute for the actual Cauvery snaanam (This applies to those who cannot actually visit River Cauvery due to Time, Space, situation constraints). Those who can actually visit the Holy River may recite the mantras and take 7 dips - 1 dip per mantra!

Blessed be.


Note on Mudavan muzhukku: A lame man who wanted to have dip in the Holy River Cauvery during Tulaa month took a strenous journey - but he could not make it to Mayilaaduthurai before the end of the month - he was one day late (i.e. the Tula month ended the day before). But, God granted that he be given the merit of Tula Snaanam for the dip he takes on that day, and that person was granted liberation as a result of his steadfast devotion in spite of his overwhelming handicap. Mudavan muzhukku is observed in remembrance of this incident. Having a holy dip on Cauvery at Mayilaaduthurai is deemed very auspicious on mudavan muzukku day.

****Note about ardhodhaya punya kaalam for your reference: Ardhodhaya period occurs when amaavasya of Pushya or Magha month falls on day when Sravana nakshatra operates on the day, when Vyaatipaata yoga operates, and that day happens to be a Sunday - all these conditions to be satisfied simultaneously which happens only very rarely in one's life-time! ArdhOdhaya period is equal to one crore eclipses in its potential for multiplying the effects of meritorious deeds. Lot of mantraik applications are possible only during such periods - such is the glory of this period. Tula Mahaatmyam equates such ardhOdhaya period bath in Sethu with Tula Cauvery snaanam!


Astrological and Remedial consultant

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